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The most profitable way to make money with your podcast is by selling your own products and services. Today I share a strategy on how you can do a focus group for your online course without spending any money.  MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Membervault Vimeo Teachable Profit From Your Podcast Book

Nov 15

6 min 12 sec

Selling is 90% mental. I used to teach sales many moons ago. When I work with clients who have products and services to sell, when I listen to their podcast their pitch sounds like this: "Hey, like if you need, I mean you don't have to, but, like, if you kinda want to, you can maybe, like, go to, you know, my website (then said so fast you can't understand it)." When I ask people why they did that they said they felt "Salesy." This typically is based on a bad stereotype of some sleazy used car salesman from the 1970s who is selling you a bucket of bolts that is going to barely make it off the car lot. To this, I ask, "Is your product or service a bucket of bolts?" Then switch from selling your product or service to informing your potential customer how your products and services can help them." I had a friend who was bummed she wasn't getting any speaking gigs. She never mentioned it once in her podcast.  It doesn't have to be a giant pitch. It could be as simple as, "I was speaking at a high school and one of the students came up and asked me a question and I thought, "That would be a great topic for a podcast episode." With just that one sentence, your audience now knows you speak to high school kids.  If you are looking to make money with your podcast check out my book, "Profit from your podcast." I also have a companion podcast.

Nov 1

6 min 26 sec

I get this question on a fairly regular basis. And that is, Hey, we said this, should I mark my podcast as explicit? One time I was thoroughly confused because they were mentioning the F word. And I'm not going to say any of these words today, I'm going to keep mine clean, but it was the F word. It's the one that rhymes with fire truck. And they said, Can I use this (the F Word) Because I'm using it as an adjective, not a verb. And the fun part of this, especially when it comes to Apple, is they've never really defined exactly what is explicit. So consequently, you can't go right up to the line because well, the line isn't very well designed.  Which leads everybody going well, is it okay to talk about this if it's .........? So here's my answer to that. Number one, there is no answer. It's really up to you. I'm going to talk about what the consequences are here in a second. But most of the time, if you have to ask, Is this explicit? The answer is, Yeah, probably. Would you listen to this episode with a three year old in the car? That's another way of thinking about it.  So let me tell you what happens when you mark a single episode as explicit. Even though it's just an episode, your entire show will be banned in a bunch of countries. And I want to thank Daniel J. Lewis, he's the guy behind If you mark a single episode, your show will be pulled from Apple's directory in the following countries: Bahrain Belarus Brunei Darussalam Burkina Faso Chad Egypt India Jordan Lebanon Nepal Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Tunisia United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Yemen So kiss that goodbye.  Now the other thing that can happen is if you leave it labeled clean, and somebody goes to Apple and says I would like to report this episode, there is a chance they will pull your entire show. The third option is okay, I don't want to mark it explicit because I want to be available everywhere. Then you can bleep out the naughty words.  Free 15 Minute Strategy Session Click HERE to Apply for a Free Strategy session  I'm Dave Jackson from the School of podcasting comm thanks for joining me on my mission to rid the world of boring podcasts and I look forward to being your podcast consultant.  

Oct 15

5 min 37 sec

You’ve probably heard the phrase knowledge is power. I always say knowledge is power when you act on it. Today I’m going to explain when knowledge is a curse. When you do an interview, picture yourself sitting at a table with your guest across from you and your listener sitting to the left of you. This is often where the curse of knowledge comes into play. You bring up that time at the weidapit and how much fun it was with Lisa. Your audience doesn’t know what a weidapit is, and who the heck is Lisa? This can lead to them feeling like they don't belong and this podcast is not for them.  Need Help? Check out my free 15-minute coaching call.

Oct 1

6 min 21 sec

The more honest feedback (from people you aren't related to grew up with) you get from your audience the better your show will be. It's a little scary to ask people for feedback, but in the end without feedback, you are at risk of wasting your time creating content that doesn't resonate with your audience. Today I have some tools to make it easy.  Podcast Voicemail is exactly what it sounds like. You get a toll-free number for your audience to call into. The good news is everyone knows how to dial a phone number and it can be as low as 7 cents a minute. The bad news is the audio is not great so if you're looking to use these calls in .your show, it's not a great choice.  Podpage Podpage is a great tool where you can create a great-looking website for your podcast and it has a voicemail tool built-in.  Speakpipe Speakpipe is the original tool for getting feedback from your audience. It's $15/month and recently went through a very nice upgrade.  Telbee Telbee is a bit like Speakpipe on steroids and a little more flexible for $18/month Video Ask Video ask is a way to get feedback via video. They have a free version, and then monthly plans start at $30 Voice Form As I write this in September of 2021 Voice Form is on Sale for a lifetime price of $69. Not only does it make it easy to get feedback, but it also has built-in tools for surveys. I am currently testing this for my free call application. Apply today for a free consulting call.

Sep 19

6 min 23 sec

I get this question all the time and the quick answer is when it comes to subscribers - you can't. However, there are other ways to measure success. First, let's talk about the current state of affairs. You can see engaged listeners (people that listen to a sizeable chunk of your episode) in Apple. You can see followers in Spotify. In Google podcasts you can actually see subscribers. However, if you look at Spotify and Google's numbers they don't seem to jive with the number of downloads. This is why I say for the most part you can't. To this, I ask, "Why do you want to know?" I WANT TO TRACK GROWTH If the answer is, "I want to track my growth" then I have a solution. You can use your download numbers. If you want to know who your superfans are, then use a time frame such as 7 days. In hosts like Libsyn (use the promo code sopfree to get a free month at and Buzzsprout you can look at how many downloads an episode receives after 7 days (as well as 30, 90, and all-time). This makes it easy to see what episodes performed the best. NOT EVERYONE LISTENS! (BUT MOST DO) I know some people shout, "But you can download a file and never listen to it." In June of 2021 Apple had a glitch where it's auto-download option quit working, and according to podnews, this represented about 11% of downloads. This means roughly 90% of people that download a file listen to it. Apple podcasts has a feature that if you haven't listened to any of the last 5 downloads it stops downloading them. LET'S GO BACK TO YOUR WHY Keep in mind there are more ways to measure success and that is why we are coming back to your why. In episode 99 I talked about the different ways people benefit from podcasting. I episode 79 I talked about the importance of knowing your why. Some examples are: Being seen as an expert Getting to talk to people you normally wouldn't Growing influence Selling more products Getting your message out Growing an email list I look at my stats once a week. I look at the last episode and compare it to the previous episode. My goal is not to drive numbers up for advertisers. My goal for this podcast (my why) is to get you to hire me as your podcasting sherpa. Your trusted guide to get you over the mountain you feel is starting a podcast. If you're more of a self-paced person, you might join the School of Podcasting. In May of this year, my numbers took an ever so slight dip. However, my consulting numbers went up. When you know your why, you know when (or more importantly when NOT TO) to start to look at your content. MEASURING SUPER FANS For now, I would look at how many downloads you get the first seven days after being published if you want to use download numbers. If you need help growing your audience, reach out to me at and schedule a strategy session. I can listen to an episode, check out your website, and let you know if I find any hidden fruit.

Sep 1

7 min 39 sec

Today we continue our discussion of Imposter Syndrome and feeling "We're not worthy!" Here are some strategies: You are not defined by your mistakes. The “I must not fail mentality” can be crippling. There is one person who really needs your message Not everyone will like you, and that is OK. Credentials don't always mean what you think they do. Find one person you know and trust and let them know you feel like a fraud Instead of saying, “I don't know anything” say, “I don’t know everything…yet. I’m still learning.” Yes, there is luck and timing, but there is also talent, dedication, and charisma. While your feelings are real, this does not mean they are accurate. Quit focusing on yourself, and instead focus on your audience and how you will deliver value. But What Are the Magic Words That Make Impostor Syndrome Disappear? In doing tons of research on this, there aren't any words that you can say to have your feelings "Poof" and they vanish.  What you're going to have to do is acknowledge the nervousness, and keep going.  I've been public speaking for decades, and yet I still get sweaty hands before I start. Once I start, I'm fine.  What turns down the panic and nerves is taking action. I know you're saying "But I'm nervous!"  That is normal. Being nervous is actually good. It shows you care. But letting your fear stop you is a choice.  We have a joke at the School of Podcasting. We say, "Nobody is going to punch you in the face." You know what? So far, it's true.  Let's Get Your Podcast Going Sign up for a podcast strategy session today.

Aug 15

9 min 15 sec

70% of people have impostor syndrome. This is where you feel you are a fraud. You have opportunities that land in your lap and you feel underqualified. You feel it's just a matter of time until you are found out.  This results in crippling fear or overworking/perfectionism. Here are some things to consider: You feel like a fraud because of this huge opportunity that has been put in your lap. Maybe, it's not quite as important as you think. It's important to you, but you're not curing cancer. It doesn't have to be perfect You have had some successes in the past. You've done hard things in the past. Think of the hardest thing you have to overcome. You did it. You're still here. Don't ignore your successes. DO NOT compare yourself to THAT person. There are always people “better” than you and people worse. You are never as good as your best review or as bad as your worst. Your feelings are normal. Feeling nervous is normal. Letting it stop you is a choice.   I can help you work through the nerves and get your podcast off the ground.  Schedule a strategy session today.

Aug 1

9 min 1 sec

I get this question alot, "Do I NEED a website for my podcast?" This is usually from a person who feels they are not a "technical" person and they fear making a website. They feel you need to be a "nerd" to create a website. Well, fear not, you don't need to be a nerd, but you do NEED a website. Here is why How is Google going to find you? When you publish an episode with text describing what is in the episode it is "Google Food." You want a CENTRAL place for your audience to go to. Your social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) are "Satellites" but these come and go (periscope anyone?).  Your website is the place people to go take action. This could be to subscribe/follow to your show, join your email list, leave a voicemail You don't want to say "Find my show in (app)" and those apps have horrible search features and in some cases, you can't be found. By sending them to your website they don't have to search for those links. You can make it easy to follow/subscribe. Check Out Podpage Right now I love Podpage. This was designed on podcaster feedback and makes it super easy to create a beautiful site for your podcast in less than 5 minutes. You can try it for free for seven days check it out. If you want a little hand-holding, I do have a course at Need Some Help With Your Podcast Schedule a strategy session at

Jul 1

6 min 52 sec

You've ended up with an interview that is a real stinker? How do you save your interview? Acknowledge it's your fault Turn it into a narrative style podcast Remove it, or don't publish it.  What and How Can I Edit My Podcast? Never forget it is YOUR Show.  For more interview tips see Schedule a Strategy Call Today Go to Full show notes at

Jun 15

7 min 13 sec

I get this question on an almost daily basis. The answer is: it depends. After all YouTube is quite popular. 2 billion people log into YouTube Each Month 1 Billion hours watched daily In 2019 it was reported that 500 hours of video were uploaded to Youtube every minute It's the #2 Search Engine Source If you're not doing anything on YouTube - Yes If you already have a YouTube channel with real videos (not audio with a static image) I would create a second YouTube channel for the "Fake Video" (audio with a static image) episodes.  Some people try to find the perfect clip to use as a promo. This can be quite a time suck. Why not just come up with a tease, and say it into your web cam? Then explain where they can find the full episode.  A very popular web cam is the Logitech C920. DO NOT use the camera's mic (or the built in microphone of your computer). The audio from those devices is awful and audio is very important to video. I can help if you're new to video. 

Jun 1

6 min 57 sec

A Niche is a group of people. Some people call it your target audience. The bottom line is "everybody" CAN'T BE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.  Three Tools To Niche Down Demographics (age, sex, location) Business (what is the topic the show is about) Level of Expertise (Beginners, Intermediates, Experts) EXAMPLE: I want to do a show about: Being more confident Being a more confident parent Being more confident first-time parents Being a more confident first-time interracial parent. Need Help With Your Podcast? Schedule a strategy session today Mentioned In This Episode Adoptees On We Have Cancer Podcast

May 15

6 min 59 sec

Back in episode 90 I talked about some of the really bad advice for new podcasters that I see in Facebook groups and today I want to talk about batch recording and when it's OK to do it, and what are the negative side effects.  WHAT IS BATCH RECORDING Batch recording is when you record a bunch of episodes in one sitting. For example, if you do a show that publishes Monday through Friday, you might record five shows on Saturday. Then set them to release over the next week.  THE PROS OF BATCH RECORDING YOUR PODCAST When you batch record, you have one day where you can focus and "pound out" your podcast and take the test of the week to either promote those episodes, research more episodes, etc. You have the rest of the week "free."  The other nice thing about having a few unreleased episodes is when life happens, you have an episode to publish and keep your schedule. Having unreleased episodes can reduce some of the stress of always being on the hunt for new episodes.  WHEN IS BATCH RECORDING YOUR PODCAST A BAD IDEA? So I was in a Facebook group and someone said when you launch you should record 10 episodes ahead of time and then schedule your big launch.  I will say this again, having a BIG launch and thinking it will deliver unending success is like saying having a BIG wedding will deliver bliss and happiness. In both cases, the work is still starting.  WHEN TO NEVER BATCH RECORD I had a client once that came to who had already recorded 52 episodes of his weekly podcast. There was one large problem. The files were in the wrong format. He had no way to go back and redo them. He had to go back and re-record them.  If you have not found a stranger who is your target audience to listen to your show and give you honest feedback, then recording a bunch of episodes is not a good idea.  In the business world, this is called "Proof of Concept." Before you go "all in" on a product you want to make sure your intended audience needs that product and likes the one you created.  What if you record 10 episodes and they all have the "Lightning Round" segment, and after the first two episodes are release you get feedback that the lightning round is really annoying? You have eight more episodes with a lightning round coming down your feed in the future unless you go back and edit them.  So I would never batch record a large number of episodes when you first launch until you know you are delivering what your audience wants.  Ready To Start Your Podcast? Schedule a strategy session today at Mentioned In This Episode Episode 90 - Don't Throw Away Your Audience Podcast Editing Service - Let My Team Edit Your Show

May 1

5 min 15 sec

As someone who works in tech support for a podcast media hosting company, I get to see a wide view of the podcasting space. With this in mind, I want to help you get your podcast questions answered quickly.  Tip 1: Write down your login name and password.  There are times when we don't post an episode for a while and when we fire up the microphone we forget how to login. I use a tool called LastPass that securely stores my login and passwords.  TIP 2: Be SUPER Specific. Here are general terms that people use.  My Podcast (name?) The Episode (which one) Isn't playing (where). Isn't displaying (where) My Client (which one) TIP 3: Send the ticket from the email you use to login This way if you forget to say the name of your podcast, then the tech support person should be able to look up your account based on your email.  TIP 4: Let Me Retrace Your Steps So you feel something isn't working right. To recreate the problem, I need to know exactly what you've tried and how you did it. So instead of, "I can't update my billing." It would be. I logged into my account for my show (name of show) on my phone and I copied and pasted in my new credit card number. When I click save it go the error (then the error).  Tip 5: Uncropped Screenshots Are Always Welcome Here is an article on how to take screenshots. You can paste these into a Word or Google Doc and then attach them to a ticket.  TIP 6: Sending Multiple Tickets Can Slow Down The Response I know the squeaky wheel gets the grease. However, when you send in a ticket, and another, and another. Instead of having all of your information in one place, I now have to organize all of your comments and that takes more time. Be patient. We want you up and running. Also, trying to shame people by posting to social media isn't helpful either. The social media person often is not a person on the tech support team.  TIP 7: Don't Ask Facebook I realize you in a panic in some cases, and you REALLY need an answer. When you ask Facebook there are a few things to consider: 1. You are asking people who may not have any insights into the issue, but respond anyway. 2. The competitors of your current media host will start telling you to switch to their service.  I'm not going to ask my Dentist how to add a new starter to my car. The best place to get the best answer is from the team of your media host. They know the system inside and out.  TIP 8: Patience is a Virtue I understand you're frustrated, but taking your frustration out on the person who is trying to help you doesn't help the situation. This especially goes for churches.  Summary:  Your tech support team wants you to be successful. They want you up and running sooner or later. No detail is too small. Many times if you log into your media host first, the information about your account is already included.   

Apr 15

8 min 32 sec

Way back in episode 37 I said the easy way to get your show into an Amazon smart speaker (Alexa) I said you could use (which was true and still is) but it's much easier (and works well) if you add your podcast to Amazon Music.  Another Reason to have your show listed in Amazon Music/Audible is your show will start to appear in Amazon search results.  How often do you go to Amazon a day? How many searches do you do?  Go Play In That Traffic Here is a resource: Episode 20 - Top Podcast Directories If you need help growing your podcast, then schedule a strategy session today and let's get you going in the right direction.  go to

Apr 1

3 min 24 sec

Saying a big launch is the key to a successful podcast is like saying having a big wedding is the key to a happy marriage. In both cases, the real work is just starting.  Schedule a Strategy Session If you need help with your podcast and want to tap into my 16 years of experience, I'd love to help (my background is in teaching/education). Go to I saw in a Facebook group where someone was not happy with their progress and was going to "delete everything and relaunch" NO!!! I live in Akron Ohio and about 60 miles north is Cleveland, Ohio. If I start walking to Cleveland and take a wrong turn I don't go back home and start walking to Cleveland again. I readjust from where I am and keep moving in the right direction. If you delete your show you are THROWING AWAY YOUR AUDIENCE. I don't know about you, but I work too hard to lose one single audience member.  Launching a Podcast is Easy I could burp into my phone and it would be in Apple next week. This is not a joke.  Launching a GOOD Podcast Takes Thought You have to know who your audience is, and what they want. You have to know YOUR WHY. Then figure out what you can talk about that will hold their attention while getting them to move toward your WHY.  If you need help, come visit me at

Mar 15

4 min 56 sec

I see people mesmerized by the new Clubhouse App. It's interesting and has 10 million people on it. Here are some other interesting tidbits: It's on iOs only. So 70% of THE WORLD can't use it. They are using FOMO (fear of missing out) like a jedi marketer.  Have you ever listened to "no screener" talk radio on the radio? It's pretty bad when "everybody gets a microphone." Over the years podcasting has been declared dead so many times. And yet, 17 years later it's still here and Edison Research showed this week it's continued to grow EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  Ready for a Strategy Session? Go to and let's get you going in the right direction.  Is Clubhouse Competition? Anything that can take your audio is competition. Xbox, AM/FM, Sirius, Hulu, HBO, etc is all competition. The advantage of audio podcasts is you can do other things while you listen (i.e. Drive). You can do that with clubhouse, so what does this mean? Are we doomed? No, you just have to be better than what is on clubhouse.  Also, don't forget the power of time-shifted conversations that podcasting provides. Currently, Clubhouse is a live conversation and if you miss it, you miss it (although there are rumors recording is coming).  How to Use Clubhouse? For me, I'm going over to help people. I make sure my links are in my bio. Then I deliver value and hope people will check my bio. I am meeting new people and finding potential partners, guests, and more. I'm not looking to pitch.  I could see inviting your audience to a conversation at a certain time (again realize 70% of your audience won't be able to attend as they are on Android). 

Mar 1

8 min 31 sec

When we start to panic, we make bad decisions. Consequently, when your show isn't growing as fast as you want, you might upgrade your equipment (when you didn't need to), or move to a different media host (thinking it will help you get more downloads.  In full disclosure, I work for (who does make it easy to syndicate your show - use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month - as Libsyn is short for Liberated Syndication), but assuming you've submitted your show for approval - a different media host won't boost your downloads.  The Download Equation Total Value X Smart Promotion = Total Downloads If you don't have value in your episode, then no matter how much promotion you do - it won't grow.  If you have value in your episodes, but don't promote it - it will be slow.  The bottom line to all of this is to know your audience.  If you need help with this, I can help.  Schedule a Strategy Session Today I can help with planning, growing, and monetizing your podcast. Go to

Feb 15

6 min 54 sec

Your podcast is your brand, and while your guests might not be as nerdy as you are with as nice as gear as you have, that doesn't mean we give them a pass when it comes to audio quality.  In movies, plays, television, people audition to get a part and be seen. You should be no different. You don't have to set the bar super high, but the bottom line is it that it is YOUR show and how it sounds reflects on YOU.  You can ask a potential guest, "Can you provide a link so I can hear your audio quality?" as well as, "I'd be happy to interview you. As we have never met, I reserve the right to not publish the episode if you're not a good fit for my audience, is that OK?"  Anyone not confident enough in their ability to bring value will complain. You don't want those people.  People will often find themselves in a situation where they NEED a GUEST NOW (and will take anyone). Don't put yourself into a situation to be desperate. You make really bad decisions when you are desperate.  Need Help? I can help you with your podcast (planning, launching, growing, equipment, monetization). Let's have a strategy session at

Feb 1

5 min 57 sec

Today I talk about something that happened on my live Saturday show Ask the Podcast Coach. We asked a few people "Where can we find your podcast?" and few people answered the podcast correctly.  ENOUGH WITH THE LINK TREES WHY would you (in some cases) PAY to promote someone else's brand? This baffles me. If you're new to link trees, here is a definition.  A link tree allows you to create a personalized and easily-customizable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience.  I have a name for that: YOUR WEBSITE? When someone asks you where they can find your stuff you give them one answer YOUR WEBSITE. Then on your website, you can have buttons to subscribe to the show on all the platforms.  BENEFITS OF PROMOTING YOUR SHOW You can boost your Google ranking by having people stay on your site. By sharing a link to your site, that then gets shared on social, which also will build your Google rankings. If you are doing Facebook advertising, you can place the pixel.  Your audience can subscribe on whatever app they want.  SEARCH TOOLS ARE HORRIBLE When you are saying, "find me in (app)" you may be sending your audience into a black hole. Sending them to your website eliminates them having to find you. 

Jan 15

6 min 20 sec

You can't find a podcast and you've decided to make the podcast YOU want to listen to. Here are the steps to launch a successful podcast. 00:54 Why are you starting a podcast? 01:14 Who is your audience? 01:34 What will you talk about? 01:52 Pick a format 02:13 Order Your Equipment 02:32 Practice and Learn Your Gear 02:51 Identify Your Intro and Outro 03:48 Record an Episode 04:04 Get HONEST Feedback 04:34 Order Artwork 04:58 Order a Media Host 05:16 Create Your Website 05:50 Submit Your Show To Directories Mentioned In This Episode What Link Should I Use to Promote My Show? Do I Need a Website for My Podcast? In-Depth Episodes on Launching a Podcast The Worst Way To Start Your Podcast Episodes Start Podcasting Schedule a Coaching Call Join Dave's Quick Start Program Join the School of Podcasting  

Jan 1

7 min 34 sec

You get an email asking you to join a network. You're flattered. You need to think about this. Do I need to change my feed? Talk to someone who is on the network and get before and after numbers How do they select new network members? What gets your fired? Who owns the content if you decide to leave? Will they redirect your feed if you decide to leave? Full notes and bonus video at  

Dec 2020

6 min 41 sec

Today we are going to talk a little about Podcast SEO - (Search Engine Optimization) There are types of players that media hosts provide that are often called: Show Player (instead of an episode player) Podcast Juke Box Binge Box There are WordPress plugins like Simple Podcast Press and Fuse Box but I'm also talking about the players you get from our media host. Especially one that provides multiple episodes (which is what we are primarily focused on today). Those players are in what is known as an "iframe." The bottom line as while that player looks like it's on my website, it's actually from my media host (Libsyn). I'm not an "anti-sow player" but I am "anti - the only player on a website is the show player." Why? As those players only appear on your site, you get almost zero Google Juice (if not zero) from that type of player. Getting More SEO and Google Love For Your Podcast While it is tempting to have one "Set it and forget it" type of player, what I recommend in addition to that type of player is to treat every episode like a blog post. The blog post attracts Google. Google sends people to your website, and because they stay longer (hopefully because they are listening) which leads Google to think your content is really good and sends more traffic to you. But doesn't this then require more work? Yes. Yes, it does. Do you want to be found in Google? You have to do the work. I Just Want You To Make Informed Decisions My goal is to make sure you understand the consequences of your choices so you can make good choices. Schedule a Coaching Call Today I can help you plan, launch, and grow your podcast (and Monetize). Schedule a call today.

Dec 2020

7 min 35 sec

First things first, let's explain technically what a podcast is: A program delivered via RSS. This can be audio (typically mp3), video (typically m4a), or a pdf file. So technically YES, you can have a video podcast  NOT ALL APPS WILL PLAY IT Google podcasts and pandora won't do anything with it, while apps like Overcast and Stitcher will play the audio, but not show the video, and Apple Podcasts will play the video and others will as well.  There is a list on WHAT I ADVISE PEOPLE TO DO Go upload your video to YouTube for free and embed the video on your website. Then take the audio of that video and put it out as a podcast as an mp3 file. If this is something very visual and it NEEDS to be video, than make a second version of the file that is tailored for a smaller screen. This will take up less room (and be cheaper to host) and it won't take up so much room on your audience's phone DON'T MIX AND MATCH If you have an audio podcast I would not recommend mixing a video and audio podcast in the same feed. If you're doing a video show AND an audio podcast make sure each one has its own feed.  DO YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? I'd love to answer your podcast questions (about any podcast topic), let's schedule a coaching session today at

Nov 2020

6 min 51 sec

How many subscribers does my podcast have? Just this morning, I've had three people email me this question this morning (and I heard it on my last coaching call).  The answer is: you can't. There's no actual way to get that number. YouTube Vs Podcasting Everybody bring up subscriber counts because of YouTube. Realize YouTube is centralized. If you're watching YouTube, you're watching it on YouTube. Podcasting is different, you have an RSS feed (see the mechanics of podcasting). You can listen to the exact same content on Apple on Google on overcast on Amazon, etc. It is decentralized. Consequently, you can't really tell how many people are subscribed to your show. Strategies for Determining "Subscribers" Now there are a couple strategies you can use to kind of figure out an idea of how many subscribers you have. The Seven Day Method If you go into an episode in whatever your media host is, I recommend (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month) and you can go into an episode filter the stats to only show the first week. So as I record this, it's November 1, I can say show me November 1 through November 8, assuming that the episode was released on November 1. A week's worth of data would give you an idea of what some people feel, are your subscribers because, in reality, your subscribers are your superfans. They are more than likely going to consume the content, the minute it's available. That's one way if you're looking for subscribers. The Podcasts Connect Method The other way is if you go into They have stats there where you can see what percentage of your listeners (ON APPLE) are subscribed. It's not your entire audience. What I've seen some people do is they will take that percentage and apply it to their total number of downloads. Let's say it's 70%. You get 300 downloads per episode. If you take 70% of 300. That is 210 subscribers. So that's another way of getting an idea of how many subscribers you have. There are More Ways to Measure Success There are more ways to measure success than downloads. You can measure reviews, that's kind of a way of measuring engagement. Did anybody email you about the episode? If you're selling products, did sales go up? How about retweets? There are all sorts of ways such as comments on a blog. There are so many ways to measure podcast success. Why Are Your Podcasting? I was on a call this morning with a client. I asked him, "Why are you doing your podcast?"  He said, Oh, well, I want to talk to these companies that are basically funding small businesses. I asked, Are you doing that? He said, "Yeah, they come on as guests." Then I pointed out that your podcast is successful (you are talking to the people you wanted to talk to). That's really why you always have to know your why.  But the bottom line is you can't see how many subscribers you have. The key is knowing who your audience is, know what they want, and give it to them and then have a clear call to action as to what you want them to do at the end of your episode. What do I want you to do? I want you to schedule a time where we can sit down and do some one on one consulting and get you going in the right direction. Schedule a Mentoring Session Today Go to

Nov 2020

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I had one of my editing clients as me if I could edit an episode from a few months ago. In the episode, they had talked about a webinar that they were doing that month. Now that the webinar was long past, they felt it just didn't make any sense. That is how I got the idea for this episode. Future Proof Your Podcast Anytime you mentioned a date be sure to include the year (as some people may hear this episode years from now). Then throw in the additional information, "If you're listening to this episode after (whatever the date is) be sure to check out our website (and then say the website address) for the latest information." This "Future proofs" your episode. Beware of the Curse of Knowledge I often hear podcasters say things like, "Just go to our website," or "It's out at the website." You want to make it easy for your listeners so say your website address.  You're not saying it because you know your website, or you think, "I just said it in the last episode." Remember, you are always gaining new listeners.  Evergreen Topics Some people only record topics that are evergreen. A news show is the direct opposite of evergreen as the information is outdated quickly. So for example, an evergreen topic in this show might be what makes good content? Well, this really doesn't change. Good content means you are doing at least one (hopefully multiple) items on this list: Laugh Cry Think Grown Educate Entertain If you're not doing any of those. You're boring. I can say that today, and  I'm 100% sure that is going to be absolutely true in five years, 10 years, or 20 years from now. I'm sure there are topics in your genre that are evergreen. Using a News Story to Demonstrate an Evergreen Topic Recently rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen died. I was a huge fan, and I really wanted to talk about it. To keep it evergreen I pulled facts from his career and used them to help podcasters. You can listen to the episode here. Go In With Your Eyes Open You can do episodes that will become outdated. It's YOUR show. There are podcasts that cover the news after all. Just realize the more evergreen your topic the better the chance it will connect with your audience no matter how long ago you published the episode. Need Help Your Your Podcast? Do you need help planning, launching, or growing your podcast? Schedule a coaching call and let's get you going in the right directions

Oct 2020

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I was working with a client, I'll change things up a bit. Let's say they were interested in help people "Do More," or "Be More Productive." Who could use that content? College Students Parents There are many more, but let's limit the list to the two above.  You Need to KNOW your WHY? There are many reasons to start a podcast. These include: Being seen as an expert Getting to talk to people you normally wouldn't Growing influence Selling more products Getting your message out and more.. In this instance, the person wanted to make some money with their podcast by promoting some digital products. That's fine. Now let's look at our potential audience When it comes to college students vs Parents which one has more money?  Parents - hands down.  So who do you gear your content toward? Parents. Why? Because your "WHY" is to sell digital products and you have a better shot with parents.  If you don't achieve your why, you will get frustrated and quit.  Let's Brainstorm Together Sometimes you are too close to the forest to see the trees. If you need someone to brainstorm and make sure your goals line up with your content, I can help with that. Let's schedule a coaching call today.  Mentioned In This Episode Profit From Your Podcast: Turn Your Listeners Into Livelihood

Oct 2020

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I was in a Facebook group and someone asked, "What are your tips for getting more listeners to your podcast?" and the very first comment was, "Marketing.. Facebook ads" and while there were other decent suggestions, many of the suggestions were BUYING promotion (Facebook, Google Ads, etc).  It wasn't until I left a comment that someone brought up making sure your content is good. Here is what I wrote: Create content that is SO GOOD, that your audience has no choice, they HAVE TO share it with a friend. According to Jacobs media 70% of people find new podcasts through word of mouth. Once you are positive your show is having the impact on people you want to impact (it really needs to be people you did not grow up with, and people you are not related to like your mother), THEN you can start promoting your show.  Get Some Feedback If you want some feedback I do offer a Podcast Review service.  If you'd rather work on your content in private sign up for some coaching. Let me know what episode to listen to, and we can amplify what you are doing correct, and minimize the parts that aren't working.  Publicity Isn't Always the Key To Success Why do I say this? Do you know these names? Samantha 'Just Sam' Diaz Laine Hardy Maddie Poppe Trent Harmon Nick Fradiani Caleb Johnson Candice Glover Phillip Phillips Scotty McCreery Lee DeWyze Kris Allen David Cook Jordin Sparks Taylor Hicks Carrie Underwood Fantasia Barrino Ruben Studdard Kelly Clarkson Thes are all American Idol WINNERS. With this in mind, publicity alone will not be the sole solution to getting your show more downloads. You need to make sure it resonates with your audience first.   

Sep 2020

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Supply and Demand The "law" of supply and demand is this: The more demand there is for a product, the more you can charge for it. There are many things that lead and boost demand, and that is outside the scope of today's show. In general, you are delivering value (or perceived value) If you raise the price more and more, the demand may go down (as it doesn't deliver as much value for the price).  Cover Charge When I was a musician, some places I played would charge a "Cover Charge" which was a way of attracting people with more disposable income (as you would pay $5 to get in the door). People with disposable income might have more money to buy food and drinks.  I believe some people are charging to be on their show as a "Cover Charge." This is for very, very, very popular shows. This is by far, not the norm.  The Slippery Slope If you charge someone money to appear, you might end up with some "Extra money." I don't know about you, but I remember paying of a car or credit card, and thinking I would have "extra" money at the end of the month. Somehow, you always seem to find a way to spend that extra money. Now you NEED guests to pay you to appear to help pay for the new car, your child's new braces, or whatever it is you have now added to your assets.  This may mean you are going to be less selective when it comes to choosing guests. As long as they can pay, then they can be on the show.  This would then potentially decrease the value to the audience, which then lowers the number of listeners, which then lowers the demand to be on your show. People are paying to get in front of your audience.  If you let anyone with some money be on your show, you are at risk of losing your audience.  Potential FTC Issues The FTC Guides, state that at their core, reflect the basic truth-in-advertising principle that endorsements must be honest and not misleading. An endorsement must reflect the honest opinion of the endorser and can’t be used to make a claim that the product’s marketer couldn’t legally make. 255.5 states, "When there exists a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product that might materially affect the weight or credibility of the endorsement (i.e., the connection is not reasonably expected by the audience), such connection must be fully disclosed. "  For me, by having them on your show, your audience trusts you to bring people of value. If you don't disclose that they are paying to be there, and someone purchases their product or service, you might have an issue with the FTC (I'm not a lawyer, but it gets sticky).  Final Thoughts While this is my opinion, I've provided the logic behind it. As always your show is yours to do with what you want. For me, I always look at better ways to serve my audience.  Need Some Help? Let's sit down and plan your podcast success? Already started and you got stuck on something? Need some help understanding the technology?  Go to and set up a time Mentioned on this show. Dave on Entrepreneurs on Fire  

Aug 2020

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Oscar Trimboli asked me, "Hey, do you have anything about doing an Ask me anything sometimes called AMA's. That type of episode?" Well, there are a couple of things to think of number one, for this to work you need an audience. So this is the first thing you need is an audience. The next thing is the tools, and I always recommend that you have your website's setup to accept any kind of input. So I've got a voicemail number from I've got an email address. I also have a tool called speakpipe that allows people to record right there on the website if they have a microphone on their computer. No matter how they want to contact me, you can do that there and I put all those tools on one page. For example That way you don't have to say, "here's my email address. Here's my phone number."  They just have to remember one thing. he other thing is, are you going to do this live -keep in mind - doing a live show is a separate set of skills that you need. This also means you're going to be quick on your feet, you're gonna have to answer questions on the fly where if you get them via voicemail email you can really safely construct an answer that's going to be sure to provide value on your own timeline. If you want to do this live my favorite tool right now is stream yard Streamyard has a free version I pay for the full version. But this allows you to automatically stream to places like Facebook, and YouTube, and Twitch and all these places all at the same time (and it records it as well). It's super easy to use. I use it every Saturday, I do a show called Ask the Podcast Coach, which in a way is an ask me anything episode Now, the last thing is if you're having people send in their questions, and then you're going to get them on a certain date people will late until the very last minute to send them in. So keep that in mind. If you start to panic, like, Oh my gosh, nobody is sending in questions, you're probably going to get a bunch the day before.  Mentioned In This Episode Streamyard Have More Podcast Questions? Let's schedule a call to get your podcast questions answered and get you going in the right direction.

Aug 2020

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Think of it Like a Store Front One of my hobbies is music. I remember as a young child going into or walking by a music store, and there were a few different guitars in the front window and I was like, Wow, look at those guitars! Those are awesome. And then I walked through the door into the store, and there was wall to wall guitars and I was like, holy cow. Look at this. Now, you might be saying, Dave, that's a cute story and all but what does that have to do with podcasting? Well, I've talked about how Apple podcast is a little confusing. And that's because there is a store view that basically people see when they search for your show. TWO VIEWS OF APPLE You'll have your first 300 episodes and archive one, your episodes from 301 to 600, in archive two, etc, etc.  Why Do People Build Archives of Their Podcast? When it comes to Apple search, the only things that come into play is: The title of your show. The title of the episode. The author field. Those are the only three things that Apple currently uses when you do a search. So why are people doing an archive? Because when you get to episode 301, that first one that's no longer shown,  and is no longer being used for search results. And so you now have, let's say you have 1000 episodes, you've been doing a daily show for years. And you've created three-plus archives of your show so that every episode can be used in search results. Really? There's a study by Jacobs media that says 70% of most podcasters find out about other podcasts to listen to, via called word of mouth (not Apple search).  What This Does For the Listener I have to subscribe to multiple feeds to get all of the episodes (where if they were in one feed, all I have to do is subscribe). What This Does For the Podcaster You have to pay for additional media hosting so the archives can have their own feed. The archives have no built-in audience.  Your subscriber count is now divided between your archives instead of all under on show For this reason, I don't believe in making archives (if you won't put them behind a firewall and sell them to your super fans).  Need Some Help? This episode was a tad bit more "Nerdy" than usual. If you need help, schedule a call and let's get you going in the right direction.

Jul 2020

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ID3 tags were much more important back in 2005ish. All the portable media players and tools used ID3 tags.  What is an ID3 Tag? An ID3 tags is information stored inside your mp3 file. You can't see them, but some (few) apps use this information.  This (currently) only happens when your file is removed from your feed and is not used by an app.  EXAMPLE: Someone downloads your file to their computer and is listened to in a tool like Windows Media Player. The episode title, name of the podcast, image, and author are all displayed.  Think of Tags Like Trees In the same way that you can learn information about a tree by cutting it down and looking at the rings inside the tree, if you look inside the mp3 file at the ID3 tags you can learn more about it.  To the best of my knowledge, Google and other search engines are not using this data. Obsessing over this content is a waste of time.  Tools To Add ID3 Tags The reason I still add ID3 tags to my files is that it takes almost no time. I use Hindenburg Journalist to add ID3 tags. If you are using Audacity (which does not do a great job) there is a free program called MP3Tag at It's free, but do consider donating. Another popular one is ID3 Editor which has a great interface and is easy to use. It's $15  BUT DO I NEED THEM? My knee jerk reaction is NO because so much of today's technology ignores them. HOWEVER, in the same way, that apps stop using them (and instead pull the information from your feed), they could just as easily switch back. It takes all of 15 seconds to add them, so add them. Just don't expect them to drive a ton of traffic to your site. Need Help With Your Podcast? If you are starting your podcast, or if you're trying to grow your podcast, I have 15 years of experience helping people plan, launch and grow your podcast. Come visit me at and let's have a chat. 

Jul 2020

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When you are podcasting you are talking to your audience, but you also have to realize there is a bit of "performance" mixed in. This is why you had people like Wolfman Jack and other people who were super high energy. Then you had people like Paul Harvey who had his own style, and really really long pauses.  Some people get nervous thinking about this and get a little "sing songy" and end up accenting words in what some might feel are un-natural places. Today I play a clip of a newspaper that puts their content out on Amazon devices. What do you think? Is this TOO MUCH?  I always advise my clients to go up to obnoxious and back it down two notches. This is a few notches above your typical voice, but not so exaggerated it sounds weird. When you practice this, some people refer to this as finding your voice.  Let Me Help You Find Your Voice Lets schedule a call today to help you get going with your podcast. see

Jun 2020

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A libsyn slug is something you will be asked for when you sign up at ( Libsyn is short for Liberated Syndication - they are the largest podcast media hosting company). You can get a free month when you sign up using the coupon code sopfree.  How is a Libsyn Slug Used? The libsyn slug is used as an ID for your Libsyn account. If you open a support ticket all you have to do is provide your slug and the support team can look up your account information. It is also used in the URL of your libsyn podcast page. For example, my slug is podcastconsultant. My Libsyn podcast page is (I don't use that page, I use this page which uses WordPress, hosted at It is also used in your feed. The feed for this show is  Lastly, it's used in the URL of your MP3 file. Last weeks file is Can I Change My Slug? As we just stated the slug is used in your libsyn podcast page, your feed, and every mp3 file. If you change your slug - you break everything.  Just so you are 100% clear on the consequences. 1. All your episodes will need to be fixed as the url to the mp3 will change. So whatever websites have the episodes will need to be redone for every single episode. 2. If you used the Libsyn podcast page anything linking to that page will need to be updated. 3. Your RSS feed will change, so your iTunes will be looking at a dead feed (with no way to update your previous subscribers) so you lose ALL reviews and ALL of your subscribers. You will be starting from scratch. If you haven't submitted your show to any directories there really aren't that many consequences. You do need to contact Libsyn support.  If you've already submitted your show to directories, here is a quick test.  Think of your favorite podcast. Got one?  Now tell me their feed.  Me Neither.  In my opinion its not worth going back to square one.   

Jun 2020

6 min 34 sec

Today I talk about Joe Rogan who just got a guesstimate $100 million dollars to make his show available exclusively on Spotify.  Why did they buy Joe? Because he is one of the top (if not THE top podcast). So why is he so popular? Joe has a dialogue with his guest.  He allows interesting people say interesting things. He is a really good listener. Joe started back in 1988 His first comedy special was 12 years later His been on multiple TV shows His podcast has been going on for 11 years Joe has proven that good content is valuable. If you start your podcast today you're not going to get Joe Rogan money. Will you get Joe Rogan money in 11 years? In 32 years? There is only one way to find out.  Starting a podcast is no hard.  Starting a GOOD podcast is challenging. I can help with that.  Let's talk at 

May 2020

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As I record this, it is May 21, 2020, and we are still dealing with the pandemic. This resulted in a lot of zoom meetings. When I'm trying to help a new podcast, and I'll be trying to get them to tell me their target audience. "Oh, it's for everybody, " they say. I will answer, "Seriously, who is your podcast for?" They will again say, "everybody." But as I was in a zoom meeting, with about, I'm going to say twenty people instead of six, the bigger the zoom meeting, in many cases, the worse the information. Why? Because you've got some people that are not really cut out for whatever the topic is. They just don't fit or in some cases, and there's nothing wrong with this, we all have our first zoom meeting, but you have the people who have never used zoom. They're sitting there and you're looking straight up their nostrils, and they're asking, "Can you hear me? Can you hear me?"  That can lessen the effectiveness of the meeting. So what is my point?  I'm in a class right now, and there's somebody who is going to build a community, which is very similar to building a podcast. The community it was about parenting. Well, that's, that's a pretty big group. Later, he said, "Well, I want to niche down to African American parents. Then the more he talked about it, and the more you could see his true passion, he was really trying to reach male, African American fathers. Now, when you do that, what happens? Well, you cut out a big chunk of your potential audience. But in many cases, you're going to end up with a smaller group, but a much more passionate group, a much more focused group. And in some cases, when you get those people together, there's a bonding amongst the other groups that you just don't get when you try to mix everybody in there. The point being big groups are not always the best for really communicating with people. I do "office hours" for the school of podcasting and I get a handful of people and I help them. There are rare occasions when it's me and one student. We can dig deep into what they are working on and I end up making more of an impact with one person, than trying to help ten at the same time.  You don't need all the people. You need the Right people. Need Help With Your Podcast? Schedule an Appointment today

May 2020

6 min 7 sec

People are hip to fake reviews. The general public is not that stupid when it comes to reviews.  Review swaps result in really horrible reviews that are NOT helpful to the potential listener. A good review has details as to why something was good or bad.  Reviews DO NOT help you move up the Apple Podcast Charts. Reviews are social proof - and that's it.  When your audience isn't leaving you reviews, you might want to check on your content or your relationship with your audience.  It takes courage to look at your content, and see if there is room for improvement. 

May 2020

8 min 26 sec

You've created an episode, you added links, you added some boldness, you added some formatting to your description. You send it out to the world and you go into Apple podcasts, and none of the links show up. Why is some of this missing? You look in Spotify and you're like, why is everything one giant paragraph that looks horrendous? That's not how I created it. Then you look at other apps and it looks perfectly fine. You think what do I have to do to make this look good? Here is the sad news. You can't. I made a quick video to show you how the links are there (in Apple Podcasts), it just depends on where in the app you are looking at the content (you need to subscribe and be in the library) see It's frustrating. My goal with this episode is to help you avoid wasting your time trying to fix something that can't be fixed as its not your fault. 

May 2020

4 min 56 sec

If someone asked me what was one of my Favorite books I wouldn't say "Platform Book." I would just say Platform.  If someone asked what was one of my favorite movies? I wouldn't say "Caddyshack Movie." I would just say "Caddyshack." If someone asked what was one of my favorite magazines to read, I wouldn't say "Men's Health Magazine." I would say "Men's Health." So why do I see "The Ernie and Bert Podcast" as the title of shows? It seems like so many shows have the word PODCAST in the name.  While you might say, Dave, your show is Your PODCAST Consultant. I get a pass as I'm talking about podcasting.  The Global News Podcast could just be "Global News." The minimalists Podcasts could just be "The Minimalists." The Generation Why Podcast could be "Generation Why." Apple Search Has Issues When you leave words like "The" and "Podcast" in your name you are ranked against every show with the word "The" or "Podcast" in the name. When you remove this clutter, it can actually boost your search results in apps.  While most people learn about new podcasts via word of mouth, anything you can do to make it easier to be found in apps is a plus.  Need Help With Your Podcast? Check out my three-month Quick Start Program. Just have a quick question? Schedule a quick 15-minute coaching session.

Apr 2020

5 min 16 sec

You are shooting video, should you turn it into a podcast? There are some pros and cons of video. First off, can your content exist without the video portion? Is this a "talking head" video? If so maybe it doesn't need to be video.  Full show notes at

Apr 2020

5 min 52 sec

Do you use phrases like this? Before we get to ______ Without further adu I don't want to delay any further The Thin Line Between Teasing and Annoying It's one thing to take a quick 30-60 second tangent. It's a completely different issue when your tangents go on and on and the listener starts to wonder if you're ever coming back to the topic. Whatever the title of the episode is, people have tuned in to hear you talk about that subject. True Story I listened to the episode where the host did a FABULOUS job of introducing their guest. I really wanted to hear what their guest had to say. Then they said the dreaded words, "Before we get t0__" and then they spent a lot of time talking about a webinar she was having. This went on for about three minutes. Then when she finally got done rambling on about her webinar, I was ready her them to get to their guest (finally), but they didn't do that. Instead, they read a review that someone had put into Apple podcasts. Do you know who enjoys hearing those reviews? The host. The audience doesn't care. They might be happy if people leave a nice review, but the review does nothing to benefit their lives like the information that should be coming out of your guest's head. Let Me Help You Shape Your Content Lets set up a time for you and me to go over your podcast and find out what is working and what is not. Schedule a session today.

Apr 2020

8 min 7 sec

Today I heard a promo for the Danny Elfman Masterclass. In it, you hear this HUGELY SUCCESSFUL music composer who has been nominated four times for an oscar. He has scored over a hundred movies, and yet he still fears failure.  I love that he says, "It's OK to fail. It is normal to doubt yourself. There is only one way to be creative and that is to take a chance and do it, and learn from it and move on to your next project with your new knowledge.  Watch Promo Ready to Start Your Podcast Why not? Go to Want to learn at your own pace? Check out the School of Podcasting

Apr 2020

6 min 25 sec

You have some files on your hard drive, you have some old CD's or cassettes that helped people back in the day, and helped people or entertained them.  What do you need? If you want to add some additional information to the content, you will need a microphone like a Samson Q2U.  You also need some artwork that meets these specs: 1400x1400px (minimum) 3000x3000px (maximum) Under 500kb Use rGB color space Be a JPG, JPEG, or a PNG file if you have a budget check out if you ave less of a budget check out Kapa99 Then you need a media host. I've been a libsyn customer since 2005. I became a Libsyn employee in 2016. You can use the coupon sopfree at  How Much Space Do I Need? You need to know how often you will publish and how long the episodes will be.  If you want to do a weekly show that is 10 minutes long that is 40 minutes a month.  A stereo podcast (128 kbps ) takes up roughly 1 M per minute. A mono file (64 kbps) takes up roughly .5 A 10-minute episode once a week is 40 minutes a month. That would be 40M a month in stereo and 20 megs a month in mono.  This video talks more about this  Got Podcast Questions? Schedule a quick coaching session and let's get you going in the right direction with your podcast.

Apr 2020

5 min 5 sec

Today I play a portion of a conversation I had with Erik K Johnson who is the Podcast Talent Coach, as well as a co-host with me on the Podcast Review Show. I asked Erik (who is a program director for iHear) verifies my idea on Radio Personalities/DJs creating podcasts to boost their own audience and brand.  Three Reasons Radio DJs Should Have Their Own Podcast Built-in Demo Freedom To Talk About Whatever You Want Develop a Deeper Brand Be sure to read the contract and know what you're signing.  Need Help Starting a Podcast? Let me help you. Schedule a coaching session today

Mar 2020

6 min 46 sec

In the past, musicians would have a CD release party. They would not pick the date for the party until they had the CD in their hands. So many things could go wrong, and you need to do the same.  Don't pick your "launch" date until your podcast is available to the public. If you're worried this will ruin your "Splash" into the public. It won't.  In the same way, being in the phone book will not make you famous - being in Apple podcasts will not make you a celebrity. 

Mar 2020

9 min 2 sec

155 million people in the US have listened to a podcast (55%) 104 million listen monthly 68 million listen weekly The average listener subscribes to Six podcasts. Podcasting is more popular in the car than Sirius Satelite Radio Source: The Podcast Consumer 2020 Edison Research New Podcast Statistics from Edison Research and Triton Digital Some new data has come out here in March of 2020, as I record this, and in a nutshell, podcasting really came on the scene in 2004. The audience for podcasting has gone up about 2to 5% every year and so came out this year 55% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast. Now to get a grip on that number that is 155 million people have at least press play once. Now the good news is, that means there's 45% of people who haven't and why that's a good thing is this is only going to go up. 104 million people listen on a monthly basis, and 68 million people listen weekly. If you think about a classroom, that's 20 people, if you think about a small theater, maybe that's 300 people. This is 68 million people.  These numbers just represent America. Edison Research and Triton digital also do studies on Canada and many other countries. The average podcast listener subscribes to six podcasts, so they're more or less listening to at least one a day. Podcasting is now more popular in the car than Sirius Satellite Radio and you have to pay for that. Now, let's be honest, we have a long way to go before we pass AM/FM radio. But still, there are a lot of people listening to podcasts and  this number has gone up   Mentioned In This Episode Learn to subscribe to podcasts at Don't Keep Your Podcast Audience Waiting With 42 million people listening on a regular basis (and that again is JUST IN THE US, the number is actually bigger) your audience exists in a sea of 42 million people. Statistics show that once a person starts to listen to podcasts, they listen to the radio less, and podcasts more.

Mar 2020

6 min 36 sec

There are two places you can put artwork for your podcast. One is for the show, and the other is for the episode. There are two views in Apple podcasts. One I will call the "Store view" (which is the view you are using when you search for something). The other is the "Library" view and its the view you are using after you have subscribed to a show.  Currently, in March 2020, Apple only shows the artwork in the Apple Podcasts app if you're NOT subscribed (the "Store" view). Once you subscribe to your show, the artwork for the episode does not appear when you press play. It's annoying. It also shows it in the "web based" version of Apple Podcasts and in the search results of Apple Podcasts (where it is really tiny). So if you are trying to get your artwork for a specific episode to appear in Apple podcasts, it can be very confusing.. One other little twist is the popular app Overcast uses the artwork in the ID3 tag (which is INSIDE the mp3 file).

Mar 2020

4 min 27 sec

To play the music you hear on the radio legally on your podcast you need permission from The Songwriter The Song Performer Whoever owns the Mechanical Rights Without permission from all of the above parties, you can't legally play the music (and there have been some podcasts that have been sued for playing music illegally) Royalty Free Music Royalty-free music means you pay once for the rights to the music and you can play it as many times as you want (typically) you should always read the small print. Here is a list of websites where you can find music. You can save some money looking for "Logos" (shorter snippets of songs) or transitions that will be less expensive than buying a full songe.  Need Help With Your Podcast? Schedule a coaching session today.

Feb 2020

6 min 41 sec

If you are going to be interviewing people in the same room, or if you have a co-host in the same room - you HAVE to pretend your Oprah. YOU GET A MICROPHONE - YOU GET A MICROPHONE -EVERYBODY GETS A MICROPHONE. If you don't get that, here is the clip where Oprah gave everyone in the audience a car. See video at Don't Share Microphones Now I know they make microphones that pick up in every angle, but you DO NOT want to do that. Today I play a clip of someone doing that. They sound like they are in a tunnel. I know it's more expensive, but you will LOSE your audience (or neve gain one) when your audio is bad.  A microphone I recommend is the Samson Q2U. There is a great package on Amazon Everybody gets their own microphone. Free Podcast Gear Webinar Watch webinar at

Feb 2020

7 min 38 sec

In Monday's School of Podcasting I have Eric Nuzum who is the author of Make Noise A Creators Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling. One of the exercises is pretty hard: Here is is: Describe your idea in no more than ten words, and do so in a way that describes nothing else in the world. The fun part is you CAN'T use any of these words. Amazing Astounding Awesome Beautiful Best Brilliant Classic Compelling Curious Diverse Extraordinary Fabulous Fantastic Fascinating Fresh Great Incredible In-Depth Lovely Outstanding Quality Remarkable Riveting Sensational Spectacular Stunning Superior Thoughtful Tremendous Unbelievable Unique World Class If you find yourself wanting to use one of these words, I have an easy anecdote. Simply answer why. Why is it beautiful? Why is it fascinating? Why is it spectacular? The answer to your “why” question is your distinct descriptor. Use it instead. Podcast Quick Start Program Looking to launch your podcast quickly and get it going in the right direction. Sign up for the Podcast Quickstart Mentoring Program. Mentioned in This Episode Make Noise a Creator's guide to podcasting and great audio storytelling by Eric Nuzum.

Feb 2020

5 min 56 sec