Gentlemen' s Guide to Flirting

By Gentlemen's Guide to Flirting

Learn to meet women in genuinely confident and high-quality ways, both in person and online. The presenter is the author of the book Gentlemen's Guide to Flirting (available on Episodes will have a mix of extra, or special case, flirting ideas and material that didn’t fit in the book, as well as topical content and illustrative examples that further illustrate key principles from the book. Consider the book your complete textbook. The content on this podcast and the associated Youtube channel is all free and is intended to expand upon the book, and give you even more practical examples. You'll end up being like the Navy SEALs of flirting, so cool and professional, prepared, naturally confident and effective that you know you can handle any flirting, dating, or social situation to world class standards.

  1. 1.
    038 - Problems with the Mystery Method
  2. 2.
    037 - Power and Restraint
  3. 3.
    036 - Transparency
  4. 4.
    035 - Bringing Energy
  5. 5.
    034 - Your Reputation
  6. 6.
    033 - Knock Knock
  7. 7.
    032 - Dealing with Pain
  8. 8.
    031 - Self-perception

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