The Brown Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Residency Program

Justin Berk

This production proves to provide particulars on the passionate people, prestigious program, and the popular place of Providence, RI that make up the Brown Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Programs.

We offer an academically-rigorous and supportive training program that prepares exceptional physicians capable of providing high-quality individual care and improving the health status of populations. We seek residents who are compassionate, intellectually curious, and committed to developing excellent clinical skills in preparation for their future endeavors. The graduates of our program join an ever-growing national community of physician leaders and educators in the areas of primary care, subspecialty care spanning pediatric and adult conditions, health care transitions, global health, and public health.

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Welcome to the Brown University Internal Medicine Programs in Providence, RI Our three programs (Categorical, Primary Care (GIM), and Preliminary), are based at Rhode Island Hospital with additional core rotations at The Miriam Hospital and the Providence VA Medical Center. We are situated in Providence, RI – a dynamic, art-, industry- and culinary-focused city, built on a foundation of inclusion and tolerance and ranked #16 for ethnic, language, and region of birth diversity among the 300 most populated cities in the United States. Our residents value the diverse population, a complementary variety of clinical locations, and a talented cohort of faculty educators and researchers within the Warren Alpert Medical School. Our Mission Statement The Brown University Internal Medicine Program seeks to promote the development of the consummate internist – doctors who practice with a high level of compassion, knowledge, skills, and professionalism. Our residents and faculty reflect a broad diversity of backgrounds and experiences unified by a dedication to our profession. We aim to give residents the opportunities, tools, and guidance to practice patient-centered care in a variety of environments. Our graduates will hold the care of their patients as their primary goal, accomplished through lifelong learning, scholarship, and education. We achieve this goal through mentorship, experiential learning, and by upholding high ethical standards. Our graduates are prepared for future growth as generalists and subspecialists, practitioners, and investigators, held together by the common bond of dedication to their patients and to the community of medicine. Collaboration, teamwork, and devotion to self and others are our core values.   Check out our website at:

Oct 2020

16 min 5 sec

Welcome to the Brown/Rhode Island Hospital Residency Program in Pediatrics! Our program includes 16 categorical, 4 Med-Peds, and 3 Triple Board residents every year and we are the only pediatric residency in the state of Rhode Island. The Brown/Hasbro Pediatric Residency is an academic program geared towards training clinically skilled, empathetic pediatricians who will become tomorrow’s leaders in child health in an environment of diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to: 1. Foster a training environment geared at sharpening clinical skills through evidence-based medicine and embracing a collaborative team-based approach when caring for children. 2. Provide opportunities for residents to explore the various specialties within pediatrics and to engage in academic scholarship that would enable them to be successful in whatever field they choose 3. Prepare residents with leadership, advocacy and research skills that will allow them to be child health pioneers in their chosen fields. 4. Train residents to be leaders and advocates for social change

Oct 2020

13 min 16 sec

Welcome to the Brown Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program! We hope this podcast provides helpful information about our program to all listeners, rather applicants, fellow Med-Peds colleagues, or other podcast enthusiasts who stumbled upon us accidentally after finishing up Crimetown. Though it is impossible to summarize our quality people, program, and city in just 40 minutes, we still strive for perfection and have aimed to do just that in this audio journey. Hear from our residents, clinic staff, program leadership, and even Taylor Swift singing our state's praises on Ellen.  For more information, please check out our website at

Oct 2020

36 min 49 sec