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The World As I Like It To Be is an audio web series (aka podcast) hosted by Eric Darnley Small. For over two years, a variety of guests have come on to talk about police and politics, health and religion and a whole host of other topics.

Now we have a variety of new and old contributors from all walks of life. And with new contributors comes new topics like pop culture, technology, sci/fi and fantasy (books,tv and moves), reality tv and finally celebrity gossip! We still remain committed to politics and now the show is excited to have a conservative contributor as well.

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On today's special podcast only episode, @denisefromcalif joins @ericdsmall to discuss Build Back Better, the Gosar centure vote, Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and more. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Nov 24

1 hr 18 min

Two very different trials, but the same unprecedented act made by the defense.Like the Kyle Rittenhouse case, the defendants, who have a right to remain silent, decide to take the stand.Why?Are they so confident in their innocence or that the jury will believe them?In Elizabeth Holmes trial, much has been said of the former CEO’s way to cast a spell on people to do her bidding. Will she be successful with this jury?Host Eric Darnely Small shares a report on her testimony from Friday. Meanwhile, in the case of the McMichaels in Georgia, the judge has already said race has played a part in the jury selection.Is Travis McMichael hoping white nationalism and racial solidarity will help him? An analysis of the testimony.

Nov 22

1 hr 49 min

On today's LIVE show, host @ericdsmall goes over the highs and lows of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Did the prosecution make its case?

Nov 15

1 hr 44 min

On this special Friday episode host @ericdsmall and contributor @denisefromcalif take a closer look at the elections last week.The press says election day was all doom and gloom for democrats thanks to progressives in Washington.But the truth is people of color, democrats and progressives defied political history, gained and in some cases held seats. We discuss all of this and reconciliation and bi partisan bills.Will Biden's infrastructure plan help democrats in 2022 and 2024?

Nov 12

1 hr 2 min

On this podcast only episode host @ericdsmall continues the conversation with retired detective Darnley Small. What is the paradigm and how can it explain everything from racism to the resistance to the covid-19 pandemic and perhaps even the partisan divide in America? How can Eric Adams use the four p's to create collusion that helps the city, the police and the people?


Nov 10

1 hr 5 min

On today's show host @ericdsmall follows up on the ballot initiatives from last week. Did they win or lose? Then the trial of the killers of Ahmad Arbery in GA and shooter Kyle Rittenhouse in WI. Once again stand your ground and the second amendment are on trial. While in CA, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes face down her investors as jurors become bored over the evidence. Finally, part one of a two part conversation with Detective Darnley Small regarding his friend NYC mayor-elect Eric Adams.


Nov 8

1 hr 28 min

On today’s LIVE gaffe filled episode (sorry for the lost audio), host @ericdsmall plays a small portion of SCOTUS LIVE testimony over the TX abortion law. Then a quick look at the governor’s race in New Jersey and Virginia.But most of the show is spent reviewing propositions, questions and statements aka ballot initiatives in Colorado, Maine, New York, Texas and others.Some, like in Minneapolis, will have dramatic impact on the community, the state and black lives matter/criminal justice movements.

Nov 1

1 hr 51 min

On today's show, breaking news this morning. Rains and flooding in California have people begging for rain, then begging for it to stop. A judge rules right wing organization Project Veritas Is ‘Political Spying’ using founder James O'Keefe's own words against him. The SCOTUS refuses to stay an anti-abortion law in Texas, but will hear arguments Nov 2. Brian Laundrie's remains were sent to an anthropologist as autopsy results come back inconclusive. Then, we discuss the tragedy on the set of Rust and the dumb Trump child trying to profit off of it. New maps are released as redistricting continues nationwide and unions go to court in West Virginia as the right wing state tries to make it more difficult for unions to collect dues. Where are the democrats?

Oct 25

1 hr 17 min

On today's LIVE episode, we discussed worker strikes across the US and the economic impact. Is this good for workers, good for the economy or not?Then we cover former fed chair Alan Greenspan and statements attributed to him on job insecurity and inflation. Was Greenspan right? What happens to labor when they exercise power and why host Eric Darnley Small (@ericdsmall) believes labor is the key to winning in 2022 and 2024. Then, Theranos trial continues tomorrow. We do a deep dive and analysis on the case. Was Elizabeth Holmes a scam artist or was she "faking it till she made it"? Finally, the Ahmed Arbury trial begins. What happened in Georgia and what is the case against the three men involved?

Oct 18

1 hr 40 min

On today’s episode we discuss the looming, continuing threat of Donald Trump and the republican party. Over the weekend Fiona Hill went on Face The Nation and repeated calls that January 6th was akin to the “great dress rehearsal” and that the country was in “the danger zone”. When will democrats stop trying to appease these people? Finally, host @ericdsmall discusses new favorite show, the Squid Game. What’s it all about and why is it a huge hit on Netflix?

Oct 11

53 min 4 sec

On today’s LIVE episode we discussed the rise of the moors.The black sovereign citizen group has made headlines lately for stealing houses and shutting down I95.What do we know about them and are they really dangerous? Justice Samuel Alito, like Barrett and Thomas before him are trying to convince the public there's nothing unusual going on in the court and they are not partisan hacks. The legitimacy of the court is in question.And fellow associate justice Sonia Sotomayor is warning us bad stuff is coming.Then, medical examiners have been using sickle cell as a contributing cause of death when blacks die while in custody.Is this the institutional racism we have been talking about? Finally, the trial of Elizabeth Holmes continues with damaging text messages and Britney Spears thanks her fans.

Oct 6

1 hr 25 min

A jammed packed, almost two hour show today. If you streamed it LIVE on our YouTube channel you know we were pulled (for some reason) toward the end of the show. My team is trying to figure out why we were given a YouTube strike.In the future if this happens please go to to continue watching.And what a show!Opinion and analysis on the battle between democrats in the House.Host @ericdsmall goes over samples of what good messaging looks like.Then, redistricting in GA, TX and all over has lawsuits flying.And finally, the guilty verdict in the R Kelly case.Kelly faces more legal action elsewhere. What does it mean for victims and fans?


Sep 29

1 hr 47 min

On today’s show the defense begins its case in the R Kelly trial, but struggles to find witnesses.The company apparently cannot afford to fly a witness to New York.In California, a witness in the trial against Elizabeth Holmes testifies the defendant knew their “Edison” machine was a scam just as it was being rolled out to Walmart “wellness centers”.

Sep 22

1 hr 1 min

Today host @ericdsmall discusses statements made by Thomas, Breyer and ACB in recent weeks. The associate justices appear to be concerned about the perception of the court just as the conservative justices have their biggest margins in a generation.Why has Thomas seemingly changed his tune on the power of the court and judges between now, 2019 and 1991?Then, states are deadlocked as new maps are being drawn nationwide that Republicans hope will give them an advantage and democrats hope will keep them in power.We do a deep dive into the census, redistricting, gerrymandering and the man who gave the GOP super majorities nationwide.

Sep 20

1 hr 39 min

Today’s show host Eric Darnley Small discusses the failed attempt to recall California governor Gavin Newsom.Plus, why is associate judge Amy Coney Barrett so concerned that the court is looking too partisan when in fact it is? Then, another week in the R Kelly trial and children have to be escorted from the room as a woman testifies to being trapped, drugged and raped by the singer.Meanwhile, in CA Elizabeth Holmes goes on trial for fraud. The outcome of the case could send shock waves through silicon valley. We will tell you why.

Sep 15

1 hr 15 min

On today's special LIVE Wednesday episode we follow up with our conversation yesterday about the big lie and voter fraud. Plus a follow up from our first live video and breaking yesterday: Jamie Spears calls for an end to the conservatorship. Finally, the R Kelly trial gets even weirder as a male victim claims Kelly had sex with him as a teenager. Twice in the court room the R&B singer can be seen drenched in flop sweat (or not) as he listened to humiliating testimony. The real victim here? Drake!

Sep 8

1 hr 5 min

On today’s special Tuesday show:Biden, democrats and infrastructure.Can the president get his build back better plan through the senate with moderate democrats standing in the way?Then, the big lie and what it means for democracy going forward.Finally, the California recall is next week.What does @denisefromcalif think?You may be surprised.

Sep 7

1 hr 19 min

Today's show streamed LIVE at and our ( or a video clip on Youtube. Afghanistan and Hurricane Ida were the main topics of discussion. But the R Kelly trial, in its second week, is making the R&B singer out to be worse than the worst child predator to date. And that's saying something! Listen or watch on V-TIP.COM.

Aug 30

1 hr 12 min

On today's show, we streamed live at (after some technical issues) and on our YouTube page (bitly link: Host @ericdarnleysmall began with covid ravaging Florida and workers staging a walk out. Then Hurricane Henri is causing massive flooding and destruction on the east. But most of the podcast is on Afghanistan and the administration's triumphs and failures. Why does Eric think Biden did the right thing? Then courts matter and bombshell after bombshell during the R Kelly trial.

Aug 23

1 hr 38 min

Today’s live video show, host @ericdarnleysmall talks infrastructure.What’s in the bill?Why did so many republicans vote for it? Will reconciliation pass and what is the reconciliation process?Then, Cuomo resigns, Apple begins monitoring pics uploaded to iCloud for child porn and finally my commentary on Tucker Carlson and white nationalism.

Aug 11

1 hr 4 min

On today's live episode, we discuss the breaking news of the day. The delta variant of covid runs wild through Florida, Arkansas and Texas. Jeffery Rosen former attorney general meets with law makers for hours to discuss the final days of the Trump administration and his attempt to stop Joe Biden's electors from casting their vote. In NY Melissa DeRosa, one of the governor's closest aids resigns as an accuser comes out of the shadows this morning on CBS This Morning. The Dixie Fire becomes the second worst in California history, scientists say get used to it. And the Tokyo Olympics comes to an end. We look back. Check out the video portion of the podcast on V-TIP.COM/-7T.

Aug 9

1 hr 24 min

On a special The World As I Like It To Be podcast, we are streaming live Monday 7/26 @ 11am.If you missed it we will post the video on our twitter page at this episode @ericdsmall discusses the day’s events.From the fires and drought on the west to the Olympics.In entertainment news there are new revelations from prosecutors in the R Kelly case and further developments in the Britney Spears case.Finally a point of personal privilege on the history of Haiti courtesy of Fareed Zakaria.

Jul 26

59 min 25 sec

On today’s episode it was a pleasure to talk to Jerry Fu, a certified conflict resolution coach.You can learn more about Jerry from his website On today's episode Jerry shares his personal journey as an Asian American man dealing with cultural and familial issues that would impact his personal and professional life.He shares some tips and tricks people can use to improve their lives. And finally we discuss the misunderstandings in the Asian American and African American communities and how we can deal with aapi hate. There are some great takeaways for listeners that can help improve your life.

Jul 12

1 hr

On today's show Denise From California (@denisefromcalif) joins Eric (@ericdsmall) to discuss the momentous rulings that came out of the court last week. They were:Transunion v Ramirez, ( and AFP vs Bonta. Each ruling removes precedent that has been standing for over 50 years. We do insight and analysis of the three cases. Then, Business Insider has an article from a professed conservative that admits Ronald Regan's three legged stool is dead. What is the three legged stool? We discuss. And Finally, Meghan McCain to leave The View and 2020 World Series Champs The LA Dodgers meet the president.

Jul 5

1 hr 18 min

On today's show, I am delighted to meet and talk with Kevin Greene (, author of Biko And The Thief: And Other Stories ( We discuss his career as an independent writer and afro futurism in fiction and how it relates to issues of race today. Then, we cover critical race theory, the comic/sci-fi industry, streamers, and the controversy over the CBS TV series ALL RISE and accusations of a toxic/racist writers room.

Jun 30

1 hr 7 min

Today we are side stepping the big news of the day to take aim at Sunday’s Fareed Zakaria GPS show.In the opening segment entitled “my take” the host takes aim at democratic aka blue states calling them mismanaged, bloated and corrupt.He singles out New York and California as examples.As a New Yorker I felt it my duty to respond.Denise joins me to defend California.Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Jun 28

1 hr 20 min

Today we discuss president, I mean, senator Joe Manchin who is reportedly close to doing.... something, but what?? And why is the West Virginia Democrat being so difficult? Plus, pre, pre mid-term talk looks good for dems, then critical race theory and the lame attempt to destroy the career of Nikole Hannah-Jones. Join us, it'll be fun!

Jun 23

1 hr 5 min

We are back baby!The first new episode of 2021 and there is a lot to cover. Our opinions on Joe Biden and his administration six months in. The country may not hit 70% immunizations, but those states that worked hard to get vaccines out, are at or exceeding the president’s goal. Covid relief money is helping to stamp down hardship and poverty as most Americans agree with POTUS’ plans. We examine all of this and more on today’s show.

Jun 22

56 min 51 sec

This is the season finale of the podcast and Joshua and I had a blast.We could not wait to talk about the second season of the Mandalorian.And if that was not enough, the news out of Disney: where the Star Wars Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are going is a geek's dream.Fans of Star Wars and Marvel do not want to miss this episode. Also, please check out Joshua’s short film Macungie @

Dec 2020

2 hr 8 min

It's my final episode of the podcast for 2020 with Hannah Ray and we discuss the season finale of the Amazing Race. This season started with eleven teams but in the end only one team wins the race. A few new and old concepts were brought into the race. Including the yield and a watermelon challenge. It was the most diverse cast in the history of the race. And players broke into alliances in an attempt to eliminate weaker teams. This was a strategy that effectively doomed two other teams in the end. This is another great episode of the podcast with Hannah. Enjoy!

Dec 2020

2 hr 4 min

On today’s episode a farewell to 2020 with Anthony (@RealAnthonyShow) from Pennsylvania. The Trump loving conservative republican and I pick up where we left off from the last podcast.Institutional racism, black lives matter, the republican race in Georgia, white nationalism vs socialism and his plans for 2021. But first, did Anthony have covid 19? He seems to think so. Could Trump rallies be the reason why? You will not want to miss this final political episode for 2020.

Dec 2020

54 min 10 sec

It's the final part of our look back at 2020. Denise from California (@denisefromcalif) has a powerful takeaway, courtesy of Fareed Zakaria, that makes her look differently on covid-19. Meanwhile I (@ericdsmall) found the unprecedented fight for black lives in the US and abroad extremely encouraging. Least you forget, there were some good things to happen this year. Let's review.

Dec 2020

1 hr

On today’s podcast Denise from California (@denisefromcalif) joins me to discuss all the norms and traditions broken by Donald Trump, his administration and the republican party. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria gives insight as to what this could mean for 2021 and beyond.

Dec 2020

1 hr 24 min

On today’s podcast Denise from California (@denisefromcalif) joins me to discuss lessons learned in 2020.It is a twist on our usual end of the year review. In this part one we list three things we learned from this year.Denise focuses on the media while I discuss the democratic party and progressive ideas.This is one to listen to if you want to know how we do better next time.

Nov 2020

1 hr 32 min

Hannah Ray and @ericdsmall discuss The Amazing Race episodes five and six.Drama befalls the five-team alliance (or is it only three teams?!?).Meanwhile, manual transmission causes nothing but trouble for Will and James and Kaylynn and Haley.Victoria and Michelle struggle to get from point A to point B in Paris while Aparna and Eswar are stumped at a roadblock.One or more of these teams are eliminated, but which ones?

Nov 2020

2 hr

On today's #theworldasilike podcast, Joshua from Atlanta, Georgia and I talk the 2020 election and the runoff election looming in his state. How do things look for the dems? Then, what does the future look like for the democratic party? How does the destruction of norms and values by the republican party and a possible attack on Iran could bring about the change Trump wants? If it happens it will surely bring misery and pain to us all.

Nov 2020

2 hr 4 min

Trump supporter Anthony from Penn (twitter: @realanthonyshow) and Eric (@ericdsmall) talk about experiences voting in Pennsylvania and New York.Then, should Donald Trump continue his legal fight on voter fraud even as his legal avenues begin to dwindle?Finally, racism in America.Does institutional racism exist?Did it ever exist?What is an ism?What does it mean for something to be systemic?A heated back and forth between Eric and Anthony as both sides passionately argue for their points of view.

Nov 2020

2 hr 26 min

On today’s show Joshua from Atlanta and I discuss the finale of Lovecraft Country. The show is a new genre of black themed fantasy series and has received good rating and great reviews.With heavy weights like Peele and Abrams behind it, you would expect nothing less.But I have some issues with the show’s plot, characters and theme. We discuss. Then The Mandalorian season two picks up where season one left off.But after two episodes we don’t get much further on understanding who "the child" is and what’s in store for everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. What's up with that?

Nov 2020

2 hr 5 min

On today’s episode it is a pleasure to talk to music producer Steve Vito ( about his journey as a song writer, then performer and then music producer.The goal of this episode is to give real, straight talk on what it takes to be an artist today.While it is the easiest it has ever been to produce and distribute music, there are still tricks and traps to avoid and Steve is here to tell us how!

Nov 2020

1 hr 10 min

On today's episode, we step away from politics and discuss the Amazing Race Season 32. Hannah Ray and Eric D Small discuss two cutthroat episodes. Boyfriends Will and James plot to eliminate dating couple Leo and Alana. What did they do? Meanwhile the alliance between the gay guys, the engineers, the football players, the volleyball players and the married couple pays off while other teams struggle. And what to make of Louisiana sisters Michelle and Victoria and father and son James and Frank? Are they not taking the race seriously?

Nov 2020

1 hr 27 min

The election is not over, but on today’s podcast we will give opinion and analysis on what went wrong for democrats and what went right for Joe Biden.Where the election stands and what future to expect with a Biden administration or a Trump win.

Nov 2020

1 hr 30 min

Tomorrow is election day! Early voting is happening nationwide, but many will wait till tomorrow to vote. If you are one of them, and you ever wondered where the presidential race stands as well as other national races, referendums and propositions, this is the podcast you want to listen to! Could 15 states plus DC end up decriminalizing marijuana? Could Oregon be the first state to decriminalize all drugs? Check it out.

Nov 2020

2 hr 1 min

On today’s show, another battle of the liberal vs the conservative.Trump supporter Anthony (@realanthonyx) went to the Trump rally in Pennsylvania this week. I am dying to know if there was social distancing and masks.Next up, the coronavirus and the cure.The president said we beat covid as numbers are breaking records in parts of Texas and Michigan.Is the path to winning really herd immunity?Then the role of government when it comes to the distribution of wealth.What does history tell us about the dangers of inequality?Finally, Amy Coney Barrett and the right wing judicial philosophy of originalism and textualism and how it compares to the history of the Supreme Court. A long, but good debate!

Oct 2020

2 hr 16 min

On today’s episode, we step away from politics to talk about one of the greatest reality tv shows. I am excited to see the return of the Amazing Race to CBS. Hannah and I discuss the show.Who do we think will win? Who are we rooting for? And who are you rooting for?Send us a message. Then British actress Charlotte Kirk is denied the removal of a gag order placed on her by very powerful men in Hollywood. Is she the victim of Hollywood’s infamous casting couch or its prolific blackmailer? Finally social media tries to destroy Chris Pratt! Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton break up!?! Jeffery Toobin exposes himself on zoom.A much needed Trump and Biden free episode of The World As I Like It To Be podcast!

Oct 2020

1 hr 58 min

This is the final part of my conversation with Detective Darnley Small. We begin with the hypocrisy Christian conservatives have with abortion. The concern over life appears to be for the unborn. The same Christian church is relatively silent over the human carnage occurring at our border with Mexico. We continue with a discussion of the devil and who or what he is and his beef with man. And we end on the end times. Why does Det. Small say Trump had to come after Obama and that the 45th president has been put in the White House by God?


Oct 2020

1 hr 1 min

On today’s show I have the pleasure of speaking to my father and retired detective Darnley Small.Det. Small is a 25 year veteran of the New York City Police Department where he was an instructor in the human relations unit. In addition to that he hasa strong Christian faith and background from his days as a child to his role as an elder for the Presbyterian Church.I have wanted to talk to him since the show’s QAnon special last week (EP168). An article I mentioned in the show talked about the struggle church leaders are having trying to turn their followers away from the church of Q.Why is this happening? Det. Small believes the problems with adhering to religious rituals and doctrine goes as far back as Cain and Abel.Part one of a lively discussion you don’t want to miss.


Oct 2020

58 min 59 sec

Anthony from Pennsylvania (@realanthonyx) and Eric D Small (@ericdsmall)have an ideological free for all. Beginning with the belief libertarianism is a gateway drug to a growing theocratic government. Should a business owner be able to terminate an employee based on his or her religious beliefs? Then we discuss Kim Davis, the country clerk who refused to issue marriage license to a gay couple due to her Christian beliefs.Last week Clarence Thomas took aim at Obergefell v. Hodges (the landmark case which made same sex marriage constitutional) when the court denied a rehearing of the Kim Davis case. Does Anthony agree with his hero Justice Thomas?Are gay right the same as civil rights? Then socialism vs capitalism and Donald Trump and the economy! How can this be the greatest economy on the planet when retailers are going under, manufacturing is in recession and family farms are going under? Finally, what makes a person start a business?And what responsibility does the president have for dealing with high unemployment? It’s another jam packed episode!An ideological battle for the ages.

Oct 2020

2 hr 3 min

On today’s show we do a deep dive into right wing groups QAnon, the Boogaloo movement and the Proud Boys.Host Eric D Small believes all these groups have a common connection to the online Gamergate movement, which were mostly white males harassing women in the gaming industry. The movement grew from online sexism and misogyny to a full blown attack on the progressive movement. Then Joshua from Atlanta introduces us to the revolutionary communists who views are nothing short of anarchistic. They exist on the left and have been confused with ANTIFA. The rev coms have infiltrated peaceful protests run by black lives matter to cause mayhem and distruction and have goals of bringing down the government. An extra long jam packed show you don’t want to miss.

Oct 2020

1 hr 57 min

Netflix's The Social Dilemma takes on the tech industry and its new disinformation for profit business model. Think that Facebook and Instagram account are free? Think again. As the documentary points out, the reason you are not paying for the product is because you ARE the product.

Oct 2020

1 hr 48 min