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Welcome to GoZen! Stories, a podcast for humans of any age, because, let's face it, life is full of challenges for all of us. Stress. Pressure at home or school. Insecurity. Anxiety. GoZen! Stories is about kids and teens who face these same challenges, and overcome them. They're exciting stories of resilience that teach real tools to help you overcome those same challenges. Every season of GoZen! Stories introduces new characters and tells a new tale.

Introducing GoZen! Stories: Meet Kacey
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We're very excited to introduce GoZen! Stories, a new podcast coming in February 2021. GoZen! Stories is for humans of any age, because, let's face it, life is full of challenges for all of us. Stress. Pressure at home or school. Insecurity. Anxiety. Every season of GoZen! Stories will tell a new tale about someone who faced those challenges, and overcame them. Our first season, called Kid Confident, is about a girl named Kacey who’s about to start high school, but just can’t seem to figure out who she really is. Quite literally! With the help of friends, family, and the mysterious Kid Confident, Kacey is able learn skills of resilience, grow her own confidence, and discover her true self.

Jan 14

1 min 45 sec

Kacey's first day of high school takes a turn for the worse. After receiving a package from an anonymous 'helper', she needs to decide whether a mysterious late-night visitor is a true friend.

Feb 2

20 min 7 sec

Kacey prepares for her first day of high school, but faces a huge challenge: she has no idea who she really is. Literally! Struck with a rare and unexplainable case of memory loss, Kacey fights through stress, anxiety, and uncertainty while trying to figure out who her friends are and where she really belongs. 

Feb 2

18 min 29 sec

Kasey's second day of school isn't any easier than the first: she's again confronted by the eager boy who insists they're best friends; she finds navigating the lunch room to be a social high-wire act; and for the second day in a row, she's presented with a mysterious envelope from an anonymous messenger. 

Feb 9

19 min 35 sec

It's the day of the big volleyball tryout, and the closer Kacey gets, the more physically ill she feels. Not only is she struggling to remember the first thing about the game, but her head is spinning and her stomach is in knots. She's beginning to think that, not only is something wrong with her memory, but something is wrong with her body altogether. 

Feb 15

22 min 14 sec

Kevin shocks Kacey with a surprise visit to her home, and with some unexpected information about her KC envelopes. Later, convinced there's something terrible happening to her body, Kacey confides in her doctor, who shares even more information she wasn't expecting to hear. Finally, Cobie crushes Kacey's hopes of ever fitting in anywhere. 

Feb 22

18 min 27 sec

Kacey learns more about herself and her emotional past from Kevin, who continues his effort to help his friend make sense of her life. Meanwhile, her conflict with Kobie takes an unexpected turn for the better, which leaves Kacey with a difficult decision to make about the future of her friendships.  

Mar 1

17 min 35 sec

Using the power of her inner voice, Kacey rediscovers one of her life-long passions, and also discovers a best friend. Later, she reaches a breaking point with Greg, who continues to push her out of her comfort zone. But everything changes when Kacey learns the surprising source of the mysterious envelopes.  

Mar 8

23 min 15 sec

Kacey decides to check out the Young Astronomers Club. Armed with tools for social interaction, she meets a whole new set of welcoming friends. Later, she uses a different set of Kid Confident tools to make a presentation to her class, and at long last, she discovers the password to her locked cell phone. 

Mar 15

23 min 6 sec

Homecoming weekend is here, and Kacey is there for every minute of it. Believing she can trust Kevin, she shares with him a secret she's discovered, but leaves the conversation feeling empty and unsure. Later on, at the dance, even more truths are told and secrets revealed, this time by Zahra, who sends Kacey into a panic the likes of which she's never felt.

Mar 22

21 min 5 sec

In the Kid Confident finale, Kacey wakes up after Homecoming with a new perspective on her life and the way she interacts with the people around her. She finds the courage she needs to have hard conversations with the people in her life who matter: her Dad, Paul, Nell, Kobie, and of course, Kevin.  

Mar 29

22 min 8 sec