Marketing Matters Podcast

Ben Capper and Richard Forshaw Smith - all about how to do comms and marketing brilliantly. From strategy to social media to content planning. Everything you need to know, or have ever wondered about marketing and communications.

Marketing Matters is a podcast about everything to do with marketing and communications - and why it's important.

It's hosted by Ben Capper and Richard Forshaw Smith; two professional marketers with a ton of experience in marketing in the UK private and public sectors.

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Ben and Rich are back with a new episode talking about what's changed in comms and marketing, 12 months on from the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK. We talk about: - "The Ultimate Mad Friday" - Toleration and celebration of low quality video content - Booking holidays - Embracing digital Get in touch with us at and

Mar 4

33 min 30 sec

Ben and Rich are back! It's been 8 months and A LOT has happened in that time. But we take the time to discuss what's happened to the world of communications and marketing since the COVID19 lockdown and how our profession has changed forever. We also tackle the UK Government's comms strategy. Yup. We go there. Enjoy! Interested in learning more about us? Visit:

Jul 2020

55 min 39 sec

Rich and Ben are BACK! And we're talking about the sharp end of marketing. So whether it's sales, recruitment or other big decisions, we talk about how to take your customers or audience on a "journey" (sorry), and how to use stuff like Facebook pixel to take your campaign to the next level, by anticipating and building on interest. Practical tips, and evangelism for automation. It's all here. Enjoy.

Dec 2019

34 min 20 sec

Ben and Rich are back with a discussion about content marketing. What is it? Is it even a thing? Isn't it just leaflets and stuff, but on the internet? Not so, apparently. Listen for more....

Nov 2019

31 min 31 sec

Welcome to Marketing Matters. The podcast where two white middle aged men (because that's the podcast law) talk about stuff. In particular, Ben Capper of Grey Fox Communications and Marketing Ltd and Rich Forshaw-Smith of RFS Marketing Ltd talk about everything to do with marketing and communications, and why it's important. In this Episode, Ben and Rich talk about the differences and similarities between public and private sector comms, and find out that there's more of the former than the latter. Whatever you do, it's about being known, liked and trusted. Have a listen, and enjoy. Find out more:

Aug 2019

40 min 20 sec

How do you create a great comms strategy that works properly for your organisation? Well, Ben and Rich talk about this in an in depth discussion where they cover stuff like: - Where to start - Outcomes - Audiences - Messaging - How to make it fun and meaningful for the whole organisation. Enjoy - comment, and get in touch. Did we mention Poldark?

Aug 2019

48 min 50 sec

Ben and Richard return with more "top chat" about how to use social media advertising more effectively to reach your audiences. Contact Rich for more detail if you need him to help you supercharge your social media advertising:

Aug 2019

33 min 58 sec