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You’ve found us! Welcome to RIoT Underground, the place where you hear from instigators who are changing the world with disruptive technology. Our job? Pulling back the curtain. We talk to passionate disruptors about what they see, what they do, how they got to where they are, and what’s coming next. Have you ever wondered how people drive through their mistakes, learning from them, and capitalizing on them? Have you ever wondered how people find a career in tech, or start a company, or become great leaders? Do you want to hear more about people who succeed - the real stories, not just the wins we see in a highlight reel? Good - us too. And we’re going to bring that and more, here, at RIoT Underground. RIoT Underground is created and produced at RIoT Studios. RIoT produces events, conferences and educational courses around the world and runs an early-stage startup-accelerator in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our nonprofit also operates a wireless test and certification facility under the Wireless Research Center brand. Learn how to engage by visiting us at Tune in, subscribe - join the underground. We’ll see you in the next episode.

  1. 1.
    XXII: Disrupting the World through Emerging Tech with Swathi Young and Ujjwala Kashkari, founders of DC Emerging Tech Group
  2. 2.
    XXI: Embracing Data Driven Solutions
  3. 3.
    XX: Building a Diverse Future in Tech with Kurt Merriweather, Head of Products at the Diversity Movement
  4. 4.
    XIX: Creating a Safer & Healthier World with IoT
  5. 5.
    XVIII: Leaning in to COVID Market Changes
  6. 6.
    XVII: Entering the Data Era with Timothy Humphrey, Vice President, Chief Data Office at IBM
  7. 7.
    XVI: IoT Innovation in Government with Nicole Raimundo, the Chief Information Officer for the Town of Cary
  8. 8.
    XV: Achieving Success in Technological Entrepreneurship with Scot Wingo, Founder and CEO of Spiffy
  1. 9.
    XIV: How Technology is Upping the Game with Dr. Jen Welter, Professional Football Coach, and Keith Smart, NBA Basketball Coach
  2. 10.
    XIII: Bridging the Digital Divide with Jess George, Government and Community Affairs Manager at Google Fiber
  3. 11.
    XII: Marketing in IoT with Noreen Allen, Chief Marketing Officer of Bandwidth
  4. 12.
    XI: Keeping Consumers Safe with Sven Nowak, Functional Safety Product Manager for TÜV SÜD
  5. 13.
    X: Smashing Expectations in Software Development with Nick Jordan, Founder and CEO of Smashing Boxes
  6. 14.
    IX: The Next Era of Consumer Electronics with Jay Lent, Solutions Director of Cardinal Peak
  7. 15.
    VIII: Time Series Data is All Around Us with David McKay of InfluxDB
  8. 16.
    VII: Gamifying the Design Process with Troy Knight, CEO of BLDG-25
  9. 17.
    VI: Real Time IP Protection - with Eli Sheets, Founder & CEO of IdeaBlock
  10. 18.
    V: Living at the Intersection of Functional AI and Pervasive Networking with Stan Schneider, CEO of RTI
  11. 19.
    IV: Energizing and Diversifying the Regional Economy with Eva Doss, President & CEO of The Launch Place
  12. 20.
    III: Equity & Inclusion in Tech
  13. 21.
    II: Emerging Technology - How Tipping Points Can Help Us Predict the Future of Augmented and Virtual Reality, with CrossComm Founder & CEO Don Shin
  14. 22.
    Season 2 Intro
  15. 23.
    XXXIII: Chips on Chips and Edge on Edge - Real World Examples of Successful IoT Early Adopters, with Justin Spears, Engineering Leader at NetApp
  16. 24.
    XXXII: One War—Two Fronts
  17. 25.
    XXXI: Response and Recovery: How Technology & Data Combat Pandemics
  18. 26.
    XXX: Prediction and Prevention: How Technology & Data Combat Pandemics
  19. 27.
    XXIX: Tech Audit! Why IoT, from an Accounting Perspective—with Jessica Simmons, CPA and Senior Manager with Cherry Bekaert
  20. 28.
    XXVIII: The Intricate, Ever-Changing Nature of Patent Law, and How it Affects IoT—with John Sotomayor, Founder and Managing Patent Attorney at SotoIP.
  21. 29.
    XXVII: Going on Offense—Strategy in the Face of Buzzwords, with "Product Guy" Dan Moore, CEO of Vaporware
  22. 30.
    XXVI: The Tech Behind the Smart Solutions, with Gordon Blackwell, IoT Solutions Architect for Microsoft
  23. 31.
    XXV: From 10th Century King Bluetooth to Today's IoT Network Protocols, with Nordic Semiconductor's Clay Hine and Scott Bland
  24. 32.
    XXIV: IoT and Networks for Tinkerers and More, with Brandon Satrom, Sr. Manager for Developer Relations at Particle
  25. 33.
    XXIII: The Design of Improvement, with Emily Bahna, Managing Director at Thoughtbot
  26. 34.
    XXII: The Hardware, Software, and Business Side of IoT, with Sam Martin, Business Development Manager with ACES North America
  27. 35.
    XXI: Big Data, Data Analytics, and IoT, with Paige Roberts, Open Source Relations Manager at Vertica
  28. 36.
    XX: IoT Mouse Traps—A Prime IoT Use Case from Bayer's Digital Pest Management Team
  29. 37.
    XIX: Smart Home Security and Hacking through the Network—Spanalytics Weighs in on Wireless Protocols
  30. 38.
    XVIII: From Center Stage to Startup Spotlight, with DeShawn Brown of Lithios
  31. 39.
    XVII: Startup Acceleration—Behind the Scenes, with VitalFlo and NIRSleep
  32. 40.
    XVI: Startup Acceleration—Behind the Scenes, with Purillume
  33. 41.
    XV: Startup Acceleration—Behind the Scenes, with Green Stream Technologies and Safe Zone
  34. 42.
    XIV: Public Safety and IoT - How and When? The 411 on 911 and IoT - with Bill Schrier, First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet)
  35. 43.
    XIII: Designing Tomorrow's Interfaces for a Changing Demographic; HMI and IoT - with Tim Sweet, DNA Group
  36. 44.
    XII: Innovation Fundamentals + 30 Years Worth of Insights - with Paul Peterson, Arrow Electronics
  37. 45.
    XI: Startup Pitches! Play-by-Play from RAP Pitch Night with Stephanie Kissel, Supportedly
  38. 46.
    X: Living the Startup Life - with Jamelle Eugene, Gryppers
  39. 47.
    IX: From the ACC to Startup MVP - with Jamelle Eugene, Gryppers
  40. 48.
    VIII: A Twisty Path to a Career in Tech - with Amber Cobb, TÜV SÜD
  41. 49.
    VII: Live on SXSW Exhibit Floor - SXSW Shows How Conferences are Changing Economic Development, Tourism Industries
  42. 50.
    VI: RIoT Underground is Live at SXSW, Asks - Is "IoT" a Problem Term? With Don Coleman, Chariot Solutions, and Adam Covati, Bandwidth

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