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Bold Company is a real, honest podcast for creative business owners. Whether you're a maker who sells on Etsy, a photographer, an artist, a writer, or anything else in the creative arts - this podcast will inspire you to create a business that is not only sustainable and profitable, but incredible fulfilling and enjoyable. Bold Company features real, unscripted conversations with real creative entrepreneurs for an unfiltered look behind the curtain of success creative businesses.

Season 2 of Bold Company begins March 10th!
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In this episode, I’m speaking with Mari Reisberg: therapist, performer, creativity coach, and host of the Sustaining Creativity Podcast.    Mari and I talk about her journey as a very creative child, to the world of performing, and then onto her role supporting other creatives. We talk about rejection as a creative (something we all experience), creative self-care, and creating on your own terms.    Words you’ll hear…   “Affirmations lead us to goals, they lead us to the changes we want to make in our life.”   “When we give our mind space to relax, answers show up.”   “Creativity is a present moment experience.”   “I think we forget how important mindfulness is to creativity.”   About Mari   Mari Reisberg, LPC is a therapist, performer, podcast host of the Sustaining Creativity Podcast and creativity coach. She holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Hartford’s Hartt School and an MA in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Dance/Movement Therapy, from Naropa University. She currently splits time between the traditional 9-5 world as the director of utilization review and internship programming for a substance abuse treatment center, and her own Sustaining Creativity coaching business where she works 1:1 with performers and non-performers to spark, grow, sustain, share and transform creativity in their lives. She has shared her Sustaining Creativity work at conferences, Universities and in workshops across the country.   Mari believes we are all creative and life is way more fun when we can find creativity.   Links   Mari’s Facebook:   Mari’s Instagram:   Mari’s Podcast:   Amy’s episode of the Sustaining Creativity podcast:   Mari’s LinkedIn:   Mari’s 7 Day Creativity Challenge:   Mari's Free Creativity Guide:   Brioka:   Brioka on Instagram:   Amy’s website:   Amy’s Instagram:

Nov 24

48 min 34 sec

In this episode I'm chatting with Becca Rich, a holistic time coach who helps busy, ambitious entrepreneurs reclaim their time and combat time scarcity.   How many times have you said or thought "there's never enough time"? I've thought it MANY times - today. While scarcity mindset in terms of money is something we hear about often, time scarcity was a brand new concept for me and one I really needed to hear.   What Becca shares in this episode is absolutely game-changing for entrepreneurs and creatives who feel like they're always struggling with time. Time is finite, but the way we view our time can make it feel like there truly is more hours in the day.   About Becca Becca Rich is a holistic time coach and consultant supporting conscious yet ambitious business owners heal time scarcity and leverage their unique way of operating, so they can unapologetically live and work their way. As an engineer turned mindfulness teacher and holistic coach, her mission is to blow up the hustling status quo and help folks discover tools and mindsets authentic to them. Becca's deeply committed to the ripple effect that happens when we begin to reclaim our time. If you're interested in her work, be sure to connect with Becca!   🔗 Links 🔗   Website:  Instagram:  LinkedIn: Amy's Website: Brioka: Join the free Brioka Creators Group: Amy on Instagram: Brioka on Instagram:  

Nov 17

51 min 37 sec

In this episode, I’m speaking with creative director and designer of Lemon and the Sea, Samantha Mabe.   Samantha is a web designer, podcaster, and mom - in this episode we dive deep into the idea that success looks very different to everyone, and that what you see on the outside might just not be indicative of how a business really is on the inside.    We also talk about the complexities of juggling life as entrepreneurs with young children, and how no matter what your life situation is, the concept of “balance” isn’t really about balance at all.   Things You’ll Hear...   Everybody's going to do this differently and part of being an entrepreneur  is being allowed to do that.   My version of success is really to have a business where I can work with the type of people that I love to work with   We have realized that that million dollar business isn't what everybody needs.   Throw out all the things you've been told you should do and figure out a way that works for you and your life.   About Samantha   Samantha Mabe, creative director and designer of Lemon and the Sea, empowers service-based business owners with a custom website that reflects the price increase they deserve. She loves creating websites with beauty and brains that are designed to convert and give you the power to make edits yourself. She currently lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and one talkative toddler.   Links   Samantha on the web:   Samantha on Instagram:   Samantha on Facebook:   Amy on Instagram:   Amy Takes Pictures:   Brioka on Instagram:   Brioka on the web:   Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Nov 10

55 min 52 sec

In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with artist, online educator, and fellow podcaster, Julieanne Steedman.   Julieanne shares the story of her journey from burnt out school teacher to successful creative entrepreneur, how doubt about her talent as an artist prevented her from moving into a creative career earlier, and how the idea of success has changed for her over time.   Julieanne’s story is so special in that it is SO relatable, but also so inspiring for others to hear what’s possible for them and their creative business too.   Things you’ll hear...   “The storytelling behind your work and creating a connection with your audience is key”   “There’s a lot more opportunity now for people as artists and handmakers to actually do this as a job”   “Success to me is doing something that you feel really good about.”   “I get to teach and mentor other makers, and that just makes me feel so so good.”   About Julieanne   Julieanne Steedman is an artist, online educator, podcaster, and champion for her handmade community. She believes in the power of community, that spending time in nature often gives you the answers you need, and that there is no such thing as too much coffee. She is passionate about supporting creatives to master the art of a thriving business. Julieanne lives and runs her business, Heirloom Island in rural Northern Ontario.   Links   Heirloom Island:   Julieanne on Instagram:   Free Resource from Julieanne: The Maker’s Map   Brioka:   Brioka on Instagram:   Amy on Instagram:   Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Nov 3

57 min 23 sec

In this week's episode, I'm speaking with my business partner (and husband), Jeff Brooks - and we're sharing all the details on our brand new business, an online course platform, marketplace, and community for creatives. Listen in to hear about how we evolved as business owners over the past four years and how we decided to create something totally new, together. You'll also hear all about our plans and vision for our course platform, how we'll be different than other course platforms, and how we'll support our course creators and the creative industry as a whole. Read all about our new business and join the email list to be kept in the loop at LINKS Brioka: Brioka on Instagram: Amy on Instagram: Jeff on Instagram:    

Oct 27

1 hr 13 min

In this episode of Bold Company I’m chatting with Lauren Saunders, business mentor and entrepreneur who shares with us how mindset and manifestation aren’t just buzzwords - they’re important, valuable, and legitimate pieces to the success puzzle. There’s a lot of talk about mindset and manifestation in the online business world, and sometimes they’re romanticized concepts that don’t seem like they carry much weight. Lauren shares with us how mindset and manifestation, when combined with action that is in alignment with what feels good to us, is the key to unlocking forward momentum in your business. Listen now to hear about how you can change your way of thinking to begin making serious strides in your business. Lauren Saunders is a Business Mentor who coaches ambitious, heart-driven entrepreneurs to align with their desired success. At the age of 28, she left her career as a high school art teacher for a life of entrepreneurship, and she’s built two full-time businesses by implementing mindset, marketing, & manifestation strategies that actually work. Her experience and success has allowed her to coach business owners all over the world into full-time entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, she’s quadrupled her income as a teacher and lives a life of travel, freedom and passion. She is lit up when providing ambitious business owners with the tools they need to manifest the success and lives they truly desire. Links ⤵️ Instagram:  Website: Podcast:   Amy’s Episode on Lauren’s Podcast: Amy on Instagram: Amy’s Website:   Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Oct 20

38 min 50 sec

In this episode, I’m welcoming artist, designer, and podcaster Duane Jones to Bold Company. Duane and I talk about some of the very real struggles of running a creative business, include what it’s like when you just can’t find the motivation to create, pricing yourself in a way that honours your time, talent, and work, when it’s actually okay to work without pay, how difficult it can be to outsource (but how great it can be as well), and more. Get ready for a very real peek behind the curtain of creative business and enjoy my conversation with Duane. About Duane Duane is a Bermuda born multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Kjipuktuk. His work blurs the lines between commercial and fine art – jumping between paintings, drawings and digital tools. Duane holds an Associates Degree in Art and Design from Bermuda College, a Communication Design (Honours) degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University and a Master’s Degree in Information Management from Dalhousie University. Duane’s work challenges commonly held beliefs around race, culture, gender and sexual orientation. Recently, Duane’s explored his Bermudian roots in the form of paintings and apparel designs that reference Bermuda’s landscape and slavery abolitionist, Mary Prince. Duane is most known as the founder of Art Pays Me, a lifestyle brand rooted in the belief that artists can achieve the dream of financial and creative independence. Art Pays Me was nominated for Most Innovative Business of the Year by The Halifax Chamber of Commerce in 2021. Duane was also named one of the most inspiring immigrants in the Maritimes in 2021 by My East Coast Experience and has been nominated for The Coast’s Best of Halifax Reader’s Choice award twice for fashion design, once for podcasting and has appeared in a number of media outlets. Links Art Pays Me (website): Art Pays Me (podcast): My episode on Art Pays Me: Duane on Instagram:   Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Oct 13

56 min 10 sec

On this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with Emily Thompson of Being Boss fame. We discuss the ins and outs of being a creative boss, how to avoid burnout, and how to embrace the seasonal and cyclical nature of our business. We talk about how important it is to recognize the time to hustle and the time to rest in our businesses, and how we can empower ourselves to take these much-needed breaks in our creative business. Emily is the co-founder and host of Being Boss, a resource, podcast, and community for creative entrepreneurs, and founder and CEO of Almanac Supply Co., a retail brand that makes and curates products that help people connect with nature. For over a decade Emily has worked closely with creatives to help them make money doing work they love, with a focus on building online business models and growing creative businesses. She’s also the co-author of Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms. 🔗 LINKS 🔗 Being Boss: Almanac Supply Co.: Being Boss Book: Being Boss on Instagram: Almanac Supply Co. on Instagram: Amy on Instagram: What’s Your Photo Style? Quiz:   Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Oct 6

1 hr 1 min

Welcome back to Bold Company! Season 3 is kicking off with this introduction of what is to come this season - and spoiler alert - it's all about being holistically successful as a creative entrepreneur. Hear about not just what we're up to this season, but for 5 ways to have a more profitable and sustainable business, and for a special little tease of something HUGE that we're working on behind the scenes. If you enjoy Bold Company, please consider leaving a review + sharing it with a friend! Reviews  and shares mean everything to us, and knowing that you appreciate the podcast gives us the motivation to keep going. 🔗 LINKS 🔗 Pretty Easy Photo Styling: Amy's website: You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero:   Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Sep 29

29 min 8 sec

In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with photographer and self-portrait artist, Michelle England.   Michelle first picked up a camera as a way to document her children throughout their formative years, and evolved her craft into a creative business where she captures artistic documentary style portraits for women, families, and couples.   As a working photographer, Michelle acknowledges the pressure to always be sharing content, feeling the need to prove your worth and talent, and how being creative and running a business often don’t go hand in hand. But, Michelle has remained steadfast in her resolve to always prioritize her creative vision and artistic self-care. And it’s truly inspiring.   In one of my favourite interviews to date, Michelle shares honest truths about creativity and business, artistic self-care, and integrity as an artist. This conversation will inspire creatives across all genres to honour their artistic vision, tune into what feels right and good to them as artists, and to seek out that elusive balance between creative and business.   🔗 LINKS 🔗   Michelle’s Website   Michelle’s Instagram   Amy’s website   Amy on Instagram Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

May 5

1 hr 7 min

In this episode, I’m sharing the story of how I walked away from my day job exactly 5 years ago to the day. With no savings, no prospects, and no activity in my business for months, I took a major risk - and it paid off BIG TIME. To celebrate this magical day, I’m sharing my story with you - from the final straw, to the tears that led to my breakthrough. And, I’m sharing some of my best advice for how you can leave your day job too.

Apr 28

40 min 16 sec

In this week’s episode of Bold Company I’m sitting down with Brodie and Michelle, the women behind Canadian slow fashion brand, Blondie Apparel. Brodie and Michelle, with a background as small fashion retailer and fashion designer respectively, founded their company through a love of simple, uncomplicated fashion, small business, and supporting local. As they outgrew their capacity to keep up with demand, they faced the challenge of outsourcing their manufacturing - a daunting task for them, who were firm on their commitment to remain 100% Canadian and wanted to maintain a connection to those who would go on to make the clothes for their cherished customers. Listen in to hear how they evolved from handmaking all of their clothes, to finding the right manufacturers (after some missteps) to bring their pieces to life - all while navigating business partnership, a pandemic, and a fabric scarcity. 🔗 LINKS 🔗 Blondie Apparel Blondie on Instagram Amy’s website Amy on Instagram

Apr 21

1 hr 9 min

In this episode, I sit down with Jess Van Den of the Create & Thrive podcast, and Thriver Circle, a membership for handmade business owners.  Jess and I talk about her journey as an entrepreneur, how she went from science teacher to a jewelry maker, and then grew into a podcaster and handmade business coach through focus, hard work, sacrifice, and the unconditional support from her partner and husband. After being in this business for nearly a decade, Jess is FULL of wisdom and inspiration for creatives trying to make a go of it in business. This episode is definitely a must-listen!   🔗 LINKS 🔗 Jess’s Website Create & Thrive Podcast Amy’s episode of Create & Thrive podcast Thriver Circle Jess on Instagram Amy’s website Amy on Instagram     Music Credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library


Apr 14

57 min 10 sec

In this episode of the Bold Company podcast, I’m chatting with Nicola Taylor of Makers Business Toolkit. Nicola is a fine art photographer and mentor for makers and artists running their own businesses. She and I had one of my favourite conversations to date - all about finding your unique voice as a creative, maintaining your creativity and inspiration as a professional creative, and how there's no "right" or "wrong" way to go about it. If you are a creative professional of any kind, you are going to LOVE this conversation.

Apr 7

1 hr 7 min

In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with Telisa of Roessein Art. Telisa is a calligrapher and engraver based in Toronto, and she has worked with some big brands - all because she decided she wanted to. Telisa’s inspiring story from working an office job in human resources, to a sought-after calligrapher and engraver for some of the world’s biggest luxury brands, is nothing short of wildly inspiring. We talk pricing and valuing yourself as a creative professional, how identifying the kinds of customers you want to attract can direct your business efforts, and how taking risks pays off. Telisa shares some incredible gems of wisdom and advice in this chat, and I cannot wait for you to take it all in! Enjoy! 🔗 Telisa’s Links 🔗 Telisa’s website 👉 Roessein Art Telisa on Instagram Telisa on Pinterest  Telisa on YouTube  🔗 Amy’s Links 🔗 Website Instagram Free guide!  👉 5 Styles of Photos for Instagram   Music: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Mar 31

1 hr 3 min

In this episode, I’m speaking with Sarah - entrepreneur, flower farmer, florist, and all around superb human being. Sarah and her husband Kenny made some huge, bold changes in their life when they realised they wanted something different. They wanted to work together, spend more time outside, and get out of the rat race. So, they uprooted their lives in Ontario and move four provinces over to Nova Scotia, starting a brand new adventure as flower farmers. Sarah tells the story of their journey, how their family and friends felt about their bold move, their early challenges, how they continue to grow and develop as entrepreneurs, and how they’ve risen to local fame as the most sought-after florists in the area. 🔗 LINKS 🔗 Sarah on Instagram (@twobirdsonestonefarm) Two Birds One Stone Farm website Amy on Instagram Amy's website   Music credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Mar 24

1 hr 5 min

In this episode, I'm chatting with Shannon Siriano Greenwood of Rebelle - a company dedicated to creating supportive environments for women to help them thrive both personally and professionally. Shannon and I bonded over a mutual love and dedication to forging our own path, regardless of traditional "rules" and convention - AND our commitment to helping others do the same. In this conversation, Shannon shares her path as an entrepreneur, her candid points of view on business, work, and family, and what being successful means to her. 🔗 LINKS 🔗 Shannon on Instagram Rebelle on Instagram Rebelle on the Web Rebelle Con, March 21st - 23rd 2021   Music: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Mar 17

56 min 20 sec

Last summer, I hit a breaking point. I had stifled my creativity out of fear for so long that I firmly believe I was "not a creative person". Until it began bubbling up out of me in the most unexpected of ways - anxiety, mood swings, tears randomly bursting out of my face at the oddest of times. I couldn't keep it locked away any more. At the time, I didn't even know what "it" was - only that I was really struggling. I was disconnected, lost, unsure of where to go with my business and how to "fix" whatever it was that felt broken inside me. One conversation changed everything for me, and in this episode I share what was said that made me really evaluate my beliefs that I "wasn't creative", and how that began a beautiful, painful, and transformative quest to finding myself and my voice as a creative. Follow Amy on Instagram: Follow Amy on Facebook: Go to Amy's website: Music: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

Mar 10

49 min 5 sec

The all new season of Bold Company kicks off March 10th! Check out this short preview of the season premiere, releasing just one week from today. Season two will feature some amazing guests, brutally honest conversations, and some pretty big "a-ha" moments. Don't forget to hit subscribe to Bold Company on your favourite podcast platform so you're the first to know each time a new episode drops! See you there. ❤️ // Music credit for Bold Company is Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library //    

Mar 3

2 min 8 sec

It’s the season finale of Bold Company, and in this episode I’m sharing my own transformation with all you bold listeners. As a photographer, I’m embarking on a personal journey to unblock my creativity, which has been buried deep for a long time. I’m also making some major shifts in the way I do business. I’m moving away from the status quo of online marketing (the “sales funnel”, ie, more people = more money), and focusing on creating a new business model that is based on community and genuinely connecting with people. Listen now to hear just how I plan to make the shift, and how each guest from this season helped inspire me to make this bold move in my own business. 👇 LINKS 👇 Keep in touch on Instagram: Check out my website:  

Jul 2020

50 min 47 sec

In this episode, I'm talking with Zach Spuckler who career has been characterized by "zigging when everyone else is zagging". Zach's success has been built on bold moves - like walking away from his 7-figure business as a course creator to start a new endeavour as a Facebook ads agency. At a time when all the experts were pushing a "one-to-many" approach to business, Zach flipped his business to a one-to-one service-based model, because that's the way he wanted to work with people. Zach's story is one of trusting in yourself, your instincts, and not following the money, but knowing that the money will follow you. 👇 LINKS 👇 Zach on the internet: Zach's podcast: My episode on Zach's podcast: Zach on Instagram: Zach on Facebook:

Jul 2020

54 min 43 sec

In episode eight of Bold Company, I’m speaking with my friend Mai-Kee Tsang. Mai-Kee’s road to entrepreneurship was paved with tremendous challenge. Everything, from her upbringing as a “good little Asian” girl to a horrendously abusive relationship as a young adult, Mai-Kee was essentially trained to be obedient, and live a safe, conventional life. But her brave, warrior-woman spirit fought hard to change her story, and she has. Mai-Kee’s story is one of vulnerability, honesty, and overcoming significant adversity to live the life she was called for, and deserves. This interview is an absolute must-listen for anyone trying to grow a business and live a better life.  A special thank you to Mai-Kee for her brave vulnerability when speaking with me on Bold Company. Her story will no doubt inspire so many others on their own difficult paths to a better life.  👇 LINKS 👇 Mai-Kee's Website: The Quiet Rebels podcast My episode on The Quiet Rebels podcast   Mai-Kee on Instagram: 👇 LET’S CONNECT! 👇 Amy on Facebook Amy on Instagram Amy on the Internet Amy on E-mail Musical credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library


Jul 2020

1 hr 10 min

In this episode of Bold Company, I’m chatting with my good friend, Kenney Fitzpatrick. Kenney recognized a lack of representation for music artists in the LGBTQ+ community and made it his mission to showcase the wide variety of talent in the queer community, through his podcast, music charts, playlists, YouTube channel, and more. Kenney has provided a platform for queer music artists to be heard, seen, and loved by music fans across the globe, and his project continues to grow by leaps and bounds. His commitment to bringing inclusivity to the music community is incredible, and highlights the profound impact we can make in our businesses when we make it our mission to do so. Follow Kenney: The Q Review website Twitter Facebook Instagram   Theme music: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library


Jul 2020

1 hr 3 min

It’s episode six of Bold Company, and I’m chatting with my good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Emily Arbour. Emily is a business powerhouse, and a huge player in the Canadian handmade business scene. She works for Etsy Canada, has her own retail shop where she sells only handmade goods, created and facilitates her Cheerfully Made craft shows in the Ottawa area (10 years running), and even was a maker herself before selling her handmade business, a line of soy candles. Oh, and she also created and launched a digital course teaching makers how to sell wholesale. Yeah. You could say she knows a thing or two about business. In this interview, we chat about the evolution of business, managing businesses during COVID-19, and so, so much more.

Jun 2020

52 min 54 sec

In this episode, Jami King and I talk about all about building businesses when it feel like the most impossible thing to do, and why you just have to keep going. Jami's top priority when it comes to running her business is serving her community. It steers her ship, and is always what she comes back to when making decisions about her business. Come spend an hour with us, and discover just how many businesses Jami actually started before landing on her "one", and let her madly inspire you in your own journey. 👇 LINKS 👇 Handmade Journey: Handmade Journey on Facebook: LET’S CONNECT! 👇 Amy on Instagram Amy on Facebook Amy on the Internet Amy on E-mail   Musical credit: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library

May 2020

49 min 29 sec

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." That quote by Winston Churchill basically sums up my entire conversation with my friend, Jackie Muscat. Jackie is a Facebook ads manager and marketing genius based in the UK. We have known each other for nearly 3 years, through online entrepreneur circles, and let me tell you... She's the kind of woman you want in your corner. Jackie has a brilliant mind when it comes to business, and because of that (and her charming accent), I knew I had to share her with you. In this episode we talk about the role of intuition in your business, being brave, what success really looks like, and ponder whether or not failure is even real. It's another long one, but worthy of every single minute. Enjoy! Note, this episode is rated explicit due to the use of the "F" word in reference to the name of business blog I was once featured on.


May 2020

1 hr 20 min

Gillian Hyde is an entrepreneur, head honcho, and maker behind her company, Pip Robins. She began Pip Robins over 10 years old on a whim, and grew it into a thriving, highly successful business and brand in the years since her humble beginnings. More than just a bag and accessories designer, Gillian has mastered the delicate art of building a career that she absolutely loves. Her business exudes love – love for her craft, her customers, and her life. Her insights into running a successful business are invaluable, and this interview is one for the books. It’s long – just over an hour – but I couldn’t cut out anything, Every piece of this interview is special, inspiring, and could potentially be just the thing my bold listeners need to hear. Enjoy. LINKS 👇 Gillian on Instagram Pip Robins LET’S CONNECT! 👇 Amy on Instagram Amy on Facebook Amy on the Internet Amy on E-mail


May 2020

1 hr 4 min

From working in a coffee shop, to having her designs in thousands of stores worldwide, Dayna's story is a must-hear.  Her journey through entrepreneurship is an incredible story of self-development and empowerment, confronting fear and anxiety, and building an empire despite feeling like the least likely person to be behind a beautiful, global brand. ⬇️⬇️ LINKS ⬇️⬇️ Dayna Lee Collection on Instagram: Amy on Instagram: 👇 LET'S CONNECT! 👇 Amy on Instagram Amy on Facebook Amy on the Internet Amy on E-mail  

Apr 2020

46 min 5 sec

Welcome to Bold Company! In this first episode, I will share my own "origin story", my breakthough mindset moments in business, and my hopes and dreams for this podcast. LINKS 👇 The Startup Podcast - Pirate Needs Pirate Being Boss Podcast - GREAT NEWS, it appears that they are BACK to regular podcasting! You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero LET'S CONNECT! 👇 Amy on Instagram Amy on Facebook Amy on the Internet Amy on E-mail // Theme Music: Happy Life by FREDJI Music promoted by Audio Library //

Apr 2020

26 min 3 sec