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This time of year always makes me feel extra thankful. Thanksgiving is coming up quickly and I know that I’m thankful for my family, our friends, my business, and my incredible clients. Especially my clients. Without them, I wouldn’t be in business – and I know I’m not the only photographer who feels that way. […] The post Ep. 64: How to Show Appreciation to Your Clients appeared first on Seniorologie.

Nov 24

12 min 20 sec

Today’s episode is a little different because it is an interview of one of my Seniorologie Semester students, Sandi of Sandi Michelle Photography. Sandi enrolled in the first round of The Seniorologie Semester and to say her business underwent a transformation is an understatement! Because Sandi was ready to work and took the program seriously, […] The post Ep. 63 – Interview with Semester Student: Student Spotlight on Sandi appeared first on Seniorologie.

Nov 17

32 min 57 sec

Senior spokesmodel teams are one of my favorite things to talk about and teach my students about because I truly believe it’s one of the best things I could have done for my photography business! This time of year is the best for recruiting the next year’s models, so I thought it was the perfect […] The post Ep. 62: Mistakes to Avoid with Your Senior Spokesmodel Team appeared first on Seniorologie.

Nov 11

15 min 5 sec

When it comes to being a senior photographer, there’s undoubtedly a few things we have to do well. Posing and helping our clients pose is certainly at the top of that list. Seniors want to feel confident and like they know what they’re doing when they come in for their portraits, so it’s important that […] The post Podcast Rewind: Posing Tips for Senior Portrait Photographers appeared first on Seniorologie.

Oct 6

14 min 32 sec

Today’s episode of the Seniorologie Podcast is a special one! You get to listen in to a live coaching call with one of my students from the Social Media Academy, Meredith. Meredith is a senior portrait photographer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Today, our chat was all about social media and building spokesmodel teams as […] The post Episode 61 – Live Coaching Call appeared first on Seniorologie.

Sep 22

47 min 27 sec

Last week, we discussed how to get more leads for your senior photography business. But, what happens after you get those leads and people decide they want to book? Today,  I’m going to share with you my exact booking workflow so that you can covert those leads into booked clients! When I first started, I […] The post Ep 60 – Booking Workflow for Senior Portrait Photographers appeared first on Seniorologie.

Sep 15

20 min 57 sec

If you’re struggling to get leads for your senior photography business, then today’s podcast episode is for you! I’m sharing tips on how to get more leads for your business because let’s be real, we know we need those leads to stay booked and keep our businesses going! Before we get too far into everything, […] The post Ep. 59 – How to Generate More Leads for your Senior Photography Business appeared first on Seniorologie.

Sep 8

23 min 42 sec

Can we as business owners really do it ALL? I’m often asked this question by my students and the reality is that no, we can’t do it all. It’s hard, if not nearly impossible to do it all, all the time. The truth is sometimes I’m really good at juggling all the things like marketing, blogging, […] The post Ep. 58: Outsourcing: An Interview with Kristina Dowler of Dot the I’s Outsourcing appeared first on Seniorologie.

Sep 1

47 min 22 sec

The term “marketing” is thrown around a lot in business and I think sometimes it is used to describe a whole bunch of things. While we could definitely talk about this topic for days, I want to focus on two parts of marketing that every photographer should know in order to share and market their […] The post Ep 57: Two Marketing Terms You Need To Know appeared first on Seniorologie.

Aug 25

12 min 34 sec

Being a senior portrait photographer means that showing up on social media is really important to the success of our businesses… even if we wish that wasn’t the case. Raise your hand if you pose one or two photos after a session is over and think that’s enough of a social media workflow for your […] The post Ep. 56: The Senior Session Social Media Workflow appeared first on Seniorologie.

Aug 17

15 min 12 sec