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In this weekly podcast, Raysean Ricks, an Augusta University alumnus, catches you up with university news, events and breaks down what life is really like for a college student. Join him as he discusses pop culture, interacts with the AU community and keeps you updated with everything happening ‘in the wild.’ New episodes drop every Tuesday.

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Wycliffe Gordon, one of America’s most persuasive and committed music educators who serves as director of Jazz Studies at Augusta University, joins us to discuss his upcoming concert at the Maxwell Performing Arts Theater. Gordon will be performing at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30 with Canadian Brass. Get tickets here:

Nov 16

34 min 38 sec

Raysean welcomes Christian back into the studio as a cohost. Also, Paige Fowler, editorial associate for Augusta University's Communications and Marketing, joins to share about what's happening during this year's Values Week, a week-long celebration of AU's six core values. 

Nov 10

36 min 47 sec

If you've visited Downtown Augusta lately, you might be in for some JAG-tastic finds! Members from Augusta University's marketing team are here to talk about new, exclusive university merchandise that you can get at Augusta and Co. and other local shops. Some are only available for a limited time so you better hurry. For more information about becoming a part of the JagNation collaboration:

Nov 2

30 min 49 sec

True crime is the wildest topic we can take on this week. Lt. Curtis Dyal, community services lieutenant, joins us to walk through the mystery of the Gabby Petito investigation. Also, Dr. Kim Davies, dean of the Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, share her thoughts on why people kill, the sociology of murder and her new textbook The Murder Book: Understanding Homicide Today. Disclaimer: This episode was recorded prior to the announcement that Brian Laundrie's remains were found. Source:

Oct 26

1 hr 14 min

Justin Goddard, our reigning Homecoming Duke, returns to the studio to cohost and share his thoughts on social media. Also, Michael Nowatkowski, associate professor at the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, shares his tips on how we can stay #CyberSafe this month.

Oct 19

33 min

Chelsea Paulding, the newly crowned Miss Augusta University, is here to relive the crowning event and share what she plans to accomplish during her reign. Also, Maisy Welch, the previous Miss AU cohosts to make the conversation even more royal. 

Oct 12

32 min 12 sec

Andy Nguyen, second-year medical student at the Medical College of Georgia, joins us to share how his career journey launched his AMAZING YouTube channel 'ND MD.' 

Oct 5

37 min 40 sec

Your identities shape your college experience on and off campus. Kenneth Queh and Samer Yassin, from Black Men of MCG, are here to share their experiences as being double minorities on campus. Also, Traci Westin, a licensed professional counselor from the university's Student Counseling and Psychological Services is here to dive deeper into the topics.  

Sep 28

1 hr 3 min

Have you ever experienced culture shock? Our host share their stories about being on the wrong side of some situations. Also, Andrea Ramirez Olarte, a second-year medial student at the Medical College of Georgia, joins us to get us excited to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx culture all month long.

Sep 22

29 min 18 sec

Raysean and Christian chat about wild topics including Tik Tok trends, shopping for knock-offs and more. Plus, Dale Hartenburg, AVP for Campus Services, joins to discuss campus updates including more parking on the Health Sciences Campus.

Sep 14

27 min 24 sec

Anthony Veasly and Monliyah King, the president and vice president for NPHC at Augusta University, share their experiences joining their respective fraternity and sorority. Our hosts also discuss the headlines that are running wild in the jungle. 

Sep 7

33 min 48 sec

This week, Danielle Harris, the new public information manager for the city of Augusta, joins in to let us know what's happening in the city. Also, our hosts discuss a new round of 'wild topics' including the backlash singer Lizzo is receiving for her new music.

Aug 31

21 min 49 sec

This week, Arionna Gannt, member of the Jaguar Production Crew, joins us to share all the events that The CREW is working on to make this semester the best one yet. We are also introduced to Christian Osborne, the new podcast intern and cohost.

Aug 24

25 min 8 sec

On the first part of our season premiere, Morgan Davis, our new student wellness coordinator joins us to discuss what everyone can do to keep balance in their life this semester. Also, with the return of most campus activities, Justin Goddard comes in the studio to share what he does to not only stay alive, but thrive while on campus. Disclaimer: We experienced a technical issue with the audio in the latter part of the episode, but the conversation makes it worth it. 😉 

Aug 24

59 min 58 sec

In this weekly podcast, Raysean Ricks, an Augusta University alumnus, catches you up with university news, events and breaks down what life is really like for a college student. Join him as he discusses pop culture, interacts with the AU community and keeps you updated with everything happening ‘in the wild.’ New episodes drop every Tuesday.

Aug 10

1 min 17 sec

For our last special of the summer, admissions counselor Daniel Browning joins to share his recommendations for new students coming to campus. He also discusses how his passion for dance led to the creation of his group Dance 2 Inspire. Also, our two Lead Orientation Leaders, Logan Moore and Ana Ciriaco, discuss their experiences on campus and what to expect so far this summer as they welcome new students.

Jul 13

1 hr 2 min

It's summertime Jags! So that means it's time to catch up on some long overdue self care. Dr. Lara Stepleman, director of Faculty Success is here to discuss all the ways to can treat yourself this summer. Also, JagNation alum Ariel Charles joins us to discuss what she's doing this summer and how she's capturing her adventures on her travel blog. Is she about to have an international #HotGirlSummer? Tune in to find out.

Jun 8

1 hr 12 min

It's GRADUATION WEEK so you know we got you covered. We have some our biggest social media content creators here. Dr. Kojo Sarfo and Kendall Green are both alums from the College of Nursing and share amazing content on various social media platforms. We get into how they transitioned from their college years into being big -time creators.

May 11

1 hr 19 min

It's the end of the semester! We MADE it. To close the chapter on this semester, Kiara and Raysean chat about some of the latest 'wild topics.' Then, AU President Brooks Keel, PhD, joins to give his thoughts on this semester and what he's looking forward to this summer.

May 4

33 min 8 sec

Mr. Augusta University Zyare Orr kicks off our episode this week to discuss his crowning event and his plans to help shape AU's culture. Also, it's GRADUATION SEASON! Dale Hartenburg is here to drop some knowledge on all the details surrounding our FIRST ever outdoor commencement ceremony in May.

Apr 27

40 min 10 sec

Dr. Maria Helena Lima, an assistant professor of Surgery for the Section of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, joins Raysean to discuss the “Zoom Boom,” an uptick in plastic surgery since the pandemic began largely due to people not liking what they see from all the virtual meetings we've had this past year. Also, Danielle returns for another segment of 'What's up America' to bring insight into a new trend we're seeing in the film industry.

Apr 20

41 min 34 sec

In this weekly podcast, Raysean Ricks, a Communications & Marketing writer and Augusta University alumnus, catches you up with university news, events and breaks down what life is really like for a college student. Join him as he discusses pop culture, interacts with the AU community and keeps you updated with everything happening ‘in the wild.’ New episodes drop every Tuesday.

Apr 19

32 sec

Raysean and Kiara get into more 'wild topics' including Lil Nas X's latest music and merchandise. Also, Jess Lassetter, assistant director for Annual Giving, returns to share the latest info about our upcoming event Augusta Gives. Learn more about Giving Day here:

Apr 13

30 min 14 sec

We have a special treat this week. Racial disparities in health care is another pandemic on our hands affecting people of color. To shed some insight, Tanashia Thomas, an alum, discusses her AU experience and travel nursing stories. Dr. Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy, associate professor of Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at the Medical College of Georgia, brings her perspective on the matter as well.

Apr 6

1 hr 12 min

This week, we get to meet Matthew Davis, the Outdoor Recreation coordinator, as he shares some of his most interesting experiences before coming to AU. Also, Shelli Larkin, associate director for Student Health Services joins us to discuss how we can show our support during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. DISCLAIMER: If you need support following this podcast, please reach out to the presenter or Student Counseling (

Mar 30

28 min 16 sec

Raysean and Kiara salute the women that have impacted their lives for Women's History Month. They also chat about the recent time change and other 'wild topics.' Also, Abbie Vaughn, philanthropy and special events coordinator for the Georgia Cancer Center, joins to talk about their upcoming event, Unite in the Fight. Learn more about the Georgia Cancer Center:

Mar 23

33 min 22 sec

We have our FIRST student from our Theatre program here! Faydia Ramnairine joins us live in the studio to give us behind the scene details to Métaphysique D'Ephemera, the theatre production this semester. It will be the first production performed outside and she's sharing everything. Also, Susan Brands and Carter Reed, a fourth-year MCG couple, share their excitement for MATCH DAY, the day they find out where they are going to begin the next chapter in their medical careers.

Mar 16

40 min 37 sec

We have a jam-packed episode! First up, Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret, joins us to discuss his speaking event on campus. PostSecret is a mail art project, where people mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard. He even dishes some of his latest secrets. Then, our Homecoming King and Queen are here to relive the moment of being newly crowned from an amazing Homecoming week. And last, but not least, Tia Pullens, a graduate student, joins us to discuss her experience with our ROTC program.

Mar 9

50 min 34 sec

Staci Dean, president of the Mu Xi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, joins us to discuss her chapter's history, notable alumni and more as well as we celebrate Black History Month. Learn more about them: We also discuss others who have contributed to the history of Augusta University. This episode will give you all the feels and pride to be a Jag during Black History Month.

Mar 2

33 min 44 sec

Chris Howell, head coach for AU's baseball team, joins us in the studio to get us excited for the upcoming baseball season starting soon and shares about his incredible career in baseball as a coach and player. Check the full schedule: Also, Stacey Eidson is here with another round of 'Storytime with Stacey' where she shares an amazing story for Black History Month that will warm your heart.

Feb 23

27 min 48 sec

Kiara and Raysean break down the latest JagWire headlines and events for Black History Month. Did you hear about one of our MCG students posting YouTube videos on COVID-19? Also, Marquietta Green and Randy LaMons, two graduate students from the College of Education join us to discuss their new peer group to support Black and brown students on campus. Learn more here: Want to get involved with some of the events mentioned? Here are some links: Courageous Conversations event: Virtual Job Fair:

Feb 16

24 min 30 sec

This week, LaTisha Joiner, adviser for the Jaguar Production Crew, joins us to discuss this year's Homecoming events. The week is going to start off with a bang and end with a concert. Also, Dale Hartenburg stops by for another round of "Pardon our Progress" to announce some new dining options coming to campus this year. Did someone say Pizza Hut? For more information on Homecoming, visit this website:

Feb 9

35 min 42 sec

Dr. Neil MacKinnon, our new provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, joins us virtually. We discuss his background at the University of Cincinnati and what he looks forward to as a new Jag. Learn more about MacKinnon here: Also, Danielle Harris is back with another round of 'What's Up America?' We're chatting about the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Feb 2

29 min 34 sec

We're breaking down what's happening on campus with Kiara Heffner, our new intern. There's so much to get through in this QuickJag. Also, we spend some time getting to know Kiara and what she looks forward to this semester. From her career plans to what she likes on her pizza, we think you'll enjoy listening to this 'wild' conversation.

Jan 26

28 min 2 sec

It's a new semester and we're not only welcoming back our returning students, but also making room for our new transfer students! We're dedicating an entire episode to discuss the transition of transfer students to campus life. Teresa Young Pinheiro, assistant director for transfer admissions, joins us from the Office of Academic Admissions to discuss her experiences of working with this population. Learn more here: Then, Shalisa Harswell, a second-year dental student from The Dental College of Georgia, discusses her transition to AU as an undergrad and her current transition to being a dental student.

Jan 22

45 min 31 sec

Welcome back to campus Jags! This week, Dr. Phillip Coule, vice president and chief medical officer for Augusta University Health, joins to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine and debunking the myths surrounding its safety. He also shares the timeline for the vaccine distribution and provides some insight on when it'll be available for wider populations in our community. Learn more about the vaccine here:

Jan 19

23 min 38 sec

Melissa Hudson Hall, a career consultant for Augusta University's Career Services, joins us to discuss how to navigate job hunting in the middle of a pandemic. From resumes to LinkedIn to accepting job offers, we talk about it all. Also, Rachel Culling, our intern, FINALLY joins us in the studio to reflect on her last semester of college and what she looks forward to after graduation.

Dec 2020

55 min 58 sec

Our president Dr. Brooks Keel joins us in the studio to highlight some of his favorite moments from this semester as it quickly comes to a close. He even drops some GEMS for all of our first-generation college students. Also, we ask Dr. Keel some of your burning questions in a new segment, 'Dear Dr. Keel.'

Nov 2020

24 min 59 sec

Dr. Elizabeth Huggins, director for first and second year experience, returns to discuss her role in making sure that first-generation college students at Augusta University are not only welcomed but successful. We discuss the challenges first-gen students face as they navigate these unchartered waters. We also chat with one of her current students and her success in her first year at the university.

Nov 2020

44 min 45 sec

It's Augusta University's Values Week! Roberto Aragon, coordinator for Student Involvement joins us to discuss all the campus events happening to celebrate the university's six core values. Also, we're talking about what's happening in the news at AU. So you don't want to miss a chance to catch up with us and win one of our exclusive Wildboxes. Learn more about Values Week:

Nov 2020

21 min 16 sec

There's a new jaguar coming to town! This week, we're catching you up on upcoming news and events and news that you don't want to miss including our newly selected provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. Also, Jess Lassetter, assistant director for Annual Giving stops by to talk about our SUPER successful Giving Day and the university's GIVE campaign.

Nov 2020

15 min 26 sec

Dip Metress, our head men's basketball coach, comes to the studio to discuss the upcoming basketball season. From physically distant practices to a delayed start, we're talking about it all. Also, Dale Hartenburg joins us to make a special announcement about Fall 2020 Commencement. You don't wanna miss this. You can also learn more here:

Oct 2020

22 min 59 sec

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Jennifer Frantom, development director for Safe Home, joins us to discuss how you can get more involved and informed about their AMAZING organization. Also, our fave gal Danielle Harris returns for one of our favorite segments. Tune in to see what we're talking about.

Oct 2020

19 min 28 sec

Roommates... they can become your best friend or your worst enemy for a year. We all have to learn to live with others at some point in our lives so we are breaking down some of the basics to help you from being a bad roommate with Deonte Rivers, AU alum and our host's actual roommate. From best practices to horror stories, we got you covered in improving your relationships with your roommates.

Oct 2020

43 min 38 sec

We hope you're getting ready to lend a paw. Tina Baggott, associate vice president for Volunteer Services and Engagement, joins us to talk about this year's virtual Days of Service. There's still time to sign up and volunteers are needed for various projects. Tune in to find out how.

Oct 2020

17 min 58 sec

Trey Harrison, director of Campus Recreation, joins us to discuss the GREAT OUTDOORS and the updates to the Campus Rec Center to make sure it's safe and fun for students. Also, Stacey returns to share her personal experiences with the outdoors. Don't miss out on these laughs. For more information on the Campus Rec Center, check out their Instagram (@AUG_campusrec).

Sep 2020

18 min 10 sec

Michele Reed, Title IX Coordinator for Augusta University, returns to updates us on the changes to Title IX policies that went into effect this semester. Learn more here: Also, we breakdown upcoming events to watch out this week. You can view all events at For more information, please visit

Sep 2020

24 min 42 sec

April Henry King, an AU alum and local artist, joins us to talk about her journey as a young entrepreneur and her latest mural painting at Edgar's Above Broad, the newest restaurant downtown. Also, Dale Hartenburg, stops by for another round of "Pardon Our Progress." There's a major update to the shuttles that you want to know. For more information on the latest news and events, please go to

Sep 2020

24 min 34 sec

Since we began to quarantine and social distancing ourselves since March, we've seen it have a HUGE impact on our mental health. Lizy Humphrey, a licensed counselor from AU's Student Counseling and Psychological Services, joins us in the studio for a special episode this week to discuss how to cope in such trying times. Learn more here: Also, use the Rave Guardian app on campus to remain safe and stay connected with AU's Police department. Available for iOS and Andriod devices. For the latest Augusta University news, please visit

Sep 2020

39 min

Dr. Garrett Green, director for Multicultural Student Engagement, joins us to talk about the new programming initiatives the Multicultural Student Center is bringing to campus during a time of social injustice in our country. Also, there are so many events happening on campus, we had to break down what's coming up so you don't have to miss a thing. Find out more about events on campus by visiting the university calendar at

Sep 2020

15 min 20 sec