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Do you ever feel like you're just trying to keep up with the speed of tasks and "fires" that come your way? Or the number of decisions you have to make every day? This is no way for a leader to live! It's critically important for leaders to get out of, what we call, "The Leadership Crazy Cycle," so they have more time to concentrate and lead people to success in their roles. Leaders who have TIME to lead move businesses forward! Get your free assessment tool that we’ve developed to help leaders like you determine their current state of health as it pertains to the Leadership Crazy Cycle. As you listen to today's episode we go over the 3 tools that every leader must replenish to further grow and succeed!

Nov 30

31 min 51 sec

Today’s episode is part 2 of "Personal Responsibility in the Age of Entitlement". We’re going over how to change your inner dialog, complain less, and move towards taking responsibility for everything that we have control over in our lives! So while you listen today, think about what Jordan Peterson says, "Treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for helping."

Nov 23

24 min 10 sec

Our theme for the month is Personal Responsibility, and today we’re focusing on how entitlement can easily make us play the role of victims and refuse to accept responsibility for our lives and actions. The person with a sense of entitlement believes: everything that happens should somehow benefit them. Anything unfavorable or unfortunate that happens in life is happening “to” them. The person with a sense of responsibility believes: it’s their duty to deal with whatever comes up, to be accountable, and to accept all of the consequences of their own actions. On today’s episode, we’re going to dive into a topic that I think is very important for the times that we’re living in. Especially, if you’re younger than 40 years old, this could be vital to you!

Nov 16

29 min 58 sec

Today's episode is part 2 of "3 Ways to Avoid Mission Drift". This week we continue with what happens when you've found yourself drifting away from your mission and how to get out of that "crazy cycle". It’s ok to force a culture of accountability if you want to avoid drift. Part of forcing culture is teaching your team what is right. Learn how to rehearse your vision with your team. If you don’t catch your team doing it right, they’ll forget what right is. Catch them doing it right, rehearse it, reinforce it, help them memorize it, never forget it. Leaders must lead to the destination they want to go. Make every decision count. Stay accountable to the mission. Reinforce your very best practices. Listen now to be sure you're still heading in the direction of your original mission and not experiencing mission drift!

Nov 9

30 min 18 sec

Navigating Life with Courage You’ve got clarity on your purpose and who you are in life, but what now? Learn how to maintain your course with confidence! Today we dive into the three keys to courage in times of trial. • Take courage- You can choose to be discouraged when setbacks come, or you can choose the courage to move forward with confidence. -Anonymous • Follow your instruments- Find out what instruments God has given you to help you navigate through life. • Refuse to get off course- you’ve got to refuse to get distracted from your goal and destination! We have all faced trials through life and business but I would like to help guide you on how to not only make it through these difficulties but to do so without fear, and even rejoicing!

Nov 2

48 min 57 sec

Have you ever found yourself drifting away from your mission? Where you're just trying to survive the "crazy cycle"? It's easy to get off track and "drift" from your original plan and purpose. Drifting happens one decision at a time and eventually, your decisions start to drift away from the direction you had set. We decide our way into drift and we can decide our way out of it... Today we dive into these 3 ways to avoid drifting away from your original vision: • Decision making • Constant accountability • Rehearsing Vision Life and business can get messy! Learn to recognize the signs of falling back into old patterns that do not serve your mission.

Oct 26

26 min 27 sec

Many leaders stumble and fall because of dis-ordered lives, but God wants us to live well-ordered lives. What do you need to do and/or change today, in order to gain perspective and clarity?Beginning with a goal or purpose in life is a great start but in order to discover your purpose you must know who you are at your core. Today we go through the 4 important questions to ask yourself for more clarity on who you are before leading others.

Oct 19

21 min 5 sec

You are not here by accident! You were created on purpose for a purpose! Making sure you have a a clear purpose might be just what you need to propel you to the next level in life and business. In this episode, we discuss the path of finding out what that purpose is, and how it will help launch you into your potential. We also go over what type of effects may occur in your life when you do not have a clear purpose. Find out today how to set clear goals that will lead to obtaining your personal mission statement and learn how to overcome obstacles along the way.

Oct 12

27 min 50 sec

What’s the number one obstacle that I see when it comes to personal relationships? You guessed it, bad communication. That’s why we revisit this subject so often, because it’s something we have to continually work on. Cultivating healthy communication is a lot like gardening; no matter how much time and attention we invest in the garden of our communication, we’ll always have to deal with the weeds that easily and frequently crop up. There are habits, or learned behaviors, that we all have that can get in the way of real communication. Simple things that you may not even realize you’re doing can choke the information you’re sending or receiving! On today’s podcast, we’ll dig into the garden and discuss three of the most common weeds that we find choking our communication with others.

Oct 5

21 min

What are the influences that you're currently choosing in your life? You know, we all have various influences that are currently at work in our lives, shaping our thought patterns, habits and behaviors, and ultimately our character. The tricky part can be discerning the effect they’re having on us, and what to do about them! The theme for the month of September has been influence, and in this final episode of the month (wrapping up the 3rd Quarter of 2021) the coaches get together to reflect on the influences that they’ve allowed in their lives - delving deep into both the positive and the negative effects of those choices. The good news is that we can accept or reject the influences in our lives, it's a powerful choice. I hope this episode helps you to choose wisely!

Sep 29

53 min 34 sec

What’s the number one obstacle that I see when it comes to personal relationships? You guessed it, bad communication. That’s why we revisit this subject so often, because it’s something we have to continually work on. Cultivating healthy communication is a lot like gardening; no matter how much time and attention we invest in the garden of our communication, we’ll always have to deal with the weeds that easily and frequently crop up. There are habits, or learned behaviors, that we all have that can get in the way of real communication. Simple things that you may not even realize you’re doing can choke the information you’re sending or receiving! On today’s podcast, we’ll dig into the garden and discuss three of the most common weeds that we find choking our communication with others.

Sep 21

22 min 56 sec

We talk an awful lot about leadership in-person with our clients and on this podcast, and that’s for good reason. Leadership is a major form of influence in our modern world! As leaders, we’re interested in helping to shape and impact others in a positive way. Think about this as a parent. You exert “influence” on your kids, because you want to train them well and prepare them for life; you want them to have a good future.  But, when you think about it, there are many different kinds of influences in our lives. Some are positive and some, well, maybe aren’t so positive. In today's episode, I want to discuss those other influences that are already at work in our lives.  What are some of the forces that currently have sway; what’s forming us, our thoughts, our behavior and our character either positively or negatively? P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to leave a comment on the podcast platform you’re listening from!

Sep 14

34 min 30 sec

What’s your knee jerk reaction when facing discomfort or pain?  If you’re like most people, it’s to seek to avoid pain and seek comfort. But, that could be the very thing holding you back from growing deeper roots and producing sweeter fruit.  It tends to be the hardships in life that either make us or break us. But, focus for a second on that first part. That tough break in life could make all the difference to you achieving the destiny that God has called you to. How is that? Most people don’t understand that uncomfortable challenges are the very things that prepare us for our future. Discomfort is the “training course” of life, and without difficulty and pain we’ll rarely find the opportunity to really grow! This week we continue our discussion of how pain prepares us for our destiny. In particular, you’ll discover three tips on how to respond to and get the most out of discomfort in your life.

Sep 7

30 min 23 sec

It’s a little counterintuitive to think that the things currently causing us pain or stress in life could actually be working in our favor. I mean, we generally tend to avoid discomfort, rather than embracing it, am I right? Well, let’s spin that around a bit. Lots of people pay good money every month to go to a gym where they workout, sweat, toil, have to endure hardships, and for what? Because they know that where there’s “no pain”, there’s “no gain”! In today’s podcast, we’re going to dig down into what’s to be gained, and we’ll discover how to turn the tables on our discomfort. Here’s what C.S. Lewis had to say on the matter: Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. I’d like you to consider this week: what discomfort are you trying to avoid? And how might that perspective be keeping you from growing, improving, and reaching your extraordinary destiny?

Aug 31

22 min 39 sec

As a business owner, can you imagine a day when you start meeting and/or exceeding your target projections because your financial engine is so well-tuned?  Well, I have to tell you that I can, and so can our clients! Over the last few weeks we’ve been diving into the world of economics, and this week we’ll continue looking at how to build predictability into business finances.  Predictability, scalability and dependability are the order of the day.  This is your future, if you want it! If you haven’t listened to part one of this podcast, then you might want to start there as it will help to set the direction we go from here. In these episodes, you’re going to discover not only how to create predictability, which will get you through tough times, but you’ll also learn how to thrive in unstable economic conditions.  Enjoy today’s episode! Chris

Aug 24

21 min 32 sec

Hey folks, Have you ever wondered what it would look like to catch a glimpse of a business just as it hit its stride and then catapulted towards success? Do you think it's possible for any business to just take off like a rocket at any time? Or, is there a natural growth process, a leadership journey, that makes that kind of success possible? Well, those are some great questions, and I think you’re going to love today’s episode! I had the pleasure of sitting down with a long-time client and a great friend, Chris Camp, to talk about his leadership journey as a multiple-business owner. I think you’ll be intrigued with the path he took towards implementing the paradigm-shifting information he was receiving as part of his discovery process for his businesses. FREE STUFF ALERT! I’ve got a download for you today in the form of our Leadership Success Path. It’ll help you make sense of where you are in your journey and what’s next if you’re ready to grow! Enjoy today’s episode! Chris P.S. If you’d like to talk to someone about your own leadership journey and how to take your business through a discovery process, click on this link to

Aug 17

1 hr 12 min

Hey folks,  For you small and medium sized business owners out there, can you imagine a day when you start to meet and/or exceed your target projections, because your financial engine is so fine-tuned? I can, and so can our clients! Over the last few weeks we’ve been diving into the world of economics, focusing on the personal side of that equation, but this week we’ll start looking at how to build predictability into our business finances. Predictability, scalability and dependability are the order of the day. In these next few episodes, you’ll discover not only how to create predictability that will get you through tough times, but you might also learn how to thrive in unstable economic conditions. Has anyone experienced some of that in the last year??? Not a business owner? Then maybe you’ll want to revisit our episodes on how to do this exact same thing in your personal finances, so check out the links below! We’ve got just 5 months until this year is over, so this is a GREAT time to get yourself ready for 2022.  Enjoy today’s episode! Chris Resources & Links:

Aug 10

30 min 9 sec

Hey Folks! I don’t know how you feel about it, but it seems to me that problems just never go away. Right? I mean, every day, no matter how many problems you solve, even more seem to crop up. In fact, the problems that we encounter today are likely more difficult to solve than they were before - ever more complicated! Life is like that, it’s as if it were training us for something. On today’s episode, we’re going to take a look at the mindset we need, to not just “survive” in this complicated world we live in, but what we need in order to really “thrive”. I’ll tell you right now, it’s not easy to change our mindset about problems, but if you do you’ll be better for it! Borrowing from one of our nation’s leaders over a hundred years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt delivered a speech with these stirring words: “I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life, the life of toil and effort, of labor and strife; to preach that highest form of success which comes, not to the man who desires mere easy peace, but to the man who does not shrink from danger, from hardship, or from bitter toil, and who out of these wins the splendid ultimate triumph.” Theodore Roosevelt, The Strenuous Life: Essays and Addresses, 10 April 1899 What a “word in season” for that generation just about to encounter World War 1. Let’s glean wisdom from our forebears; let’s learn not to shrink back from our problems, but to run towards them, solve them, and make ourselves and our world better for it! Enjoy today’s episode, Chris

Aug 3

30 min 24 sec

Hey folks, who out there has experienced something that you didn’t predict or anticipate financially in the last … oh … say 12-18 months? Ha! I think maybe we all did. 2020 gave the word unprecedented a run for its money! Well, here’s some good news. You can actually start building stability and predictability into your personal finances right now - and it doesn’t require Big Government bailouts or Low Finance loans. Does that sound good to you? Do you want to know how? On today’s episode, we’re going to dig down into some core financial concepts, as well as answer some of the TOP questions about what it takes to be financially sound even in the midst of a crisis - or God forbid - another pandemic.  You can literally take steps now, to remain unshaken then. Let me know what you think of today’s episode, just reply to this email with your thoughts and questions! Enjoy today’s episode,  Chris

Jul 27

27 min 1 sec

Today we continue our discussion about money and what really matters in life, as we seek to redefine what financial success looks like.  Here’s something that you may have heard me mention before: Money is the leverage in your decision-making that helps you execute your mission well. How does that hit you? What goes through your mind when you think about your mission? It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a stay-at-home mom, a college student or a retiree… think about it: what’s your current mission in life and how are you leveraging money to get you to that goal? I truly believe that financial success is achievable for you, but you might have to make some changes in how it’s defined! I hope you enjoy today’s episode, please shoot me a comment or question about the discussion today, as I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Chris

Jul 20

1 hr 3 min

426 | Redefining Financial Success, Part 1 by Chris LoCurto

Jul 13

47 min 28 sec

Hey folks, I’ve got a question for you: what’s your motivation for getting up and going to work everyday? Whether you’ve got a commute across town, or just down the stairs and into the home office, there’s something that’s propelling your work and your work ethic. So, what is it exactly? Well, what if I told you that there’s a deeper layer to working than just doing the work itself? On the podcast this week, you’ll discover that there are actually layers of fulfilment; layers that are not so much connected to what we do as to how and why we do them. This can be such a transformational mind-shift for some of us. A game-changer that brings greater joy in life. Today we’re going “Beyond Tasks” as we examine the higher good that’s waiting in our work! Enjoy the episode, Chris

Jul 6

29 min 50 sec

Hey Folks, Have you ever considered that what you've believed in the past is one of the biggest factors in your current experience of life? You see, your beliefs are at work affecting your present reality. The problem is that so many beliefs go unnoticed in our daily lives, habits and conversations. They’re hard to detect sometimes, like a silent operating system at work in the background. We usually only take notice when we get a persistent error message or the entire system crashes! Today on the show, our coaches gather together to share personal stories around the topic of belief systems, and what a huge impact they have on our current reality. [Tweet "We truly reap what we sow in this life, and we’ll either be limited or empowered by what we believe and what we know."] The good news is that we can maintain and even change our beliefs to be more aligned with what we believe to be true. Our beliefs should continue to grow and improve just as we do! Enjoy today’s episode, Chris

Jun 29

56 min 11 sec

423 | Limiting Beliefs: Lies Leaders Tell Themselves Hey folks! I’m really excited to share this week’s podcast with you, it’s all about the beliefs that we hold, and specifically the ones that hold us back in both life and leadership. Think about that for a second, there could be things you’re believing right now - that really aren’t true - and they’re keeping you from going to the next level as a leader. "The very way that you believe your life is, the very way that you believe you are, is how you are going to define your worth." "We take our focus off of ourselves, put it on other people, and say "how do we get them to the next level?" Leaders, your worth is not in having the answers, your worth is not in being the one who knows everything. Your worth to the business is to duplicate yourself. It is to make people great." Here are a few sample “lies” that we deal with on this episode; these are limiting beliefs that keep us back, things like: -I equate my position in the company with my value as a person -My team’s performance is a direct reflection of my leadership -If I show people my ignorance they will lose respect for me And, well the list is quite long, but you get the point. Everyone of us gets stuck somewhere, inside our own heads, wrestling with limiting beliefs. But, there’s good news, the quicker we are able to identify the lies, the faster we can get to the truth about ourselves or the situation, get unstuck and move past them! Today, you’ll discover how to do just that, helping you to take your leadership to the next level! Enjoy today’s episode, Chris

Jun 22

1 hr 11 min

422 | A Disciplined Inner Dialogue by Chris LoCurto

Jun 15

53 min

I don’t think anyone would dispute the perspective that it's a good thing to leave good things to our children after we’re gone. The book of Proverbs really puts it into perspective for us, “Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren…” (Pro. 13:22). Listen to that language! Leaving an inheritance to our children’s children is a good thing to do! But what usually comes to mind when you hear the words inheritance and legacy? Today, I want to press beyond our usual interpretations of just money and earthly possessions. Those are “good” gifts, but what about the unseen things that we leave to our children? Things hidden in our root system. We leave all kinds of things, good and bad, for our kids to inherit. Maybe what comes to mind are the intangibles like character, work ethic and skill set. We don’t always equate them with a legacy that gets passed down, but we should! On today’s episode, we’ll explore what you and I can do today to enrich the legacies that we’ll be leaving behind to loved ones. Imagine the home that you’re building today: I mean the culture and the environment that can literally be felt by a guest when they walk through the door. Things like love and acceptance, peace and a sense of security. Now imagine what might be holding you back from creating the home that you want your kids to inherit. Changing your family tree means changing yourself first and foremost. It’s hard work - there’s no doubt about it! But the family tree that changes for the better is itself a lasting legacy that extends beyond ourselves; it’s a gift that keeps on giving for generations! Resources & Links Podcasts referenced:

Jun 8

38 min 7 sec

If you’re like most people, you don’t enjoy conflict. Proverbs 26:17 says, A person who is passing by and meddles in a quarrel that’s not his is like one who grabs a dog by the ears. Quarreling can have some really negative consequences. Most personality types tend to shy away from conflict and confrontation whenever possible. But, it seems more and more difficult to avoid conflict altogether, especially in our social media drenched culture. So, how do we know when confrontation is helpful or harmful? When should we engage healthily or just leave it alone? On today’s show, we’re going to discuss where those boundaries are, when to engage in a healthy way, and when to hold your peace. You’ll discover some practical keys to coming away unscathed, while learning the control issues that are usually at play. If you’ll apply what we discuss on today’s show, then I think you’ll breathe a little easier whenever you have to deal with others who are feeling out of control. Resources & Links Podcasts Referenced

Jun 1

1 hr 5 min

419 | Restoring Willpower For Better Health by Chris LoCurto

May 25

1 hr 6 min

Hey leaders, what comes to mind when you think about growing your business? If you’re like most owners or leaders, then you might think in terms of strategies for increasing revenue, increasing your reach through innovative marketing, or restructuring for increased scalability. Those are great things to think about, but you may be overlooking your most valuable asset: your people. For me, it all started by looking at my leaders and saying, “If I don’t do something to grow you, then you’ll stay exactly where you are.” And that wasn’t acceptable. So then, I started growing people strategically, and by growing people I was able to step out of my day to day and into a higher level of leadership. That’s when real growth started to occur! Here’s the deal: growing your team = growing your business. If you don’t stretch the potential, capacity, and output of those who work directly for you, then you may not be ready for the more traditional “revenue related” growth that most leaders are searching for. Let me share a trade secret that I’ve learned after decades of leading people. Are you ready? It’s easy to think that strategy is all about the business, but “business” doesn’t happen unless people happen first. I want to see business owners and leaders go to the next level. But, here’s the deal, you’ll never get to a higher level without strategically focusing on the growth of others. Let’s walk through his process together and discover how to Reverse Engineer Your Business Growth!

May 18

47 min 21 sec

Well folks, we just wrapped up our 2021 Next-Level Leadership Live Event in Nashville, TN and I have to tell you that it was fantastic! It was so good to be back onsite, live and in person with you, our friends (who are also clients that we get to serve). This year we added a few fun surprises, making it a truly “Nashville” experience! On Thursday of the event week, during the lunch hour, we got our coaches up on stage to answer questions from the audience. It was powerful and we’re excited to share it with you on today’s episode. You’re going to hear from business leaders and owners just like you, asking questions about their teams, about hiring, KRA’s, and a few other topics. I think it’ll be thought-provoking to say the least!

May 11

39 min 56 sec

416 | Managing The Numbers (So They Don’t Manage You) Hey leaders, if you’re not living in your numbers, then what are you basing your decisions on? A lot of leaders tend to shy away from their accounting processes, giving only an occasional glance to the bottom line. It’s tough to make well-informed decisions that affect the overall business without knowing the details of what’s happening in every area. I hear from clients all the time, “Sometimes I don’t want to see the accounting, because I’m scared of where we’re at.” But that’s precisely why you need to be in the financials on a routine basis, making well-informed decisions that are going to set you up for success. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to managing your numbers and avoiding the pitfalls that so many leaders make. On today’s show, you’ll be empowered to win as I walk you through what you need to do in order to stay at the top of the numbers. Resources & Links: Related media:

May 4

50 min 26 sec

This topic is so important to you and your business that we’re spending two episodes to cover it all and cover it thoroughly.  On today’s episode, I reveal the 3rd thing that I think every leader must do before this year is over. But, if you didn’t catch the first two points we covered, then I’d recommend pausing here and going back to listen to part one first. Ok, so to bring some focus here, I want to share a verse from the book of Proverbs with you. I’ll put it a few different ways so that we can really dig into the value of preparation: A sensible person sees danger and takes cover; the inexperienced keep going and are punished. The clever see trouble coming and hide; the thoughtless go on and pay the penalty. Be cautious and hide when you see danger— don’t be stupid and walk right into trouble. Wise people see trouble coming and get out of its way, but fools go straight to the trouble and suffer for it. Notice the words used to describe a person who refuses to take appropriate action and prepare in advance: inexperienced, thoughtless, stupid and a fool. Ouch!  Now take a look at the words used for the person who takes action before trouble comes: sensible, clever, cautious and wise. That’s what we’re aiming for! Here’s the deal, I want you to have laser-focus this year, and I want you to lead your team and business to success, so that no matter what comes next you’re ready to weather the storm! It takes hard work and preparation, but the result is so worth it. Resources & Links Podcasts referenced:

Apr 27

37 min 23 sec

If unity is about coming together, then peace is about staying together. Einstein said, Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. So, what does it take to come together in agreement and stay in a place of harmony? On today’s episode, we talk about the necessary ingredients to forging real peace in our homes and the workplace. Humility, vulnerability and understanding are all needed to foster a lasting unity. It’s going to be painful, it’s going to take time, but it’s going to be worth it! Someone might say, Well, Chris, you don't need to be vulnerable to be on a leadership team. Oh but you do - to be on a successful one. What’s the goal as a leadership team anyway? To lead the rest of the business to success. If I'm going to lead people well, I must be vulnerable. The same goes for parents: being able to admit when you’re wrong is strong leadership! You’ve got to be able to get down in the muck in the mire and help others out of it. Right? You’ve got to be able to be vulnerable with others; you’ve got to show them the flaws and faults and mistakes that you’ve made. So if you don't have trust in your family or leadership team, then I can tell you, you’re probably not being vulnerable and you won’t be truly unified. So, how do we foster real unity on a team? What does it take and what’s at stake?

Apr 20

33 min 56 sec

413 | Guest MaryBeth Fortner: Her Journey As a Wife and Mother Continuing our focus on Taking the Lead in Parenting this month, I’m joined in this episode by long-time friend and former colleague MaryBeth Fortner. As you might’ve guessed, not only is she a good friend, but she’s also the wife of our Leadership Development VP, Joel Fortner! Around here MaryBeth’s claim to fame is being the ONLY person to ever make ME cry while I was leading them through our Next-Level Life process! :-) Today, we’ll dig into some of the tough topics that we brought up in the last episode, dealing with the baggage that we all bring into our leadership and parenting styles (e.g. things like self-worth, fear of failure, and taking personal responsibility for our families). We’ll build on the concept that we’re not just raising kids, we’re raising adults by: Becoming a more confident parent and spouse Pushing through inner struggles and insecurities Learning to be vulnerable with our kids ourselves You’ll take away more than just a few tips and tricks on leading your kids well; you’ll also get great insight on how to stay on the same page with your spouse as you lead together in a unified direction. Don’t miss this vulnerable, encouraging, and lighthearted episode! Enjoy the conversation! Chris Resources & Links Referenced podcasts:

Apr 13

1 hr 12 min

There’s no one size fits all approach to being a parent at home or a leader in the workplace. But, these two roles actually have a lot in common. Both are focused on leading others to grow, stretch and become something more than they currently are. In today’s diverse, multi-functional work and life culture, we need all the help we can get to stay balanced and focused. The truth is that many parents have never been taught how to lead their family well. They struggle with root system issues, and end up making the same mistakes their parents did. How many times have you heard, or you may have been the person that says, "Oh, I'm not going to be like my parents. I'm going to be completely different than my parents." And then you know, 10, 20 years later, you say, "Oh, my gosh, I’ve become my parent." Likewise, leaders get promoted to a position over others, and follow in the same pattern they’ve been exposed to. In both cases, there are things we can change that’ll help us grow in our role. I’m going to share three PRO TIPS for parents and leaders to succeed at home and the office. Resources & Links: Ep 402 “The Leadership Success Path”

Apr 6

52 min 27 sec

We’re ending this first quarter of 2021 on a positive note. How’s that? We’re talking about failure. I can hear you now… “Chris, what’s so positive about failure?!” Here’s the deal, failure is a positive thing for those who learn from their mistakes and choose to improve. Where failure is concerned, “if we’re not learning, we’re losing the opportunity”. All of us fail; all of us make mistakes. But remember, you’re only a failure if you choose to be; that is, if you choose not to learn. Learning from other people’s failures is a best-case scenario: a real win-win-win! On this week’s episode, the coaches of the Poimen Group come together for a once-a-quarter discussion. This time around, they reflect on their own failures, mistakes and misfires of the first three months of this year. Today, you’ll discover the process of how Chris, Heather and Joel use failure to grow themselves, their teams, and their families! Resources & Links iThese podcasts were referenced:

Mar 30

59 min 33 sec

410: John Lee Dumas: The Common Path To Uncommon Success Have you ever wished that the path to freedom and fulfillment was just a little more clear? My friend John Lee Dumas, host of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, has interviewed over 3,000 highly successful people to find out exactly how they made their success happen. His new book releases this month explaining the common path that they took to their uncommon success, and today he joins us on the show! The book is called, The Common Path to Uncommon Success. [Click here to check it out.] John Lee says, I remember reading this quote from Einstein, “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” And I realized, Well, of course I’m not finding success; it’s because I’m not being valuable to others! That’s when things first began to change for me! You’ll gain insight as we discuss how to be a person of value to others, what all the struggle is good for as you head toward your dreams, and the benefits of persevering where others don’t. Here’s a link to John Lee Dumas’ website where you can find lots of great bonuses when you pick up his book. I know you’ll be excited and encouraged as he guides you along the path! Resources & Links

Mar 23

32 min 12 sec

The Three Things Every Leader Must Do Before 2022! On today’s episode, you - the business owner and the business leader - are going to gain laser focus on what you need to have in place before the end of this year. Why? Well, how many of you remember 2020? It wasn’t that long ago, and it wasn’t much fun! Now, a lot of our clients, the overwhelming majority, did not get hit that hard in 2020. In fact, a few of them have said they had their best year ever! How is that? Because they were focused on the right things, and they weathered the Covid storm well, making only a few small pivots. I can’t tell you how the rest of this year is going to go. But, I can tell you what you need to have in place so that you don't get hit sideways, again, should COVID or something worse happen! This topic is so important to your business that we’re going to spend two episodes on this subject, and I want to hint at the first point right here: Leaders have to plan strategically. But, in order to do so, they first need to take an accurate survey of where they stand. This is a crucial part of good strategy planning, but it’s also something that most leaders are loath to do. Why? Fear and the lack of healthy accounting processes (a subject all its own - and one that we’re going to tackle later this year). So, let me help you today to get over that fear and start pressing into setting a successful strategy for your future! Resources & Links Good to Great: Why Some Leaders Make the Leap...and Others Don't, by James Collins: Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson:

Mar 16

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Willpower is a limited resource that’s easily depleted. What can you do to replenish it? What fuels the self-control and gratification centers of the brain? Today on the show, you’ll discover what makes willpower tick, how it gets depleted and what you can do about it! But, consider this as we get started: Learning what my true worth is, learning how to actually handle situations when my worth is tanking, learning how to handle situations when I'm struggling with something, learning the tools to actually walk through those situations. That's what's going to change you, that's what's going to help you. When you lose self-worth, you are way more likely to lose willpower! When you are strong with your self-worth, your willpower is strong. When you know your worth, then you don’t have the same reactions - cognitively - to situations that would normally deplete your willpower. You may not have as much willpower as you might think, but you do have deeper resources to strengthen your resolve! Consider these things as you move through your day. Choosing joy helps to improve your mood, which increases your willpower. The right motivation can help us persevere, because it allows us to endure suffering. Where are you wrestling with a lack of worth today? Where can you start choosing joy instead of complaining? Resources & Links And download this one-page overview of Willpower, published by the American Psychological Association:

Mar 9

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407 | Guest: Mike Hyatt - Blog & Blast Feeling run-down and tired? Feeling stretched between your obligations at work and home? Can’t seem to find balance between the two? Then, today’s show is for you! “Win at work and succeed at life so you don’t have to throttle back your professional ambition, but you also don’t sacrifice your personal priorities.” - Mike Hyatt Joining me on The Chris LoCurto Show today is long-time friend and founder of Michael Hyatt & Co, Mr. Mike Hyatt! Today we’re talking about Mike’s new book, Win at Work and Succeed at Life: 5 Principles to Free Yourself From The Cult of Overwork. (2021 Amazon Affiliate Link) Folks, this is what we teach here, in our Next-Level events, our StratPlans, and on this podcast week after week. We teach how putting the spheres of your life into proper order and priority makes sure that what matters most in life stays healthy, protected and productive. “Success has got to be multi-dimensional in order for it to be sustainable.” - Mike Hyatt Listen as Mike and I talk about learning from our failures, the deep rooted psychological needs we all share for work that matters and a home that nourishes, as well as finding sustainable balance between work and home. You won’t want to miss this impactful discussion! I know you’ll be encouraged by today’s episode as we explore what Mike calls “the double win.” Grace and peace, Chris Resources & Links

Mar 2

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Hey business owners and leaders, we’ve got what you need! You need a tool that helps foster greater accountability, clearer communication, and the results that you expect to see in each role on your team, without members being hounded, manipulated or controlled. On today's show, we're discussing the top tool that we use to make all our teams successful. As business leaders and owners, we know you want to see RESULTS from every position you hire! But, until team members understand AND take ownership of their roles, the results will be poor and sporadic. A KRA is a clarifying document that details the areas of responsibility and results expected for every position on your team. It helps every player take responsibility for their part of the whole strategy. On this episode we answer YOUR QUESTIONS about KRAs, and walk you through the results that you can expect by implementing this tool. But, first, here are some things for you to consider: When team members accept responsibility for their roles, the responsibility stays where it should and the underlying tasks get accomplished. Without the KRA, the opposite is true - responsibility spills over on others... Or the leader takes it back upon themselves... Or tasks just don’t get done. What do TEAM MEMBERS experience without a KRA? Wasted time and efforts Lack of communication Fog of confusion Lack of clarity Frustration What do LEADERS experience when there are no KRA’s? Lack of communication Lack of accountability Missed expectations Wasted resources Wasted money! DOWNLOAD We’ve got a KRA template for you to download, so you can see exactly what this looks like. [INSERT KRA LINK HERE] LIVE EVENT We’re going to coach you through the KRA creation and implementation process at our Next Level Live Event in Nashville, TN on April 28-30th. If you’re not getting the results you want with your team, you need to be at this event. Bring your key leaders and the job descriptions of key roles to work on at the event! Visit today and click the banner at the top to secure your seat! [INSERT LINK TO EVENT HERE] TESTIMONIES (from actual clients) Jeffrey said, We loved the KRA retreat, it was a shot in the arm in motivating us to keep following through with the KRA’s and to keep them updated. Joe said, There’s nothing more important than defining the outcomes of each of your team members’ roles. The KRA retreat focused on just that, giving my team and I the space and guidance to put our vision to paper, defining the outcomes we need for each team member to be successful. Matt said, It was great to be there. Probably better yet to have the amazing freedom to bring two friends that were needing direction and encouragement and immerse them in the culture. Thanks for that!

Feb 23

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405 | You Don't Have As Much Willpower As You Might Think Willpower is a limited resource that’s easily depleted. What can you do to replenish it? What fuels the self-control and gratification centers of the brain? Today on the show, you’ll discover what makes willpower tick, how it gets depleted and what you can do about it! But, consider this as we get started: Learning what my true worth is, learning how to actually handle situations when my worth is tanking, learning how to handle situations when I'm struggling with something, learning the tools to actually walk through those situations. That's what's going to change you, that's what's going to help you. When you lose self-worth, you are way more likely to lose willpower! When you are strong with your self-worth, your willpower is strong. When you know your worth, then you don’t have the same reactions - cognitively - to situations that would normally deplete your willpower. You may not have as much willpower as you might think, but you do have deeper resources to strengthen your resolve! Consider these things as you move through your day. Choosing joy helps to improve your mood, which increases your willpower. The right motivation can help us persevere, because it allows us to endure suffering. Where are you wrestling with a lack of worth today? Where can you start choosing joy instead of complaining? Resources & Links: 1) To the original article (source material), 2) To the "one-page" PDF download of main points,

Feb 16

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404: Replacing The Negative Influences In Your Life With The Right Ones What you don’t replace may come back to haunt you! Fact: we are creatures of habit. Our habits, thought patterns, and relationships all carry a massive influence on our hearts and minds. The negative influences in our lives must be replaced, not just edited or deleted. In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss how negative influences from these seven areas may be polluting you. Consider these the Seven Deadly Influences you need to get rid of right away! They could be holding you back from a healthier you by keeping you toxic! Learning to unfollow, mute and put up boundaries is important, but then think about where to redirect your attention. Internet Conflict News Feed Social Media Toxic Relationships Negative Self-Talk Entertainment Streams Fun Distractions Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” Ask yourself these questions about those 7 areas of influence: How are you guarding your heart from the negative influences in each of these areas? Where have patterns and habits developed that are having a negative effect on you? What are you putting in place to push out the negativity with things that are positive? Remember: what you don’t replace will come back to haunt you! Resources and Links:

Feb 9

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403: The Healthy Vineyard Have you set yourself up for success this year? Most of us are really good at executing the exterior goals of our careers and passions, but few of us dig into the interior regions of life in order to assess where we’re stuck and need to grow. Coming off of a GREAT quarterly retreat last week with our Mastermind group, I’m excited to share with you some of the transformational material we covered. More than 30 clients from all over the country came together at our office event space to walk through one of our signature lessons that we call The Healthy Vineyard. If you’re already familiar with Next-Level Life, then you understand what I mean when I say things like “digging into your root-system”, identifying surface level responses, toxic behavior and - by contrast - what helps you cultivate a healthy vineyard. If you want to explore more of the Wine and Vine elements, then you can go to a previous podcast episode #198 entitled, What You Have In Common With Wine. But in this episode, we’re going to dig into WHAT MAKES YOU HEALTHY so we can get the weeds out of the garden of your life so you can HAVE A REALLY HEALTHY YEAR! Resources and Links: BLOG POST: DOWNLOAD: To help you get (and stay) healthy, we’re including a FREE life-oriented, goal-setting download to help you dig deep into your personal health. Don’t miss this opportunity, while we’re still early in the year, to really set yourself up for success! This Healthy Vineyard Workbook will walk you through A STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS of finding balance in every major category of life - your Wheel of Life. You’ll assess your status, determine what’s healthy and what’s not, then create a tailored action plan. QUOTES "The reason we fail at goal-setting and fulfilling new year’s resolutions is because we don’t set ourselves up for success first by gaining good perspective before reaching for the goals."

Feb 2

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402: The Leadership Success Path We see a lot of business leaders and owners throughout the year. Many get stuck not knowing where they are in terms of a leadership process; the majority don’t know what to focus on next. Have you ever been there? You get thrown a book that has a 30,000 ft view of what leadership looks like, but there’s nobody coaching you along a path, no one walking with you step by step. Where there’s no comprehensive process, there’s usually something in the organization NOT getting addressed, and it causes leaders to stay at the same level - stuck in the very same rut. As a business leader, you’re probably looking to create change, and you’re asking things like: “Where should I focus that change”, “Where are my energies best spent? and “What should I be doing next?” In this episode, you’ll discover our Leadership Success Path as I unpack three crucial steps that every leader needs to take if they’re going to succeed in business. Where are you on the path? Resources and Links:

Jan 26

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401 | Guest Serena Dyksen: A Journey From Broken to Healed How is fear holding you back from getting the healing you need? Today on the podcast, we’ve got special guest Serena Dyksen with us. Serena is a published author, speaker, coach as well as a Next Level Life participant. She’ll be sharing her journey from brokenness to healing, the struggles that made her grow, and how She Found His Grace, the title of her latest book - is available on Amazon by clicking this link.  In this episode, Serena and I talk about:  Sexual assault Fear and pain Self-sabotage The Church Redemption Freedom [Tweet "For some of you, you may be holding yourself back from getting the help and support you need in order to find real healing because of fear. Fear actually plays a baseline role in us not moving from woundedness to wellness: fear of others’ opinions, fear of judgement, fear of risk, etc."] On today’s podcast you’ll discover the courage you need to move past fear and find freedom!

Jan 19

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Joining me on the podcast today is entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker Seth Godin. We have a GREAT conversation together that you won’t want to miss! You’ll discover some crazy-practical insight as Seth and I discuss: the cost of creativity the value of good work and finding happiness in life Part of the toxic myth is this thing about authenticity, which is, "Be who you are, do what you want, and things will follow." And that makes a really fine aphorism. But it doesn't actually hold up, if you examine it. In fact, the most reliable way to have a happy life is to make the commitment to like what you do. You’ll find our conversation inspiring, as well as thought-provoking, as Seth unpacks some of important life-learnings like: how he compares creativity to learning to ride a bike! Nobody's born knowing how to ride, and the art of learning to ride a bicycle is simply about sticking around long enough that you get over the falling part. I know today’s episode will shine a ray of light and inspiration onto the road ahead of you! Resources and Links:

Jan 12

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How many of you were just itching to push the “reset” button on last year? Or maybe even “fast-forward” past 2020 altogether? Well, we’re finally here! While I can’t promise you better circumstances this year, I can tell you that your experience of life can definitely be better - if you want it to. On today’s podcast, we’re breaking down “perspective-gathering” to a practical level, so we can gain more clarity, enjoy deeper relationships, and actually enjoy our lives more. → What?! Chris, you’re saying that if I just change my perspective, I can enjoy a better life?! The short answer is YES! Why? Our attitude towards ourselves, other people, and circumstances all determine how we will experience those things. Here’s what I know to be true, the greater perspective that we have: the better decision-making we have, the better relationships we have, the less need for control, the less need for protecting ourselves, the less need for building up walls, the less need for feeling like somebody is on the attack In this episode, I’m going to show you how to slow down, gain better perspective, and (with that perspective) get the most out of your circumstances and relationships.

Jan 5

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There is a tendency among leaders today, anybody with responsibility really, to focus on themselves to the detriment of those around them. One reason for this is that responsibility can feel like a weight on your shoulders, and helping others along the way can feel a little daunting! Nobody wants to end up overwhelmed, and yet healthy leaders eventually learn a trade secret. An unhealthy self-focus might just be what’s holding you back from growing as a leader, not to mention really growing others and leading them well. So, how do we break out of this cycle? I’ve spent decades learning to lead myself, so I can effectively lead others. Let me walk you down the same path that I’ve walked. On today’s show, you’ll discover: *How to get healthy, so that you can pour into others *How to get your relationships into right order of priority *How to get your focus off of you, so you can help others Resources: Blog Post and show notes: Next-Level Life: Next-Level Leadership Live Event:

Dec 2020

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Today on the show we're talking about managing the stress of the holiday season. I'll give you some practical advice and solid encouragement for dealing with the various family, home and travel stresses that you're going to encounter this week and next. We'll talk about: 1) What NOT to do. 2) What you should do. 3) And, what's in it for you! You can do more than just "survive" the season that we're in. You can actually thrive right now where you are, and come out on the other side of this season having gained greater perspective, richer relationships, and more peace than you thought possible. But, first, we've got to prepare our hearts, and that's what we'll do together on today's show.

Dec 2020

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