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The Closer To Venus Podcast will feature interviews on metaphysical/ spiritual topics such as past lives, reincarnation, astral travel, Ascension, mediumship, consciousness science, the quantum realm, angels, spirit guides, shamanism, ancient civilizations, star beings, or just about anything that Edgar Cayce wrote about. It’s important to note that we are not experts, only everyday people who have questions about spirituality and how to get to “higher ground”. We just don’t feel that traditional religious and scientific beliefs offer satisfactory answers to questions such as why are we here, what is our purpose and where are we going. If you have questions or would like to hear a particular speaker on our show, send us an email. If you like our show, please don’t forget to share this podcast with your friends and on social media.

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In episode #53, our guest is Sharon Kumara, a psychic medium and hypnotherapist specializing in past-life therapy and repressed ET contact and abduction memories. She has also had two near-death experiences (NDE) of her own, and we will be talking about what she has learned from these experiences and how we can all help with humanity’s Ascension. What you will learn:Like many intuitives, she was able to see spirits as a childHow she had a visitation from her stepfather who had passedHer first NDE was when she was 9 but she did not remember it until her 2nd NDEHow she had out-of-body experiences during both NDEsHow she recognized her relatives that had passed on as well as people from other lifetimes during her 2nd NDEWhat the portal of golden white light felt likeHow communication/messages during her experiences are telepathicHow her experiences helped her remember her relationship with JesusHow here encounters with “otherworldly beings led her to form a support group for people that have had similar experiencesHow intuitives can tell what kind of vibrational being is by a frequency signatureHow all of her previous lifetimes were shown to herHow examples of evidential mediumship provide validation for her clientsHow mediumship helps people understand that we don’t really die, we just change formHow she became a paranormal investigator and how soul retrieval can help an earthbound spiritFor more info:,#NDE,#pastlives,#telepathy,#extraterrestrial,#ETcontact,#abductionmemories,#frequencysignature,#ascendedmaster,#spiritguides,#themonroeinstitute,#mediumship, #evidentialmediumship, #electronicvoicephenomenon

Dec 3

32 min 42 sec

In episode #52, we talk with  Reverend Dr. Stephanie Red feather, a shamanic minister, healer, founder of Blue Star Temple, and author of The Evolutionary Empath. Today we will be talking about her journey on becoming a shamanic minister and what we need to know about Empaths. What you will learn:How she chose to pursue the shamanic pathWhat a shamanic practitioner isthe shaman’s task is to come into the right relationship and communion with the seen and unseen worldMany Shamanic traditions are rooted in this idea of traveling into different dimensions of time and spaceWe step out of linear time when venturing into other dimensions Shamanic traditions imply that it is possible to meet your past or future selfThe main difference between shamanism and mediumship is the healing work of the shamanMany indigenous traditions talk about star beings as part of their creation mythsThe cyclical nature of the “great year concept”What the five qualities of an empath areWhat the “Empathic Big Bang” isWhy it is difficult to pinpoint where we are in the cycle of AscensionFor more info:,#shamanism , #PachakutiMesa tradition, #empath, #theevolutionaryempath#offplanetincarnations#shamanicastrology#reincarnation,#DonOscarMiroQuesada, #futureself,#paralelluniverses,#starbeings, #past lives,#greatyearconcept,#spiritguides,#cycleofascension,#ascension

Nov 26

30 min 22 sec

In episode #51, we talk with Kate Neligan, an equine-partnered life/ business coach, healer, author,  and holds a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology, which is a topic we'll explore more today. Kate pairs her intuitive gifts with those of horses to help people awaken and transform through leadership and emotional intelligence workshops and retreats.  What you will learn:NOTESHaving mediumship abilities early on, she saw ghosts as a child She can connect with her clients’’ loved ones who have passedBefore embracing her spiritual “gifts” in her twenties, she was an atheistHow she remembered past lives The premise of spiritual psychology is that we are divine beings having a human experienceWhat an equine-partnered life coach is How horses can act as “biofeedback machines”How animals can help us with our telepathic abilitiesHow Horses are ‘riding between the worlds of 3 D and 5 DWhy working with animals can teach us about AscensionWhy  balancing masculine and feminine energies regardless of gender is so important#spiritualpsychology, #empath, #kateneligan, #healer, #pastlives, #pastliferegression, #ascension, #5D, #wayshowers, #masculineenergy, #feminineenergy ,#heartmath, #heartmathandhorses #awakening, #mediumship, #humananimalbond #healingwithhorses #equinetherapy 

Nov 19

34 min 28 sec

In episode #50, our guest is  Michele Clare; she is a certified medium, angel intuitive,  energetic healer, and 3 time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor. She receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as Angels and Life Guides. What you will learn:Her mediumship abilities opened up more with each near-death experienceHow she connected to an angel during her first NDEHow a younger version of her grandmother to came through during this experienceHow loved ones that come through during an NDE  appear as they did in their primeAngels, life guides, mediumship, psychic information. It's all on the same radio. It's just a matter of  which channel are you tuning intoThe process of how a medium becomes certifiedHow it is possible to see our pets who have passed during an NDEHow telepathic communication is often reported in NDEsWhat it felt like to experience the ‘Christ light’How during her 3rd NDE she was given a choice to stay  or go,If she chose to stay, that more was expected of herA visit from her grandfather who had passed when she was 12, #neardeathexperience, #angels #mediumship,#findacertifiedmedium, #angelicrealm,#unconditionallove,#lifebetweenlives,#spiritguides

Nov 12

34 min 45 sec

In episode #49, our guest is Oriah Mirza, she is a  shaman, life trauma coach, and author of “Alien Upgrades” which documents her experience of an alien encounter. What you will learn:Who the Pleiadians areMost beings that ‘derive” from other planetary systems are telepathicHow she had two encounters with aliens, including a contactee surgeryHow one of the encounters had an occurrence of bilocationHow extraterrestrials communicate by telepathyHow she witnessed advanced medical technology during her encounterThe majority of conscious light beings are trying to help us evolveHow dimensions workFor More Info:,#aliencontactee,#oriahamirza,#shaman,# pleiadian,#sevensisters,#bilocation#telepathy,#

Nov 5

48 min 18 sec

In episode #48, our guest is Greg Thompson, he is the Portland chapter leader of IANDS,  is a multiple near-death experience survivor and author of “Living With My Spirit Guides”. What you will learn:His precognition of  the events on 911 40 years beforehandHow his spirit guides would foretell future eventsHow he met his guardian angel when he was 4 yrs oldHow he began to have out-of-body experiences How his spirit guides told him they were there to teach himHis spirit guides s told you won’t remember what you’ve been told until you need to know itHow he was asked, ``What do you want to do in your next life?”How he gets psychic impressions of how people  look at different stages of their lifeExperiences of ‘seeing” people he knew who had passedWhat the “golden sphere of souls “ isWhat the feeling of oneness is how everything is connectedHow he experiences remote viewing when he is asked to help a dying person cross overHow he is able to communicate with inanimate objects as well as animalsWhy he believes he had a soul contract with his spirit guidesWe all have at least one or two spirit guidesFor more info: www.livingwithmyspiritguides.comTop 5 Reincarnation Podcasts to Follow In 2021#psychicimpression,#NDE,#neardeathexperience,#911,#spiritguides,#OBE,#outofbodyexperiences,#goldensphereofsouls,#remoteviewing,#empath,#soulcontract

Oct 29

28 min 2 sec

In episode # 47, our guest is Suzanne Munson, whose book" The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson” was just released last month to Amazon. It is truly a unique work as Suzanne presents herself as the scribe, not the author of this work as she employed a respected medium, Jana Anna to channel an entity presenting as Thomas Jefferson in order to ask questions and get his opinions on current events. What you will learn:Before ‘The metaphysical Thomas Jefferson”, the author also wrote a book called “Jeffersons Godfather”The main goal of “The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson” was to ask him what he thought about today’s governmentDiscovered mediums after attending an event sponsored by The Institute Of Noetic Sciences( IONS)According to her medium, the idea of a ‘metaphysical historian” apparently came from her guides on the other sideHow Suzanne and several friends had successful readings making contact with a departed mutual friend, which prompted Suzanne to ask Jana if she could make contact with a historical figureMediumship is currently being studied as science at several universities How some of Jefferson’s views have changed since he died in 1826If Jefferson were President today, he ( his spirit) feels he could do very little because of the opposition that he would faceHow he felt about the other founding fathers and how his views have changed since he diedAbout Jefferson’s relationship with his slave mistress, Sally HemmingsWhat happened when Sally Hemmings came through during the sessions with the mediumFor More Info:

Oct 22

29 min 54 sec

In episode #46, our guest is Robert Bare, former vice president on IANDS, current vice president of Spiritual Awakenings International, and a  multiple near-death experiencer, one of which included a life review. What you will learn:His first near-death experience (NDE) in 2009 occurred after a massive heart attack and was clinically dead for 45 minutesRobert appeared on the TV show ‘ I Survived Beyond And Back” shortly after his NDEHow he became vice president of IANDS( International Association Of Near-Death Studies) and eventually co-founded Spiritual Awakenings International ( SAI)What SAI is and what their goals areAbout visitation from his mother( who had passed in 2005) who told him he was going to die and to get his affairs in orderHow he had another visitation from his police officer friend who had diedHow in both visitations both his mother and friend appeared much youngerWhat is was like to “ go into the light” and to experience a higher powerHow the” life review” was conductedHow this experience is something he is not looking forward to doing againHow his psychic and mediumistic abilities increased after his NDEHow he “flatlined” during surgery and was able to watch the doctors working on him from above his bedHow Spiritually Transformative Experiences(STE) are connected

Oct 15

32 min 50 sec

In episode 45 our guest is Melissa Feick, an Ascension teacher, healer,  advanced intuitive, and author of “ A Radical Approach To The Akashic Records, Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration “ What you will learn:The concept of a design matrixUntil all of us completely  integrate with the energy of five D we will still be still living in dualityMoving into “5D” entails moving into a less dense frequencyAncient civilizations may have had advanced technology as a result of living in a 5 d frequency The difference between Kundalini experiences and a Kundalini AwakeningIn the Ascension is we're moving from the third energy  chakra to the heart chakra which is number 4Spiritual concepts are often better understood through the heart or the expansion of consciousness rather than the mindMost people will only connect to the wise counsel after death, but you can actually reach that space through the recordsWe choose the family we incarnate with because they will help us work through our karmic patternswhen we no longer live in the duality of masculine, feminine energies, then we transcend them

Oct 8

33 min 9 sec

 In episode 44, our guest is Dr Yvonne Kason MD, a 5 time Near-Death Experiencer, President and Co-founder of Spiritual Awakenings International,  past-president of IANDS, returns to discuss NDEs. What you wil learn:How two of the NDEs she had as a child were out-of-body experiencesHow she had a NDE flying over the same place where she was in a plane crash 16 years earlierHer NDE in 1995 included a life review, which at points felt like she was time travelingHow she saw a being of light who communicated that “it is not your time”What a unitive/ “state of communion” experience felt like to be “connected with spirit” the day after this NDEThe after-effects of this NDE included a heightened intuition regarding the conditions of her patientsHow she was shown 3 mystical experiences in her life reviewHow she remembered all of her past lives during an NDE in 2003How she experienced a being of light during the 2003 NDEHow a “state of communion” may be similar to a death bed experienceRemembering her past lives was like putting together a jigsaw puzzleDuring her experiences, it felt as though   past, present and future were  all happening all at onceIncarnations can actually overlap from our perspectiveHow she was given a choice to incarnate as a baby or return to her “maimed” bodyA miraculous healing of her traumatic brain injury 12 years later#NDE, #neardeathexperience,#lifereview, #dryvonnekason,#panoramiclifereview,#pastlives,#premonition,#autobiogrphyofayogi,#

Oct 1

47 min 19 sec

In episode 43, our guest is Judith Corvin-Blackburn , a transpersonal psychotherapist & Shamanic Minister,. Her latest book is Activating Your 5D Frequency. We talk about her journey to 5 d and what it means for all of us. What you will learn:A transpersonal psychotherapist focuses on the health of the spirit as well as the mind and the bodyThe attributes of the five D frequency are the open heart, where we step into the unconditional love of self and others. that means that we move through the heart as opposed to the mindunity consciousness, understanding. We are all interconnected.Unbridled creativityAlthough we have 12 strands of DNA, we are only using 2Ancient civilizations thousands of years ago apparently lived in a higher consciousnessHow the pyramids were built in ancient Egypt may have been an example of advanced technology of a civilization living in a higher frequency people opening up intuitively or psychically with  clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient abilities may be part of the dormant DNA. reactivatedThe biblical story of the fall may have been about the dimensional descent“Separation consciousness” is associated with male consciousness and the left part of the brainWhat the divine feminine and masculine isWe have to learn to see our shadow and our light and integrate them#5d,#5dfrequency, #fifthdimension,#3dto5d, #divinefeminine, #divinemasculine, #ascension, #barbarahandclow, #separationconsciousnessTranscript:

Sep 24

29 min 33 sec

 In episode 42, our guest is Wajid Hassan, an actor, healer and author of The Struggle For World Sanity. We talk about several incidents and how studying with Yogi Dr. George King changed his life. What you will learn:How a UFO sighting near Stonehenge was preceded by a premonitionHow his UFO experience gave the impression that the occupants of this craft actually care about usHow many of the so-called “alien abductions” could be low-level astral projections where the experiencer never leaves his/her bedHow reading  The Twelve Blessings byYogi master Dr. George King had a profound impact on his studiesHow kundalini and samadhi have similarities to a near-death experienceAccording to Dr. King, our purpose is to raise the power of Kundalini in order to bypass the reincarnation cycleWe’ve moved out of the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, which is pushing mankind to be of  service to one anotherLegend has it  that our race originated on a planet between Jupiter and Mars called MaldekA theory of intervention by the cosmic masters during the  nuclear testing  in the 50s and 60s could have destroyed the planetVisual contact of some of the cosmic masters reveals they are human-like in appearance#UFO, #extraterrestrial, #starbeings, #STE, #spirituallytransformativeexperience #Dr George king, #King Yoga#Aetheriussociety,#kundalini,#samadhi,#cosmicmasters,#cosmicconsciousness,#reincarnation,#theninefreedoms,#the12blessings,

Sep 17

27 min 48 sec

In episode 41 , our guest is Brent Satterfield, a DNA scientist,  founder of The Inner World Movement, and author of “Bringing Heaven Home”. We discuss how multiple experiences of heaven changed his life. What you will learn:NOTES:How an energy healer acquired a gift of helping people cross over with dyingHow an experience with an energy healer had certain things in common with a near-death experienceEvery one of us has a connection to the divineThe love on “the other side” is bigger than what is taught in world religionsThere is no one-size-fits-all heaven; the divine is “interactive” and works with you to create your most loving spaceHeaven ends up almost being the state we achieve when we are liberated from all of our prior conceptions of heavenTime does not exist as we know it, and your mind is no longer learning in a linear fashionHow this kind of experience feels like being hooked up to  the “divine internet”The experience imparted an understanding that even the hardest life experiences, happened for a reasonWe “sign up” to have different experiences, but forget that we agreed to be the victim or the perpetratorWhat it felt like to ‘experience” JesusNone of the world religions produced the liberation we are all hungering forGod’s love is freedom from self-judgment and judgment from othersIt is impossible to go to the “other side” and not be conscious of the pain we caused, which is meant to liberate usDr. Satterfield's book, "Bringing Heaven Home" is available on AmazonFor more info:

Sep 10

30 min 57 sec

In episode 40 our guest is Debbie Anderson, she is a British clairvoyant,  healer and spirit communicator, and in this episode, we are going to talk about contact with loved ones on the other side. What you will learn:Vibrational energy is about tuning into frequencies which can help raise our vibrationMore often than not, we are born being able to tap into the spiritChildren are often connected to spirit up to about 8 years of ageA clairvoyant is usually someone who can communicate with spiritThe main differences between a medium and a psychicWhy setting an intention and asking for protection is very important when trying to contact spiritA cautionary tale about trying to communicate with spirit with the “wrong” intention and no protection which can be a scary experienceThere are specialized mediums that can do a soul retrievalWhy spirit guides are important to all of usWhen spirit communicates with us, it is usually someone we knowWhat you can expect from a mediumship readingSometimes an ancestor will come through during a mediumship reading#vibrational energy, mediumship, auric field, tarot, spirit guides,soul retrieval, protection circle,

Sep 3

25 min 34 sec

In episode 39, Robert Jackman,  a Psychotherapist, Reiki Master,  Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist and author of “Healing Your Lost Inner Child”  talks about how his near-death experience and his own past life regressions have influenced his life. What you will learn:What a near-death experience (NDE) feels likeHe was given the choice to stay or go backHe did not what an NDE was until he saw it discussed on Oprah WinfreyThe average time it takes for a near-death survivor to actually report the  NDE is 10 yearsThe work of Dr Michael Newton helped him understand his NDE as well as a broader understanding of our spiritual lifeHaving been regressed 35 times, each past life has helped him understand himself morePeople in his life today were family in past lifetimesAs a therapist, the most important discoveries of past life regression therapy is finding emotional wounds that need to be healedThe spiritual realm of the in-between lives space is like a “control room”We all have spirit guides and a councilWhere we are now, is exactly where our soul needs to be in this moment in timeWhy faith-based communities provide a foundation for expanding your spiritual pathHow we contribute to and expand a universal consciousness / collective unconscious# NDE, #neardeathexperience, #past lives, #pastlif regression, #lifebetweenlives,# Dr Michael Newton, #reincarnation, #spiritguides 

Aug 27

27 min 11 sec

 In episode #38, we talk with Wendy Rose Williams, a certified spiritual teacher,  hypnotherapist, author, and Past Life Adventure Guide about life between lives;  where our spirit goes in between incarnations. What you will learn:The different types of lives: rest lives, reward lives, vacation livesMany of us incarnate hundreds, if not thousands of timesSome “lessons” can take several lifetimes to learnHow to tell if dreams of past lives are authenticPast life Regression sessions often have audio recordings as the “patient” often does not remember what happenedLife between lives (LBL) therapy is a technique that explores “life” in-between incarnations that was made popular by Dr. Michael NewtonWhat happens in the “in-between lives” space and how the feeling is similar to a near-death experienceWhat soul groups, soul family, and soul contracts areWhat happens during a “life review” and what the council of elders is“Home” is a timeless, spaceless place where we can create what we want and needContrary to popular belief, we do choose our parents# life between lives, past lives, Atlantic. Life review, the council of elders, spirit guides, angel healer, karma, soul groups, soul family, soul contract, Dr. Michael Newton, Atlantis, Lemuria

Aug 20

37 min 2 sec

In episode 37, we talk with Orianna Nienan, an Intuitive who provides vibrational tuning and other services for people in the process of awakening and expanding their consciousness. What we will discuss:awakening is really starting to understand the truth of who we are, a rising awarenessThe 3rd dimension, or “3 D”is a transactional model with other people where we have exchanges and trading energy and sometimes taking energy from one another.The fifth dimension is  a place of unconditionality where really we're sourcing from our own source or no, instead of other peopleWhat the” clairs” are, why these abilities are innate, and why some people can access themWhy people are talking about “3D” ., “5D” , awakening/ ascensionthe fifth dimension and unconditional love is considered to be a path of service. To othersUnderstanding Oneness: when we talk about, service to self versus service to other, at some point you realize there is no otherAsking ‘what is my purpose” is really asking, what is my service?When we are present,, we become free of those habitual patterns and we can actually make a choice rather than reacting.Behavioral patterns may be “inherited” from past lives or even ancestorsAngels manifesting themselves, and how we may have the same capability in the future

Aug 13

33 min 34 sec

In episode #36, we talk with  Mimi Pettibone also know as the Dream Detective, she  helps people listen to the messages of their dreams and intuition, as a way of providing inner guidance. What you will learn:Her podcast, The Dream Detective features people describing their dreams as well as what they learned from it.Mimi was a dream and Tarot consultant for TV/ Film and Theatre productionsDreams can connect us to The infinite field of intelligence , which could also be interpreted as the quantum field,s the collective consciousness, God, love or your own higher powerthat “Twilight state” between sleep and dreams where we're sort of half awake and half asleep, is where a lot of psychic information comes inHow Thomas Edison and Alber Einstein used a technique to get into the “Twilight State”Dreams occur in the alpha and theta brainwave states, which is actually the closest to being awake.Dream incubation tends to work better when you  ask  open-ended questions before falling asleep Past life memories can sometimes be accessed through our dreamsHow after death visitation dreams have been studied and have certain markers that set them apart from other types of dreamsDreams don't seem to have any logic to them because when we are in the REM dream state, our conscious mind is typically offline. Working with the symbols and metaphors of the dream is essentially working with the subconscious in its own languageDreamwork can possibly help clear issues when traditional therapy does not work# the dream detective, past lives, the language of the subconscious, twilight state, REM dream state, alpha brainwave, theta brainwave, universal dreams, dream incubation

Aug 6

33 min 22 sec

In episode 35, we talk with David McCready an experienced astral explorer who teaches others to use astral projection to access this realm. What you will learn:Our consciousnesses are being focused. By the physical bodies, we're experiencing and the spirit bodies were experiencing. An astral projection is where you've moved consciousness away from just behind the eyes. And you can start to move it around. This will happen to a lot of people when they're asleepThe Astral world and spirit world may be one and the sameThe concept of timelessness is often reported because everything exists at the same timethe astral world, makes it possible to reconnect to other lifetimes you have experienced or other lifetimes, you are planning to experience.If you realize you are creating your own dream, it becomes a lucid dream, Regarding “Aliens”, we are the same as themIf we explore past lives, we may find we have experienced life in other worldsKrishna , Mohammed and Jesus are prime examples of ascended beingsAscension is sending our consciousness up to a higher level, recalling what we really are and then bringing back that higher-level awareness and state of being and descending it into the human bodies we've gotFor more info: astralprojection, #focusingmachines, #paralleldimensions,# pastlives, #aliens, #outofbodyexperience,#OBE

Jul 30

31 min 51 sec

In episode 34 we talk with Mary Elizabeth Jackson, a children's writer, a special needs advocate, and empath about understanding energy in the Unseen World and what it means to be an Empath. What you will learn:The energy that exists in nature is electric energyThe intention behind words is very powerfulEmpathic abilities are often passed down through the generations One night while praying, she experienced a  purple light that emanated pure love and warmth The differences between empaths, psychics, and mediumsIntuition, God Alarm, higher self, spirit guides are different terms for the same thingResearch on Empaths, Intuitives, and sensitive people shows that  their nervous systems are differentChoosing to be of service to others is a key component in understanding Ascension“Lightworkers”, “Wayshowers” have chosen to walk the path and show others the path

Jul 23

24 min 15 sec

 In episode 33, we talk with Deb Peretz, a karmic success coach who combines past-life regression therapy, channeling, mediumship, and evolutionary astrology to help people reach their success goals faster and with less stress. What you will learn:We choose to incarnate in a particular body because we have lessons to learnThe secret to happiness and success is to work on those lessonsThe goal of her practice is to help others identify the lessons they have chosen to work onThe birth chart used in evolutionary astrology is a curriculum for the lessons you have chosen to work on The birth chart also shows you the past life karma you are bringing in to this lifeChanneling is used to bring in” themes” of past lives  that may be influencing this life today and can be a gentler approach to accessing past life energyLoved ones who have passed can sometimes be your spirit  guidesChoosing to stop repeating the negative pattern of behavior that is one way of releasing karmaNegative past life karma can be comforting because it is familiar

Jul 16

32 min 10 sec

In episode 32, we talk with Claire Moorecraft, a sex and pleasure Shaman who helps people become unstuck and fully reclaim their  erotic powerShamanism is  one of the oldest ancient wisdom traditions, based on a fundamental understanding of we are not separateShamans work with the invisible realm and have access to spirits, angels, and spirit guides to bring healing and empowermentA chronic  illness that could not be healed by Western standards prompter Claire to ‘answer the call”Some Shamans are medium oriented but every Shaman will be differentShadow Workers help us identify our shadows and bring them to lightWorking shamanically is removing foreign energies from peoples’ systemsForeign energies could be parts of ourselves or traumatic/ emotional events we could not deal with, sub-personalities from past lives and ancestorsAlthough you can learn to have a Shamanic Journey by yourself, Shamanic healing requires trainingShamanism is often called the path of beauty and empowerment#shamanism,#shamanic journey, shamanic healing, shadow worker, spirit guides, invisible realm, channeling, ancestors, foreign energies

Jul 9

27 min 28 sec

In episode 31, we talk with Sirry Berndsen, a certified medium with the forever family foundation, A past life regression therapist and a grief recovery method specialist about her work and what you can expect from a qualified medium. What you will learn:Most of the practicing mediums are “born with an attunement to the spirit world“Invisible friends” are common among children who become mediumsHow a life-changing experience with a medium was the beginning of her journey to becoming a mediumLearning that there is life after death changed her (former)views as an atheistWhat defines a really good medium is knowing the fine line between imagination and what is coming throughThe majority of applicants  do not pass the Forever Family Foundation testing for mediumsThe spirit world is right here with usAll mediums are uniqueYou do not need to give any information to a medium other than your first name and an email that you checkThere is no time in the spirit world as we know itPeople who have recently lost a loved one should wait at 3- 6  months before seeing a mediumWe all have spirit guides, a destiny, and a path, and we tend to be born into and often reincarnated within  “soul groups”An ET experience in Key West, FL , it was discovered that what we call ‘aliens” prefer to be called “star beings”Understanding the importance of past lives can add considerable depth to mediumshipSpirits  hear  and see us all the time, they are always by our sideMost of the messages from spirit are of love and forgivenessPeople who have caused great harm to others  go into “therapy” in the spirit worldFor more info:

Jul 2

29 min 56 sec

In episode 30, we talk with Gloria Grace  Rand, an intuitive Business Coach and author of “Live Love Engage. Today’s discussion is about her discovery of Light language and how it impacted/ changed her life”. We will discuss:How light language is a way of communicating with angels and beings on the other sideHow light language can be heard as a spoken language or as singingHow mediumship, channeling and light language are connectedHow she got an idea to write a book during a meditationA channeling experience she had when she was writing

Jun 25

26 min 36 sec

In episode 29 we talk with  Erin Moore,  an energy intuitive and holistic health specialist that helps guide people on their health and/ or spiritual path. What we will discuss:The ability to see energies,  emotions and spirits as a childShe was able to ‘read” people very easilyHow A message from her spirit guides  was a turning point in her lifeHow spirit guides are assigned to us when we are bornThe reasons why most people go to see a mediumhow her work now is helping her release karma from the past livesHow past lives demonstrated the balancing of karmaEarth is one of the most “dense” of all worlds to live inAscension, or the “awakening”

Jun 18

26 min 3 sec

In episode #28, we talk with author and intuitive Bethany Barton about her experiences with past life regression and life between lives. What we will discuss:An ability to feel what other people were feeling at a very young ageEmpaths and mediums have to learn how to “tune out”The differences between Empaths and MediumsSpirit Guides, ancestors, higher beings of lightHow Empaths typically use The TarotThe discovery of past lives through Past Life Regression, one of which she was an Empath as she is todayDuring a PLR session, the therapist asked her if she wanted to meet her soul family  In her life review,  her guides showed her an alternate version of what that life could have been had she made different choices. She was also shown a “matrix” where lives were displayed as lights, and how important it is to utilize your gifts to create light and beauty in our worldFor More Info:

Jun 11

31 min 32 sec

In episode 26, we talk with Bill  Phillips, a psychic medium  and author of “Signs From The Other Side", who  helps  people deal with the grief of losing loved ones by bringing through validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from SpiritWhat we will discuss:An encounter with spirits at a very young ageHow he knew a visitation from his mother’s spirit was not his imaginationWhy breathing is essential in connecting to spiritSometimes “evidence’ from a reading will come after the factHow souls who took their own life came through in readings and gave their loved ones some comfortAccording to spirit- life is much different on the other side as we leave our earthbound feelings behindHow some souls have explained how / why reincarnation worksHow our family members often assist us from the other side after they passThe “other side” tends to orchestrate connections behind the scenesThe importance of practicing spiritual hygiene

Jun 4

37 min 56 sec

In episode 26, our guest is Dr. Yvonne Kason MD, a 5-time Near-Death Experiencer, the president and co-founder of Spiritual Awakenings International, a former president of IANDS, and the author of “Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences. What you will learn :What it was like to experience multiple near-death experiences (NDE)Her first adult NDE/ samadhi experience was in a plane crash where she felt a ‘force field of peace” right before the plane crashedWhat it was like to  have an out of body experience while still consciousA feeling of unconditional love from a higher powerHer spiritual and religious views changed dramaticallyPost effects of an NDE were fear of death has decreased, psychic experiences increasedDr. Kason is a former president of IANDS and has been researching NDEs and spiritually transformative  experiences( STEs) for over 40 yearsYou do not have to be dead to have an NDE( or mystical experience?)There are 3 types of NDEsA Kundalini Awakening can occur during an NDE or when you are meditatingHer experience triggered all of her past life memories as well an ability to see past lives of othersHow it is possible to heal relationships that were conflicted in the pastDr. Kason coined the term “ spiritually transformative experience” ( STE)A Kundalini Awakening has the potential to “speed up” your soul learning in the same manner that a “white light” NDE doesWhat is Spiritual Awakenings International was founded by experiencers STEs are apparently all connected in consciousness#NDE, #neardeathexperience, #IANDS, #pastlives,#reincarnation, #kundaliniawakening, #spirituallytransformativeexperience,#STE, #dryvonnekason,#samadhi,#wheelofkarma,#

Jun 1

41 min 21 sec

In episode #25, we talk with Tyler Stevens,  a parapsychology researcher for the Rhine Research Center,a musical artist and astral projection and extraterrestrial contact enthusiast about using astral projection to achieve an out-of-body experience. What we will discuss:The Rhine Research Center is a pioneering organization in  consciousness science and exceptional human experiences that  started with scientific tests on clairvoyance and telepathyThe difference between  astral projection, out-of-body experiences, and lucid dreamingReports of ET contact out-of-body tend to have a higher form of communication than in-person encountersAn experience with a UAP ( unidentified aerial phenomena) using the CE-5 method developed by Dr, Steven Greer to initiate ET contactSleep paralysis, which is one of the stages in astral projection, is often confused with encounters with angels or demonsDespite the popularity of extraordinary human experiences in today’s entertainment, there is a pronounced lack of funding in the research of the very same phenomenaOut- of body experiences and near-death experiences can feel like similar experiencesThe Stargate program, which employed remote viewing in the military, was a remarkably accurate method of describing “targets”Astral projection is a very deep state of meditation, and  not anything to be afraid of, unlike how it may be portrayed in entertainment

May 28

31 min 20 sec

In episode 24, Jennifer Gordon, a professional ballroom dancer, choreographer, actor, and a writer of Gothic fiction, talks about how two of her novels were inspired by past-life memories:The characters in her novels have a core group of songs in their headHer books “Daylight Into Madness” and “When The Sleeping Dead Still Talk” were influenced by past life memoriesWhile under hypnosis during past life regression sessions, she saw scenes that would eventually take form in her novelsShe had been told by several psychics that the veil between her memories and her past lives were very thinSome of her past life memories were recorded during hypnosis sessions that she otherwise could not have recalledHow she is able to distinguish past life memories from dreams One of her  hypnosis sessions recordings captures her speaking in a voice that did not sound like hers- when she thought she had fallen asleepIt is possible that many writers unknowingly  draw on past life memories for their work, especially when they say ” I didn't write this story, the characters did.”How we are older beings than we think we areFor more info:

May 21

28 min 35 sec

In episode #23, we talk with Mary Bergstrom,  a writer, public speaker who  describes a near-death experience and the lasting effect it had on her  lifeCrossing over was like ‘feeling a gravity beyond a gravity you can imagine”She immediately found herself in a beautiful placeThe colors seen were vivid, dramatic, and comforting, but the surroundings were not earth-likeA deeper understanding that her family and friends would be ok if she had diedA feeling  that everything was as it was meant to be; the history/ events  of the world all made perfect senseAn encompassing feeling of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and completionShe no longer has a fear of death as a result of her near-death experience

May 14

23 min 51 sec

In Episode 22, we talk with Stephen Hawley Martin about his book, Edgar Cayce, The meaning Of Life And What To Do About it. What you will learn:Cayce had to learn to go into a trance to use his psychic powers and was unable to remember what came through him because in his most recent past life he misused them for personal gainHe did not believe in reincarnation originally due to  his Christian faith, but later acknowledged there are many references of reincarnation in the Bible We are spiritual beings having a physical experience; Earth is not our natural homeEarth was originally not meant for human (soul) habitation; we forced our way into this reality by inhabiting the bodies of animals, indicating that the myths of half-animal, half-human creatures such as the Sphinx may actually be true. Eventually, we arrived at the ape form and evolved into Homo sapiens sapiens.The reason we're here is to learn, to evolve- to get back to the sourceService  to others is what we are here to do; this is how we grow spiritually The concept of Karma is often misunderstood as punishmentWhy the movie Groundhog Day is a metaphor for our life on EarthWe are moving from Third Density to into Fourth Density-souls must make a choice between two paths: service to self or service to others. 

May 7

32 min 30 sec

In Episode 21, we talk with Doug Lawrence, an international mentoring expert who recounts a step-by-step past life regression by a hypnotherapist who was one of his mentoring clients. In this episode we discuss:What you had experienced in other lives is now relevant for you in your current lifeHis past life experiences began in a boat on “the river of time”His past life as a healer in related to his present-day work as a mentorUnlike a dream, the vivid details of past life memories do not fade awayHis guardian angel was with him on the boat on the river of timeOne of his past life memories triggered a strong emotional reactionHis past life regression session came with an audiotape that reveals changes in voice, emotion, etc.Doug feels he is more grounded as a result of his past life regressionHe no longer has a fear of death because he knows his journey will continueThe physical body transports a soul to where it needs to go

Apr 30

25 min 50 sec

In episode #20, we talk with Tony Zonca, author of The Journey of Truth: Chronicles of a Peaceful Warrior,  about a story of spiritual awakening which began with an NDE at 7 years old. What you will learn:How a near-death- experience at age 7 set the stage for his spiritual journey Karma works on a grand scale and is directing the future of humanity here on Earth.How Christians often struggle with the fact that the Bible has discrepanciesHow he  discovered  past lives with his parents and wife through meditationThe most common barriers to successful meditationAs children, we still retain some of the “other side “ knowledge

Apr 23

30 min 4 sec

 In episode 19, we talk with Wendy Rose Williams,a Certified Spiritual Teacher hypnotherapist, author and Past Life Adventure Guide. She experienced two NDEs which were the first steps of her on a spiritual path. What we discuss:A detailed description of two separate near-death- experiences NDEs that occured in 1997An out of body experience( OBE) occurred  where she saw the” white light of home”The beings of light had no faces and looked exactly the same but were recognized by their energyShe was given a glimpse into her future if she chose to go back, and was advised she wasn't on her life pathWe all have guides and guardian angelsHow she discovered Life between Lives (LBL) therapy and the concept of soulmates and soul contractsShe found two past lives, one as a woman and one as a manSince then Wendy has discovered over 100 past lives,It is possible to recall past lives through dreams, spontaneous recall, automatic writing, as well as regression therapyHow she wrote questions for her higher self and guides to answer

Apr 16

33 min 21 sec

In Episode 18 we talk with Julia Wesley, a teacher, and Akashic Records reader,  about Soul Blueprints, why this is an important part of her work as a healer, and how it can help you find your true purposeWhat you will learn:How a soul blueprint can help you find your true purposeHow spirit guides give information on your soul blueprintHow a soul blueprint can heal your ego, to heal your relationship with yourselfHow” killing your ego” is a misnomer in spiritual circlesHow false beliefs and identities can be uncoveredThe concept of the soul egoTime is “omni-directional”What to look for in a medium/ spiritual practitioner

Apr 9

33 min 5 sec

In episode #17, we talk with  Chris Lippincott, a psychic medium and best- selling author of “Spirits Beside Us” about mediumship, his encounters with the spirit world at an early age, his spiritual awakening, and what to expect from a reading. How Chris was contacted by spirits(s) at an early age, and how all children are sensitive to spiritHow Chris had the spiritual awakening that set him on the path of mediumship years laterHow  spirit is essentially our energy and consciousness  that has moved beyond the physical stateHow to tell if a psychic medium is legitimateWhat info we need to provide(or not) in order for a medium to contact our loved oneWhat to expect from  a mediumship reading and how to prepareHow spirit is  “more alive than we are” and the reasons why they want to come throughWhy spirit constantly comes back to “Earth School”tags: mediumship, mediums, the spirit world, spirit guides,  spiritual awakening, guardian angels, spirit, karma, earth

Apr 2

35 min

We talk with Stephen Hawley Martin, best-selling author of several books including, “The Afterlife, The Whole Truth: Life After Death Books I & II' about the afterlife, reincarnation, and how we are becoming to understand our reality. In this episode we discuss:Evidence of Reincarnation- research based on children’s memories of past life  done by the University of VirginiaComplex consciousness is known to exist in cases of minimal brain activityWhy many people nowadays, including many scientists, still  think that when we die, it’s the end of our existenceHow consciousness is not created by the brainHow Quantum Physics tells us we are not separate- everything is one, which is what mystics have been saying for thousands of yearsWhat soul  groups are and what happens “in-between” lives

Mar 26

26 min 34 sec

In episode #15  We talk with Dawn James, author of The Raise Your Vibration trilogy and audiobook Why Are We Here. She has a fascinating story of how experiencing her physical death unveiled her spiritual life. What you will learn:What is a spiritual awakeningHow did these experiences change meWhat are the signs you are about to awakenWhat is Samadhi and how it is different than an NDEWhat the experiences taught me about reincarnationWhat did I learn about life and living after crossing over in 2003Where to begin your spiritual pathFor more Info:

Mar 19

30 min 19 sec

In Episode #14, we talk with Cassidy Fritsch about her past life memories, including a  life( and death) during the Chicago Fires in 1871.  What she learned from her experiences: We have to learn a lesson through each life To forgive and not give other people the control to have power over usHow making a sacrifice for a better life was a common theme in her past livesTo stop chasing people/ things that are not meant to be in our lifeTo not seek out the lesson in life she was meant to learn

Mar 12

24 min 47 sec

In episode #13, we talk with Julia Wesley, who is a teacher, an Akashic Records reader, and a Soul Blueprint Healer about The Akashic Records and what she has learned so far. What you will learn: What  we need to know about the akashic records The difference between accessing the records and having them read for youHow  an Akashic Records Reading and a mediumship reading  are differentHow it is common to work in the Akashic Records without knowing itThe need to ask for  “protection” from my guides/ guardian angelsHow the records and lives between lives  regression therapy are similar/alignedWhy it  is important to identify and disconnect from parallel livesWhy we don’t need Karma and how to clear it   For more info: 

Mar 5

30 min 11 sec

We talk with Karl de Leeuw, the founder of the peace campaigning site Onesouls and author of the Universe Code about Reincarnation in the five main religions. In this episode we will discuss:There is but one CREATOR for the “big five” religions  How and why any mention of reincarnation was removed from the old and new testamentsWhy  Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism embrace reincarnation while modern-day Christians and Muslims do not Judaism – Kabbalist Jews via Zohar were all about reincarnation - in direct contrast to orthodox Jews and what is in the bible Although Many spirits do not want to incarnate we must in order to make the universe growIn the spirit world, everything is in the now- life lessons process needs timeEarth is the only planet that's in an ascended planet modeFor more info on Karl:

Feb 26

25 min 21 sec

In this episode, we talk with  Sonia Iris Lozada, a  poet,  actor, and author of " Follow  Akashic Dreaming Through Time” which was inspired by her experiences with the Akashic Records. What we will discuss:The Akashic  Records-an energy field where the past, present, and future is accessibleWays to access the Akashic Records through meditation and dreamsHow it’s possible to access the records without realizing itLearning acceptance by seeing your reincarnated self

Feb 19

22 min 38 sec

 We talk with  Dr. Bruce Solheim, a history professor, former Fulbright scholar and author of the paranormal trilogy "Timeless Trinity" which explores mediumship, spirit guides, and protection. In this episode we discuss:An angelic experience at four years oldHow we are as psychic as we need to beMediumship: we must learn how to "turn it off" before we  "turn it on"Protection during mediumship and why you need itSpirit Guides vs Guardian AngelsThe Spirit World, Alien World and Quantum World are they one and the same? ( to be continued)

Feb 12

29 min 5 sec

We talk with   Kathy McDaniel author of  MISFIT IN HELL TO HEAVEN EXPAT, which describes how a “Dark” NDE has taught her some valuable lessons.What she learned from this experience:God is nothing but loveNone of us have to go to HellWe choose our family, friends, and experiencesThere is no benefit to believing Hell existsPeople "on the other side" can communicate with youWhy she was 'sent back" because she still had much left to doFor more info:   International Association Of Near-Death Studies   Music  Black Box Traders

Feb 5

30 min 59 sec

In this episode, we talk with Dr Dave Bettenhausen  & Carla Bogni Kidd, co-authors of The Gift of Past Lives with Mother, Isabella, God & Elizabeth. They have an incredible story about how they shared past lives. What you will learn:How they encountered their respective spirit guidesWhy you do not need church to reach god and Why free will is so importantWhat a “life  between lives” experience is likeMeeting the “Council of 12”Reincarnation, soul groups, and karmic matesThe 5 simple rules of life

Jan 28

31 min 26 sec

 We talk with Christine Alisa, MS, MFT about past life therapy, past life regression, and how the Past Holds Keys to Unlocking Behaviors. In this episode, we will discuss:How Christine’s own personal journey of past life therapy has had a powerful effect on her life and what it can do for others.How past life therapy is different from past life regressionWhy many people are skeptical about past life therapyShamanism and it's healing properties

Jan 21

31 min 11 sec

We talk with Manish Khernar,  a Clinical Hypnotherapist from Swa-Darshana Hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy centre, in Ahmedabad - India.In this episode, we will discuss:The 7 layers of our existence:Physical body + Mind + Intellect + Consciousness + Prana + Atama + Ahankara ( Ego, Identification) There must be  powers who take care of us and ensure us that we finish our ‘task’ here on earth as soon as possible and for that theyHow these powers  create  situations that are good for us in the longer runThere are no “good” or “bad” emotions- they are signals sent by the UniverseHow emotions can  lead us to past life memories and uncover limiting beliefsevery pain is a messenger that can be converted into wisdom

Jan 14

24 min 5 sec

In this episode, we talk with Michele Granberg,  a Princeton, N. J.- based past life regression therapist, mindfulness and meditation teacher, and shamanic practitioner.  Trained by Dr Brian Weiss, Michele has been offering PLR sessions for almost 20 years. The following points will be discussed:How meditation can lead to past life memories.How meditation is a portal to  higher consciousnessHow past life regression therapy works- common misconceptionsHow soul memories are stores in the akashic recordsWhat is “spiritual regression/ spiritual psychologyOur true spiritual natureThe concept of “oneness”

Jan 7

27 min 45 sec

 We talk with Dr .Bruce Kaloski about past life regression cases, as well as different types of sessions. In this episode we discuss:Past life regression - how it worksExcerpts from his book: "Your Journey Was Never Meant To End"Past life therapyLives between livesKarmic connection Why you would want past life therapyHow we can benefit from this type of sessionMore information on Dr. Kaloski

Dec 2020

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