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As a writer, social worker, and Hebrew school instructor, Aaron Yavelberg has a wealth of experience as a father and father figure to children, adolescents, and young adults all over New York City. On this second night of Hanukkah, we talk about teens and social media, making goals reachable by setting up pragmatic steps, and why it's important to teach kids that anti-Semitism is still a thing. And every so often, his philosophy degree helps him convince kids that existential crises are mostly normal. This episode is supported by GSK's

Nov 30

1 hr 9 min

The product of a blended family and blended citizenship, Kevin Shafer is an associate professor at BYU who specifically chose fatherhood as his primary research concentration. He uses his PhD, his Twitter platform, and his copious research to defend paid paternity leave and says American dads can be as involved with our kids as we want to be if we follow the Canadian template. We also talk about his upcoming book, progressivism among Mormons, and his optimism that his students will save us all.

Nov 23

1 hr

For our 100th episode, Jeff reports in from the farthest point to which he had ever flung himself — Dubai, en route to the Maldives — to (mostly) remember the conversations we've had during the podcast's first two years. Amid the myriad storylines of our 67 guests, some important themes emerge: the incentive to take risks, the power of a supportive partner, the appreciation of someone else's very different life experience, and how conversations help us learn more and do better. We're also supported by Horizon Therapeutics, who has sponsored an important conversation about Thyroid Eye Disease Awareness Week.

Nov 16

1 hr 7 min

Our last double-digited guest is Simon Holland, the work-at-home father of two whose brilliant humor writing has built two colossal platforms on Twitter and Instagram. He's an inspiration to anyone with a desk job and a family that you can still make the time to leverage your talent and make the world laugh. We talk about how he discovered humor early, how he ignores the pressure to create, and why managing your emotions and fixing your toilet aren't mutually exclusive skills.

Nov 9

58 min 20 sec

Watching his dad build an executive career from scratch taught prolific author Jon Finkel the value of daily discipline and chasing opportunity. His peripatetic childhood also helped him develop a versatile skill set that took him from The Man Show to manhood's ultimate test: being a stay-at-home dad of two tweens. We talk about how he found his author's voice, the bonding value of sports worship, why marketing your books is essential and fun, and how he turned into the love child of Stephen King and Bill Simmons (except jacked).

Nov 1

1 hr 3 min

In early September, the "remnants" of Hurricane Ida flooded metropolitan Philadelphia -- and took out the entire first floor of Jared Bilski's house. And like all good writers, he turned the resulting flood of neighborly goodwill into a front-page story about the diverse, dedicated community that came to his family's aid. We talk with him about the writer's life, the close collaborators he met at Dad 2.0, and the psychology behind his initial difficulty to accept help when he so clearly needed it. And what exactly is Wawa bait?

Oct 26

1 hr 1 min

After years online, counseling parents how to raise children without gender stereotypes, the writer f/k/a Mike Reynolds has adopted Emme as their new name and begun experimenting with their appearance as a way of declaring their ongoing nonbinary self-discovery. Emme talks frankly with us about the conversations they've started, the pain they've endured and the peace that has followed, and the wonderful support their community has given their "quite queer little family."

Oct 19

1 hr 3 min

Now that Season 2 of Ted Lasso has concluded, Doug and guest host Whit Honea discuss (with many, many spoilers) all the brilliant and baffling narrative choices the writers made in their sophomore season. We also break down the inspiration and process behind Whit's brilliant Washington Post article about the power of positive male role models on his teenage sons. Themes of fatherhood, for good and for ill, run rampant throughout the first 22 episodes, and the challenge will be to wait patiently until Season 3 drops next August.  


Oct 12

1 hr 7 min

We're back! And Season 4 begins with Jeff and Doug catching up on all the new things that happened over the summer. Travel is back, schools are in-person, and Dad 2.0 has a new partnership with American Underdog, the story of how Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner became the NFL's best player who was never drafted. We ramble, we laugh, we launch into a bunch of weird, tangential rabbit holes. We talk about Jeff's new book and make fun of his search history. And we get excited about this next season and where Dad 2.0 is headed next!

Oct 5

1 hr 8 min

Our Dad 2.0 Digital closing keynoter Richard Kind wanted kids all his life, but he didn't become a dad until age 45 because he admits he spent too much time thinking he wasn't ready. Now, he says, Don't wait. You'll figure out how to provide the life you know they need, and before you know it you'll have three kids that you love, like, and trust. We also talk about sharing his father with a jewelry store, long-term co-parenting, and how he builds and maintains the many friendships that overwhelm his phone with texts.

Jul 26

1 hr

After 13 years of on-the-job training, Shannon Carpenter has stocked his upcoming Ultimate Guide to stay-at-home fatherhood with lessons and advice he wants you to learn more easily than he did. This book resulted from his proactive decision to care for his kids and pursue his writing career, and he discusses how he plans to achieve the lofty goals he's set for each. Plus: Finding his agent on Twitter, how electrocution facilitates better flirting, and don't ask him for biscuits without a very clear context.


Jul 19

1 hr 2 min

We met Christopher Persley while he was blogging at The Brown Gothamite, but now he's focused on how best to support his daughter Pepper's burgeoning career as a sports journalist. And mentorship is in short supply, because not many dads have a 10-year-old who has broadcast an NBA playoff game. We talk about his work to improve diversity in schools, trying to trust the father that walked out when he was five, helping Pepper preserve her childhood while surrounded by adults, and that swell of when she drained her first three-pointer.

Jul 12

56 min 44 sec

Our first return guest is Aaron Gouveia, this time with his wife MJ; their new book Men and Miscarriage arrives tomorrow, July 6. They talk and write candidly about losing five pregnancies in nine years, struggling to share their feelings about them, and the stresses of collaborating on a book that dredged up so many painful memories.  We also discuss that time they Facebook-Divorced for six months, and why sometimes the best breakthroughs in a marriage start with a little benign subterfuge.

Jul 5

1 hr 2 min

Damon Brown is one helluva Google. Scroll through his multi-faceted website that comprises his TEDx talks, his coaching business, his 26 books, his Inc. column, and his YouTube channel, and you won't believe he's also a stay-at-home dad for his two young sons. He's essentially living proof that focus and flexibility can help us make room in our lives for whatever we want to achieve. And whatever your circumstances, it's never too late to take stock, assign your main priority, and Build From Now.

Jun 28

1 hr 3 min

In the ten years we've known Caleb Gardner, he's moved from digital strategy at Edelman to social media for Barack Obama to building the backbone of the mission economy at 18 Coffees, He also moderated our Parenting It Forward panel, about breaking the cycle of flawed fatherhood, months after he had met his own institutionalized father for the first time. We talk about talking with his three sons about privilege, supplanting "cancel culture" with accountability, and why he almost named his company "18 Bananas Foster." 

Jun 21

59 min 49 sec

The arrival of Fatherhood The Movie on Netflix today seems like a fitting coda for the segment of Matt Logelin's life as a world-famous widower. So Part II of our conversation (Part I is here) focuses on the now-teenaged Maddy, her mother's foundation, and the future Matt anticipates so readily. After 13 years, he gets to recede into a comparatively normal life as a stay-at-home dad with two daughters (and a third due in October), while his wife co-writes Deadpool 3. Glorious tedium awaits, and after all the turmoil, he deserves it.

Jun 18

54 min 23 sec

When Matt Logelin's wife died just 27 hours after their daughter Maddy was born, he processed his grief by starting the blog that became the book that is now the movie "Fatherhood," which opens Friday, June 18, on Netflix. We're celebrating Father's Day week with a two-part interview with a lot of inside information about working with the director and screenwriter to adapt his book, what that first year of Maddy's life was really like. and how it felt when the Obamas asked to help produce his cinematic life.

Jun 14

57 min 58 sec

"Hard work is a given," says Philadelphia Union coach Jim Curtin, who has made a career out of following his father's advice: Let your results speak for themselves. And from the Villanova Hall of Fame to MLS Coach of the Year, his results resonate throughout the terraces at Subaru Park. We discuss how the strategies that won the 2020 Supporters' Shield apply to parenting his three kids—and preserving their kidhood as long as possible. He's happy to watch them find their respective passions, stay in the background at their soccer games, and raise them in the city "near all the crazy soccer bars."

Jun 7

52 min 28 sec

For the first time since Episode 5, Doug and Jeff celebrate the return of human contact by reuniting on his NYC rooftop and recording face to face. Amid the usual BS about movies, sports, and designer grilled cheese, we talk about the complex emotions surrounding our re-entry into social situations, work spaces, and pants. If you're wondering if you're ready, or if you did enough with your "down" time, cut it out. You did what you could, and you made it this far. That's reason enough to appreciate everyone else who's still with us and honor those who aren't — like Jeff's dad, whose passing has inspired Jeff's upcoming book about keeping your dad's stories alive.

May 31

55 min 19 sec

Rich Wallace rose from a childhood in foster care to become a self-made activist and serial entrepreneur, and his youngest son Jason has built a 15-year career in politics, public service, and podcasting. We talk with them both about how their different childhoods inform their different parenting styles, why Jason developed his ambitions in third grade, and that time when Jason accidentally creeped on the Obamas. Jason Wallace wants his Office of Fathers, Men, and Boys to give dadfluence the governmental backing and outreach it needs. When the District of Columbia becomes a state, we look forward to supporting his eventual Senate campaign.

May 24

1 hr 1 min

We've known Jim Lin since our beginning as a dad blogger and PR executive, but he's really a septuple threat (at least). And since he's been writing funny things and studying their impact since he was a kid, he's the perfect guest to discuss how successful influence works, where it's going, and why it involves Chuck E. Cheese. We talk about how he learned fishing as a kid to avoid people (and martial arts to confront them), why his blended family works, and how an Asian dude from Boston joined a Texas HOG.

May 17

59 min 53 sec

In 1995, Armin Brott's "The Expectant Father" did what no bestseller had done before: It became an accessible, reassuring, and indispensable resource for new and expecting dads. Millions of copies, syndicated columns, fatherhood classes, and radio shows later, the book's fifth edition has been updated with more information, more case studies, more reader input -- and more discussion of the importance of the mental health of both parents. We talk about how Armin wanted to turn his anger into a force for good, why he joined the Marines to learn Russian, and why you should never tell your drill sergeant how to do their job. 

May 10

55 min 40 sec

Asha Dornfest and Christine Koh began teaching us how to edit our lives long before it was cool, and we're celebrating Mother's Day week with a look at how their prescience has paid off. Emerging from quarantine will feature deep breaths, narrowed focus, and listening to signals instead of making plans. We talk about how great partners complement each other, maintaining optimism about social media, and the resurgent value of offline interaction. And what exactly is the secret behind snail mucin? 

May 3

58 min 31 sec

For 26 years, journalist Matt Villano has built his freelance writing career by pursuing true stories, standing up for marginalized voices, and occasionally dressing up as a humongous wine bottle. He also chronicles road trips with his three daughters, in whom he hopes to instill his commitment to kindness, integrity, and service. We talk about how to build relationships with editors, how quarantine forced him to rethink what exploration means, and why his kids call him "Matty Magic." And why doesn't the game of Life have purple pegs?

Apr 26

55 min 1 sec

This week, we chat with our good friend, fellow Wall Walker, and Sexiest Man Alive Jason Greene about ten years of work, play, and butt portraits at the Dad 2.0 Summit. He got into performing to entertain his mom, and as a stay-at-home father of four, he got into dad blogging to tell stories about New York City, home schooling, and the "experiential classroom." Since we've last seen him, Jason has gotten COVID twice and signed a brand partner for his new running obsession. We talk about the power of the "Just Ask" panel in San Francisco, how he won that Mayor's award, and why he's best friends with Liam Neeson.

Apr 19

57 min 30 sec

Is there anything about fatherhood that is gender-specific? In his new book, Father Figure: How to Be a Feminist Dad, the "urgent and intellectually rigorous" Jordan Shapiro used depth psychology and social theory to explain why the answer is "Not really." More importantly, he details why supporting feminism does not correspond to disadvantaging men. We talk about how life as a line cook prepares you to co-parent four teenagers, whether Freud would be canceled today, and finding love through hot meat sexual innuendoes.

Apr 12

58 min 36 sec

There's a literal Spring in our step as we guardedly envision a post-pandemic, mostly-vaccinated world where actual human contact no longer seems like a luxury. With guarded optimism, we're making plans for the summer, celebrating a book deal and a move to New York City, and hashing out how our businesses can work together to showcase the best writers in the Dad 2.0 Community. We also have a passionate debate over the merits of April Fool's pranks, recount the highlights of our Fatherhood on the First newsletter, and Jeff offers to host the next IRL Summit in his apartment.

Apr 6

50 min 57 sec

On New Year's Eve 2013, La Guardia Cross decided the best way to become a self-sustaining artist was to show his process online and have his viewers hold him to account. Little did he know fatherhood would provide the boost he needed, and now his New Father Chronicles, featuring hilarious interviews with his young daughters, has over 565,000 subscribers. From the origins of his goofy creativity to the sobering reality of his wife's suicide attempt, La Guardia talks frankly to whomever needs to listen, because he knows communities thrive when they learn from and lean on each other.

Mar 29

1 hr 3 min

Through adoption and surrogacy, Brian Rosenberg and Ferd van Gameren went from a childless couple to fathers of three in a mere 17 months. Since then, they've built Gays With Kids into the preeminent online resource for gay, bi, and trans men who want to be (or to become) the best dads they can be. They've overcome a lot in their 28 years together (HIV-positivity, immigration issues, dumb questions from other parents), and they're eager to show how the unique experience of family life, whatever form it takes, is universal for every father.

Mar 22

58 min 58 sec

What do Madonna, Michelangelo, and Michael Stipe have in common? We compare them all to James Breakwell, who built his writing career by workshopping material on Twitter. In his fifth book, How To Be A Man (Whatever That Means), the man behind Xploding Unicorn attempts to determine what manhood is by declaring and dismissing all the things it isn't. We talk about his writing process, making revisions at 3x speed, how his newsletter has built a solid audience for his book sales, and the burst of pride you feel when your pig makes the police blotter. 

Mar 15

1 hr 2 min

The founder of Promundo was wired at an early age to study how men behave and to include men in global discussions about parenthood. He's devoted his career to gathering data and viewpoints to help the world realize that gender equality makes better lives for everyone. We talk about how family life will change after COVID recedes, finding solace in writing novels, and the fun of making your daughter snort applesauce. And why do hot tubbers always Instagram their feet?

Mar 8

52 min 10 sec

Before co-founding City Dads Group, Matt Schneider and Lance Somerfeld were enrolled in extreme parenthood training as elementary school teachers in the South Bronx. Since 2008, they've built their two-person weekly meetups into a network of 20,000 dads in 41 North American cities, creating opportunities for fathers of every type to gather and share experiences. We talk about the strategies behind their brand relationships, the challenges they've faced as "flex-caregivers" during lockdown, and the weird feeling of visiting museums with your kids and feeling like an exhibit.

Mar 1

58 min 15 sec

From Ugandan refugee to CEO, Derreck Kayongo has made indelible contributions by working at Amnesty International and CARE, founding the Global Soap Project, running the Center for Civil and Human Rights, and closing the 2016 Dad 2.0 Summit with our first and only singalong. He sees everyone who has helped him get where he is as an investor, and he is driven to give each of them a strong return. We talk about the example his father set when everything was taken away, the unnerving parallels between African and American politics, how to make civil rights "sexy," and the musical about his life that actually does exist.

Feb 22

1 hr 2 min

In the two years since his diapering photo went viral, Donte Palmer and his Squat For Change platform have led a global effort to install changing tables in men's bathrooms. Beneath that blinding spotlight, though, he's also a husband, father, and author with a lot to say about blending his complicated family, his evolving opinion of cops, and how unselfish parenting sometimes requires making self-serving choices. Abrupt fame is difficult, whether or not your name anagrams to MODEL PARENT. We talk about forgiving his father, combating impostor syndrome, and exerting more control over his brand. And can your marriage be just a 10,000-day Tinder hook-up?

Feb 15

51 min 44 sec

Eight years after his now-famous fatherly photo went viral, Doyin Richards has written a new book, Watch Me, about how his father emigrated from Sierra Leone (and named his son Adedoyin, or "son of the king," to help preserve his African heritage). He's also launched his Anti-Racism Fight Club and speaks often, to everyone from five-year-olds to Fortune 50 executives, about helping people recognize each other's humanity. We talk about wearing his "non-threatening Black man costume," teaching baristas how to pronounce his name, and why his parents didn't know he existed until three days before he was born.

Feb 8

53 min 3 sec

Glen Henry left Baltimore feeling worthless and suicidal, but after "starting over" with his father in San Diego, Beleaf has discovered his purpose as a visible example of fatherhood and mentorship. He works hardest to establish trust, and sets goals without limits in order to keep the past from gaining on him. We talk about raising a family in the limelight, his upcoming fatherhood e-course, and coping with one of the biggest parenting mistakes he's ever made. And why can't he be Mister Rogers in a yellow beanie?

Feb 1

57 min 37 sec

In her seven years editing The Washington Post's On Parenting, Amy Joyce has used her platform to discover new writers and help parents raise good people. We talk about the publication process from pitch to byline, the importance of soliciting dads' opinions, and helping her sons understand the message behind those "The Future Is Female" t-shirts. Plus: Should you arrange a playdate while there's an insurrection two miles away? And why is Pittsburgh the Venice of America?

Jan 26

56 min 23 sec

When we try to redeem 2020, Thom Hofman's story is a great place to start. After a life of scoring beers at 6am landed him in the hospital for the fifth time, he got sober by learning to "resensitize to the mundane." He's been home helping his kids with their online learning, resuming his homeless outreach, and celebrating the 25th anniversary of his first date with his wife. We talk books and music, living in the present, the mythos of boozing writers, and realizing that among his amazing canon of writing, he's done his best work sober.

Jan 18

51 min 40 sec

Jason Kravits is the type of writer/performer who relaxes by working—on his Lords of the Playground web series, his Off The Top improv revue, his crowd-sourced "Sing-Alone" videos—and as host for many years of the Dad 2.0 Summit Live Lounge. We talk about inspiration, getting started as an actor, trying everything, and what it's like on set during the pandemic. Plus: Hell's Kitchen feels like the safest place in the world, goofing on Gal Gadot, and inviting Paul Rudd to watch you bathe.

Jan 12

56 min 44 sec

The new year begins with a provocative title for provocative times. We discuss some of the myriad responses to our 2020 recap, the great art that offset our less-than-great moments, and the themes we'll continue to revisit often in 2021 (paid leave, gender equality, family advocacy, prioritizing home life, etc.) as summed up nicely by our Instagram Top Nine. Plus: Can vintage sneakers heal the world?  (For the record, the title merely refers to podcast advertising and the addictive use of social media. But just the same, you  should probably avoid Googling it.)

Jan 4

39 min 26 sec

We're pretty sure 2020 can't get any more wretched in its last three days. But among that wretchedness, Jeff got married and launched a literary project. Aaron and John got new jobs. Mike started grad school. Michael and Brad and Tom published books. Stewart and Taylor and Penn had productive years in video. Jamie launched a new consulting career. Alec and James did the South Bronx proud. And the listener community for the Dad 2.0 podcast tripled in size. These are just some of the stories of creativity and progress that defiantly withstood the fear and frustration that dominated our lives this year. As the pandemic recedes, we're looking at 2021 as a chance to start fresh, with healthy priorities intact.

Dec 2020

43 min 11 sec

During a long career in content marketing and SEO, and as he rebuilds his personal life after his wife's protracted illness and death last year, Rob Ainbinder has learned a lot about Why People Click. We first came to know him as a blogger, whose Team Angela FB group helped build a community around his family, but he also has tons of salient advice for small business owners can use marketing to become bigger business owners. Join us for a discussion about the nature of grief and the power of therapy, advice for content creators as COVID starts to recede, and the remarkable kink you can find on OnlyFans sites. 

Dec 2020

49 min 9 sec

After he became a work-at-home dad in the early '90s, David Stanley began his career of pitching writing and voice-over projects that he synthesized into his brilliant Masterpitch Theatre workshop at Dad 2.0 Digital. He has great advice about how to catch someone's eye, how to be courteously persistent, and how to convert the inevitable rejections into greater motivation. He has also developed an abiding talent for sonnets since his father died, as anyone who saw him deliver the opening Dad Blogger Spotlight at Dad 2.019 will attest. We talk about how parenting never ends, his resemblance to Mike Mills, and his plans for Sonnetember 2021.

Dec 2020

55 min 19 sec

Danielle Wiley sits with us from the unique perspective of having spoken at the first Dad 2.0 Summit, just a few months after she launched Sway Group, and at our most recent in-person Summit back in February. Her experience as both a blogger and an executive at Edelman Chicago informs her advice for influencer dads to share their stories about coping with COVID, be social on social media, and up their Instagram game. Join us to discuss how she built a two-page resume in two years, became an executive in two days, and  why dads are more viable as influencers than ever.

Dec 2020

54 min 45 sec

Right around the time the Christmas Jammies videos became an annual thing, Penn Holderness left a news anchor job (when he never saw his family) to start a media company with his wife, Kim (and saw his family every moment of every day). When they started focusing on their own content, the Holderness Family became an Internet phenomenon with almost 600,000 YouTube subscribers. We talk about life as a preacher's kid in Durham, North Carolina, how he learned to love his livelihood by producing news items, and why airing their issues on their podcast is one of their favorite times of the week.

Dec 2020

56 min 30 sec

You think you know a guy, and then Michael Ian Black turns his sardonically comic persona on its head with his terrific new book, A Better Man, a (mostly) serious letter to his college-aged son, Elijah. Male role models were scarce after Black's dad died abruptly when he was 12, so Black essentially had to build his understanding of manhood from scratch. He kept his faith that experience would teach him what he needed to know when he needed to know it. Thankfully, now it's all written down. In our keynote conversation at Dad 2.0 Digital, Black touches on discovering comedy to process (and paper over) his grief, protecting your kids from your fame, and aspiring to be the Elaine Stritch of fatherhood.

Nov 2020

56 min 12 sec

After 57 episodes, Jeff and Doug wrap Season 2 with a state-of-the-business chat, about doors closed and subsequent windows opened. Press trips are returning, cold pitches are finding warmer ears, and we're focusing our efforts to make family life easier and reverse America's plummeting birth rate. Plus: Do people really want to watch our podcast? How do you pronounce Fodor's? And stay tuned for Season 3, which will debut with our opening keynote conversation at Dad 2.0 Digital with author and comedian Michael Ian Black!

Nov 2020

39 min 40 sec

Since Taylor Calmus defines a Dude Dad as "an invested father dedicated to raising kids in the most epic way possible," he says he's clearly not the only one. And he's quick to thank his parents (who sent him from rural South Dakota to LA for "a semester abroad") and his wife Heidi (who refused to let him quit) for facilitating and inspiring Dude Dad's success. Since speaking at Dad 2.020 in February, Taylor has moved to Colorado, co-created his third child, and shot eight episodes of his new TV show Super Dad, which will arrive with the debut of the new Magnolia (formerly DIY) Network. We talk about raising free-range kids, the beauty of Rube Goldberg contraptions, and why Heidi makes him apologize for stuff he does in her dreams.

Nov 2020

1 hr 6 min

What Fresh Hell podcast co-creators Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson will tell you: the best recipe for a successful online content marriage is when one is an Idea Cannon and the other knows her way around a spreadsheet. Together, they've converted their careers as writer/performers and complementary business savvy into millions of downloads and a full slate of advertisers. Join us as we discuss how they augment the podcast with video and live shows, how their business and content strategies have evolved over their four years together, and how all parents can work together to keep the pandemic from drumming moms out of the workforce.

Nov 2020

1 hr 3 min

When Brad Meltzer delivered the opening keynote at the 2016 Dad 2.0 Summit, his core message was about legacy, and our impact on everyone from our families to total strangers. And of the myriad genres his career has spanned — fiction, nonfiction, television, comic books, etc. — he considers his I Am series as his proudest legacy, to his and strangers' kids all over the world. The stories of Anne Frank and Benjamin Franklin (the 21st and 22nd volumes, respectively) arrive at a time that could not be more timely. We discuss the importance of depicting heroes as the fearful and flawed humans they are, and how Brad tries to use their failures to inspire kids to persevere.

Oct 2020

47 min 52 sec