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A podcast from Doug Dennison, looking at business, entrepreneurism, productivity, motivation and marketing.

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In this episode, I chat with Paul Jarvis, co-founder of Fathom Analytics about Fathom, privacy, and productivity.

Jun 23

42 min 40 sec

I chat with Matthew Smith, the CEO of Really Good Emails, to discuss what makes a really good email.

May 19

49 min 53 sec

Slack is the backbone of a lot of businesses right now, with remote and flexible working being 'the norm', but how do you manage Slack so it doesn't manage you?I had a lovely informal chat with my pal Emily Ryan about how to manage distractions and how does she get everything done with such a busy work and home life???

May 14

37 min 52 sec

Chad is an authority in email marketing. He's literally written the book (Email Marketing Rules) and has worked at some high-profile companies. I spoke to Chad to find out – was there a game plan, did he set out to become an expert, or did it happen by accident...

May 10

55 min 24 sec

In today's world, it's hard to stay motivated and remain positive, but Glenn always manages to, so I wanted to chat with him about this. How the heck does he stay motivated and happy, when the world throws you curve balls and 'stuff'.

May 6

55 min 20 sec