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On The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David, join the fun-loving swinger couple, Carol and David, and get an inside look into the swinging lifestyle as they share their own personal experiences relating to sex, love and marriage. Learn how to have a stronger and more meaningful relationship from their unique perspective on staying connected, push

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Have you secretly fantasized about making a sex tape? Perhaps you’ve discovered the excitement of being an exhibitionist and decided it’s time to submit to your fantasy and become an amateur porn star. But now you’re asking yourself how to share your sexual experiences with the world. Join us with Cindy Gallop, founder of Make Love Not Porn, as we discuss The Social Sex Revolution of posting your real-world sexual experiences on a social platform, as we do other parts of our real-world lives.

Sep 18

66 min

Are you curious but cautious when it comes to exploring new sex toys? Are you worried about being caught with sex toys in your room? Maybe you need a vibrator that hides in plain sights. Join us with Dr Wendy Adams, from Teddy Love Adult Toys, creator of the very first Teddy Bear that is also a sex toy. Dr Wendy shares her insight into how women’s sexual expression can blossom when sexual exploration is paced appropriately. Sometimes that means, using sex toys that may not look like sex toys.

Sep 11

57 min

Are you hesitant to ask for what you really want in bed? What are you afraid of? Rejection? Humiliation? Shame? What if you find out that your partner also wants the same thing or something similar? Wouldn’t that be nice? Join us with Author and Sex Researcher, Dr Justin Lehmiller, as we discuss sexual fantasies and how they can help you understand what you really want when it comes to sex.

Sep 4

61 min

Curious about the evolution of The Swinging Lifestyle -- how couples get started and how they navigate the ins and outs (pun intended) of having multiple sex partners over the years? Join us with a long-time Swinger Couple who have been to Hedo II more times that they can count, as we discuss their journey into the swinging lifestyle and how their relationship has evolved as they explored their sexuality and push their boundaries through consensual non-monogamy.

Aug 28

61 min

Carol and David’s selected episode of the Talk Naked Podcast hosted by Laura Desiree. On Join Laura with Daymon Lawner, former owner of SNCTM, the super-exclusive, super-hot, members-only sex club in New York City, as she finds out everything she can about this elite and sexy secret society.

Aug 22

20 min

Have you ever wanted to hear about some of OUR best and uncensored sex and swinging stories? Well, on this episode you get it all: our first, our best, our worst, and our craziest sex and swinger stories as we get down and dirty being interviewed by Florence and Reed from Come Curious, Hosts of The F**ks Given Podcast. We get into a 20-person orgy, a surprise fuck and the fuck that changed us forever. AND, as a bonus you will hear all about some hot and sexy fun that Carol has had with some huge cocks. This is one of those shows that you need to listen right to the end.

Aug 21

65 min

Do you ever feel like you’ve had enough of other people’s influence on your life? Are you looking for ways of taking control and guiding your own destiny… wherever it may take you? Join us with Speaker and Educator, Jennelle Gordon, who has been through a great deal of trauma including being a victim of sex trafficking, as she shares her insight into how she developed transformational techniques that will help you manifest the best version of yourself by harnessing your own sexual energy to create more in your life.

Aug 14

59 min

Where are you getting your sex education? Is it relatable, reliable and relevant? The importance of finding credible information about sex and sexuality is key to our personal growth throughout our life span and it changes as we grow, mature and age passionately. Join us in with Sex Educator, Stephanie Mitelman, as we gear up for back to school with an important discussion about how the sex educators stay informed about sex education and prepare the appropriate curriculum to get the right messages out there in a frank and meaningful manner.

Aug 7

62 min

Florence and Reed are two friends in their late 20’s who share a passion for SEX. They love talking about SEX, but also, they love learning about SEX and even more so, they love trying out everything they learn… well almost everything. They, like us, believe that being open and talking about sex will spread valuable and credible information and knowledge and relieve some anxieties that surround the subject, and are always happy to share their experiences and opinions on sex, sexuality, naked bodies and basically anything else related to and about sexuality. Join us as we find out about their recent adventures at Hedo 2 in Jamaica.

Jul 31

59 min

Do you have a kinky side that fantasizes about being tied-up and blindfolded? Maybe you’d like to experiment with sensation play with your partner -- or even go one step further -- perhaps you’d like to explore your submissive desires, to let go and completely surrender? Join us with Professional Dominatrix, Jaeleen Bennis, as we discuss the Art of Bondassage, a unique and innovative style of sensual bodywork, and share our first-hand experience with her lessons guiding our journey into light bondage, sensory deprivation, sensation play, submission, exploration and pleasure.

Jul 24

64 min

Are you looking to discover what lights you up sexually? Perhaps, you want to increase your level of passion and experience deeper intimacy with your partner in order to stay connected and solidify your couple. Join us with Somatic Sexologist, Dragonfly, from Pure Orgasmic Love, and her husband, E, who looks at human health from an evolutionary perspective, as we discuss arousal styles, erotic pleasure points and all the ways to be naughty and nice while at home during quarantine… and beyond.

Jul 17

62 min

Are you looking for a better understanding of how to optimize your pleasure center? Are you ready to learn more about the functionality of your genitals and dismiss some of the misconceptions propagated by porn? Join us with Sex Therapist, Dr Rhoda Lipscomb, as we talk openly about how to make the most of what you’ve got and stay sexually healthy with regards to erections and pelvic floor strength.

Jul 16

33 min

If you want to know more about how we discovered the swinging lifestyle and how we began our journey into the world of open-minded and sexy people, then join us with Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt, as she interviews us for her podcast, Intimate Conversations. We cover all the bases from the female centric point of view and explain how swinging has made our couple stronger and sexier. Allana is blown away by our openness and confidence but also by the depth of care, connection and vulnerability we share as a couple.

Jul 10

63 min

Carol and David’s selected episode of the Talk Naked Podcast hosted by Laura Desire. Join Laura with Reya Sunshine for an inside glimpse into the world of exotic performers as Reya herself is a multi talented exotic dancer, adult performer, porn star and cam model. And you’ll also find out how she got her very own sex doll.

Jul 9

22 min

Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at a swinger party, on a swinger cruise or hotel take-over? Join us as we broadcast on location from our annual swinger houseboat trip on Lake Mead, NV, with 15 full-swap swinger couples as we recount some real steamy hot (and sometimes funny) swinger stories that will turn you on, crack you up and wish that you were there too. “You can’t make this shit up!”

Jul 3

68 min

In a world where knowledge is power, we seek out information from every imaginable source. Some people are looking for information or advice from their loved ones who have passed on to the other side. For that, you need a psychic medium to communicate with their spirits. Join us with Mark Anthony, The Psychic Lawyer, as we talk about the how the whole process works and why people are drawn to the afterlife for answers to questions posed in this life.

Jul 1

59 min

Are you considering a naked modelling career or perhaps being a Naked News reporter? Wondering how to make money in the buff? Join us with two models, Amy and Krysta, who do naked photo shoots at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica, as they reveal all the naughty fun they have at the resort, alone and with some swinger couples on site, as we get down and dirty with their personal sexual adventures including orgasms, fantasies, threesome and more.

Jun 26

59 min

Are you looking for more? More sexy, exciting and entertaining content to spice up your sex life and open up conversations about sex and sexuality? Join us with Naked News Anchor, Laura Desiree, as we find out all about her new role as host of a brand new podcast, Talk Naked. It’s hot and sexy and fits right in with The Sexy Lifestyle content.

Jun 24

26 min

Are you trying to figure out how to talk to your partner about getting into The Lifestyle? Perhaps you want to dip your toes in and test the waters, but you have so many questions you don’t know where to begin. Join us with Brenna and Brian hosts of the Front Porch Swingers Podcast, as we share lots of steamy stories about how they got started in The Lifestyle and where it has landed them today as a strong sexy couple who enjoy swinging and hotwifing.

Jun 19

62 min

Do you remember a time when sex was a natural, powerful, beautiful thing that just happened? Now that things are more complicated, are you questioning whether you should be asking for sex, wanting more pleasure, sharing your desires or focusing on her needs instead? June is Men’s Health Month, so we invited Men’s Coach, Shana James, host of Man Alive Podcast, as we talk about what men really want and need when it comes to finding the right partner and enjoying the best sexual pleasure.

Jun 12

61 min

Do you consider yourself open-minded? Enough to mingle with a swinger group… without judgment? Perhaps you’re curious and want to watch vicariously from afar? Or even ask questions about the swinging lifestyle? Join us with Savannah Jack, a five-member band that performs regularly on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships, as they share their experience performing and hanging out on the ship full of swinger couples on The Bliss Cruise..

Jun 11

30 min

Are you missing that playful sexy fun that you had when you first got together with your partner? Are you longing for the excitement that connected you in the first place? Perhaps you’re wondering how to re-ignite that spark and fan the flames of passion, these days when we need it most. Join us with sexuality educator, Sheri Winston, founder and director of the Intimate Art Center as we discuss fun ways to create surprise, joy and pleasure within your couple as you spend more time together during isolation.

Jun 5

60 min

Are you ready to open a new chapter in your relationship and explore the world of non-monogamy? Is the idea of it exciting and terrifying at the same time? Well, you are not alone! Join us with Writer and Editor, Rachel Krantz, who is working on her new book about non-monogamy, sex and gender, as she shares her experiences at Hedo II that helped her discovers a new path to sexual freedom, openness and personal empowerment.

May 29

62 min

Are you trying to figure out how to reclaim your pleasure and intimacy within your couple as the world grapples with a new normal which includes staying home and staying away from other people? Join us with Evolutionary Coach and Sexuality Educator, Amanda Biccum, from the Institute of Integrated Intimacy, as she shares her best tools to transform your experience of relationships to include a deeper for expansive way to trust and show up in the name of love.

May 22

63 min

Are you excited about the thought of getting into the swinging lifestyle? Hoping it will allow you to expand your sexual horizon but worried that your partner might not have the same attitude? Perhaps, you might be more inclined to give it a try if you could get more guidance about how to do it right. Join us with Dr Rhoda Lipscomb, sexuality coach specializing in areas of alternative sexuality, as we discuss why some couples thrive in The Lifestyle while others struggle. She shares her tips and tricks about the things you can do to that will make the difference towards a successful swinging experience.

May 15

62 min

While we are all doing our part, staying home to flatten the curve, we are missing our favorite sexy resort, Hedo II on Negril Beach in Jamaica. We can’t wait to get back there again soon. But, we are happy that we can share a little Jamaican vibe right here on the Hedonism Show, by airing the concert that Winston and Denise performed live on Instagram and Facebook. Soon we'l be able to get back to the world’s most iconic adult playground, an all-inclusive paradise where you can turn your fantasies into reality. It’s the sexiest place on earth where you can get wicked for a week and be as mild or as wild as you like.

May 14

32 min

Are you intrigued about the power of erotic hypnosis and suggestive reasoning to improve your sex life? Are you looking for ways to open her heart and her pussy and gain confidence in bed? Join us with Author, Educator and Hypnotist, Dr Leonard, on board a Swinger Cruise for the first time, as we explore vaginal massage as a pathway to reaching greater heights of arousal and better sex. He even shares his top G-Spot Stroke Techniques with us.

May 12

51 min

Are you feeling a kind of burn-out in your daily grind that zaps all your energy and leaves you and your relationship smoldering in the ashes? You might be asking yourself how you can be expected to hold space for your partner and your sex life when you feel drained and exhausted all the time. Join us with Fitness Experts and Life Coaches, Lisa and Chris Lupo, as we discuss how you can improve your life and your sex life by investing in your health and well-being in a way that is sustainable and feels good. The physical benefits of nourishing your body can be felt in all areas of your life including improved mindset and better managed stress, which can lead to increased sexual response and more great sex.

May 8

58 min

Are you looking for credible information about sex and sexuality? Perhaps you’re looking for a like-minded community to share your sexual adventures without shame or censorship. If you’re getting creeped-out by social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it might be time to explore new options. Join us with Heather Montgomery, founder of, a new sexy social site where you can uncover a universe tailored to your desires, and anonymously explore, connect, shop, learn and play!

May 1

62 min

Are you an aspiring photographer interested in expanding your career to shooting beautiful naked Playboy Playmates and Top Models? Join us with a prominent Playboy Photographer, Michael Abrams, and two beautiful models, Gabriella Rachel Lopez and Ellie Van Horne, as they share their secrets about successful naked photo shoots at Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica.

Apr 24

57 min

Cannabis is legal in so many states and countries today and is used to enhance sensation and ease discomfort. But have you ever wondered how it affects intimacy and sex? Join us with Sex Educator, Ashely Manta, from Cannasexual® to find out how cannabis and CBD products can be used to help enrich conversations, diffuse tension and sharpen focus to ultimately elevate your sexual experiences.

Apr 20

48 min

You know that old saying “When you hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up”? Well, what if you don’t know HOW to get up? Or WHO can help you get there? When it comes to pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, there is so much shame and embarrassment and guilt in the healing process. Join us with Sex Therapist, Tara Galeano, as she shares her transformational journey that led her to a fulfilled life dedicated to helping others rediscover their sexual pleasure and the transformational affects it has on their lives.

Apr 17

62 min

Are you looking to fulfill that classic fantasy of watching your wife play with a BBC (Big Black Cock)? Well, in the swinging world, that’s one of the easiest fantasies to make a reality. It’s hot and sexy, but sometimes, the BBC’s wife feels left out. Join us with Brenda & Cory, a bi-racial swinger couple who hosts the Mixxed Nutzz Podcast, as we discuss The Lifestyle with an emphasis on being married to a BBC swinger.

Apr 15

26 min

Guys, are you struggling to last longer in bed? Do you feel a little embarrassed when your orgasm comes quicker than expected? Premature ejaculation is a common issue and can be addressed safely and effectively without shame. Join us with Jeff Abraham, CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals – the developers of Promescent, a climax control product, as we discuss how men can regain control over their orgasms and make great sex last longer.

Apr 10

62 min

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a real-life porn star and ask her about blow jobs? Like: Does a blow job really feel as good as it looks on a porn flick? And. How can I learn how to do that too? If you want to discover some inside secrets of a real-life porn star, join us on The Bliss Cruise with Lexi Luna, as she gets “down and dirty” talking us through one of her Blow Job Workshops, enlightening us with her experience and expertise to fully understand the techniques required for an amazing blow job – including deep-throating – and more.

Apr 9

34 min

Are you mind-boggled about the future of sex? Sex bots. Sex Dolls. Virtual Sex. Remote Sex. The sex tech industry is expanding exponentially. Join us as we chat with Ola Miedzynska, founder of SX Tech EU, the largest sex tech conference in Europe, taking place in Berlin Sept 14th, 2020, as we explore the impact of digital pleasure, revolutionized sex education, and more access to sexual health solutions including sexual mental health and emotional health. The future is now. Climb aboard it’s going to be a wild ride!

Apr 3

62 min

Are you trying to keep it all together during these worrisome times with COVID-19 lurking in the shadows? Is your relationship suffering from the stress caused by coronavirus in your neighborhood? Join us with Relationship Expert and Sexologist, Dr Jessica O’Reilly, from Sex with Dr Jess, as she provides some real advice about how to stay sexy and sane during these crazy times of quarantine, lock-down and self-isolation.

Apr 1

33 min

Some entertainers’ main talents are all about reading the crowd and going with the flow. It’s not easy to find a gifted host, especially in the underground world of the swinger lifestyle, who understands the peculiar tastes and attitudes unique to The Lifestyle community. Join us with Musician, Magician and Comedian, Mark Maze, Three-time Lifestyle Entertainer of the Year, as he shares stories about how his career evolved into a successful all-around entertainer catering to open-minded people.

Mar 27

61 min

Are you worried about how to stay healthy and stay sexy during these uncertain times? Are you so stressed that you can’t get your mind around having great sex, when you know it’s one of the best stress relievers out there. Join us with Dr Julia Ward, Functional Medicine Specialist who has some great recommendations on staying healthy and sexy, to boost the immune system.

Mar 24

23 min

As most of the world is experiencing the effects of coronavirus, FM104 Dublin Ireland is wondering how Swingers are coping with social distancing. Join us as we chat with Cormac Moore and Saoirse Long, hosts of the radio show, Room 104, in a sexy-fun discussion of our current swinger situation in light of the new reality imposed by COVID-19 and how we are keeping our sex life spicy.

Mar 21

19 min

Are you fed-up with your stale, boring, sexless marriage? Or Perhaps you have an okay sex-life… but you just want to make it a little spicier? Join us with sexologist and sex coach, Dr Stacy Friedman while we talk about the top 3 ways to spice up your sex life. Included in this episode: top 3 sexual fantasies, top 3 quickies, tips and tricks, ways to pleasure her, and so much more.

Mar 20

63 min

Are you curious about the swinging lifestyle? Perhaps you’ve already discussed it with your partner – and you’ve decided to give it a try? Now you want to know what you have to do next to enjoy a positive and memorable first swinger experience. Join us with Miss Lynn from as she hosts the Newbies 101 Workshop on board the Bliss Cruise, answering specific audience questions about how to approach other couples, staying safe, sealing the deal and a whole lot more. It’s fun, it’s interactive and most of all, it’s informative.

Mar 13

56 min

Part 2: Have you been fantasizing about group sex - wondering how the dynamics work with multiple partners at the same time? What about the rules, special considerations or secrets signs that might be needed to ensure everyone has a good time? Join us with Reid Mihalko, from Reid About Sex, as we get a fun and informative take on how to manage threesomes, foursomes and moresomes while maintaining a strong and healthy relationship without jealousy. We also get into talking about “rough sex for nice folks” – how to add some simple kinky moves, like spanking, choking and sensation play, in a safe and sensual environment to add some spice to your sex life.

Mar 7

30 min

Have you been fantasizing about group sex - wondering how the dynamics work with multiple partners at the same time? What about the rules, special considerations or secrets signs that might be needed to ensure everyone has a good time? Join us with Reid Mihalko, from Reid About Sex, as we get a fun and informative take on how to manage threesomes, foursomes and moresomes while maintaining a strong and healthy relationship without jealousy. We also get into talking about “rough sex for nice folks” – how to add some simple kinky moves, like spanking, choking and sensation play, in a safe and sensual environment to add some spice to your sex life.

Mar 6

63 min

Men, are you looking for ways to control your climax and enjoy bigger, better, longer and stronger orgasms? Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or you just want to improve your performance, MyHixel can help. Join us with a guest co-host Dominnique Karetsos, from Healthy Pleasure Collective, and Patricia Lopez, Founder and CEO of MYHIXEL – the science-based solution for male climax control - as we discuss men’s sexual wellness (for a change), including how to train your brain to control your cock.

Mar 2

41 min

Have you ever wondered why people keep cumming back to Hedonism again and again and again for the past 40 years? This iconic adult playground has lots of stories to tell. And to get an updated behind the scenes look at how the resort stays sexy and spicy, you have to ask the iconic staff members themselves. Join us as we chat with Entertainment Manager, Winston, and Executive Chef Anthony discussing how their teams pushed their limits to make the guest experience more exciting, edgy and scrumptious every day.

Feb 28

69 min

Are you curious about the swinging lifestyle - the rules, the etiquette and why swingers swing? Are you having difficulty getting your head around how couples can share their partners for sex... without jealousy? Join us with Laura Bilotta, Host of The Dating and Relationship Show, on Global News Radio 640, as she interviews US to find out more about the swinging lifestyle and how it can strengthen a healthy, loving relationship.

Feb 25

48 min

Are you fed up with hookups and heart breaks? Perhaps, you’re enjoying the casual sex but you’re ready to find love and a lifemate. If you’re still trying to figure out how to find the perfect love-seeking single that suits you best, then listen up! Join us with Dating Coach and Matchmaker, Laura Bilotta, from Single in The City with all her insight into dating etiquette, relationships and basic tips to help attract your perfect match, allowing you to expand and explore your sexuality and enjoy great sex together.

Feb 21

60 min

Are you curious about the swinging lifestyle? How to get into it? Where to meet swingers? Where to party? Have you fantasized about having a threesome or participating in an orgy? Where would you go to safely explore these naughty fantasies? Join us with Cormac Moore & Saoirse Long, from Room 104 on FM104 Dublin, as they interview us to find out about the ins and outs of the swinging lifestyle. And then, we get to talk to Klaudia and David, Owners of Le Boudoir Swingers’ Club in Central London, to continue the discussion about where and how swingers swing.

Feb 14

59 min

Do you enjoy situational comedy that pokes fun of our quirky sexual habits? Ever wonder how comedians come up with their comedy routines? Are they inspired by their own relationships, life experiences and sexual fantasies? Join us with LA Comedian, Andrew Searles Papa Chocolat, for some insight into how he develops his sexy comedy routines. It’s fun and funny and keeps you guessing…

Feb 7

62 min

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