Business, Life, and Ayahuasca with Daniel Cleland

By Dan Cleland

As an author and the Founder and CEO of the Soltara Healing Center, Dan discusses alternative health and the healing powers of and plant medicines like ayahuasca and psychedelics, as well as the wisdom to help cultivate a new generation of conscious entrepreneurs. You can expect to learn about everything from structuring a company to ayahuasca, managing finances, finding your path, selling, following your passion, team building, selling, and more. Dan believes that many of the world’s problems - whether you’re still finding your path or deep in the entrepreneurship game - can be solved by self-actualized, conscious entrepreneurs who have an excellent understanding of the world they live in and the cultures who share that world with them. That’s why he believes one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship and finding your path right now are to work with plant medicines like ayahuasca, get to know the world we share with others, and become the most effective conscious entrepreneurs possible. In this podcast, Dan talks about his personal experiences with finding your path, the incredible work being done with plant medicine at the Soltara Healing Center, and he has conversations with guests who have experienced the healing of plant medicines like ayahuasca like Aubrey Marcus, Luke Storey, Dorian Yates, Erick Godsey, Kyle Kinsbury, and many more. Whether you’re an entrepreneur still finding your path, you want to learn more about plant medicine, or you have experienced the healing powers of ayahuasca yourself, you’ll get a great deal from the Daniel Cleland Podcast.

  1. 1.
    #24 Wade Lightheart: Exposing Collective Ignorance, Cancel Culture, And Overcoming A Victim Mentality
  2. 2.
    #23 Matthew Johnson: The Forefront of Psilocybin, Ecstasy, and Psychedelics as Treatment for Addiction
  3. 3.
    #22 Dennis Mckenna: Societal delusions, Crooked Media, and the Immortality Key
  4. 4.
    #21 Logan Mader on Addiction, the Golden Age of Metal, and the Boss fight of our lives
  5. 5.
    #20 Patrick Bet-David: Entrepreneurship, the victim mindset, and the fight to save our world
  6. 6.
    #19 Mike Gorczynski Interview on Everything You Need To Know About Kratom
  7. 7.
    #13 Jesse Gould: A Plant Medicine Playbook For Trauma with Melissa Stangl
  8. 8.
    #18 Melissa Stangl, Co-Founder of Soltara Healing Center Interview on Building A Company

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