The New Fashion Podcast

Juliane Ding

Podcast hosted by Sophia Kianni and The New Fashion Initiative and produced by Juliane Ding, interviewing various leaders in the fashion industry on sustainability and circular textile initiatives.

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Sophia and Cary Korsinksy discuss his path as an educator and advisor on sustainability and investing as a positive driver of change. 

Mar 14

19 min 11 sec

Sophia sits down with Another Tomorrow's CEO Vanessa Barboni Hallik to discuss her journey leading up to her work with the company, fashion sustainability, and the impacts of COVID19.  Vanessa Barboni Hallik is the founder and CEO of Another Tomorrow, an end-to-end sustainable apparel company and platform for discovery and action committed to transparency and a circular economy. She is also an investor in early-stage companies with strong ESG commitments and potential to catalyze positive change. Vanessa serves on the Advisory Boards for Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy and the Trust for Public Land.

Dec 2020

27 min 29 sec

Sandra Goldmark is a designer, teacher, and entrepreneur whose work focuses on circular economy solutions to overconsumption and climate change. She is an Associate Professor of Professional Practice and Director of Campus Sustainability at Barnard College, where she teaches design and leads campus climate action initiatives. Sandra is the founder of Fixup, a social enterprise that operates short term repair and reuse events, and the author of Fixation: How to Have Stuff without Breaking the Planet.

Aug 2020

17 min 31 sec

Robin and Amelia are both activists with Extinction Rebellion UK, and believe strongly in direct action. In this episode, we talk about what direct action looks like, and how you can participate. We then talk about the struggles of facing climate deniers who don't believe in climate change. Co-hosted by Joe Hobbs, 17-year-old climate activist and college student looking to change the way the world looks at the climate crisis.

Aug 2020

47 min 44 sec

Featuring Katrina Shum, Lush’s Director of Sustainability. We first learn about Lush as a product and how it’s been environmentally friendly from the start. We then dive into Lush’s new initiatives and how they’re helping the climate. Last, we go into why Lush supports climate activism and what their future plans are. Co-hosted by Joe Hobbs, 17-year-old climate activist and college student looking to change the way the world looks at the climate crisis.

Aug 2020

37 min

In this podcast with Tom Steyer, we dive into the politics around climate change, and why politicians aren't doing enough. We also highlight the climate policy different presidential candidates are pushing. Co-produced by Joe Hobbs, 17-year-old climate activist and college student looking to change the way the world looks at the climate crisis.

Jul 2020

39 min 16 sec

Sim Gulati and Sophia Kianni discuss Sim's journey into becoming an entrepreneur in fashion and sustainable technologies as the Co-founder and CEO of Dropel Fabrics. Learning about the trade at the dinner table, Sim grew to begin his entrepreneur journey through wanting to find a replacement of polyester, before developing a tiered approach for Dropel Fabrics, paying attention to materials, chemicals, and processes. His goals are directed towards wanting to be PFC free, as well as to have a sustainability process that is scalable and repeatable.

Jul 2020

20 min 18 sec

Joshua Katcher talks about his roots as a sustainability leader in fashion, particularly in regards to the pandemic he addresses the explicit industry failures in our system. With animal vectors, biodiversity and livestock industries, he explains how the world has to make uncomfortable shifts towards a more proactive fashion industry.

Jul 2020

27 min 3 sec

Sophia talks with Dana Davis about her role as the VP of Sustainability, Product, and Business at Mara Hoffman, discussing the circular initiatives of the textile industry, especially highlighting the impact of perspective during the times of COVID19.  

Jun 2020

25 min 49 sec