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A weekly 30 minute podcast about the quirks of adulting. Every week she is joined by a guest for real talk, random facts and relatable ideas. The not-so-expert, expert manages to tell some funny stories about sex, romance, race, getting blocked, and being bicoastal. She considers herself the queen of random and has stories about a whole bunch of other s**t.

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Lately, I have been feeling restless. Tune in as I talk it through with one of my close friends.

Nov 12

33 min 40 sec

Looking for ideas on the best way to break up with someone? Listen in as we talk it through. 

Nov 5

29 min 57 sec

Facebook is so over...or is it? Listen to us discuss the pros and cons of Facebook.

Oct 29

30 min 21 sec

We all have things we should be ashamed of. Here are a few of mine. 

Oct 21

29 min 45 sec

It’s my year anniversary. Check out my new episode. 

Oct 15

27 min 6 sec

What is your favorite streaming service? Tune in as we countdown our favorite shows and the things we do while we watch them.

Oct 8

29 min 22 sec

Tune in as Marie and I unpack some of the things I consider shady. 

Sep 30

30 min 34 sec

Live Sports are back and in living color. I love watching them and can't wait to talk about them.

Sep 23

34 min 46 sec

We are headed towards a Post Covid world and if you are single, it is time to get back out there. I get that dating online is a good resource but maybe you shouldn't rule out finding someone in person. You may find that you connect with someone in a way  that you didn't think you would. 


Sep 16

35 min 35 sec

There are some bad habits that I just understand and some that I do. Tune in as my resident guest Marie and I discuss some of the bad habits that just keep on giving. 

Sep 9

39 min 21 sec

How many things do you know of that have changed because of Covid. Tune in as we discuss it.. 

Sep 3

28 min 53 sec

My guest Ally and I discuss some of the things you can do to put yourself first. Whether you are getting rid of toxic people in your life or just finding yourself as a person, we are discussing self care. Tune in to get more on this topic. 

Aug 27

29 min 2 sec

If you are single, you probably have those committed friends that are always in your business or judging you because you are single. If so, tune in while we address some of the issues that we deal with and have we feel about it. 

Aug 19

41 min 13 sec

Many have said, if it ain't 90s R&B Love they don't want it. Tune in, take a walk down memory lane and talk about some of our favorite 90s R&B songs. 

Aug 12

34 min 10 sec

Tune in as we unpack DaBaby and his comments at a recent music festivals. His statements are what led to him being cancelled. More than 5 music festivals have cancelled him and people are pulling his support. 


Aug 5

28 min 43 sec

With so many marriages ending in divorce we decided to discuss the reasons that people cheat. With my random approach to topics we don't get to discuss everything but tune it and here our opinions.


Jul 30

35 min 28 sec

Have you ever wondered where random sayings like Piece of Cake, Raining Cats and Dogs or It's Hotter Than a Cows Balls comes from? Well, so do we and we comically discuss some of them in this podcast episode. Tune in while we discuss random sayings including funeral cake.


Jul 23

32 min 38 sec

Jul 15

32 min 56 sec

What are the rules of Girl Code? Does Girl Code apply to grown women and if so when does it apply? Tune in as we redefine the limits of Girl Code according to us.

Jul 9

39 min 26 sec

Are we really still using the term Hot Girl Summer? Can we not come up with anything else besides a 2019 song by Meg Thee Stallion. Tune in as we unpack my unhappiness with celebrating the 3rd year of Hot Girl Summer. 


Jul 2

35 min 16 sec

Tune in as we discuss the details of Britney Spears 13 year long conservatorship. She is one the most loved and hard working entertainers. That is why it is time to free Britney and let her live her best life. 

Jun 25

28 min 40 sec

Are you as frustrated with Uber and Lyft as I am? Have you ever rode the electric scooters? Listen in as TJ and I discuss our frustrations about current transportation options. 

Jun 18

31 min 18 sec

We respond to Mo’nique and Bonnet Gate. How do you look when you travel and what school do you come from. 

Jun 11

32 min 48 sec

You’re smart, creative and you have a money making idea. What’s next? Why keep working for the man? 

Jun 4

31 min 16 sec

Have you ever blocked someone or wondered why you were blocked someone? If so, tune into this episode.

May 28

29 min 21 sec

Everyone says it is hard to find a good man or a good woman. So, I thought I would help everyone out and feature a single man on a show every month. Check out my first episode featuring a smart, kind of funny successful single man. 

May 21

28 min 12 sec

RHOA Porsha Williams is engaged again to Simon Guobadia and we unpack the story along with some of my other favorite housewives. He is not yet divorced to Falynn Guobadia and Atlanta will not be the same. 


May 14

40 min 32 sec

RHOA Porsha Williams is engaged again and we unpack the story along with some of my other favorite housewives.  Atlanta will not be the same. 

May 13

40 min 32 sec

Now that the world is opening up you may be thinking it is time to get back to your old self. However, if you have picked up some of the bad habits I have picked up this past year, you may have a struggle ahead. Listen in while we talk about making some lifestyle changes that could help you live your best life. 

May 6

33 min 33 sec

Have you had a one night stand and wondered why the guy never called. This week I have my friend Guy in the house to shed light on some of the reasons this could happen. 

Apr 29

34 min 5 sec

Have you ever noticed how similar job hunting is to finding a life partner? If you are single, you may be looking for that perfect job in the same way that we are looking for the "right one" in life. Tune in to hear the similarities we found between the two. 

Apr 22

35 min 23 sec

Dating after a divorce is very different than the dating you did before you got married. You may be a single parent, you may have lost the ability to trust. If so, tune in while we talk through what it feels like to start over in the dating world after a divorce. 

Apr 15

28 min 41 sec

Derrick Jaxn surprised many with his cheating scandal. Now we discuss it on Crazy Random Cool. Tune in and let us know what you think.


Apr 9

31 min 56 sec

Covid is on the decline so why is it so hard to get back to normal? Maybe you are adjusting to a new work environment or you have gained the Covid 15. How are you finding your way towards the new normal. Listen in as we talk it through.

Apr 2

35 min 9 sec

Do you know the difference between being petty, being a hater and being a bitch? If not, tune in and we will explain all three. 


Mar 25

32 min 6 sec

Yes, I am a reality TV Junkie and I finally found a guest that will discuss some of my favorite shows and reality TV stars.From the Real Housewives of Atlanta and New Jersey to Married at First Sight.  Don't miss this dish episode.

Mar 19

30 min 41 sec

This is a special episode to me. One of the coolest women I know found the love of her life and will walk down the aisle in less than a month. This interview gave me the opportunity to document the love of 2 amazing people. Tune in and find out how two strangers on Tinder found their perfect match. 

Mar 11

28 min 39 sec

All major cities in Texas were impacted by the snow storm in this episode I get the rundown of the aftermath in Dallas. Tune in as we talk about one of the biggest failures of this decade. 

Mar 5

32 min 32 sec

As a black woman or woman of color, what would you do with 10 Million Dollars? Tune in as we talk about what a little green would inspire in our lives. Then ask yourself what would you work life look like if you could actually do what you want to do for work? How do you stay inspire, what motivates you? What wakes you up in the morning and what keeps you up at night. I would love to hear your answers. 

Feb 26

32 min 43 sec

Texas had a major snow storm leaving many without power, water or food. From 6+ inches of snow to HEB and Whataburger being the  heroes of the day. We discuss the first major crisis of 2021. 

Feb 19

36 min

If you thought clubbing wasn't a thing during Covid, it is definitely a thing in Houston, Texas pandemic and all. Tune in as we talk about bottle service and strip clubs having the best buffets and chicken wings. 

Feb 11

41 min 18 sec

Have you been holding a grudge against someone? Maybe you know why or maybe you don't. Tune in as we unpack some of the reason you may hold a grudge and how we feel about it. 

Feb 4

39 min

It is 2021. New Year New Start and time for me to get healthy mentally as well as physically. Listen in as we discuss how to switch it up and make healthy choices. 


Jan 28

29 min 42 sec

There is no getting around social media these days but do you know the rules. I am not sure there any real rules but we try to discuss a few. Can you be friends with your exes on social media? Can you meet someone by sliding into their DM's? Should you let your boo show a lot of skin on Instagram. 

Jan 22

39 min 40 sec

Dating an ex, should we or shouldn't we? Let's be honest, we have all contemplated dating an ex haven't we? In this episode we dive into some of the reasons we consider it and some of the reasons we shouldn't consider it. Let me know what you think.

Jan 14

32 min

Join my guest Angela and I as we talk about the Dos and Don'ts of dating. Who should pay, what do you eat, where do you go? Should you have sex on a first date? We have no idea but we do discuss it. Tune in as we make dating funny. 

Jan 7

33 min 54 sec

2020 was a crazy year.  That is why we took an extra half our to wrap up some of the highlights that shaped this year. We lost Kobe Bryant, a pandemic started, we got addicted to the Tik Tok app. There were protest and we still don't know where we stand on the Covid front. We will never forget the Black Lives Matters protests and losing George Floyd.  However, I try to discuss it all with a little humor and ensure we don't forget the year that changed us. 

Dec 2020

56 min 13 sec

In the mood for a group of tipsy people talking about their dating fails? If so, this is the episode for you. Males and females debate the nuances of  dating in our current environment. We talk about ghosting, what it is like to be the "single friend" in a group and the awkwardness of first dates. 

Dec 2020

31 min 39 sec

Do you feel like the first date is a great opportunity to get to know someone? Do you have a list of questions you ask on a first date so that you aren't wasting your time? If so, tune in as my friend and I go through some of the questions we ask on a first date. 

Dec 2020

29 min 3 sec

Ever wonder what it is like to be the new kid in town? If you want to know what it is like to move to a new town and start all over, check out this episode. We talk about the reasons people move to a new town as well as what it is like making new friends as an adult. It can be exciting but it also comes with its challenges. 

Dec 2020

29 min 40 sec