Earth as Teacher

Corinna Stoeffl

What if we looked at earth from a completely different perspective, one that allows for the earth to be a conscious being that chooses to operate from abundance? What could we discover? This podcast applies this to all kinds of different areas and explores them.

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There are various interpretations of what Oneness is. Let's have a look what it really is. Links: website: Online community: YouTube Channel:

Jun 17

11 min 1 sec

I would have never considered myself a hoarder. And, putting things in storage for an upcoming trip, I had to recognize how much I have adopted the idea that I might be able ti use something in the future and was saving it. Links: website: Online community: YouTube Channel:

Jun 8

12 min 25 sec

So often I hear people talk about saving the earth. And I wonder; can we even save the earth? The earth is so much bigger and powerful than we humans are. Having respect for the earth; absolutely! I found this episode in the May folder; created it and did not upload it. So here it goes. Links:  website: YouTube Channel: Facebook group:

Jun 3

18 min 47 sec

How is communion different from conversation? The difference is, on the one hand, subtle and, at the same time, important: Communion comes from being one with the one I am in communion with. Links: website: Online community: YouTube Channel:

Apr 21

16 min 56 sec

What does it mean to have a conversation with the earth? We know about animal communicators or plant whisperers. Yet talking with the Earth, what is that? Links: website: Online community: YouTube Channel:

Apr 13

14 min 35 sec

Water - the earth is 70% water, our bodies are about 70% water.  Water is fluid, water seeps everywhere, even into secret chambers. What muddies up water? Today's episode is a conversation with a dear friend: Julie Oreson Perkins Links: Conversations with the Earth: episode on Water

Apr 6

50 min 9 sec

We tend to define ourselves according to gender, jobs we have, roles we play. Yet are those definitions who really are or are they limitations? Links: website: YouTube Channel: Online community:

Mar 30

10 min 16 sec

We use the words decision and choice interchangeably. Yet they are not the same. What, then, is the difference between making a decision and a choice? Link: 

Mar 25

9 min 46 sec

Are we procrastinating or waiting for the energy to be there? Is it ok to function from what works for the person or do we have to follow the 'rules'? What if there is no right or wrong? Links:

Mar 18

5 min 50 sec

We grew up being told not to brag. Acknowledging your greatness can be bragging, it can also come from a space of inviting others to do the same for themselves. Links:

Mar 6

9 min 30 sec

How much do we resist change? Could change be easy and fun or have we decided it is difficult? How much judgment is in place when we talk about change? Links:

Feb 27

13 min 8 sec

Last week I talked about separation; today I want to focus on separating from ourselves. How do we do this and what are the consequences? Links:

Feb 18

8 min 10 sec

How much do we separate from other people or the earth without even being aware of?  What leads to separation? If you would like to learn more, check out the links below. The FB group and online community are free of charge.

Feb 12

13 min 15 sec

There is a difference between choice and decision which is explored in this episode.

Feb 4

13 min 19 sec

Are we able to create a future or does the future happen? What if we are creating a future, only in a different way that most of us expect. We create through the choices make, not just the big ones, but also the daily, small choices. Links:

Jan 30

12 min 58 sec

We have positive judgments and negative ones. All judgments limit us since we have a hard time changing the judgment we have come to, be it of a person, a cause, or a thing. Judgment separates us from 'the other' which then allows for violence to take place.

Jan 28

11 min 15 sec

The earth is aware of everything that lives on her. The animals are aware of the earth. Are we humans aware of the earth? Do we take care of the earth? Links:

Jan 17

19 min 21 sec

An introduction to my life long connection to the earth, the influence photography and my observations of animals had, and the contribution of my learning from the earth and animals were. Global Warming or Climate change are an issue right now. What can we change by learning from the earth what works and what does not? Links:  (blog)

Jan 12

11 min 33 sec

How much can we learn from the Earth to solve "problems" we have, be it climate change or be it personal. Link to my website:

Jan 10

1 min