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Squeeze the Day captures the stories of older adults to inspire and encourage all of us to seek a meaningful and purpose-driven second chapter of life.

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Nashville songwriter turns to film and video after the tragic loss of his daughter. Meet John Hamlin who demonstrates how a real-world tragedy can be the catalyst for positive change and new direction at any age. In this podcast he speaks to the searing loss and how, today, his late daughter leaves “breadcrumbs” to help him navigate a new life of advocacy through visual storytelling.

Nov 17

25 min 7 sec

Artist Phil Ponder has been capturing our Nashville for 50+ years leaving a lasting legacy. As a community servant, he cites the late Vic Varallo and Judge Randy Kennedy as mentors during his early Metro Council service.  Learn from Ponder about the challenges of bringing our community its first major sports team; fun tidbits about the “Batman” building and Nashville’s iconic L&C Tower; and how this family man and former Navy minesweeper (now fighting cancer) redefines retirement to keep calm and carry on. 

Oct 20

33 min 47 sec

For more than 36 years, Barry Coggins has served up food, and sometimes a song or two, to lift-up and nourish older adults in his home communities of Dallas and Nashville. That’s approximately 13,000 meals! Coggins doesn’t know a stranger. As a longtime ally and advocate for others, a friend of the singer/songwriter said, “giving is Barry’s middle name.” Learn more about this man with a heart of gold.

Sep 15

16 min 5 sec

Vera Coleman is an inspiring octogenarian who worked in pathology at Meharry and later as a biologist at Vanderbilt. At the time (late 1950s and early 60s) few women and fewer women of color worked in the sciences. Using her lifetime of experience, she is now an ambassador for the All of Us Research Program. A lifelong learner Vera is an advocate for health and wellness, a passionate community volunteer, as well as a teacher and mentor who loves working with younger adults to lead future generations. 

Aug 18

34 min 43 sec

Sarah Martin McConnell found a calling to launch nonprofit Music for Seniors after she witnessed the transformational effect it had on lives – including that of her mother  –  when she performed for her and other participants of FiftyForward’s Adult Day Services program. Today Sarah’s focus is to light up the lives of older adults because she has witnessed the true gift of music as holistic therapy.

Jul 21

29 min 42 sec

Metro Nashville Councilmember Nancy VanReece is bringing community together and challenging status quo in so many ways. She’s never met a stranger and seems to always be on the frontline advocating for diverse groups of our population. A great connector and mentor to many, this Oklahoman moved to Nashville in 1986 and has continued to give back to our community to make it a better and brighter place for everyone.

Jun 16

39 min 49 sec

Nashville’s Spashionista Alicia Searcy embarked on an exciting new chapter prompted by the traumatic loss of her possessions in the Nashville flood of 2010. Today she is changing the face of fashion with her advocacy for inclusivity.

May 19

31 min 37 sec

Tennessee Crossroads host Joe Elmore explains how the original vision to produce a show that might last 2-4 years turned into a 30+-year adventure that is still going strong today. The winning formula was to explore destinations in our own Tennessee backyard, including places not on the tourist maps, that would lead to what Joe says, “a kind of discovery so that people can be in on the surprise.” Listen in as Elmore shares some funny and interesting tales of his adventures off the beaten trail.

Apr 21

40 min 46 sec

Octogenarian Ossie Jefferson-Corley shares how health, nutrition, and a positive attitude feed her love for life. A lifelong learner, she explains her secrets to success as an entrepreneur, as a nurse, and how she inspires others through motivational messages when they may most need it.  A friend of civil rights activist, Rosa Parks, Jefferson-Corley explains how their lives became intertwined and the lessons she learned along the way.

Mar 17

37 min 55 sec

“You can learn something from everything you do, even if it’s not to do it again.” This slogan is how Gayle “GG” Goad lives her life and provides a guiding wisdom for all she does.

Jan 20

22 min 9 sec

At eight years old, Joe Murray climbed to the top of his family’s outhouse and with his umbrella open, jumped off the roof and took flight … Moments later, he landed with a thud, but the short flight down never left his mind.

Dec 2020

36 min 57 sec

“They told us we were making baby carriages … all kinds of ridiculous things … but we knew it wasn’t true …”

Nov 2020

24 min 27 sec

“Women are now 55% of the population so think of all the women who could vote, did vote, we could really make a difference.” And so begins our inaugural podcast … introducing Yvonne Wood — a lifelong advocate for women’s equality Yvonne Wood has been an advocate for women’s equality her whole professional life. As a founding member and former chair of the Tennessee Economic Council on Women, she has served on every major Nashville board or council related to women’s leadership, building opportunities for women in business and in life. Her advocacy culminated this past year as she served as President of the Tennessee Woman Suffrage Monument board. Her business acumen and connections helped pave the way for the formal dedication of the Tennessee Women's Suffrage monument held in Centennial Park on Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020.  The monument stands as a testament to the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote and holds a special place here in Tennessee as the state was the 36th and final state to ratify the amendment. Years of work forging women’s equality culminated in this beautiful monument designed by Nashville-based artist Alan LeQuire. In this podcast, FiftyForward Communications Director Susan Sizemore, chats with Yvonne Wood about the planning for the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote and the events tied to the celebration. Wood also shares her thoughts on what voting looks like today for the more than 63% of women who are eligible to vote this year. Yvonne’s major success, as she describes it, was to plan the dedication for the Tennessee Women’s Suffrage monument. In the events leading up to the dedication, of course, was the fundraising for the monument and the artistic vision for it.

Oct 2020

43 min 15 sec