What the Hell Is Going On

By American Enterprise Institute

The American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka and Marc Thiessen address the questions we’re all asking in their podcast, “What the Hell Is Going On?” In conversational, informative and irreverent episodes, Pletka and Thiessen interview policymakers and experts, asking tough, probing questions about the most important foreign policy and security challenges facing the world today.

  1. 1.
    WTH is going on with school reopenings? Gov. Kim Reynolds on how she’s getting Iowa’s students back in school
  2. 2.
    WTH is Biden doing in the Middle East? Amb. Jim Jeffrey on why Biden doesn’t need a new Middle East policy
  3. 3.
    WTH is going on with impeachment (round two)? John Yoo on the repercussions of trying Donald Trump
  4. 4.
    WTH is the Byrd Rule? Martin Gold on the back door that could let Democrats circumvent the filibuster
  5. 5.
    WTH is Russia doing cyberattacking the United States? David Sanger on the SolarWinds hack and the future of American cyber security
  6. 6.
    WTH is going on with President Biden? John Podesta on the Biden administration’s first 100 days in office
  7. 7.
    WTH is going on with impeachment? Andy McCarthy on the case, the 25th Amendment and the president’s final days in office
  8. 8.
    WTH is going on in DC? Discussing the Capitol breach, Trump’s rally and the future of the GOP
  1. 9.
    WTH is going on with the Electoral College? Allen Guelzo on how it works, why it was created and what abolishing the centuries-old system could mean for voters
  2. 10.
    WTH is the China nightmare? Dan Blumenthal on the threat of a massively armed and decaying China, Covid and more
  3. 11.
    WTH is going on with the killing of Iran’s lead nuclear scientist? Behind the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and the latest on the Iranian nuclear weapons program
  4. 12.
    WTH is going on with the COVID vaccines? Dr. Scott Gottlieb with everything you need to know about the end of the COVID road
  5. 13.
    WTH is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? Gen. Jack Keane on Trump’s troop drawdowns, his gift to Iran and the danger to Americans at home
  6. 14.
    WTH is going on with the election endgame? Gov. Scott Walker on Trump’s legal challenges and his prospects for victory
  7. 15.
    WTH happened to the Blue Wave? What went wrong (and right) in the polls, who will control the Senate, and what it all means for the next president
  8. 16.
    WTH is going to happen on Election Day? RCP’s Sean Trende on the latest polls, early voting, and what to expect on November 3rd
  9. 17.
    WTH is going on in the 2020 polls? Election predictions with RealClearPolitics’ Tom Bevan
  10. 18.
    WTH is going on at the White House? President Donald Trump joins us to talk about his COVID recovery, the 2020 election, the Supreme Court, and more
  11. 19.
    WTH is going on at the DOJ? Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen on election interference, politicization at the Justice Department, and crime in America
  12. 20.
    WTH is going on with peace in the Middle East II? Ambassadors of UAE and Bahrain on their new peace with Israel
  13. 21.
    WTH is going on with peace in the Middle East? Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer on Israel, the UAE and Bahrain
  14. 22.
    WTH is going on with SCOTUS? Ginsburg’s successor and the history of Supreme Court vacancies in an election year
  15. 23.
    WTH is going on with the filibuster? Why Democrats’ threat to abolish the legislative filibuster is a danger to American democracy
  16. 24.
    WTH will the 2020 election mean for US energy dominance? Daniel Yergin on America’s emergence as an energy superpower
  17. 25.
    WTH is at stake in the 2020 election? Lessons from history on the danger of going from bad to worse
  18. 26.
    WTH is going on with a COVID vaccine? Operation Warp Speed director Dr. Slaoui on the coronavirus endgame
  19. 27.
    WTH is going on with the Supreme Court? John Yoo on the DACA decision and the dangerous implications for executive power
  20. 28.
    WTH is going on with the chaos in American cities? Sen. Tim Scott on the politicization of violence and racial unrest
  21. 29.
    WTH is going on with Trump’s cyberattack on Russia? Discussing Marc’s interview with the President
  22. 30.
    WTH is going on with Russians paying to kill US soldiers? Is Putin paying the Taliban to kill American servicemen?
  23. 31.
    WTH do we do about cancel culture? Debating Confederate statues, law and the new mob rules
  24. 32.
    WTH is going on with the coronavirus economy? When will the US economy return to normal?
  25. 33.
    WTH is going on with defunding the police? Rep. Will Hurd on reform, racism and what the Republican Party needs to do to reach out to minority communities
  26. 34.
    WTH is going on with Congress and China? Sen. Cory Gardner on the right way to counter China in the Asia Pacific
  27. 35.
    WTH is going on with Edward Snowden? Discussing the greatest theft of US secrets in history with author and Snowden confidant Barton Gellman
  28. 36.
    WTH is going on in America? Sen. Ted Cruz on the George Floyd protests, China, Iran, and the Zodiac Killer
  29. 37.
    WTH is going on in the world? Secretary of State Pompeo on China, Iran, Venezuela and partisan politics at home
  30. 38.
    WTH is going on with Michael Flynn? Debating exoneration, unmasking, and intelligence leaks
  31. 39.
    WTH is going on with freedom in the world? Is democracy in decline?
  32. 40.
    WTH are deaths of despair? Nobel Prize winner Sir Angus Deaton on the other epidemic
  33. 41.
    WTH should Congress do about China? Rep. McCaul on the China task force and US policy toward Beijing
  34. 42.
    WTH happened with the failed Venezuelan coup? Discussing the mercenaries that tried to take out Maduro
  35. 43.
    WTH is going on in Hong Kong? Joshua Wong on how Beijing is using the coronavirus to suppress pro-democracy protests
  36. 44.
    WTH is going on with Chinese disinformation? Assistant Secretary Stilwell on Beijing’s role in spreading coronavirus propaganda
  37. 45.
    WTH do we do if we don’t find a treatment soon? Avik Roy on reopening the US economy even if the pandemic endures
  38. 46.
    WTH can we do to make China pay for the coronavirus? Debating the pros and cons of suing Beijing
  39. 47.
    WTH really happened at the Wuhan lab? Josh Rogin on the origin of the coronavirus
  40. 48.
    WTH is going on with the toilet paper shortage? You’ve got questions, and we’re flush with information
  41. 49.
    WTH did Taiwan do to defeat the coronavirus? How a free Taiwan succeeded where Beijing failed
  42. 50.
    WTH did the intelligence community know about the coronavirus threat? Former CIA chief Michael Morell on how intelligence must change

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