This Commerce Life

By Phil Chang / Kenny Vannucci

Curious as hell. Passionate about your business. Love storytelling - sharing successes that inspire life.

  1. 1.
    Laser focused on a second career. John Antulov talks about turning a retail career into Professional Soccer
  2. 2.
    President and CEO of CHFA, Aaron Skelton comes on to talk about pandemic effects on health food retail.
  3. 3.
    He retired, then unretired. Then he did it one more time. Now, he's a driving force in making Remedy Brands a recognized leader
  4. 4.
    Fardad Moayer comes back! We talk re-branding, re-launching products and the impact of supply during the Pandemic
  5. 5.
    She wanted to work for no one, but wanted to get paid fair, good money. Serial Founder Colleen Imrie comes on to talk Nooks Canada
  6. 6.
    Peter Rodriguez, Built Brand Igniter and now he's back to talk about the next step to building your own brand
  7. 7.
    Special Episode: Kyle Ewing, Founder of Terraslate comes on to talk about the persistence required for success
  8. 8.
    VP of Partnerships & Insights of Social Nature, Jessica Malach talks about the half-million natural shoppers and their discovery platform
  1. 9.
    The founders of Good Juju, Alexa and Lisa come on to talk zero all-natural, plastic-free home & body products
  2. 10.
    President and Founder of Hippie Snacks, Owner of Left Coast Naturals Ian Walker
  3. 11.
    The Shoplands make and appearance and they have news! (Laurie and Jimmy!)
  4. 12.
    Just the knuckleheads - Kenny and Phil talk what it costs to be in a Canadian retailer
  5. 13.
    Co-Founder & CEO at Clearbanc Andrew D'Souza comes on to talk about Clearbanc and the launch of ClearAngel
  6. 14.
    A recast of an older episode, Peter Rodriguez MBA, Chartered Marketer joins the boys. They talk about personal brand marketing, and why it's so important.
  7. 15.
    Alain Tungul, Founder of @crystalcr3me, only sells his creme brulee on Instagram
  8. 16.
    Trevor Baker Recruiter and Coach from Macdonald's Search Group talks about digital skills and making career changes
  9. 17.
    Kenny brought his lawyer. Tim Murphy, Founding Partner of Murphy & Company comes on to talk about how lawyers can help businesses
  10. 18.
    Sarah (Brazier) Rochacewich, Owner of Aunt Sarah's Chocolate shop talks about leaving CPG to open her own shop
  11. 19.
    Bag designer for FIFA 2002, Founder and Principal of Retail Strategy Group, Liza Amlani comes on to geek out on retail
  12. 20.
    Opera Singer turned banker, retailer then went Startup. Alys Richards talks about her learning journey
  13. 21.
    CEO of Rebellious Infusions, Doug DuMars comes on to talk about going from BIG companies to a startup that disruptes the drink space
  14. 22.
    Nicole Murphy, Vice President of Growth at Bell Curve comes on to talk career, email marketing and how Bell Curve is doing things different
  15. 23.
    Shelby Taylor, Founder, CEO at Chickapea comes on to tell us about her unconventional journey to success
  16. 24.
    Wondering what you do with classic CPG skills? Angie Baker comes on to talk about using her strategic skills for helping children
  17. 25.
    First episode of the year is just the boys. Getting their sh*t together, Philly's pro-tip for the month, Google Adwords analytics improvements
  18. 26.
    2020 Holiday Hangout! We opened the Zoom Room and podcast guests of old came and hung out!
  19. 27.
    VP Of Business Development at Daiya Foods, Chris Bailey comes on to talk career path and leading edge plant based food innovation
  20. 28.
    The Boss makes an appearance! The pandemic from a manufacturer's perspective
  21. 29.
    A return visit by Intelocate's CEO Yulia Vasilyeva, to talk about her new round of funding
  22. 30.
    A simple, economical online ordering system for restaurants built by a software company. Parachute Software co-founder David Linton explains what this is all about
  23. 31.
    Philly doesn't pay full price for anything...Shane Pounder from Flipp helps to fuel Philly's shopping ways. We talk online flyers, black friday and more
  24. 32.
    Doing things differently; Premier Tuition Centre Owner AnneMarie Brosnan talks Covid and the effects on her business
  25. 33.
    We talk to a Unicorn - Winnie Mittal comes on the show to talk multicultural marketing
  26. 34.
    the knuckleheads talk innovation and what comes next in this pandemic era
  27. 35.
    Mike Roberts, VP at Purity Life Health Products comes on to talk distribution during Covid and what small brands need to know
  28. 36.
    COO of Green Planet Wholesale, Mark Walman talks about Cannabis, the emerging industry and the future of weed
  29. 37.
    Kelly Pigeon started with the big "WHY," founds two game changing platforms -Dresst, then Loopt.
  30. 38.
    How to shift gears from being a solopreneur to being an owner and running a company with great people.
  31. 39.
    Consultant turned Pet Food Brand Founder. We head to Africa to learn from "Fats" Diamini, Founder of Maneli Foods.
  32. 40.
    Joe Tarnowski gives us two episodes in one. The power of virtual meetings and what ECRM can do for vendors and retailers and a masterclass in content creation.
  33. 41.
    All hands on deck: Bed Bath and Beyond Mexico CEO Stephen Sotto talks about great retail during the pandemic
  34. 42.
    Founder of Manitoba Harvest, Mike Fata comes on to talk about his remarkable journey to making hemp mainstream again
  35. 43.
    Imagine doing 700 virtual store tours without leaving your laptop. Bram explains how Shelfgram aims to do just this.
  36. 44.
    This one is all about us. Philly breaks his own rules, Kenny leans into less-than-40-hours...
  37. 45.
    PSA: Calling all Entrepreneurs: Highline Beta and Intuit Accelerator closing Sept 4th
  38. 46.
    Wondering what a good influencer / industry expert looks like? You'll like what Pindy has to say.
  39. 47.
    50 accounts to 10,000: Daryna Kulya, Co-Founder at OpenPhone comes on to talk about changing the business phone for modern businesses.
  40. 48.
    We head to Singapore to meet Richard Loat about his journey of learning and what brands can learn about going overseas
  41. 49.
    She makes a treat in her kitchen, and 3 years later, it's Treatsmarts and listed at Whole Foods and 16 other retailers
  42. 50.
    Kenny is STOKED. Arjan Stephens, President of Que Pasa Mexican Foods and EVP for Nature’s Path Foods comes on the show

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