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RevNYou with Real Estate is committed to helping you understand the real risks and rewards of profitable real estate investing so you can lead a life you love! This podcast will complement you as an inspired, confident, and in-action real estate investor. Through hearing the real-life stories of fellow real estate investors at various stages of their investing journeys, to learning useful tips and strategies, to personal development and improving your investor mindset, RevNYou with Real Estate is your partner on the road of living a life you love through real estate investing.

  1. 1.
    Dave Dubeau on Raising Capital and Attracting the Right Partners for YOU
  2. 2.
    Lessons Learned, $18,000 Deals, and Small Town Investing with Ryan Lake
  3. 3.
    What Kind of Real Estate Investing Is (or Isn't) Right For You
  4. 4.
    Pre-Construction Condos: The Easy Track to Wealth Building?
  5. 5.
    Real Estate Investing Fundamentals: Your Real Estate Investing Team
  6. 6.
    Getting in the Game Early with Fellow Millennial Investor Russell Mortlock
  7. 7.
    Rent-to-Own Experts Kyle Barth & Dave Shymko of KD Properties on how to invest with RTOs
  8. 8.
    Essential Reading for any Real Estate Investor's Book List
  1. 9.
    Tech Tools for Real Estate Investors
  2. 10.
    People, Properties, and Platinum Records with Musician & Real Estate Investor Nick Skalkos
  3. 11.
    You Can't Save Your Way To Wealth with Zeb & Colleen Tsikira - The Tsikira's!
  4. 12.
    Growing a Multi-Family Real Estate Investing Business with BV&Co. Founder Ray Vozza
  5. 13.
    Questions from the Net - Should you put more than 20% down? Do you need a business to start investing? Should you burn the boats? Online inquiries discussed with the RevNYou with Real Estate Partners
  6. 14.
    From 1, to 2, to 44 New Builds - The Power of Purpose-Built Rentals with Kris Bucci
  7. 15.
    Practicing The Property Manager Mindset with Gary Spencer-Smith
  8. 16.
    A Practical Raising Capital Conversation with the RevNYou with Real Estate Partners
  9. 17.
    Life, Real Estate, and Creative Financing Strategies with The Real Estate Investor Dad: Wayne Hillier
  10. 18.
    Small-Scale Flipper To Private Equity Firm CEO: Dave Seymour On Real Estate Investing Education, Mindset, and Investing South of the Border
  11. 19.
    Are you accomplishing your goals for the year? Halfway through 2020 - Returning to the process of goal setting, tracking, reviewing, and planning
  12. 20.
    Happy Canada Day! Come Together, Canada - A Message For Investing in this Great Country
  13. 21.
    Managing Focus Over Managing Time with Kunal Mohindra: BRRR Strategy Expert, Father, and Full-time Pharmacist
  14. 22.
    Raising Money During A Pandemic & Going Big to Give Big: The REInvestors Randy Molland & Steve Arneson
  15. 23.
    25 Years Young and Loving Life! RevNYou Team Member and Young Gun Investor Karysa Brossoit on DIY Renovations and The Mindset of an Investor
  16. 24.
    Using Real Estate to Leave Your Full-Time Job with YXE Real Estate Group Founder Michael Bugg
  17. 25.
    The Price Is Right! Building a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio Through Joint-Ventures with Commonwealth Home Ownership's Brad Price
  18. 26.
    From The Navy To Award Winning Investor: RevNYou's Gary Spencer-Smith on Joint-Venture Investing & The History of RevNYou
  19. 27.
    Introducing The RevNYou With Real Estate Podcast

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