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In this interview series we talk to game changers and inspirational thinkers in the field of mental, physical and reproductive health, wellness, spirituality and style, social justice and politics. We ask our guests, all pioneers in their own right, how they perceive motherhood, what paradigm shift they would like to see in the world when it comes to parenthood and how to shape the world for future generations, our children. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The power of feminine energy and what it means to Artipoppe, explained by Anna van den Bogert - Pilot episode
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Jane Goodall, the woman who taught us everything we know about chimpanzees. Six decades ago, she started her groundbreaking research on chimpanzee behavior in Tanzania, and at 87 years-old she remains an avid high-profile campaigner for animal and nature conservation. Speaking from her family home in the English countryside, she shares what chimpanzees can teach us about parenting. She touches on the importance of children bonding with nature and why that is important for the survival of our species, and the importance of hope as we move into the future. At the end, she has a message for every parent. See for privacy and opt-out information.

23 nov.

47 min 28 s

Artist, poet, and mental health advocate or ‘conscious creative’ Sister Cody has amassed many followers worldwide who are captivated by his joyful, kind spirit. He shares intentional and incredibly heartfelt messages of love through various drawings and musings. He has experienced mental illness himself and has worked with children in psychiatric hospitals, which taught him a great deal about compassion and what needs to change about the current mental healthcare system. Namely, the absence of the healing of the soul. Sister Cody found his inner light through art, nature, community and tapping into his own pure and untethered soul. In this podcast episode, he once more opens his heart to share his truth. Very openly discussing the transformation he’s going through at this very moment, which also comes with ups and downs, how a better world starts with loving yourself, life’s purpose, and the next generation of souls. See for privacy and opt-out information.

9 nov.

53 min 33 s

In this episode we talk to Gabrielle Bernstein, a thought-provoking motivational speaker, spiritual leader and bestselling author of nine books (one in the works) including The Universe Has Your Back. She co-hosted the Guinness World Records’ largest guided meditation with Deepak Chopra, she is on Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list and she just launched her very own podcast called Dear Gabby. Gabrielle had a spiritual upbringing but lost her connection to spirit at some point in her adolescence. It was actually through connecting back to that spiritual place within herself that she was able to heal from addiction and – as she later found out – sexual abuse as a child.For over fifteen years now, Gabrielle has been a guiding light for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. She has always been extremely open about the challenges she faces, amongst them also infertility and postpartum depression. During our conversation she touches on her spiritual journey and the collective and spirituality. She strongly believes that we should resolve stigma and shame around postpartum depression and medication. Stating that for our mental health, especially as mothers, it is crucial to not be ‘too black and white’. She talks about her fertility journey, hypnobirthing (also sharing her own hypnobirthing affirmations), the process of IVF and being a mom to her now two-year-old baby boy Oliver. See for privacy and opt-out information.

4 may.

49 min 50 s

Dr. Zach Bush is a medical doctor, specialized in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. Zach is one of the most compelling medical minds currently working to improve our understanding of human and environmental health. Zach has a comprehensive understanding of the human organism, the natural environment, and the spiritual cosmos. Zach Bush and team have just launched a groundbreaking supplement called ION, reconnecting you with 60-million-year-old soil carbons frozen in time. This is quite extraordinary, and works on the gut-brain health, the immune system and digestion. In this episode Dr. Zach Bush speaks to an audience dear to his heart, mothers. He is sharing his vision on parenting and motherhood and placing it in a perspective of humanity's quest in connecting back to nature. During the conversation he shares his thoughts on many topics, such as how to prepare your body for a healthy birth, why there’s such a rise in female infertility and diseases amongst young children, what type of father he is himself and what shifts need to happen for a more prosperous future and humanity’s survival as a whole. He bridges science, spirituality, the intelligence of nature and the power of humanity. See for privacy and opt-out information.

16 mar.

1 h 3 min

Dutch designer and social justice and climate advocate Jeanne de Kroon is making waves with her fashion label Zazi Vintage, founded in 2017. Her collections are lovingly handcrafted by local female artisans from places like Tajikistan and Afghanistan. With every one of these ladies, Jeanne has a personal bond. This way she doesn't just support ancient crafts that might otherwise be forgotten, but she also co-creates with these communities and gives them a platform. Jeanne is shifting the gaze from the model to the maker. Briefly working as a model when she was younger, made her realize how incredibly wasteful the fashion industry is and that it's time for massive systemic change. She also collaborates with the United Nations to really make a difference. In this episode, she touches on all things sustainability: from the blind spots of greenwashing to how to make sustainable living attainable for all. She talks about empowering women and her favorite women's stories. She opens up about cultural appropriation versus appreciation, decolonization, indigenous culture, connecting back to nature, and how she finds balance. While Jeanne has always been somewhat of a nomad, during lockdown she has settled down on a houseboat in Amsterdam surrounded by nature and her much-loved chickens. See for privacy and opt-out information.

20 ene.

48 min 52 s

Samira Rafaela is a Dutch Member of the European Parliament for the social-liberal political party D66. She made great strides so far to change things for the better. Ever since her appointment, she helped to launch the Renew Europe Group, advocating for a strong, social and secure Europe. She also came up with the Women on Boards campaign, which aims to have at least 40% of non-executive director positions in listed companies held by women. This year, she won the Harper's Bazaar International Women of the Year 2020 Award for pursuing a more diverse political discourse. In this episode, she talks about one of her biggest role models: her own mother. Samira grew up just north of Amsterdam. She believes that it’s her culturally rich background – being the daughter of a Jewish Curaçaoan-Dutch mother and a Ghanaian-Nigerian Muslim father – that has given her this open-minded world view. The EU’s official motto to be ‘United in Diversity’ is what she stands for. In our interview, Samira touches on racial justice and how to implement anti-racism in children’s classes early on in life. Apart from that, she openly shares how she has dealt with personal attacks because of her public persona and standpoints. She speaks on gender-based discrimination and why we can’t have any setbacks if we want to move into a more fair and sustainable future. See for privacy and opt-out information.

12 ene.

40 min 55 s

When Carson Meyer watched the documentary ‘The Business of Being Born’ she was shocked about what many women have to go through in childbirth and how little she really knew about birth in general. Birth is beautiful and sacred, birth is messy, and no birth is the same, if you ask Carson, so let’s not try to fit it into a box. Watching that footage in her early twenties was like an awakening of sorts and led her onto the path to become the doula that she is today. Hailing from Los Angeles, she’s also the founder of clean beauty brand C & The Moon, a childbirth educator – offering in person and virtual classes for parents – and a birth photographer. Since Carson believes, as she also shares during our talk, that looking back at the tremendous power of your body during birth through pictures can actually help with healing and possibly dealing with trauma. In our interview she talks about her journey, mourning the old while embracing the new, always learning and how to support yourself during pregnancy and postpartum. See for privacy and opt-out information.

5 ene.

42 min 43 s

Having a Swedish father and an Ecuadorian mother, activist Nina Gualinga grew up between two cultures. She feels it is her duty to bridge those worlds — the western and the indigenous — and to protect the Amazon rainforest where she spent most of her childhood. Nina is now the indigenous woman leader of the Kichwa community of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon. During the past years, she’s seen firsthand how indigenous lives and territories have been threatened by the government and corporations. Indigenous people for generations have also safeguarded biodiversity for the welfare of the whole planet. The global pandemic has made their struggle even worse. In this episode Nina talks about her fight for justice, being a single mother, and deciding to speak up about the physical abuse that she suffered from her son’s father.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

dic. de 2020

42 min 41 s

Deborah Hanekamp, a.k.a. healer Mama Medicine, thought she could never have children. When she was a young woman, doctors found fibroids on her ovaries and told her that getting pregnant would be very unlikely for her. She made peace with it but when years later she met the love of her life, a Dutchman Herman Hanekamp, out of the blue she did get pregnant. They have a daughter, now a 7-year-old Munay. Deborah herself is a sought-after healer, seeress, and shaman who was trained in the Peruvian Amazon for eight years. Since then, she came up with her very own ‘Medicine Readings’, loved amongst the editors of Vogue and the artist Alicia Keys. She opened Space by Mama Medicine, an online membership community with various spiritual offerings, and wrote the bestselling book Ritual Baths. In this episode, Deborah shares her extraordinary life story. She talks about ‘spirit babies’, her take on motherhood from a spiritual point of view, the aura she sees around pregnant women, and how to enhance children’s natural energetic gifts. See for privacy and opt-out information.

dic. de 2020

47 min 7 s

At the time of recording Ella Mills, British food writer and entrepreneur, was still pregnant. Now she has given birth to her second daughter May, sister to two-year-old Skye. In this episode Ella (a.k.a. Deliciously Ella) opens up about how she has been experiencing pregnancy during the months of lockdown while running a business that has made plant-based and vegan eating approachable to many. She founded Deliciously Ella – then a recipe blog, now a full-blown brand with a deli, cookbooks, healthy snacks and cereals and a cooking app – after she got sick herself. At 20 years old she was diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome. It was through nutrition that she was able to heal herself and she decided to share her new-found wisdom with the world. Recently she also made an appearance on Netflix’s Down to Earth with Zac Efron, a tv show exploring healthy, sustainable ways to live all around the globe. During this interview Ella talks about her health journey, her pregnancy cravings and how she would like the global food industry as well as food awareness in schools to change. She speaks on the connection between mental health and nutrition and how she juggles motherhood and career. See for privacy and opt-out information.

dic. de 2020

56 min 26 s

Linda Tol was one of the very first style influencers and street style regulars at the international fashion weeks. Today she is also a digital creative and brand consultant for the likes of Chanel and Dior. This Summer she launched her own highly coveted eyewear line called ‘Tol Eyewear'. She and her partner of 16 years, Renwe, lived in Milan for a long time before they decided to move back to The Netherlands, the seaside town of Haarlem. Also for some much-needed peace of mind. In this episode she talks about miscarriage and her struggles with getting pregnant due to a fast-paced stressful lifestyle travelling all over the globe. She also shares her take on being in an interracial relationship and what her hopes and dreams are for the future of her baby boy. This interview was recorded when Linda was in her last trimester and she is now mom to a healthy son, called Louie. See for privacy and opt-out information.

dic. de 2020

50 min

What will it take to build a wiser, kinder world? That’s what sociologist, teacher, researcher and coach Holiday Phillips’ work is all about. In this episode she talks about her own cultural upbringing, growing up in an almost entirely white community in London as the daughter of second-generation immigrants. Her mother’s family is part of a small tribe of Indians called Parsis, her father’s family is Guyanese. Holiday reflects back on the op-ed that she wrote about performative allyship that went viral and gained her thousands of new followers, while in hindsight she says she would have written something different today. In this interview she shares many great insights about racial justice, really connecting with one another and staying true to yourself. She thinks about past and future generations, especially now that she is pregnant with her first child. Finally, she opens up about the mental and physical transformations during pregnancy and her valuable experiences with being a stepmother. A week after this chat, Holiday gave birth to a healthy baby. See for privacy and opt-out information.

dic. de 2020

1 h 1 min

In this episode Danielle Duboise, mother and co-founder of all-natural meal-delivery service Sakara Life, talks about her personal struggles with disordered eating, how nutrition saved her life and key take-aways for optimal personal health for both yourself and your family. Originally from Sedona, Arizona, Danielle started Sakara over a decade ago with childhood friend Whitney Tingle. Based out of New York City she now gets to impact thousands of lives with her take on ‘food as medicine’. For anyone outside of The States there is the bestselling Sakara book 'Eat Clean, Play Dirty: Recipes for a Body and Life You Love'. The Sakara Life-team works with many experts, including local organic farmers, food scientists and innovative chefs. During the interview Danielle revealed that she is now pregnant with her second child. She also touches on breastfeeding in public – just like Artipoppe’s founder Anna van den Bogert she is a huge proponent of this –, the physical and mental transformations that come with motherhood, balancing parenthood and career, female leaders and how being a mom actually made her a better leader.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

dic. de 2020

1 h 10 min

In this pilot episode Anna van den Bogert, founder of Artipoppe, explains what ‘The New Motherhood’ actually means to her. She shares how she came up with her business after she gave birth to her second child. What was only supposed to be a few beautiful, well-made baby carriers for herself and a few dear friends eventually turned into a larger mission, empowering women and in particular mothers. Over the past eight years Anna had many intimate conversations with mothers worldwide. When it comes to motherhood, she believes we still live in a highly conventional era, but also that change is on the horizon. With this podcast series she doesn’t just want to share her own vision but wants to give voice to others who greatly inspire her by following their mission to increase the power of feminine energy in our Western cultures. See for privacy and opt-out information.

dic. de 2020

10 min 20 s