Ladies Who Leverage - Kelly Charles-Collins

By Kelly Charles-Collins

Kelly Charles-Collins is a retired attorney, award-winning TEDx speaker, author, and coach. After earning her Bachelor’s degree and two months before beginning her MBA program, Kelly discovered she was pregnant. She could have quit school or ended her pregnancy. She did neither. Instead, she completed her MBA and in 1995, after attending law school on a whim and as a single mom of a 4-year, Kelly began her career as a lawyer. For 24 years she wowed everyone with her impeccable trial skills. But in 2018, she began feeling unsettled, knowing she was meant to do and be more. Kelly knew that her purpose is to be the light for others to step into their greatness. So, she began planning her transition to entrepreneurship. But she wasn’t the only one who had plans. In October 2019, Kelly was fired from her job for being unaffordable. Kelly had two choices, retreat to the safety of her legal career or step unapologetically AF into her purpose. Retreat was not an option. Kelly believes she earned her freedom papers when she got fired. The freedom she had prayed for. The freedom to stand unapologetically in her greatness. The freedom to express what really moves her. The freedom to not be questioned about her thoughts or to whom she allowed access. The freedom to not have to look the other way. The freedom to be 100% her. Kelly believes she belongs everywhere she is but doesn’t belong everywhere. So, she didn’t look back. Since being fired, Kelly has successfully launched her professional speaking career and founded Ladies Who Leverage (“LWL”). LWL is a collaborative, global community of empowered women who leverage their expertise, resources, and relationships to build their business, brand, and badassery. An empowered woman who empowers women, Kelly is on a mission to create safe spaces for women to unapologetically own their power so they can live the life they’ve always envisioned. Ladies, join Ladies Who Leverage at Want to be a guest or know someone who should be? Email

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