Love Letters to Kellie... The Podcast


New episodes each Wednesday! "Love Letters to Kellie...the Podcast!" hosted by Kellie Rasberry and her longtime producer Robert Ehrman. Each week, Robert will read letters from listeners who are in need of advice from the Love Expert. Whether it's a teenager dealing with a first crush, a single person trying to find love online, or a spouse hoping to save a crumbling marriage, Kellie will give advice that may be tough to hear, but always comes straight from the heart. Write her for advice:

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Meeting halfway, dating uniform, and an unexpected loss.

Dec 1

43 min 40 sec

Virgins after the wedding? When to jerk a knot in his tail? And when do you give him space?

Nov 24

24 min 48 sec

Making babies, making money, and making him miss you.

Nov 17

45 min 49 sec

How much will this cost us? Wishing things would be different? And where did Kellie put her hand?

Nov 10

30 min 28 sec

A mom that is anxious, a mom that nags and a mom that cheats.

Nov 3

33 min 16 sec

Rocky relationships and NOT rocking her world? Love by feelings or love by choice? These questions and more this week.

Oct 27

44 min 20 sec

Answers for a husband and father in need, someone in love with a married man, a conflicted girlfriend, and more.

Oct 20

39 min 41 sec

Big Al Mack joins the podcast to weigh in on love and love making...

Oct 13

40 min 5 sec

Apologize to your kid, the sucky parts of divorce and a game changer for the bedroom.

Oct 6

44 min 1 sec

Kellie and Robert are joined by Ana to talk about sexy time, dark time, and time to say good riddance.

Sep 29

46 min 44 sec

From small towns and big cities to embarrassing pasts and unsure futures...

Sep 22

43 min 40 sec

A therapist checked in, a wife is checked out and being in love does not mean you are horny 24/7.

Sep 15

43 min 52 sec

A lying husband, a jealous wife, and a heartbreaking letter from a mom about dad and his mistress.

Sep 8

46 min 46 sec

Sister drama, kicking out the spouse and the dating app struggle bus.

Sep 1

29 min 33 sec

Mouth kissing, man talk, miserable mom and more...

Aug 25

42 min 30 sec

Separation, devastation, and miscommunication. All of these topics and more are in the letters this week.

Aug 18

32 min 46 sec

A fun boyfriend, an evil brother and a husband I do not love.

Aug 11

35 min 59 sec

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Aug 3

5 min 51 sec

Odd jobs, getting even, and the blame game.

Jul 28

43 min 17 sec

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Jul 27

8 min 43 sec

Guilt, Innocence, and Concern.

Jul 21

31 min 20 sec

mom life, dad life, sex life and more...

Jul 14

26 min 49 sec

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Jul 12

8 min 25 sec

Is the end game always sex? We discuss the cat and mouse game. And are there always consequences to your actions?

Jul 7

25 min 51 sec

Mom guilt, mother-in-laws and is it the wrong reason for marriage?

Jun 30

33 min 28 sec

We keep it short and sweet but come full circle this week.

Jun 23

31 min 58 sec

Teen anxiety, normal feelings, and a disagreement with Kellie.

Jun 16

23 min 45 sec

A family bond, a walking cliche, and first date anxiety.

Jun 9

31 min 52 sec

Entertaining, intoxicating, and not reconsidering. Also baby names :)

Jun 2

31 min 2 sec

Kansas girls, gravy trains, and father figures.

May 26

31 min 33 sec

A newly lost soul, living near family, and back off grandma!

May 19

31 min 2 sec

Weddings, whoopsies and the workplace.

May 12

30 min 21 sec

Strict homes, second chances, and a marriage proposal... in bed.

May 5

36 min 57 sec

A licensed therapist weighs in, a sudden breakup, long distance feelings, and more.

Apr 28

31 min 33 sec

Sometimes you have to leave and mean it, why you should want more for yourself and sometimes you need to be 'Danger Girl'

Apr 21

34 min 44 sec

Dealing with high school, husbands, and happiness this week.

Apr 14

27 min 43 sec

One desperate momma, a frustrated working wife, and sex for showers?

Apr 7

50 min 29 sec

Spenders, smokers, snapchats and more...

Mar 31

43 min 57 sec

Heavy hearts, happy news, and horny women at church.

Mar 24

55 min 14 sec

He had an affair with her? What about your baby daddies? And why is sex so hard?

Mar 17

48 min 53 sec

Opposites attract, career crossroads, and keeping your panties on. All that and more this week!

Mar 10

46 min 25 sec

One letter brings Kellie to tears, Valentine's Day fallout, and he wants kids... just not with her!

Mar 3

54 min 46 sec

This week we deal with letters about neighbors, family members, exes, a fiance, the military, co-workers and more...

Feb 24

54 min 8 sec

Mercy killings, best friend relationships, and hand written breakup letters.

Feb 17

34 min 14 sec

Baby mommas, bad bosses, and a brother's bad decisions.

Feb 10

32 min 14 sec

Is average Joe settling? Could you hang up the phone on your mom? And you won't believe what this guy did to his wife and mother of his children.

Feb 3

31 min 56 sec

An arranged marriage, a diappointing daddy, and a family member taking advantage of a situation.

Jan 27

45 min 35 sec

Til death do us part... but he won't die!

Jan 20

30 min 6 sec

He won't work, she had that other guy's baby, and why is Juliet mad at Romeo?

Jan 13

31 min 41 sec

Out of the blue breakups, nudist colonies, and a passion for laundry.

Jan 6

33 min 9 sec