I'm TALKing PEACE OF MIND. Achieving greatness requires believing the net will appear, anticipating smooth landings, and finding peace along the way. Let's soar together - on and off the dance floor. You in? Let's go.

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What’s good, my friend? In this episode the TALK is: Eleventh hour, checkmate level, family drama Tremaine Orlando and the value of dress rehearsal Physical care of your body My story of self-discipline Little wins make the big victory Empowered teens hold the vision for all that is good Thanks for listening. I appreciate you. LaurieTALKS @LaurieTALKS

Nov 25

7 min 56 sec

Tremaine Dance Conventions winter tour, 2021-22 has officially commenced. We completed 2 cities weeks and I am noticing a new, heightened level of confidence (self-love) in teens.   More and more teens are sustaining hope in a creator economy and many are using dance as a medium to self-express to feed their lives. They’re good enough for themselves. They know this truth . . .  on and off the dance floor.   Before closing this episode with a review of the benefits of remaining hopeful, I digress about people who over apologize. Sorry.   John Johnson created this episode's beautiful outro. Thanks for listening. I appreciate you.  Now - especially as it relates to you and your ability to create autonomy, freedom, and abundance. @tremainedance @LaurieTALKS

Nov 11

11 min 5 sec

Dear Big Dreamer, This is your time.   That thing you want to do with your life? Now’s the time and today’s the day.   TAP IN to Your Full Potential @LaurieTALKS

Oct 27

12 min 30 sec

I created a super simple technique for keeping myself in check. Whenever I’m wondering “Why is my life not like I want it?” or “Why am I in the situation(s) I’m in?” – I go to my go-to practice: I face myself in the mirror and ask, “What’s my motive?” Asking this question presents me with the opportunity to rethink, reevaluate, and review my words and/or deeds. Looking in the mirror to help you define your truth is a practice. Fortunately, it’s one that gets easier the more you do it. And with time, the need to carry out this practice noticeably decreases. Looking in the mirror with the intention of honest self-assessment is a great step toward accountability, which is an important part of defining your truth. That’s because it helps you to: ·      take stock of where you are and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses ·      identify areas where you need to develop an adjustment plan for how to respond if you’re presented with a similar situation moving forward ·      acknowledge when you’re acting from personal biases or out of revenge, anger, spitefulness, entitlement, selfishness, insecurity, pettiness, envy, or jealousy - Feel free to add to this list. ·      limit prolonged periods of denial . . . you know, those times when your head is buried in the sand ·      enhance your self-trust, which results from asking yourself tough questions. (Asking the question suggests that you can handle your truth.) Get to the point where “checking your motives” (whether you’re actually standing in front of a mirror or not) becomes second nature …. and you’ll soon discover that living your truth is a positive consequence of having defined it.   Thank you for listening. I appreciate you. Audio Engineer: @LaurieTALKS TAP IN to Your Full Potential

Oct 14

10 min 22 sec

A few days ago I was on the phone with one of my nieces. Somehow, somewhere in our long conversation, she suggested that I, LaurieTALKS, have little to show for all the years of effort I’ve dedicated to my career. My reaction to this bomb my niece dropped on me? To spontaneously record this episode. My dear Big Dreamer, one day you may encounter someone who doesn’t know what you know. Or see what you see. Or both. When that someone proceeds to share their opinion of you, remember this: You know what’s possible for your life — because you hold the vision for transforming your dream into a reality.  Here are a few more takeaways. Your voyage is personal. Another person’s point of view, their thoughts and opinions, have little to do with you — especially if these leave you feeling low. Or depleted. Or broken.  When a person gives you feedback, if your response is to constructively self-explore, that’s one thing. If you respond by doubting yourself, that’s entirely different. Even when the person’s intentions are noble, if their feedback leaves you disbelieving your own everything, you absolutely must drawback from a potential cramp in your roll.  Exploring and sharing your creative voice requires patience . . . patience with the aspects of the world around you that you can’t control. If you occasionally ask yourself, “How am I going to make it?” or “Can I really build a life and a living around my artistry?” — you’re not alone. These are questions many artists have had at one time or another.  And finally, remaining brave is part of the process. It’s through trying, testing, and experimenting that we sometimes learn what we don’t want in life. Regarding that phone call and my niece’s comment about what I have and haven’t accomplished to date . . .  it was perfect. Because it brought me right here to this moment. Right here and now — with you.  Thank you for listening. Please consider leaving a comment on Apple Podcast. I appreciate reading your impressions. Content guide for this show/episode: LaurieTALKS talks for the first seven minutes.  Musical guest* @officialvitalmentality plays for five minutes. No ads or sponsorships in this episode. . . . Mr. John Johnson, y'all.  @sam_navarro *If you have audio you’d like to submit for play at the end of a LaurieTALKS, please submit it to Thank you. 

Sep 29

12 min

The other day, my niece, Elle Brown, and I was chatting by phone. At one point, Elle conducted a quick interview, asking me questions like . . . What’s the one thing nobody knows about you? What is it that makes you so motivated to live your best life? Where do you pull from for your strength? In this episode, you’ll find out . . . How the Covid-19, stay-at-home period led Brie (my wife) to notice that I’m the same person I’ve always been Why creating a job instead of having a job is something you might want to consider How remaining silent in the face of drama can help you stay focused on your dream and goals What the sit-in movement was as part of the larger civil rights movement in the U.S. How misery can serve as a motivation to move your life forward Why bringing your best self forward is so important – especially when you’re looking in the mirror Why did I delete a podcast episode a year after posting it Why did it take me so long to start a podcast How to accept honest feedback about the content you create Why on Thanksgiving Day my brother said to me, “Remind me never to invite you to go out with me, especially to my friends’ homes, ever again.” What’s the latest scoop on my explorations for dance in Virtual Reality Thank you for listening, my friend. I appreciate you. TAP IN to Your Full Potential @LaurieTALKS

Sep 15

22 min 35 sec

This is my second recording of Episode 28. I posted the first version and realized 24 hours later that I’d forgotten to make my point. During the first recording, I was so committed to sharing the details of my favorite organizational program, called Trello, that I failed to explain why it’s important to give some attention to how we organize our lives.   Access to additional and diverse resources have made creative entertainment industries like fashion, modeling, and the performing arts more democratized. There are new opportunities to chart new courses. As a result, the individual is more empowered than ever before. Creatives of all ages and backgrounds have greater options for forging the life of their dreams. Yet the democratizing of creative industries … the new opportunities and greater options … have brought about massive changes in the work-life model. And for people encountering these changes, now’s a good time to ramp up their life management organization.  Test new organizational programs that will help you accomplish this. I do love Trello. My Trello boards were primarily all I TALKed about on the first posted version of this podcast episode. Organization (on any level and in any area) boosts productivity, reduces stress, provides clarity of thought, and increases your peace of mind. Even when just a small part of your life is organized, you get all the benefits. With the way the world is operating now – nonstop distraction – it’s critical that we use our mental bandwidth intentionally. Remain deliberate. Direct your life where you want it to go. TAP IN to Your Full Potential Thanks for listening. @anindo13 @adaawemusic @LaurieTALKS  

Aug 6

5 min 58 sec

Sarah Anindo Marshall say that “Art is medicine” because it pulls from real-life experiences. Whether you write, sing, paint, act, dance, or play an instrument, the arts help you tell your story. For Sarah, the idea of art being medicine became a kind of seed. And that seed became a dream … a dream to help children in her hometown of Luanda, Kenya, get an education in the arts and sciences. Now she’s tending—or caring for—her dream, just as a gardener tends a garden: Sarah is building that school in Luanda. Your “seed” may simply be an idea you wrote years ago on the back of a napkin. But that’s something. Make that seed become a dream. Then keep that dream alive by nurturing and loving it as if it were a garden. @anindo13 – Please consider becoming a villager for ABUKUTSA ARTS ACADEMY. @KatherineDunham @officialdadance #gloriakaufmanschoolofdance

Jun 23

23 min 19 sec

Andrea Liebross is consistent, focused, and disciplined in her own life and I asked her how she does it. Her reply? Time management begins with mind management. How you manage your time is a direct reflection of how you manage your mind. Listen in as Andrea provides useful mind management tips to help you figure out what to do with the 60 to 70 thousand thoughts you have on average every day. Andrea Liebross is your accomplishment coach, trusted partner, and strategic ally. She provides clients with sustainability tools to define and achieve success.  I've worked with a few coaches. I'm a fan. – Krista Smith - offering website design and brand strategy.  

Apr 8

14 min 28 sec

Artistry is on the upswing. As you continue to define success for yourself, I'm sharing 6 ideas relating to the importance of: Pushing past yourself Coping as a way of life Selecting either a creator or consumer mindset while scanning social media Not believing your own hype Not fretting the details ... and  Making room in your everyday life for your dream  Let's go. Listen now and carry on in excellence. 

Mar 19

7 min 44 sec

Whatever you're seeking is seeking you, right? That's especially on Clubhouse. I'm approaching my 2-month anniversary using this iPhone party line app - no photos or videos. There are voices from around the globe. Some people blush their first time on stage. As an audience member, you may blush from feeling like you're listening in on someone else's phone conversation, except - legally. My New and Exciting Clubhouse Connects:  Paul Porter  Cheryl Sutherland Destruckshawn Malik Deshawn

Feb 19

17 min 15 sec

There’s a great joy in being a present day artist. There’s fire behind you and safety ahead. Dream beyond your previous dreams because there’s no limit to what you can put into play. Expand your creativity while maintaining your sanity: There’s no rush on your life. Life takes time. That gut feeling you’re destined for something great? It's real. Hold that thought.   Personal growth and development require deliberate and intentional effort. Moving as a person of right action is awesome. Doing good is its own reward. Routines may help manage stress during this “safer at home” time zone. Message to my beautiful big dreamer: Remain an active participant in your personal revolution.Seek high ground for your mental atmosphere. See it. Name it. Claim it. Create it. 

Feb 8

11 min 36 sec

I built a webpage for mother at: My mother recently passed away from natural causes. She was surrounded by her children. My mom was dedicated to the performing arts, to fitness, holding down life like a boss, stretching dollars…all while being a single mom. She also owned a dance studio. Gratitude works. Resting in gratitude is what has kept me going through life’s tough times, times like this. Let us be grateful for the “small” obvious things like our breathe, our ability to move our bodies, and knowing where your next meal is coming from.  Gratitude keeps you in the present and helps you get through tough times. Believing in a better future helps create it. Dreams come true. I'm grateful to you. Talk soon. Love, LaurieTalks Mother's page:

Oct 2020

11 min 7 sec

SELF-LOVE IS AN ONGOING PRACTICE This has been a tough season for a lot of people, including me. There's Covid-19, racial tensions, and I’ve got family tensions I’m dealing with too. What you’ll hear is a bit of a self-pep talk. I reminisce about other tough times I’ve been through and how I got myself through to the other side by practicing self-love. Key word? Practice.    Like many aspects of life, self-love requires practice, which if you’re a dancer, is something you know how to do extremely well. Improving in dance and in real life share some parallels. 

Aug 2020

15 min 26 sec

Have you ever had someone speak hard words of truth to you? Once upon a time, I received a tongue lashing from my mother after telling her the truth. Why? Because the truth was an ugly truth. I was settling for less than what she and I knew I was capable of. That tongue lashing sent me into some deep soul-searching. It was painful at the time, but not as painful as continuing on the path I was on. Where are you headed? Are you on the path to your dream? Life is topsy-turvy right now,  but you don’t have to settle for something less than that. I say reevaluate priorities and then find your balance based on those new priorities. You have a dream for a reason, and that dream needs you just as much as you need it. In today’s episode, we touch on topics of time management, keeping in mind that what “worked” in the past likely won’t work in this different world. But let's not waste time fretting. Why? Because time is an asset that cannot be replaced. There are no do-overs. What you’ll learn: How finding balance is similar and how it’s different from finding your balance in dance. Why now is the time to become disciplined with your time? The story of the time when Laurie’s mom gave her a tongue lashing that sent her into some deep soul-searching. Laurie’s idea on how dance instructors can be a support in the agent-dancer relationship. Laurie’s brainstorming ideas for dance instructors and studio owners.

Jul 2020

17 min 16 sec

Kim has toured with Beyoncé and was taught by black dance instructors. What’s beautiful, though, is that she wants to do something more to help end racism. She’s been speaking out on social media, reminding us all what matters most.  Kim and I agree that there’s a lot to be optimistic about. People are taking a stand, and those that don’t know how to stand are asking, “What can I do?” The youth of today are tuned in, and they place a higher value on equality than we’ve seen in generations past. So, take heart! Weeping lasts for a season but joy will follow. And in the end, Love will win out. Love, Laurie

Jun 2020

13 min 16 sec

I was feeling numb. I headed to my desk to record a podcast. My sister called. During this 20-min conversation, she continued to chop ingredients for her salad. We TALK: - Protesting - Tap dance shoes - Money destroying passion - Cursing on a podcast - The benefits of using a wooden cutting board while recording a podcast, and - The devil in print: the officer with his knee on the neck of George Floyd Adele - mother Kevin - brother Lousie – sister Rege’ – LaurieTalks

May 2020

21 min 49 sec

Jeff believes that everyone has a dream and that each of us has a responsibility to protect and nurture that dream. His it’s-up-to-you attitude is raw and empowering. His message is one of discipline, hard work, creating your own luck, and bringing positive energy to all that you do. Even if it’s only cleaning the toilet.

May 2020

47 min

How has quarantine life been treating Delaney Glazer? She’s spending a lot of time by herself. While some may see that as a downer, she’s quick to point out that personal growth happens mostly in solitude. Girl’s got a healthy perspective there.

May 2020

18 min 22 sec

You’ve been hearing about virtual dance classes, right? Have you wondered what they’re like, if they’re any good, if you can actually learn to dance virtually? Kinley, age 9, shares what she loves about virtual learning and what she's misses about the studio.

May 2020

8 min 38 sec

After recovering from a bad bout with COVID-19, Katy woke up to a brand new world. Gone is the world of dance classes, conventions, competitions, and live onstage performance. Now what? Hope for the best? Go with the flow? Perhaps look for opportunities? 

May 2020

29 min 44 sec

Inquiring minds want to know... Did you move? Are you renting or did you buy? How is your life now that you’re not traveling? Is Brie working? How did that custody case turn out? How’s your podcast recording going? In today’s episode, you’ll hear the answers to these questions and a few others. My Big Dreamer, I got you. 

Apr 2020

7 min 36 sec

John's first encounter with a sound engineer left him, let’s just say, unimpressed with the level of professionalism he saw. “I could do just as well and do it with class.” And that he does.   Do you make beats or compose tunes? If John likes them, he’ll showcase them on this show. Listen in to hear how to have your music showcased on the LaurieTalks podcast. 

Apr 2020

9 min 12 sec

I’ve judged enough competitions to know when it's real. I know when a dancer is lost in their performance - even though I've never experienced that myself. I'm talking about blissing out and performing onstage in "the zone." Julie shares tips on how to get there.

Apr 2020

18 min 1 sec

Today’s show is commentary from me regarding solitude and introspection. Heavy? It's about life – your life. Introspection is looking at your own personality, your actions, and your motivations. Some of this work can be a downright scary, ugly business. “The longest journey is the journey within.” And there are no shortcuts. But you and your dream are worth it. You know it. I know it. So let's go.   

Apr 2020

9 min 44 sec

Following a back injury, Austin went from professional dancer to professional digital marketer, from dancing in Chicago to helping studios keep their classrooms full. An event, a conflict, an injury isn’t a green light to throw in the towel. It’s a reminder to broaden your vision.

Mar 2020

19 min 14 sec

Listen in on my chat with the man himself, Joe Tremaine. We cover what's going on with Tremaine Dance in the midst of this virus outbreak. Note that no one wrings their hands or has a melt down. We're going to stay strong through this.

Mar 2020

16 min 45 sec

"I have more time to dance. That's why I'm homeschooled." Looks like it’s paying off, as Chloe @cmariedance won first place in showmanship and is on her way to Nationals in July! She both danced and choreographed her number. She recalls what it’s like to be in the zone when she’s performing. It’s what she calls her happy space.

Mar 2020

19 min 22 sec

A Tremaine alumnus and I discuss how the world is changing -- not just because of the pandemic but because of technology as well. We conclude that mindset and preparedness can keep you healthy, happy, and sane both today and when you’re old and in the rocking chair. 

Mar 2020

20 min 31 sec

I met Teresa Muhlenkort years ago. She found my name and contact info in a resource guide for -- wait for it -- acting. In case you don’t know, I don’t act. I tap dance. Was our meeting a mistake or an opportunity in disguise? It was an opportunity - as might be this time of coronavirus lockdown.  A-Team in Transformation

Mar 2020

24 min 47 sec

I don’t know about you, but when I’ve got a “situation,” I want a solution. Coach E'dali Pollard takes us back to the basics, to when we learned, as little tykes, about the colors of a traffic light. She argues that if we’ll take more time to pause we’ll have better outcomes than if we just barrel ahead pell-mell and leave the rest to chance.   

Mar 2020

19 min 20 sec

Hear from a dance instructor who overcame self-doubt to develop the confidence to speak her mind when judging dance competitions. In this episode, you’ll learn about her goals and ambitions within the world of dance, what makes a good dance teacher, how to take care of yourself, that you don’t have to meditate every day to benefit from it, why rethink choreographing facial expressions, and about cryotherapy.

Oct 2019

34 min 44 sec

Welcome to the inaugural episode of all that is my blunt honesty. In this episode, you’ll learn a bit about me, what to expect from future episodes, and why my sister, Louise, my only dance teacher declares, "Dancers are special." You'll also hear my sister tell a rather dramatic story of an emotional airport encounter that speaks to the power of human kindness. 

Oct 2019

18 min