Tour for Muggles Presents: WANDerlust

By Tour for Muggles Ltd

Welcome to a brand new Harry Potter podcast presented to you by Tour for Muggles – every muggle’s favourite Harry Potter film location tour! Due to the current COVID-19 situation, our wonderful tour guides are unable to guide you in Harry Potter’s footsteps physically – so come join us instead on our new podcast WANDerlust, where we delve into the Harry Potter books chronologically and explore the magical aspects of each location in the muggle and wizarding world. We’ll discuss the difference between book and film, chat where it might be located in ‘real life’, and explore behind the scenes, bantering our way through curious facts, logistical conundrums and even interviewing those with insider knowledge. The entire podcast is run by our very own tour guides, so don’t hesitate to subscribe so you’ll never miss on out on a spell-binding episode of WANDerlust! Support the team by buying them a butterbeer on

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