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Driving around London having a laugh and sharing the habits of the most successful and hard working people. I can tell you now they all have a story to tell.

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Miss Emma Walsh is a YouTuber, petrol head, aspiring singer, professional model and reality personality from the hit series Made in Chelsea. In this episode of the PODCARST Emma reveals a few secrets from her singing and modelling days.  Thank you to our sponsors Stephen James BMW for providing us with the amazing M4 Competition.  @missemmawalsh

Oct 15

41 min 6 sec

In my latest podcast in partnership with Stephen James BMW, I drive around in a brand new £103,000 M5 Competition catching up with YouTube star 888 MF    Mark spent over 20 years in Finance and during that time looked after some of the world's largest hedge funds whilst working at Standard Chartered Bank and UniCredit Bank.  He talks about his 888 MF Masterclass and how and why he set up his YouTube Chanel.    Sponsors Stephen James BMW  Young Entrepreneur Network

Aug 29

41 min 19 sec

Episode Sponsored by Stephen James BMW   About Katie:  I have done it all. I’ve over-restricted, I’ve eaten until I’ve had a pain across my shoulder (true story!)   I’ve cried on a treadmill. I‘ve taken a set of food weighing scales to Nando’s and weighed my chips (I know...!)    I now have a completely balanced approach to food and training. I am fit physically but I am also confident and happy. I am secure in my skin. I can go for dinner with friends and enjoy my meal. I also eat a lot of nutritious food and enjoy a few glasses of wine!   I have been unbalanced. I know how it feels to feel insecure but to also feel totally out of control.   My aim? I want to help other people who feel the same as I felt and get them to where I am now quicker than it took me (which was YEARS!)   I work with my clients focusing on mindful techniques alongside a flexible dieting approach to help them gain confidence, show compassion to themselves and gain an all over healthier and happier mindset.  This isn’t just a ‘I want you to drop as much fat as possible so I look good as a coach’ plan. I want to help YOU. I want you to feel happy and healthy.

Jul 23

41 min

Tess Glynne-Jones is a personal trainer and rehab specialist, a Nike Training Ambassador, and the co-founder of the Women's Lifting Workshop. Tess has worked with a wide range of clients, from those taking their first steps on their journey to professional athletes. We discuss everything from how she became my skipping inspiration during the lockdown to her favorite curry. Tess Instagram 

Jul 11

39 min 57 sec

Amanda has been on the cover of some incredible publications and from the outside, it would be easy to judge. However she has had overcome her own struggles with an eating disorder, so we discussed everything from the effects of bullying, fat-shaming, and mental health. All I can say is that Amanda has a great head on her shoulders and will no doubt go on to do some incredible work.

Jul 4

37 min 15 sec

I caught up with Olu about how he got into chasing size and why he loves saving people's lives. He also lets a few secrets out of the bag. This is possibly one of the most fun podcasts I have done.   Make sure to show the big man some love and follow him @hency_hench

Jun 25

51 min 19 sec

Callum started making vegan food on Instagram in 2019 and had the aim of making vegan food simple for everyone to enjoy and try! And low and behold, He has hundreds of tasty video recipes on Instagram and TikTok, a whole load of energy, and a website that you’re currently reading.  Callum doesn’t actually consider himself a chef of any sorts. More of a cook. And He started out purely on the discovery of finding healthy food that wasn’t an iceberg lettuce. And now making lentils, spinach, tofu, carrot, and all kinds of veg go from boring and dull to vibrant and flavoursome. So do yourself a favour, go wild. Make a dish, they’re all super quick and above all, be amazed at the fact that you’re eating vegan food.

Jun 18

50 min 9 sec

Anna Lancaster Hedman C.Hyp is an experienced therapist, marketeer and entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in industry. She harnessed her interest in behavioural science within a marketing context and she took steps into the world of therapy. Named a ‘Savvy Entrepreneur’ by the Evening Standard she trained with the award-winning therapist Marisa Peer in RTT® and is a fully certified Licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT®) and Certified Hypnotherapist and an expert in reprogramming the mind. Treating a wide range of issues across a diverse client base of clients including Musicians, Producers, TV Personalities, CEOs, Fashion Designers and Actors.

Apr 30

33 min 38 sec

Amie has grown her INSTAGRAM From Zero To 35,000+ Followers In Under 3 Years. Becoming A Highly Sought After Influencer In The Fitness Industry. You can be part of the Fit Fluencer Programme  by clicking here  This episode was sponsored by PURE SPORT CBD For 20% off use code: LONDON20

Apr 21

40 min 16 sec

It's rare to meet people that are genuinely happy to be out of their comfort zone. Having known Yousef for a few years, his work ethic is off the charts and he remains one of the most consistent personal trainers out there. Understand more about why he does what he does

Feb 26

46 min 25 sec

I meet a lot of people in the fitness industry, however, I have never met anyone like Chris. The way he thinks is completely different from most fitness experts and I can honestly say after meeting him for only an hour I was inspired to make better health choices with my health and fitness.    There are no easy days or workouts. I have combined what works for me and what I grind out on a daily basis to give you the results you have always wanted. Practice what you preach!  Be passionate, turn up every day and above all enjoy the process.  Chris Rigby

Jan 15

37 min 36 sec

Emily is a fully qualified registered nutritionist with a degree from Kings College London. Her passion for nutrition began during her work as a fashion model where Emily was exposed to a vast array of health claims and fad diets. Switching her degree to Nutrition, she was determined to navigate the science behind how food affects our body. Now armed with a true understanding of how essential proper nutrition is for both wellbeing and performance, Emily helps her clients become the best they can be by using an evidence-based approach.

Jan 3

43 min 3 sec

Grayson Hart Co-Founder of Pure Sport CBD, known as a quick and skilled scrum-half with a great pass who isn't shy when it comes to the physical aspects of the game, Grayson Hart has played Super Rugby for the Blues and NSW Waratahs as well as NPC Rugby for Auckland and North Harbour. In the Northern Hemisphere he has played for Edinburgh Rugby and is currently a member of Glasgow Warriors and has been capped internationally by Scotland.  We had a great chat about his childhood and how that has helped shape his future and his positive outlook on life.

Dec 2020

52 min 59 sec

England Beach Soccer Captain Aaron Clarke had the privilege of being the first Englishmen to represent FC Barcelona at Beach Soccer. Find out how Aaron got into beach soccer and what's coming next.

Dec 2020

52 min 5 sec

Kelly Rose Marks, 26, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur from London.  Kelly started her career at the age of 18 working as a freelancer for world-renowned magazine Vanity Fair. She then went on to pursue a career at Conde Nast Publications, finally leaving her role at Glamour Magazine to explore more of the world and begin her journey into self-employment. 8 years later Kelly now successfully runs her own online coaching platform, network marketing business and finds her passion through teaching yoga and helping her clients transform their lives.  Follow her on instagram @kellyrosemarks and check out her website

Nov 2020

51 min 43 sec

Hi everyone,  hope your all and keeping safe and well. I can’t start without saying a big thank you to Nathan for organising this podcast. It was my first ever live podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it.   Who am I, My name is Ben Nunn former Professional footballer near on 400 competitive games. Around 5 years ago I started investing in property and started a men's grooming company.   Fast forward 5 years, semi-retired I run three full-time Businesses.    FN Property Group A property development company where I buy and develop properties/buildings to either keep or sell on to the open market/investors    Benny’s of London A 4 years running Amazon bestseller, Luxury Men’s grooming co. Shaving, Gift sets, Beards, Hair collection. The brand's key driver is to help men look better so they can feel better. Things are tough out there so if having a shave makes you feel better even for a brief moment then I have achieved why Benny’s of London exists.    Social @bennysoflondon    Premier Property Network My most recent venture, created to help everyone who wants to learn how to invest in property. No, it's not one of these £20k upsells courses that will make you a billionaire in a month. Subscription-based platform with easy to understand video tutorials on how to invest in property. Covering the key points to invest safely and successfully.  Social @prempropertynetwork   I hope you enjoy the podcast, and again a massive thanks to Nathan for this! He really is a top guy. I hope all you other business owners out there are sticking with it and have been able to adapt through these strange times.    Best of luck  Ben

Nov 2020

47 min 10 sec

Hey what’s up guys, I’m Kirsty, out and out petrolhead and owner of many unfinished project cars 💁🏻‍♀️  Currently building a Twin Turbo Porsche Cayman, R34 Skyline, Mazda RX7 and R32 Skyline.   Also an avid biker, own a cbr1000rr sp and a KTM Superduke 1290r.  If I’m not working, I’m in the garage or on a track 🤙   Check out ‘Project Moneypits on YouTube (the channel with the most projects and least amount of content) for infrequent entertainment and follow @projectmoneypits on Instagram for intermittent project-related emotional break downs in my stories 😁

Nov 2020

44 min 50 sec

AN INTERNATIONAL glamour model is hoping to turn her past experiences with online bullying into a way to help others affected by the issue.  Rebecca McAllister has poured herself into creating mental health awareness blogs after being subjected to a viral hate campaign in 2018.  Vile trolls drove businesswoman Rebecca into a depression leading her to even try and commit suicide.  However, since then, she sought to turn her traumatic experience into a way to help others who may be suffering as she did. @rebeccamacrm

Nov 2020

50 min 56 sec

We find out what the Hexham 2 step is and he tries my very own secret chocolate recipe. I asked everything from his favourite tunes to his favourite food and what we can expect to see in the next 12 months.

Nov 2020

43 min 16 sec

Chloe is a Dom, Pro Stripper and sex industry expert who has been working in the adult industry for 10 years and is the host of Stripper Stories Podcast! You can follow her on-


Oct 2020

45 min 39 sec

To start the new series of the podcast, there was no better person to have in my car than the crazy ginger’s about time he took the passenger seat. Having watched Aaron’s videos for the last 5 months I thought it was important that everyone gets to see the other side of him. Never judge a cabbie by his one-minute video clips.

Oct 2020

55 min 10 sec

From Northampton top the judge's house in X-Factor to becoming one of the rising stars in 2020. Lucien Moon tells all.

Jul 2020

47 min 13 sec

Michael Pusey (MBE), better known as CK Flash who, over the last 14 years has managed to turn Peckham, London, into the birthplace of British BMX champions and get the neighbourhood back in the news, for all the right reasons.  He recently received an MBE from Buckingham palace for all his work helping keep kids off the streets. In fact, in these Summer Olympic Games in Rio, two of his riders will be competing for Great Britain. Which is a great achievement, considering someone once said that Peckham having a BMX Club was like Jamaica getting a bobsleigh team.

Jul 2020

49 min 28 sec

This is a must-listen!  Ricky explains how he found his strength and how he has become to be known as one of the worlds best bodyweight gurus. “The human body is the most complicated machine in the world – we need to learn how to get the best out of it while we are in it. Bodyweight training promotes uniform growth across all muscles, leading to a well-balanced physique. It focuses mainly on the core but also works everything from the largest muscle belly to the smallest tendons in your wrists. Finally and perhaps most important, it teaches you functional skills. The learning of skills is what makes it enjoyable and keeps you coming back for more – there’s always a way to make something harder so you can keep challenging yourself, you’ll never get bored. It’s accessible for all, can be done on any equipment including just the floor, and helps you regain and reclaim your body.”

May 2020

53 min 29 sec

As a leading independent car finance broker with over 22 years experience - I arrange car finance on any car from £30k to £5m in value (from dealers or private sellers) and I am a specialist broker for: - PCP / Lease Purchase (with Balloon) / Hire Purchase - Balloon Refinancing’s- Equity Release- Structured finance options For all sports, prestige, classic, 4x4, super, hyper and race cars. Tel: 07540723020 @dg18son So please get in touch for a quote or even if just for general car finance advice - I’d love to hear from you! Fully Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Apr 2020

44 min 43 sec

Sponsor:   Chris ghostwrited and produce statistically heavy local property market reports, video and TV property market reports, printed and electronic local property  market newsletters and newspaper articles for 100+ Chartered Surveyor,s Letting Agents and Estate Agents around the UK ... all very specifically on that town's property market.

Apr 2020

44 min 27 sec

Mark is also known as 888MF for his famous Youtube Channel. With over 7 Million views. I wanted to find out why, how and what makes a successful channel.  Mark lives in London and is a true car enthusiast. He loves talking about cars, taking photos of cars, driving cars and filming with cars. On his channel you will find car reviews, drag races and I have to say its fun and also informative.  888MF 

Apr 2020

53 min 56 sec

Sponsor; London & District House "Instagram is saturated with home workouts for the body, and it got me thinking…is there a way we can do something similar for the mind. Sure you can’t post about it in the same way but your mind is just as important as your body - if one is out of shape the other is going to struggle.   So I came up with daily and weekly mental health workouts that you guys can do at home in order to maintain the integrity of your mind.  These ideas are born out of things that have worked for me personally, confirmed by the effect I’ve seen on others and have scientific research to back up the positive effects."

Apr 2020

37 min 33 sec

Ned is a sports marketing expert who has worked with some of the biggest names in sport including Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Kobe Bryant.   During his six years with Pro:Direct Soccer, Ned had the opportunity to work alongside brands like Nike, adidas and PUMA and brings his industry knowledge and insights to the table during our latest episode.   @nedoz9   Sponsor:

Apr 2020

48 min 14 sec

Tune into Amie's interview where she talks about her journey since moving away from a small town in Wales to the big city at the age of 22.  Coming from working in a restaurant to building her own business in the fitness industry. Along managing a social media online business and perusing a Dance/Modelling Career.   Also talking about how things aren’t always easy and the struggles she has faced along the way; Along with her top tips on how to cope with anxiety!

Apr 2020

53 min 21 sec  Beauty therapist, businesswoman and self-confessed glam addict – Krystal, is an Essex-based salon owner with over 18 years‘ experience in the beauty industry. Starting out of a small room in her apartment – her passion, drive and dedication has led her to managing two successful salons. Krystal has perfected the art of beauty, performing treatments such as specialised facials, nails, holistic therapies, waxing – and of course lashes and brows. Ready to share her hands-on inside knowledge, we hope you enjoy Krystal’s insights about the ever-changing world of beauty.  @itsallaboutthekp

Mar 2020

44 min 4 sec

It was great chatting to Leanne Brown about her life. We discussed everything from working as a table dancer to being an inspiration to thousands of women and of course some truths about The Real Housewives of Cheshire. After leaving the show, empowering others inspired me to write my first book ‘Gratitude, Grace & Grit’.  The book is journal so although you guys have to do some of the work by filling in the pages, there’s a lot of life advice and I’ve touched on my own personal experiences and how I overcame the challenges that faced me.  The unwritten girl code, exercise, nutrition, finance and meditation are the main topics I have covered but more importantly, finding my passion and starting my mission to empower, support and love other women, the way we should love each other. I’m definitely a girls’ girl, I have always loved all things beauty having studied Beauty Therapy in my early 20’s.  I believe a girl should always take pride in the way that they look. I would very rarely go out of the door without my favourite tinted moisturiser (Laura Mercier) and mascara and I think it is always important to look after your skin. As women and busy mums, we should always make time for ourselves. LEANNES-CHARITY One Woman at a Time is a charity I have been involved in since it was officially established in August 2017. I am a proud patron of the charity which was founded by my amazing and dear friend Jean Anderson. We aim to help women and young girls gain economic power and choices over their lives when they have none. We have helped many young girls with sponsorship so they can have an education. At present we have been working with women in Africa and India where women are at risk of forced marriage, FGM (female genital mutilation) and gender-based violence. Recently we have been working with the uk border control to try find what is being done to prevent FGM. Having 3 girls myself and learning the struggles others face, I just knew I had to do something to help!

Mar 2020

46 min 50 sec

Sponsors:  PT WORKSPACE  Bradley Simmonds is a young, ambitious fitness influencer on a journey to motivate and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a nutritious diet. His no nonsense approach 'Get It Done' pushes all ages and sizes to reach amazing long term results, feeling good inside and out. We chat about starting life as a PT, being a footballer, adding  value to clients and whats it like to jump in at the deep end of being self employed.  Intergram Accounts: Nathan K  Bradley Simmonds

Mar 2020

39 min 1 sec

TV presenter, corporate host & voice-over artist, Alexandra is arguably one of the most well known female faces in the world of motorsport having presented the live coverage for Eurosport Worldwide coverage of the World Touring Car Cup for the past 7 years - a position she continues for 2020.

Mar 2020

44 min 20 sec Sponsor:   Dr Frankie Jackson-Spence is a NHS doctor with an interest in preventative medicine. Dr Frankie’s approach helps you to optimise your health and wellbeing to ensure you live your healthiest life. She believes in the fundamentals of exercise, good nutrition, quality sleep and minimum stress

Feb 2020

44 min 21 sec

Sophie’s Healthy Kitchen was created to encourage a healthy relationship with food…  She truly believe it is possible to find the right balance of eating well whilst still enjoying the food you love and being healthy at the same time.   As a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the AFN, her aim to inspire individuals to cultivate a non-restrictive diet whilst still maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.   Sophie also makes and develops deliciously nourishing recipes that are simple to replicate. You can find these on her recipes page!   @sophieshealthykitchen 

Feb 2020

45 min 30 sec

Elissa Corrigan is fresh from the jungle after she appeared on Bear Gryll’s Channel 4 TV programme Treasure Island where she battled it out against other islanders to try to win £100,000.    But that wasn’t her first forage into the world of reality TV, some Liverpool locals might remember Elissa as the hard-hitting journalist, armed with high heels, a hot temper and a nonsense attitude in E4’s Desperate Scousewives.  As a business woman, a tabloid journalist and ghost writer for celebrities, Elissa is well aware of the competitiveness in the workplace and the tenacity required to get ahead.   Elissa will be talking to you about her experiences in the jungle, how they have shaped her perspective on life and business and the reasons she chose to trek the Great Wall of China and do a 10k run BAREFOOT last year.    She also specialises in working with people on her health retreats - The Life Lab Retreat - to get the best out of them and make sure their mindset is the best it can be.

Feb 2020

48 min 38 sec

Ever wondered who was behind the "Rich Kids of Instagram" account?  Find out how and why it all started and what is coming next? If you dont follow James then go follow him now @jamesmcison

Feb 2020

47 min 19 sec

It’s probably because I listen to too much rap music – no joke! – but my biggest burning desire is to live each day with total abundance… passion & purpose… and unlimited success. I’ve spent over $250K and 10 years studying abundance, and as a result have created a BIG life beyond my wildest dreams. I created a 7 figure passion business; travel the world First Class; do work I LOVE; live in my dream home in Sydney; share my life with an amazing woman; pop bottles (that bloody Rap music again!); spoil my family… and so much more.

Feb 2020

40 min 38 sec

Melissa Sturgess forged a successful career in the male-dominated mining industry in Africa before moving into the CBD wellness and medical cannabis sectors. She talks about how to have it all, the benefit of simple hard work and how to make it as a woman in a man’s world.

Feb 2020

46 min 8 sec

Great to hear from a British legend about the highs and lows of what it takes to become a world champion. We discussed everything from his love for cars, motorbikes and whats comes after running.     Can you guess what his first car was?    Iwan Gwyn Thomas MBE is a British sprinter who represented Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the Olympic Games in the 400 metres, and Wales at the Commonwealth Games. Thomas is a former European, Commonwealth Games and World (4x400m relay) champion.

Feb 2020

38 min 54 sec

Sponsor:  @kirstyhendey   Kirsty was bullied at school for the way she looked: skinny with braces. It made her a quiet child, but she played up to gain acceptance and was eventually expelled, meaning that she left school with bad GCSE grades. This made her strive to prove herself later in life. She found a career in technology and worked her way up before moving to become a business consultant.     About her experience on SAS: Who Dares Wins?   Taking part in SAS Who Dares Wins was an incredible experience. I’ve been inspired by the authenticity of the show for years and was thrilled when I had the opportunity to take part as a recruit. The DS take the course seriously and the challenges are more perilous than I thought which made it more exciting.

Jan 2020

35 min 8 sec

Sponsors: House Of Ollichon  -  Shop:   The brainchild of Kat Williams, the site came about while she was planning her own wedding in 2008. After becoming jaded by the limited offerings of the UK wedding industry, Kat saw a niche for alternative wedding inspiration and ran with it!  Rock n Roll Bride magazine, a bi-monthly, nationally available magazine was launched in 2015. Issue 1, released in January of that year, was reported by the distribution company as the fastest and best selling debut issue of a magazine ever. It also sold out for online orders within 72 hours, with over 1000 copies selling in the first day alone. The magazine is available to buy in WHSmiths, Sainsburys, Easons (Ireland), selected independent newsagents and online via   Kat’s first book, Rock n Roll Bride: The Ultimate Guide for Alternative Brides was released in January 2019, published by Ryland, Peters and Small and immediately shot up to #1 in Amazon’s wedding, marriage and relationship category   Rock n Roll Bride promotes individuality and general awesomeness within a cookie cutter and often puke-worthy wedding world.  Don’t let the wedding industry define your day, let YOU define your day.  Rock n Roll Bride is all about the charm and unique nature of ordinary people’s extraordinary weddings.  Our passion is inspiring couples to plan the wedding that they really want in a world dictated by tradition.  Being ‘Rock n Roll’ is not about being cool, a rebel or even thinking of the most unique idea you can. It’s about planning a day that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your own special way. You don’t have to be wacky; you don’t have to be offbeat and you don’t have to be intentionally quirky – you just have to be you.  Launched in 2007, Rock n Roll Bride is one of the biggest wedding blogs in the world.  Updated daily, the site and its accompanying print magazine attracts quirky, alternative and creative readers from all over the planet.   Shop: Sponsors: House Of Ollichon  - 

Jan 2020

46 min 3 sec

Glen John Jones is a Personal Trainer who spent 27 years of his life as an avid meat eater, then suddenly felt the urge to stop eating meat. Despite concerns and being scared to change at first, he could no longer fight his gut feeling. Fast forward six months and all animal products were off the menu. What’s more, Glen felt better than ever, and the transition was smoother than he expected.

Jan 2020

56 min 22 sec

From working in insurance to starting his own business in detailing cars. F1 Wax is now the leading car detailing company in the south of England. Learn how he has grown his business from adding value to his customers. His clients range from the public to the most exotic car manufacturers in the world, he is known as the paint whisperer for a reason.

Dec 2019

54 min 17 sec

Davide grew up overweight and depressed, got bullied, and shared different values from the other boys...but always knew deep inside that he had the power to change and prove his self-worth. He went against everything and everyone becoming a rebel, transforming my body, painting my hair, and covering his skin with tattoos.  He worked as a dancer, stripper, and model, abusing his health with every illegal substance you can imagine and almost killed himself. He saw death with his own eyes when a very rare illness made Davide lose 2l of blood from his intestine...  We go really deep into our interview with added humour.  The question is how deep will you go to find your true self?

Dec 2019

54 min 58 sec

To hear someone as influential as Ali Omar taking steroids from as young as 16 it was a complete shock to me. Having been in the fitness industry as a gym owner for the past three years, I have never heard anyone or known anyone that's been willing or brave enough to talk about taking steroids. It is so important to understand how they can affect us physically but more importantly mentally which could lead to depression.   What is the key factor for people to start taking steroids?    As well as being a great bodybuilder Ali is also a smart and astute businessman, with business interests ranging from Apps to manufacturing coffee for coffee shops.

Dec 2019

40 min 16 sec

Dale suffered from acne as a child and having tried the conventional methods of treatment, Dale The Medical Chef decided to educate himself.  Having now written 17 books and having read over 1000. I can tell from listening to Dale that he genuinely knows his stuff and I was blown away by the amount of useful information he knows.    What have you learnt from this?

Dec 2019

58 min 48 sec

Dan has been a world leading personal trainer for over 20 years with some of his clients being the most famous film stars in the world. He started long before social media and online training became popular. From dropping leaflets through doors and learning over 15 disciplines, Dan is able to train any client in almost any style of training from pro athletes to Victoria Secret models. Not only has Dan written the hand book for the Victoria Secret models but he has also designed his own form of training ( Nuk Soo )   Listen now to find out how...

Dec 2019

50 min 35 sec

The lad from Newcastle has found himself in London and becoming the young face of M&S. From selling his packed lunches at school to washing cars its clear he had entrepreneurial spirit from a younger age.   Chris Baber won BBC1 cooking show 'Yes Chef' and has since trained with Michelin starred chefs.  I met with Chris Baber, now the face of M & S and his vision and passion for what he does is infectious. The interview is brilliant, Chris gives away his secret ingredients on how to be successful.

Nov 2019

47 min 42 sec