The Tough Mothers Podcast

By Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson PhD

The Tough Mothers podcast delves into the topics we need to talk about in motherhood. The taboo, embarrassing and not-spoken-about things that make us feel alone and frightened, but are often common and normal. Mothers from around the world share their journeys through motherhood, completely uncensored; their struggles, their accomplishments, their insights, and what they want you to know. Including interviews with experts in the motherhood field, these conversations will touch you, inspire you, resonate with you and empower you as you navigate your way through matrescence (the transition from woman to mother) and motherhood. Your host, Dr Jennifer Hacker Pearson PhD, is a mother of three. She personally and professionally knows the importance of mental wellbeing in matrescence and motherhood. She also knows that we need to talk about it ALL, so we can support each other, and ourselves, during our journey. Dr Jen’s bestselling book "I Wish Someone Had Told Me…" details the things 1000 mothers want every mother to know before she has her baby. The Tough Mothers Podcast carries on from there.These powerful, raw and honest conversations will enlighten, support, encourage, and empower you on your journey through matrescence and motherhood. Because you too are a Tough Mother.

  1. 1.
    #18 A mother’s guide to decluttering your mind and your home - with Clutter Mentalist Collette Barker
  2. 2.
    #17 How to Find Your Light in Motherhood - with Life Coach Dasha Okonji
  3. 3.
    #16 The Power of Positive Births - with Alana Swain
  4. 4.
    #15 The 50 Shades of Motherhood spectrum – every mother sits on it, but did you know you can shift?
  5. 5.
    #14 How You Can Support Your Teenager's Mental Health - with Melanie Medland
  6. 6.
    #13 Finding a Silver Lining in Your Postpartum Experience - with Katie R.
  7. 7.
    #12 Mastering Yourself in Motherhood - with Tracy "Gwamma" Newell
  8. 8.
    #11 When birth goes off the rails- "I wish someone had told me..."

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