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We are a student-led podcast, aiming at promoting cultural awareness and inclusiveness by bringing different voices together.

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SuperdiverseUCL Episode 0 - All about us
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This is our final episode of this academic year. It's time to say goodbye. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting us since April this year. In this final episode, we don't have any specific theme, no plan, no guest, just our two hosts having a bit of chat over things happening lately. Bye, and hope to see you in the future!

Aug 5

23 min 16 sec

In this special episode, we have two UCL alumni, Molly and Wang, joining us to share how their perspectives and expectations have shifted from university to work. Both now working in Shanghai, they have found the new chapter of their lives much different from when they were students. As graduation season approaches, Molly and Wang also kindly shared their journeys of choosing their career paths as well as their own job hunting experiences - interestingly, neither of the two went along with a career in line with their university degrees. Looking back to days at university, they said they wish they knew how to better enjoy the years, going beyond the tunnel vision of working hard and achieving high academically. A surprise from Wang towards the end of this episode, he brought us his new original work as a part-time music producer, a newly resealed song both written and sung by himself!

Jul 7

38 min 18 sec

Our episode today features Annie’s multicultural lifestyle and her vision of work-life balance. Being half Egyptian and half Japanese and studying at UCL in London, Annie shared how she has been navigating her life across different cultures and maintaining a balanced life with work and beyond. Living in London – one of the most culturally diverse cities – can be fascinating, and it also makes us wonder how to be culturally sensible to people from all different backgrounds when we might not necessarily be familiar with different social expectations associated with all different cultures. For people moving across cultures, Annie suggested that the first thing is always to be open and listen to people’s life experiences as a way to learn what is respectful for them to do, and give everyone’s freedom to set their own limitations on what they are comfortable doing. When talked about work-life balance, it seemed that different cultures could have different conceptualizations. Living in the fast-paced world, Annie voiced out the importance of being kind and taking care of ourselves, ‘sometimes, you have to try to treat yourself the way that you’ll treat a friend who came to you with the same problems.’

Jun 23

38 min 16 sec

In our episode today, Sasha shared his experience of being an architecture student at the Bartlett School and his views on architecture in the evolving virtual and physical worlds and how they can be made more fitting to their everchanging inhabitants. In the ‘community centre design’ project he has been working on this year in Spain, Sasha tried to design a more inclusive international community by addressing the issue of sustainability and accessibility for this specific expat group. Even for the relatively lasting works of architecture, Sasha questioned “Ideals of our world and the kind of cultural standards are all shifting – it’s not constant – that’s the key quality of it.”

Jun 9

35 min 56 sec

Our episode today features a story of change. Xiaoyu, an Applied Linguistics Master's student from the IOE, shared her views on how she has been taking the initiative and creating her own unique university experience since she came to London this March, in the middle of the lockdown. In addition to some common hurdles faced by international students, including socializing and adapting to living and working in a different culture, remote learning could undermine the unique experience of attending different universities – with everything happens on Zoom. Yet Xiaoyu decided to step out and to grasp opportunities for socialising by participating in the Coffee Connect programme and volunteering at the Confucius Institute. 'The first step is to be brave,' she emphasised, 'don't be afraid of expressing what you want explicitly and don't be ashamed of having such disconnected feelings – people share that feeling, more or less.'

May 26

26 min 4 sec

In this episode, we have Nellia, a second-year undergraduate student studying European and International Social and Political Studies, joining our conversation. Nellia shared her experiences as an International Students’ Officer at Students’ Union UCL and her views on English learning, accents and identity. We also discussed how she has been trying to connect disciplines and erasing borders by co-founding an online journal The Gazetta. Language is integrated with culture and society, and Nellia mentioned that it is important to speak out aloud to master a new language. She also shared with us a heart-warming story about how she came to realise that accents are not something she needs to get rid of and they are what make people unique. It’s about staying true to yourself and speaking genuinely, she emphasised. And a tip from Nellia to all international students – don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you are lost – there are people who work to help you, just as what Nellia is doing.

May 11

34 min 18 sec

In this episode, Gladys, a recent UCL graduate of BSc Psychology, now a trainee psychological wellbeing practitioner at UCL, will share her cross-cultural journey and her changing views on identity and racial issues. From HK international school to UK national boarding school, and then to UCL, she gradually realised how important it was to embrace her own cultural identity and also to voice out for the group. Conversations matter, she emphasises; we should really question, challenge, and tell our stories out in the face of biases.

Apr 28

30 min

This is an introductory episode of the SuperdiverseUCL podcast series. SuperdiverseUCL is a student-led podcast series funded by UCL Grand Challenges, aiming at promoting cultural awareness and inclusiveness at UCL. We will guest students from various backgrounds sharing their perspectives and stories on issues that they feel important. We are planning to host biweekly episodes of about 15-30 minutes each, running from April to August this year. Both culture and diversity could be multifaceted and conceptualized very differently in different contexts. We are, by no means, trying to give them a distinctive definition. We would like to invite you to join our conversations to unfold cultural diversity from your perspectives and with your very own individual experiences. Stay connected and join our chat.

Apr 12

9 min 13 sec