Dear Diaspora

By Nduulwa Kowa

Africa is the future, period. Dear Diaspora spotlights innovators across Africa and the Diaspora — and explores topics centering the African experience around the world.

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    53. Zimbabwean-Born Writer and Director Lee Ngwenya on Zambia’s Film Scene and Showing Up for African Creatives
  2. 2.
    52. #EndSARSMovement Reflections with Pod Save Africa Hosts Akinade and Oyin Aderele
  3. 3.
    51. Doing Good Work In Africa: How I'm Connecting College Students To Africa-Based Companies And Non-Profits|Ola Erogbogbo
  4. 4.
    50. Diaspora Diaries – My Thoughts on the Biden-Harris Win, Celebrating 50 Episodes and What Podcasting Has Taught Me
  5. 5.
    49. How I'm Building a Marketplace to Improve Access to Healthcare in Africa | Sam Baddoo, Fleri Founder 
  6. 6.
    48. Dan Kihanya on Growing up Kenyan-American, Startups, and Doing Business in Emerging Markets
  7. 7.
    47. How to Side Hustle and Supplement Your Income by Trading Stocks With Teri Ijeoma
  8. 8.
    46. Unpacking Africa with Emmanuel Gamor: Entrepreneurship, Tackling Youth Unemployment and Africa’s Future
  1. 9.
    45. Iveoma on Moving to Nigeria, Life in Lagos, and Dating as a Returnee
  2. 10.
    44. Five Growth Trends Shaping Africa’s Future (REWIND)
  3. 11.
    43. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji on The Future Africa Fund and How Africa’s Challenges Can Be Transformed Into Global Business Opportunities
  4. 12.
    42. How Social Entrepreneur Edith Njage is Building Her Business in Kenya and Aiming to Create 100,000 Jobs
  5. 13.
    41. How I Helped Build Zambia's First Innovation Hub - Lukonga Lindunda, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Bongo Hive
  6. 14.
    40. Yard and Parish Co-Founders on Building A Home For Melanin-focused, Independent Brands of the African Diaspora
  7. 15.
    39. Diaspora Diaries: #BlackLivesMatter
  8. 16.
    38. BomaLink Founder and CEO Shola Salako on Building A Global Business and Professional Networking Platform
  9. 17.
    37. Amaka Uchegbu on The Future of Work in Black America, Working at McKinsey and Company and Embracing Her British-Nigerian Identity
  10. 18.
    36. Asafu Thomas on Building A Platform Connecting the African Diaspora Through Tech and Working with Tech Talent on the Continent
  11. 19.
    35. Blk Pod Collective Founder & Creative Director Ona Oghogho on Podcasting, Representation and Disrupting the Status Quo
  12. 20.
    34. Boddle Learning Co-Founders Edna Martinson and Clarence Tan on Building an Ed Tech Platform
  13. 21.
    33. Sistahbiz Global Network Founder Makisha Boothe on Launching the Nation’s First Small Business Loan Fund for Black Women Entrepreneurs
  14. 22.
    32. Sesi Technologies Founder Isaac Sesi on Building Grain Mate, Supporting African Entrepreneurs and Teaching Young People to Code on Their Smart Phones
  15. 23.
    31. Mwende Bwino Podcast Host Mazuba Kapambwe on Living and Working in Zambia, Intra-African Travel, and Why You Should Visit Zambia Next
  16. 24.
    30. Doctoral Researcher Michael Addany on His Experience Living Under Lockdown in Wuhan, China and What an African Response to the Coronavirus Should Look Like
  17. 25.
    29. Quarantine Chronicles, An Update on My New Gig and A Some Encouragement to Help You get Through The Next Few Months
  18. 26.
    28. D’IYANU Founder Addie Elabor on Building a Ready-to-Wear African Inspired Fashion Brand From the Ground Up
  19. 27.
    27. Certified Africa Founders Nii and Kristin Quaye on Curating Transformative Trips and Sharing Business Opportunities on the Continent
  20. 28.
    26. By Design Co-Founder Justin Ikerionwu on Creativity, Building a Lifestyle Brand and Finding Your Village
  21. 29.
    25. BlackTravelBox Founder Orion Brown on Building a Brand for Black Women Travelers and the Lessons She’s Learned Traveling the World
  22. 30.
    24. Kahawa 1893 Founder Margaret Nyamumbo on Empowering Women and Building a Pan-African Coffee Brand
  23. 31.
    23. Ashley Akunna on Creating The Grapevine, Staying Consistent and Lessons She’s Learned as a Creative Entrepreneur
  24. 32.
    22. Africa's Business Revolution: How to Succeed in the World's Next Big Growth Market – Book Review
  25. 33.
    21. How You Can Get Better with Money in 2020 with Journey to Launch’s Jamila Souffrant
  26. 34.
    20. Goodbye 2019 + 10 Lessons I Learned in the Last Decade
  27. 35.
    19. For Us by Us – Reflections on African Leadership, Development and a Special Spotlight Andela with BOA54's Hauwa Aguillard
  28. 36.
    18. Dayo Akinrinade on Building Africlick, a Dating and Networking App for African and Caribbean Professionals and Creatives
  29. 37.
    17. CannaGo Founder Victor Nwadike on Teaching Himself to Code and Starting a Cannabis Technology Company
  30. 38.
    16. Solo Episode! What's Next for Dear Diaspora and Reflecting on How I Secured the Bag this Year
  31. 39.
    15. Clout Enterprises Co-Founder Luper Akough on Partnering with Amazon, Running a Business With His Wife and Being a Real Estate Investor
  32. 40.
    14. How to Start a Cosmetics Line with Lady Beverly Co-Founder Beverly Luma
  33. 41.
    13. African Tech Roundup’s Andile Masuku on the first ‘Made in Africa’ Smartphone and How to Do Business on the Continent the Right Way
  34. 42.
    12. Bonus Episode – Why is Self-Care So Hard? Self-Care Chat with My Bestfriend Jasmine
  35. 43.
    11. How Balkissa Mahamane Founded a School in Rural Niger While Working Full-Time and Running a Consulting Business
  36. 44.
    10. Serial Tech Entrepreneur Nana Prempeh on Building a Platform for 500 Million African Christians
  37. 45.
    9. Journalist and Founder of TanTV Studios Adedayo Fashanu on Storytelling and Spotlighting Global Youth Change-Makers
  38. 46.
    8. Paradise Sun Snacks Founder Jedu Armar on Sun Cooking, Why He Returned to Ghana, and His Hopes for Africa's Future
  39. 47.
    7. Iveoma Okparaeke on Why She's Relocating to Nigeria, Why Africa is "Hot" Right Now and How You Can Avoid Running Out of Money When Doing Business Abroad
  40. 48.
    6. MIZIZI President and Chief Paakow Essandoh on Creating a Global Movement, Collaborating with Marvel and Disney, and Staying Rooted
  41. 49.
    5. Away to Africa Founder Tiffanie Anderson on Starting Her Company, Managing a Global Team, and How Her Accent Has Been One of Her Biggest Challenges When Doing Business in Africa
  42. 50.
    3. Take Back Africa Summit Founder Fata Acquoi - "Even if you’re not going to go back home, at least support the work being done to create change.”

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