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We meet Matt Shore, a highly experienced trainer who has actively sought out physical & mental challenge through his life & career.   #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #Mountaineering & physique transformation are all discussed in depth along with the mental fortitude & resilience required to achieve at the highest level (physically & metaphorically).   A very different episode, where Matt talks candidly about underestimating challenges, regrouping, training & returning to a place of former disappointment to eventually succeed.   Matt's Website > Instagram >  

Nov 25

1 hr 10 min

Chet Morjaria is the author of the no 1 bestselling business book ‘Work Worth Doing’ & the founder of Realign Global. He is a highly sought-after communications coach with a long history of working with people & businesses in the health & fitness sector. In this unique episode, we discuss the real meaning of the much-used word "authenticity". In particular, how to stay true to yourself in all aspects of life including your training & goals, how to avoid getting caught up in trends, and how to understand what you really need from a coach or programme so you can set yourself up for long term aligned success. Get Chet's Bestselling Book -- Work Worth Doing 

Nov 18

1 hr 12 min

This week on the podcast we discuss our recent episodes & guests & how what we have learned ourselves has influenced our own training, nutrition, lifestyle & personal productivity. Also what’s going on with our own coaching & businesses as a result of our Health Oddity experiences.

Nov 11

59 min 57 sec

We catch up with Rik Brown AKA Mr Maceman, who we first met way back in episode 7! Rik joins us from California & talks about his training philosophy, training daily in his 60s, a recent award winning documentary that’s been made about him & how he’d adapted his training over the last very challenging year. Rik also talks about travelling over to England this November to teach his world renowned Mace Instructor Certification. A relaxed & inspiring conversation with a master of his craft. Take the Mr Maceman Instructor Certification at Unique Results on 20 or 21 November just click the link below for more details CLICK HERE >> 

Nov 4

54 min 57 sec

Today's guest is Keegan Smith, who many will know as The ATG Mentor! Keegan is a pivotal influence in the highly influential Kneesovertoes approach which is taking the fitness world by storm. He runs the Athletic Truth Group’s Coaching System. Furthermore, he's coached the World Championship Rugby Team the Sydney Roosters in 2013 which included Sonny Bill Williams (the world’s highest paid rugby player). On this weeks podcast he gives us his thoughts on why Ground up training is so effective, why the knees over toes guy has struck a cord and why we should all pay attention to it. He’s a Coach’s coach, pulling from his years in elite sport and also his desire to extend the competitive life of any individual. Hot off the press and for anyone who wants to understand the forefront of fitness in 2021!

Oct 28

1 hr 17 min

Host of Your Fitness Money Coach and owner of two fitness facilities (Total Body Bootcamp) in New York, Billy Hofacker brings a different flavour to this weeks podcast. In his early 30’s Blly had a rude awakening. His car was being repossessed and he owed over six figures in debt personal Debt. He owned a fitness facility and for reasons he goes into, he didn’t realise it had got so bad. The effects of this bump into reality were far reaching and led him down a path to self betterment, education and financial freedom. We discuss why we sweep difficult things under the carpet and avoid the uncomfortable. Plus how facing up to these difficult things can super charge our health and our success in life. Your Fitness Money Coach Podcast:

Oct 21

1 hr 11 min

David Keohan is a Kettlebell Sport European & World Champion as well as a world record holder He has achieved all of this over the last 10 years since he made the realisation that at 32 years old he was going in the wrong direction. He tells us how a scare from the doctor and purchasing a pair of running shoes were all he needed to get started

Oct 14

1 hr 2 min

We talk to Strongfirst Master Trainer Fabio Zonin, a man in his 50s who has spent his life in the ‘strength space’ from competing Powerlifter to champion Bodybuilder to educator & coach (sometimes all at the same time).  Fabio tells us about his journey in the health & fitness industry, travelling globally to teach & managing his own training & lifestyle practises across time zones & continents.  The importance of choices, decisions & discipline & his attention to detail when it comes to planning. He also promises to show us his ‘Unicorn’.

Oct 7

1 hr 21 min

Phil Maffetone is our guest this week. A man who has pioneered some of the most forward thinking and counter cultural fitness ideas in the world of triathlon, ultra endurance and many other sports.  Ideas that have been proven in the field of play at an elite level.  His role in changing lives over the years can’t be underestimated.  The world of strength rarely meets the world of endurance but they are two sides of the same coin. We knew we had to get him on the podcast.  Prepare to have your preconceptions around training, nutrition and the mind overturned.  Phil Maffetone has personally coached some of the greatest endurance athletes ever (Mark Allen 6x Hawaii Ironman winner) and been a go to source of advice for some of the worlds most popular musicians (helping Johnny cash ween himself off high levels of medications and helping the Red Hot Chili Peppers prepare for mammoth tours.) An elusive character and we’ve nabbed him.

Sep 30

1 hr 27 min

Sifu Harinder Singh is an accomplished martial artist. He’s dedicated his life to mastering jeet kun do, jujitsu, Kung fu, Philippine knife fighting and other combat arts. In his search for physical growth and expertise he needed to address his mental game. This is never straight forward. This episode is a deep dive into how to become more connected to your needs and clear a path to excellence. We discuss how to harness the ‘flow’ state to enable you to stay calm when chaos is all around you. We talk about the role of strength training in fighting, how our physical development aids our relationships, work and confidence. Harinder works with the military as a subject matter expert as well as company executives, teaching them how to quiet their mind and stay calm in highly stressful situations.

Sep 23

1 hr 15 min

We welcome Chicago based Jim Hatcher back onto the Health Oddity podcast. In this episode we discuss the importance of having a focus & strategy for getting older - especially from retirement onwards. At nearly 80, Jim has been officially retired for nearly two decades & shares his wisdom about staying physically & mentally active to ‘avoid the fog setting in’ & warns us of the dangers of afternoon soap operas.  An important & engaging topic for all of us who are ‘getting older’ or anyone who may one day look to retire   

Sep 16

1 hr 3 min

We continue our epic episode with the inimitable Paul McIlroy. Pt2 starts with a question... Why should we ever need to know what our strength peak is?  

Sep 10

58 min 37 sec

Returning guest, auteur, strength programming mastermind, strong as f*#k individual and 80s trivia expert, Paul Mcilroy blows our collective minds with an in-depth look at why most people struggle to take training to a high level.  We discus the role of the central nervous system, how you can expand your limits by never finding them, why training a 20 rep max, a 10 rep max or a 5 rep max will always increase each other and many other things.  This conversation was so jam packed with gems that we split the episode in 2.  Enjoy.

Sep 3

57 min 55 sec

We talk about the first year of the podcast & reflect on guests we've met over the first 52 episodes Health Oddity went from a modest 'Lockdown' project to speaking to the top coaches and experts in the world in a matter of months What are the principles that seen to hold true for our guests? What have we learned and adopted as a result of the podcast and what are the plans for the next 12 months and beyond?   Listen to all episodes online. Search “Health Oddity“ on any Podcast App or click here: Apple Podcasts : Spotify: Get in touch in the YT comments or head to... Instagram: Facebook Group:

Aug 27

54 min 7 sec

We are joined by Stu McGill, a man who has spent the last 40 years studying the biomechanics of the spine & helping people all over the world overcome their ‘victimhood’ & take control with an empowered approach to  managing & overcoming back pain.  This is a must listen to episode for anyone who has ever experienced back pain and/or may be living with it at the moment. Back Fit Pro: Listen to all episodes online. Search “Health Oddity“ on any Podcast App or click here: Apple Podcasts : Spotify: Get in touch in the YT comments or head to... Instagram: Facebook Group:

Aug 20

1 hr 14 min

Dan John joins us for his 4th visit & the start of a new trilogy.  Dan talks about what he’s up to with his training at the moment and how it differs to what he’s been doing previously. We delve into training, diet, making weight for lifting & the Tokyo Olympics.  He also gives us more information about his upcoming August workshop at Unique Results in Chelmsford, Essex. Check out Dan John University here : Listen to all episodes online. Search “Health Oddity“ on any Podcast App or click here: Apple Podcasts : Spotify: Get in touch in the YT comments or head to... Instagram: Facebook Group:

Aug 13

1 hr 10 min

We catch up with former guest Val Craft & her coach Diane Youdale (formerly Jet from Gladiators in the UK). We discuss the work Val & Diane have done together including counselling & tackling some deeply rooted past experiences that we’re holding Val back including PTSD & the coping mechanisms around dealing with that. We also find out about the upcoming Surf retreat for women that Val & Diane have created together & their inspiring plans for the future. Here are the links to find Val & Diane: Retreat: Core Philosophy: Email Val: Val’s Website: Val’s Insta: Diane’s Insta Listen to all episodes online. Search “Health Oddity“ on any Podcast App or click here: Apple Podcasts : Spotify: Get in touch in the YT comments or head to... Instagram: Facebook Group:

Aug 2

1 hr 13 min

We catch up with James Breese from Strength Matters & discuss his latest thinking & direction. James tells us that most people over 30 who contact him either want ‘Fat-loss’ or ‘Muscle building’ - or both. James discusses his latest programming around fat loss for the everyday athlete & how his approach is very much dictated by the personality attributes of his clients. He talks about the two main pathways he recommends along with sharing some great challenges & metrics we can all track.

Jul 29

1 hr 11 min

We meet San Diego based, highly experienced trainer & creator of ‘Primal Speed’ Franz Snideman. We discuss the benefits of sprinting & training speed as we age. Explosiveness & Power are two qualities that we lose first as we start to age, especially if we don’t train them diligently. Franz also discusses his focus on coaching busy dads in their 40s & takes us through sensible, sustainable yet powerful methods we can adopt to help us stay fit, healthy, strong & lean in our 40s & beyond.

Jul 22

1 hr 4 min

James, Peter & Paul reflect on the past month’s guests and answer your questions “How do you practice what you preach?” This is vital to ensure you reach any goal and the guys talk about how they keep themselves accountable Listen to all episodes online. Search “Health Oddity“ on any Podcast App or click here: Apple Podcasts : Spotify: Get in touch via... Instagram: Facebook Group:

Jul 15

49 min 13 sec

We talk to Chris Denning, an Englishman in Ottawa Chris has a busy lifestyle, demanding job and two kids yet he still manages to keep himself active and healthy He tells us how he fits his training INTO his lifestyle and how he hopes this will benefit his kids in their future by being a positive example He also mentions that if he ruled the world the first thing he would do is get rid of plastic kettlebells

Jul 8

1 hr 13 min

We talk to StrongFirst director of education and FMS head coach Brett Jones Brett has travelled the world teaching strength and movement for the past two decades imparting his knowledge on how to keep moving well right into your old age He talks about having a ‘buffer’ of strength that will get you through the toughest times more easily He also reminds us he bent the Iron Mind Red Nail 

Jul 1

1 hr 30 min

This week we speak to Dave 'Iron Tamer' Whitely. On the outside we see a man who can produce ungodly forces. Bending metal, ripping and shredding material. Dave has been a major force in pushing the strength education industry forward. Many excellent trainers have learnt from him. However, Dave has spent time soaking up the knowledge of other masters. From the old time strongmen of yester-year to modern titans of strength. This podcast quickly moved to topics around the mental focus one needs to become the person you want to be.

Jun 24

1 hr 20 min

We meet lifelong CAMRA member & real ale aficionado Chris Zaremba; obese through most of his adult life, he made a big lifestyle change from the age of 50 after serious warnings from two separate Dr’s in a matter of weeks. In a complete reversal of fortune, Chris has gone on to compete (& win trophies) in many ‘Masters’ Fitness Model Competitions & has also completed many feats of endurance sports with his wife, Jenny. He then took early retirement from the City & now advises others over 50 on how to achieve their own fatness-down & fitness-up goals. A great episode, and very relatable to many everyday people - especially those with a penchant for Mars bars (or Mars bar equivalents).

Jun 17

54 min 42 sec

We meet California based ‘Renaissance Man’ Mark Reifkind. Mark has competed at a high level in gymnastics, ultra-endurance sports, bodybuilding & powerlifting. Most recently, for close to 20 years he has been one of the most successful & highly respected Kettlebell coaches on the planet. Mark (or Rif) discusses the mindset & attitude it takes to adapt & endure for 50 years of high level training across a range of sports & disciplines that on the surface appear to have little in common. This is a ‘must listen to’ episode with an enduring pioneer who can relate to the everyday person as well as the elite performer.

Jun 11

1 hr 13 min

We meet Chicago based Jim Hatcher who at 79 years of age has over 65 years of strength training history. Jim wrestled through High School & College & was first introduced to strength training at 14 years of age. He competed in Powerlifting in his 40s & in his 70s he became the oldest person to pass the Strongfirst SFG1 certification. Jim has a wealth of knowledge & experience & he shares it with us in this unique podcast which includes Jim’s tips on staying motivated towards health & strength at various stages of life including retirement.

Jun 3

1 hr

We answer questions we've had from listeners and explain some of the contradictions between the opinions of some guests we've had on the show We give our thoughts on certain types of training and how you can decide what's best for you We also briefly discuss James' Badger Roadkill Diet And here's the link to the Facebook Group  

May 27

1 hr 1 min

Perry Nickelston is truly ‘one of a kind’. We discuss injury, pain, movement & Bon Jovi. Perry believes in treating the human rather than the ‘condition’ & refuses to be pigeon holed into a particular methodology or format of treatment. His vast experience involves working with thousands of individuals & teaching certifications and workshops all over the world. He is passionate, engaging & will certainly be back on future episodes.

May 20

1 hr 28 min

Tim Anderson talks about the origins of the Original Strength System and how he developed it as a result of over training and injury.   He explains how, as children, we learn to develop our strength so we can stand up and move around and why it's important as adults to keep these movements fresh in our brains.   He also talks about his love for Superman

May 13

1 hr 11 min

This week we welcome BJJ and strength Coach legend Steve Maxwell (some of you will have listened to his podcasts with Joe Rogan).  In this podcast Steve pushes our beliefs to the edge asks some challenging questions, and in his words commits ‘heresy’! What if what you were doing in your training was not not getting you healthy? What if it was setting you up for more issues down the line?  This episode will open your eyes, challenge you ideas and make you take a deeper look at what you are doing to stay healthy.  Steve’s been there and done that.

May 6

1 hr 20 min

We meet San Diego based Lauren Brooks & discuss her career & training from ‘regular’ gym work back in the day to discovering the Kettlebell & whole body integrated training & how that changed her approach & life.   In person training, DVD sales & the explosion of online training where geography is no barrier & creating a thriving virtual community.   As a mother to 4 children & 2 dogs Lauren discusses training before, during & after pregnancy & we get to see her amazing at home outdoor training space.


Apr 30

1 hr 3 min

We talk to Fionnbhárr Toolan about what it takes to become a GS (Kettlebell Sport) world champion. How to train for a 2:40 marathon in just 9 weeks (and the pain afterwards) Why having a several coaches has helped him progress year after year to excel at his sport and help others do the same And the ONLY shorts strong enough to contain his peachy posterior

Apr 22

1 hr 27 min

We meet Strongfirst Senior & Elite Instructor Claire Booth & find out all about her journey from the bodybuilding stage to heading up Strongfirst GB & being stronger (as she approaches 50) than she’s ever been. We discuss ice-dancing, horse riding, ketogenic diets & the best way to cook liver! A lively & diverse discussion with someone who talks to talk & walks the walk & isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.

Apr 15

1 hr 19 min

We talk about how to build a community who will support you throughout your efforts to become fitter, stronger and healthier and why having that huge support will make it easier to achieve your goals. There are tips for wherever you are in the world to tap into existing local communities & like minded people who will help you reach your goals (whatever they may be) or even just to start living a healthier, more active lifestyle & make friends. Also, why it’s never too late to start & how you can continue to make progress well into your 50s, 60s & 70s.

Apr 8

1 hr 4 min

In his first visit (episode 21) we met Dan, and discussed some of the big principles that have guided his life and 40+ year coaching career. In ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (episode 23) Dan talked us through his famous (and deceptively simple) 1, 2, 3, 4 assessment. Now in ‘Return of the Jedi’ (episode 31) Dan talks about gaps in training programmes from professional sports teams, to elite military units, to school & college teams that are also applicable to ‘everyone else’. He also discusses ‘standards’ he uses for elite athletes & concepts that can be transferred to your own individual training and answers the question - WHAT NEXT? There’s also a fantastic offer for listeners to the Health Oddity podcast to access Dan John University for 3 months at an incredible price!

Apr 1

1 hr 15 min

We are joined by Josh Hillis author of ‘Fat Loss Happens on Monday’ & ‘Lean & Strong’.   We discuss the principles of eating guidelines & skill practise instead of rigid imposed rules.   Why many of us have become trapped in the diet cycle of failure & his quest to liberate people from the alluring proposed certainty & dogma of today’s popular dietary approaches.    

Mar 25

1 hr 15 min

After Brad's first appearance in Feb we just had to have him back to talk about his new book with Mark Sisson, ‘Two Meals a Day’. He talks about his strategy to shed fat, reduce inflammation, reverse aging, and break free from diet frustration. Brad discussed how Two Meals A Day is a counter point to the diet wars that leave health enthusiasts confused and often frustrated. Instead of dogma touting plant-based over paleo, or keto over carbs, Two Meals A Day welcomes all healthy eating enthusiasts to a new way of life that helps shed excess body fat, increase energy and focus, minimize disease risk factors, and increase longevity.

Mar 18

55 min 53 sec

Maggie is hugely enthusiastic about everything she does (as you will soon discover) We talk about training to burn as many calories as possible and why this isn’t the best approach to being healthy Maggie tells us how she became a Jump Rope Aficionado and how a Jump Rope coach is actually a thing (I know right) We also discuss the vast differences between Corrie and Eastenders and how these apply to the current global situation  

Mar 11

1 hr

We talk to Adrienne Harvey, a self confessed 'nerd' at school who builds robots for fun as well as being a senior RKC and PCC   We hear about how she likes to leave tiny dinosaur footprints for people to find in local parks right before doing some handstand push ups against a tree to scare the locals   So you could say we covered everything    

Mar 4

1 hr 4 min

We talk to Paul Gray of Firepower Gym in Durham UK   Paul started training boxing at the age of 6 and has trained in various styles as a martial artist for most of his life   Paul discusses how he keeps himself out of pain even though he has an auto-immune joint condition as well as how he has evolved his training over the last 30 years to help people move better and stay out of pain.

Feb 25

1 hr 19 min

We meet San Francisco based Welshman Phil McDougall - military veteran, former Royal Marine Commando & movement Jedi. Phil discusses his evolved methods of assessment & training. His love of ‘real world’ strength. The beauty of kettlebells, Indian clubs, maces & Bulgarian bags and perhaps most importantly how Great White Sharks rarely try to kill humans and just want to ‘feel them’ with their mouths!

Feb 17

1 hr 18 min

This week we welcome a guest from the world of endurance.   Brad is an American author (Primal Endurance and more in the works), successful podcast host (Primal Endurance with Mark Sisson and the B.Rad Podcast), professional #speedgolfer Masters high jumper, and former professional #triathlete . He performed on the international #triathlon circuit from 1986 to 1995 and won 31 events worldwide.  He is currently a top-20 world-ranked professional #Speedgolfer, and 2020 top-3 world-ranked Masters age 55-59 high jumper. In 2018, Brad broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest single hole of #golf ever played (minimum length, 500 yards). Here’s the thing, Brad is achieving all these things post career, at 56, so for our listeners Brad has exceptional insight into how you stay competitive well past your 40’s.  We also take the opportunity to address the complexity of hormone balance for men, which is rarely highlighted.  Go hard go fast?  Yes… but only if you’re prepared to focus on areas others aren’t prepared to.

Feb 11

1 hr 14 min

In Dan’s second visit to the Health Oddity podcast we discuss the differences between health, fitness, performance & longevity & Dan talks us through his deceptively simple 1, 2, 3, 4 assessment for everyday people. Also find out what Dan has in common with Conor McGregor & what strength standards it takes to look ‘Rockstar Hot’.      

Feb 2

1 hr 9 min

10 years ago pictures started to emerge on the internet of crazy 12 week body transformations. Trainers and clients alike wondered how they were achieved in such a short time span.   The man behind these, and his pupils, were also performing crazy feats of strength.   This week we talk to Paul McIlroy of The Amazing 12 about its history, his perspective on releasing human potential, the mental focus to succeed and why optimal health is available for anyone who really wants it.

Jan 28

1 hr 30 min

We welcome Dan John to the Health Oddity podcast & get stuck into what he’s learned over a lifetime of training, competing & over 40 years of coaching & teaching.  The art of simplification, the benefit of deprivation, the loaded carry family, the importance of remaining strong as we age (and keeping your own teeth) are all subjects discussed in this fascinating & entertaining episode.  Not to be missed. Six Decades In 50 Words: Make a Difference. Live. Love. Laugh. Balance work, rest, play and pray (enjoy beauty and solitude) Sleep soundly. Drink Water. Eat veggies and protein. Walk. Wear your seat belt. Don’t smoke. Floss your teeth. Put weights overhead. Pick weights off the floor. Carry weights. Reread great books. Say thank you.

Jan 21

1 hr 17 min

It's January and EVERYONE is trying to get our attention. We're being bombarded with adverts about the next 'quick fix' and how to get everything you want by the end of January We've all fallen for these fads in the past and talk about our own mistakes and how to make sure to make the right choice for what YOU want

Jan 15

50 min 42 sec

In this episode we meet Val Craft an industry veteran with over 20 years experience, a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer. We discuss alcohol, societal attitudes towards it, habits surrounding it and when the occasional tipple may tip over into something to be aware of. A very important topic to kick off our first episode of 2021. val_the_coach

Jan 8

55 min 13 sec

We talk to our very own Peter Lant about his life, previous career, moments that have impacted his direction & moving from the corporate rat-race to a more value guided & balanced way of living. Peter shares his lessons with honesty & candour in an episode that I’m sure many of our listeners will relate to. Instagram  - pl_training_philosophy FB - Peter Lant Training Philosophy

Dec 2020

50 min 13 sec

In our special Christmas Day episode we discuss the concept & history behind New Years resolutions. The idea of reviewing & reflecting on the year that is coming to an end and planning for the one about to begin. We discuss common mistakes & how to set yourself up for success in a more measured & sustainable way.

Dec 2020

45 min 57 sec

We discuss how to manage the ‘festive season’ while being mindful of our longer term goals (& not spoiling all the fun). What we do ourselves & lessons we’ve learned along the way working with our own clients. Hacks & tactics to ensure the wheels don’t completely fall off & you enjoy Christmas without becoming the family killjoy!

Dec 2020

40 min 26 sec