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Lee Branscome

Which Carolina is a sports podcast focused primarily on the NBA, The Charlotte Hornets, College basketball, and the NBA Draft

Which Carolina features 3 main hosts and expert guests and friends of the show!

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Lee Branscome is joined by reoccurring guest Chucking Darts of the Chucking Darts NBA Podcast.  The two discuss three NCAA returners that aim to be 1st round selections in the 2022 NBA Draft. Jabari Walker, Benedict Mathurin, and Jaden Ivey.   This Episode's Sponspor:  Draftkings.com   Code- TBPN

Aug 14

1 hr 7 min

Lee Branscome is joined by Matt Pennie to discuss the top incoming freshman in the 2022 NBA Draft class.  They banter about Chet Holmgren, Jaden Hardy, Paolo Banchero, Patrick Baldwin Jr, Jabari Smith, and Caleb Houstan.  Matt also gives a couple of sleepers, and a few prospects we may need to be more patient with.  This Episode's Sponsor: Draftkings.com  Code: TBPN

Aug 9

51 min 6 sec

Lee Branscome is joined by Stew Kremer to recap the best day of the year, the NBA Draft.  They quickly give their reactions to the Charlotte Hornets selections- James Bouknight, Kai Jones, JT Thor, and Scottie Lewis. Then the meat of the discussions is on which teams were Winners and Losers from the night of the draft.  This episode's sponsor-  Draftkings.com   Code- TBPN

Jul 31

55 min

Lee Branscome goes solo to discuss his top 60 prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft.  He talks about each selection, starting with Cade Cunningham and going all the way into deep 2nd-round sleepers like Kessler Edwards   This Episode's Sponspor-  Draftkings.com  Code- TBPN

Jul 29

31 min 58 sec

Lee Branscome is joined by Raphael Barlow of NBADraft Junkies to discuss what the Charlotte Hornets should do at pick number #11 in the 2021 NBA Draft.  We talk Kai Jones, Isiah Jackson, Alperen Sengun, Usman Garuba, Jalen Johnson, and many other prospects and situations.    This episodes sponsor:  Drafkings.com  Code: TBPN

Jul 17

42 min 57 sec

Lee Branscome is joined by Brian Geisinger of the Buzz Beat Pod and ACCsports.com.  The two get into heavy NBA Draft banter and discuss Tre Mann, Sharife Cooper, and Cameron Thomas. Which prospect do they prefer the most? What range do they evaluate each prospect?  This episode's sponsor: Draftkings.com Code: TBPN

Jul 6

1 hr 10 min

Lee Branscome goes solo to recap two days of the NBA Draft Combine.  Lee attended the media sessions and evaluated prospects during the scrimmages. We spoke to Sandro Mamukelashvilil, Yves Pons, Trey Murphy, Miles McBride, Kai Jones, Austin Reaves, Daishan Nix, and Julian Champagnie.  Lee offers updates on where the prospects have worked out and who were the standouts from the combine games.  This episode's sponsor: Draftkings.com   Code: TBPN

Jun 26

27 min

Lee Branscome goes solo to discuss three prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft class. Justin Champagnie of Pittsburgh, Julian Champagnie of St. Johns, and Terrance Shannon Jr of Texas Tech.  He weighs the strengths and weaknesses of each prospect and gives a range of value for selection in the upcoming NBA Draft.  This episode's sponsors:  Draftkings.com use code TBPN

Jun 4

24 min 13 sec

Lee Branscome is joined by Div B (@statcenter) to recap the Charlotte Hornets season. We share our thoughts on James Borrego, reflect on LaMelo Ball's rookie season, and debate around how the Hornets should improve their roster for next season.    This episode's sponsor: Draftkings.com   Code: TBPN

May 21

42 min 3 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to give a Charlotte Hornets update. LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges are back in the lineup and the Hornets are getting healthier.  Breakdown of the Eastern Conference playoff race, and the play-in tournament scenarios.  This episode's sponsors:  Draftkings.com use code TBPN

May 15

23 min 58 sec

Brian Geisinger of ACCSports.com and the Buzz Beat Pod joins Lee Branscome for another 2021 NBA Draft episode.  We discuss Davion Mitchell, Chris Duarte, and Moses Moody. Our opinions regarding their NBA projections on both sides of the ball, and how valuable they might be at the next level.  

May 8

1 hr 15 min

Lee Branscome speaks to Ashley ShahAhmadi about her journey in sports media, the Hornets Eastern Conference playoff push, and get an inside look at the Charlotte Hornets broadcast team.  We banter about LaMelo Ball, Miles Bridges, James Borrego, and of course, Eric Collins.    This episode's sponsors:  Draftkings.com use code TBPN 

May 4

34 min 20 sec

Lee Branscome is joined by CT Fazio of CrownHoops. We discuss three prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft class. Jaden Springer, James Bouknight, and Franz Wagner. Lee and CT also give one prospect each that they are higher on than the consensus. 

Apr 29

53 min 8 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to give a Charlotte Hornets update. He discusses the Eastern Conference NBA Playoff race, Miles Bridges continued improvement, and when LaMelo Ball, Gordon Hayward, and Malik monk may return to action. 

Apr 24

25 min 4 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to discuss the Hornets treading water without 3 of their best players, LaMelo Ball, Gordon Hayward, and Malik Monk. He also gives a Playoff Picture update and throws in some lineups/rotation banter. 

Apr 12

19 min 2 sec

Lee Branscome is joined by Chuck of the Chucking Darts NBA Podcast. We quickly discuss the retirement of Roy Williams from UNC, then get into the NBA Draft conversation.  Sandro Mamukelashvili, Herb Jones, and Joshua Giddy are all discussed in a deep-dive fashion. Chuck and Lee discuss strengths, weaknesses, and possible roles for each player at the next level. 

Apr 2

1 hr 7 min

Lee Branscome goes solo to discuss the last 5 game segment without phenom rookie, LaMelo Ball. Introduces a new segment, "WTF did Eric Collins say?", and gives an update on the team's ratings. 

Mar 31

19 min 28 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to discuss the disappointing news of LaMelo Ball's wrist injury. What this means moving forward for the trade deadline, and the possibility of the playoffs.  Claim=6d9f72334efae1807b3c4844f35be3dab2df365a=CLAIM

Mar 23

23 min 51 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to recap the losses to the Denver Nuggets and LA Lakers. He gives a LaMelo Ball update, talks bout Malik Monks' recent shooting struggles, and breaks down some lineup and rotation talk. 

Mar 19

19 min 47 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to recap the Hornets win against the Kings. He talks about the incredible "clutch" shooting, gives a rating update, and saves a Lamelo Ball update for the next episode. 

Mar 16

11 min

Lee Branscome and Stew Kremer break down an update on the 2020 NBA Rookie class. First, sharing a few 2nd round gems they are still bullish on, and then breaking down the performance from picks 30-16 of the 2020 NBA Draft.

Mar 10

1 hr 4 min

Div B joins Lee Branscome to discuss all things Charlotte Hornets at midseason. Does LaMelo Ball have any long-term concerning flaws? Buy or Sell at the trade deadline? and a conversation on James Borrego as a head coach. 

Mar 6

41 min 12 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to discuss the ascension of Malik Monk, an update on LaMelo Ball, and why the offense has improved but the defense has taken a nosedive. 

Mar 2

19 min 15 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to talk about the Charlotte Hornets' current playoff position, Terry Rozier heroics, and of course an update on the 19-year-old phenom, LaMelo Ball. 

Feb 13

20 min 48 sec

Spencer Percy of the Buzz-Beat Podcast joins Lee Branscome to discuss the factors contributing to the Hornets winning 5 of their last 7 games. We talk about Cody Zeller's importance, the return of Malik Monk, and what LaMelo Ball's presence has done for this organization. 

Feb 9

29 min 47 sec

Charlotte Hornets season update. Lee Branscome discusses the defensive issues from the losing streak. Gives a LaMelo Ball update, and provides updates from the 2 game win streak along with rotation talk. 

Jan 31

22 min 18 sec

Charlotte Hornets 3 game update. Lee Branscome discusses the Hornets new found 2-3 matchup zone, whether the Hornets defense is sustainable, and of course breaking down the latest on LaMelo Ball.

Jan 15

25 min 6 sec

Lee Branscome and Rafael Barlowe discuss the upcoming 2021 NBA Draft Class. They speak in-depth about the top NCAA returners, undervalued prospects, lottery banter, and the G-League Ignite program. 

Jan 13

37 min 52 sec

Charlotte Hornets update after 10 games. I discuss LaMelo Balls' first NBA triple-double, Hornets season stats, Gordon Hayward playing at an All-Star level, and why PJ Washington has been so effective at the Center position. 

Jan 10

30 min 15 sec

The Which Carolina trio is back in action, we quickly discuss the Charlotte Hornets win over the Atlanta Hawks. The bulk of this episode is Carolina Panther's season recap. 

Jan 7

1 hr 5 min

In the latest episode of the Which Carolina Podcast, Lee Branscome gives a recap and analysis of the Charlotte Hornets' last three contests.  He discusses if Lamelo Ball should start, why Terry Rozier has value on the trade market, and how Devonte' Graham can get his shooting back on track. 

Jan 4

40 min 40 sec

Lee Branscome goes solo to talk about the Charlotte Hornets 3 game recap. Good Hornets stats vs Bad Hornets stats, Offensive and Defensive Rating conversation, and 3 big observations including a LaMelo Ball update. 

Dec 2020

39 min 54 sec

Lee Branscome converts his LaMelo Ball Scouting Report for Hoopsprospects.com into an audio essay in this short 12-minute Podcast.     

Dec 2020

12 min 40 sec

Lee is joined by Richie Randall of the Buzz Beat Pod. Our conversation covers the highlight of the offseason, drafting LaMelo Ball at #3 in the 2020 NBA Draft. We also discuss how the Hornets offense can improve when Devonte' Graham needs to rest, how often James Borrego might play PJ Washington at Center, and whether Miles Bridges can develop as a playmaker. 

Dec 2020

42 min 21 sec

The Which Carolina Podcast is joined by Noah Magaro-George, a contributor at poundingtherock.com to talk about the San Antonio Spurs offseason moves, 2020 draft picks of Devin Vassell and Tre Jones, and general expectations for the Spurs 2021 season. We also discuss LaMarcus Aldridge's and DeMar DeRozen's expiring contracts versus the encouraging youth movement led by Dejounte Murray, Jacob Poeltl, Lonnie Walker, and Derrick White.   

Dec 2020

35 min 57 sec

Richard Stayman of the Mavs Draft Podcast joins the latest episode of Which Carolina to discuss the rise of Luka Doncic, why the Dallas Mavericks have had a productive offseason, and which top freshman he's not buying the hype on so far in the 2021 NBA Draft.

Dec 2020

36 min 37 sec

Brian from ACCsports.com and the Buzz Beat Podcast joins the show to talk early observations and NBA Draft prospects on Flordia State, Duke, and UNC basketball.

Dec 2020

54 min 8 sec

This is a special WC episode, Lee's appearance on NBA Dash Radio. NBA Draft Top 10 Watchlist

Dec 2020

56 min 6 sec

Lee and Stew turn to zoom to talk about NCAA basketball returnees to watch for in the 2020-2021 season! Also, this is our first ever video recording, which will be posted to our brand new Youtube channel! Enjoy

Dec 2020

34 min 40 sec

Lee goes solo. NBA free-agency thoughts. Why Cade Cunningham should not be crowned as the #1 pick in the 2021 NBA draft.

Dec 2020

36 min 30 sec

Lee gives us a solo pod to discuss the Charlotte Hornets offseason moves and observations.

Dec 2020

23 min 11 sec

Stew and Lee give our 2020 NBA draft reactions for the Hornets and around the league, with some thoughts on early Free Agency. Plus a HIGHLY anticipated mailbag... Enjoy!!

Nov 2020

42 min 59 sec

Lee and special guest Dan Bolick discuss the recent signing of free agent Gordon Hayward to our Charlotte Hornets!

Nov 2020

31 min 13 sec

Stew goes for the RARE solo pod to give his final predictions for the 2020 NBA Draft Top 10 picks!! Also, final predictions for Charlotte Hornet selections at 3, 32, and 56. Enjoy

Nov 2020

22 min 44 sec

This is it Hornets fans!! Lee and Stew lock in to discuss 4 scenarios with picks 3, 32, and 56 in the 2020 NBA Draft. At each spot, we give our: 1. Perfect Pick 2. Settle For/That'll Do Pick 3. CAN'T WON'T Pick 4. Dark Horse/Deep Sleeper Pick

Nov 2020

1 hr 3 min

Lee and Stew talk final thoughts on late lotto prospects Jalen Smith, Saddiq Bey and Cole Anthony... PLUS rapid fire risers and fallers with only 1 week left to the draft!! Don't miss this one!

Nov 2020

1 hr 5 min

Zebransky goes solo to cover the last 2 weeks of Carolina Panther football! Enjoy!

Nov 2020

29 min 28 sec

Filch and Zebransky join up to review the Carolina Panthers Week 7 loss to the Saints, and give their global NFL observations so far. Enjoy!

Oct 2020

54 min 51 sec

Filch and Zebransky recap a wild weekend in college football!! Enjoy a look back, including a huge South Carolina win over the Auburn Tigers!

Oct 2020

36 min 21 sec

Lee and Filch hop on to discuss the Carolina Panthers Week 6 loss to the Chicago Bears. Offensive/Defensive thoughts and general reactions. Enjoy!

Oct 2020

27 min 25 sec