What Can I Do?

By Caregiver Support Technologies

What can I do? It’s a question we often ask ourselves when facing adversity in business and in life. All too often, however, the answer is uninspiring. We might think, in the midst of ambiguity or desperation, that there’s nothing we can do. Some people, however, find purpose in this question. It might be an entrepreneur playing a high stakes game to change the world. Or it could be anyone who finds themselves faced with the greatest stakes imaginable - a health crisis of a loved one. “What Can I Do?” is a podcast from Caregiver Support Technologies, the makers of Blue. We seek out people who had a “what-can-I-do moment” that changed the course of their lives, and try to understand what lessons their experience can give us about how we can support the caregivers in our lives. . Tune in to hear interviews with leaders, caregivers and others that began with the question “what can I do?”

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