Psychoz World Podcast

By Matt Angulo

What is it that you can expect from the show? Straight up, no B.S. talks about games. No political agendas, no catering to snowflakes, just straight, honest gaming talk. News, updates, delays and new releases. All centered around the casual to hardcore gamer. If you've got a spare 30-90 min, come listen, interact and help me grow the podcast. One day, I hope this turns into a small community for people to come, talk games and not be afraid of the "correctness" of the world. This right here isn't the world outside, oh no. This? THIS is Psychoz World! Support this podcast:

  1. 1.
    36: Cancellations, Closures, Delays and Bans
  2. 2.
    35: Soulja Boy Game Box, Nvidia vs Cryptominers and Virtual Gaming Events
  3. 3.
    34: CD Projekt Red gets pwned, Stadia cuts first party studio
  4. 4.
    33: The Medium, Amazon Luna and PC parts
  5. 5.
    32: Cyberpunk Modding, NV Frontier Issues and Rating the Assassin's of the Creed
  6. 6.
    31: EA loses Star Wars, Cybercrunch 2021 and Microshaft Live Consumers
  7. 7.
    30: Bethesda Sued, Early Access Games and Sportsters
  8. 8.
    29: Homage to Skyrim Content Creators

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