Nonprofit Innovators

By GoodUnited

Working at a nonprofit is hard. Let’s face it: If you’re a passionate, smart, decisive leader, you could make more money working anywhere other than a nonprofit. To make matters more complicated, you’re passionate about a cause and tasked with enlisting others to join the fight, but consistently asked to do more with less.The investment private-sector organizations require to grow is favor when dollars devoted to the mission is the ultimate KPI. When I joined GoodUnited after 30+ years at the American Cancer Society, my stated mission was to evangelize the third wave of giving on social media. Several months in, I realized my mission is bigger than that. I need to evangelize the work of nonprofits both to encourage their leaders to keep innovating despite circumstances that often disincentivize it, and to evangelize their experiences for the community at large.Let’s lean in, listen to great ideas, and learn from the people who took them from concept to creation.

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