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Smarter Markets brings together the icons and entrepreneurs of technology, commodities and finance to examine the crisis of trust.

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Joining Susan Sakmar in the Smarter Markets studio this week is Oystein M. Kalleklev, Chief Executive Officer of Flex LNG, a publicly traded LNG shipping company with a fleet of thirteen fuel efficient, fifth generation LNG carriers.

Dec 4

45 min 39 sec

For the second episode of ‘An Energy Transition in Three Corresponding Acts’, host Susan Sakmar welcomes David Greely, Senior Economic Advisor at Abaxx and former Chief Commodities Strategist and Head of Energy Research at Goldman Sachs to Smarter Markets.

Nov 27

42 min 47 sec

Daniel Yergin, Vice-Chair of IHS Markit and Author of ‘The New Map’ returns to the Smarter Markets studios for the premiere episode of ‘An Energy Transition in Three Corresponding Acts’; a ten-part series hosted by Susan Sakmar, former Chair of The Jane Goodall Institute.

Nov 20

39 min 24 sec

On the season finale of ‘Identikit Sequent X’, Michelle Dennedy sits down with Jules Polonetsky, the Founder and CEO of Future of Privacy; a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for privacy leadership and scholarship; advancing principled data practices in support of emerging technologies.

Oct 9

56 min 56 sec

For the seventh episode of ‘Identikit Sequent X’, host Michelle Dennedy sits down with Emma Lindley, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Women in Identity, a not-for-profit organization focused on developing talent and diversity in the digital identity industry.

Oct 2

44 min 17 sec

Dr. Jennifer King, Privacy and Data Policy Fellow at the Stanford University Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, joins Michelle Dennedy for the seventh episode of our series examining the role of digital identity in advancing a consent-based economy.

Sep 25

55 min 1 sec

The sixth episode of ‘Identikit Sequent X’ brings host Michelle Dennedy and Kunal Anand, Chief Technology Officer at Imperva and former Worldwide Director of Technology at BBC together to examine how technology can be designed and applied to deliver trust, transparency and consent back into our post-surveillance economy.

Sep 18

1 hr 9 min

For the fifth episode of ‘Identikit Sequent X’, host Michelle Dennedy welcomes Ruby Zefo, Uber’s first Chief Privacy Officer, to examine the future of a consent-based economy and how consumers can take back ownership and control of their personal data and digital identities.

Sep 4

42 min 22 sec

Sarah Clark, Senior Vice President of Digital Identity at Mastercard joins Michelle Dennedy in the studio to examine the evolution of digital identity and how self-sovereign identity, specifically, can help bring trust and privacy back into a consent-based economy.

Aug 28

48 min 12 sec

For the latest chapter of ‘Identikit Sequent X’, Michelle Dennedy chats with Tim McCreight, Managing Director of Enterprise Security at CP Rail, to discuss the role of digital identity in securing the modern enterprise.

Aug 21

41 min 56 sec

Our latest series ‘Identikit Sequent X’ continues as Michelle Dennedy welcomes Jim Reavis, Co-Founder and CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance to the podcast to examine the role of digital identity management in advancing a secure cloud-based economy.

Aug 14

46 min 29 sec

For the opening episode of ‘Identikit Sequent X’, Michelle Dennedy welcomes Kaliya Young, also known as The Identity Woman, to Smarter Markets for our latest series examining the evolution of digital identity, and how self-sovereign identity, specifically, can advance a consent-based economy.

Aug 7

45 min 36 sec

In this special episode of Smarter Markets TM; the first installment of our ‘Digital Roundtable’ series; we rewind the film back to July 13th’s webinar discussion featuring senior executives from Abaxx, Base Carbon, The Wall Street Green Summit, AirCarbon and Evolution Markets.

Jul 31

57 min 14 sec

For the final episode of ‘An Emerging Energy Framework for the 22nd- Century’, Todd Buchholz welcomes “America’s most influential energy pundit”, Dr. Daniel Yergin, Vice-Chair of IHS Markit, to the podcast. 

Jul 24

56 min 26 sec

Susan Sakmar, Former Chair of the Jane Goodall Institute, and one of the world’s leading experts in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), joins Todd Buchholz as we continue our current series ‘An Emerging Energy Framework for the 22nd – Century’.

Jul 17

45 min 39 sec

Todd Buchholz welcomes Bloomberg’s Javier Blas and Jack Farchy, Co-authors of ‘The World for Sale’ to Smarter Markets for our third installment in our latest series ‘An Emerging Energy Framework for the 22nd-Century’.

Jul 10

56 min 29 sec

For the final episode of our five-part series on the role of digital innovation in advancing the ESG economy, Michelle Dennedy joins Beena Ammanath, Executive Director of the Deloitte AI Institute and Global Head of AI Ethics at Deloitte.

Jun 19

38 min 39 sec

On part four of our five-part series on the role of digital innovation in advancing the ESG economy, Michelle Dennedy has an in-depth conversation with Jacquelyn Horton, Social Impact and Sustainability Manager at Dropbox.

Jun 12

34 min

Our five-part series on the role of digital innovation in advancing the ESG economy continues as Michelle Dennedy chats with Ann Rosenberg, SVP of Sustainable Development at Wood and former SVP of UN Partnerships and twenty-year veteran at SAP. 

Jun 5

29 min 19 sec

Michelle Dennedy sits down with Greg Lavender, Chief Technology Officer at VMware and former CTO for Cloud Architecture and Technology Engineering at Citigroup to continue the conversation about digital innovation’s role in advancing the ESG Economy. 

May 29

46 min 52 sec

Michelle Dennedy is back this week with Gajen Kandiah, CEO of Hitachi Vantara, as they kick-off the first in a five-part series about the role of digital innovation in advancing the digital economy.  

May 22

48 min 9 sec

Josh Crumb, Founder and CEO of Abaxx Technologies joins us on the podcast for the first time as we conclude our three-part mini-series on the energy industry’s transition to a renewable future. 

May 15

54 min 28 sec

On the second of a three-part series on the great energy transition, co-host Todd Buchholz, former Director of Economic Policy at the White House, sits down with renowned energy macro and equity analyst, Arjun Murti. 

May 8

1 hr 6 min

In his inaugural episode of SmarterMarkets™, Todd Buchholz, former White House Director of Economic Policy sits down with Stefan Wieler, Head of Markets Analysis and Meteorology at Axpo Group, for the first in a three-part series about the great energy transition.

May 1

1 hr 1 min

Erik Townsend returns to SmarterMarkets™ this week to introduce Michelle Dennedy’s co-host this season; Todd Buchholz, former Whitehouse Director of Economic Policy and Managing Director of the Acclaimed $15 Billion Tiger Hedge Fund.  

Apr 24

1 hr

Michelle Dennedy sits down with “Cybersecurity Strategist of the Year” Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt, to examine the question “who’s responsible for protecting our digital assets of the future?”

Apr 17

43 min 15 sec

Michelle Dennedy, former Chief Privacy Officer of Cisco and Intel, sits down for a refreshingly candid conversation with Jim Whitehurst, President of IBM and former CEO of Red Hat, on her can’t-miss premiere episode of Smarter Markets. 

Apr 10

57 min 48 sec

Erik Townsend interviews new Smarter Markets host Michelle Dennedy on her own background as a digital privacy activist. This episode is designed to introduce the audience to Michelle herself, and then in coming weeks Michelle will introduce listeners to a side of Silicon Valley most have never seen.

Apr 3

1 hr 10 min

Hedera Hashgraph co-founder Dr. Leemon Baird explains the function distributed ledger technology (DLT) provides, then goes on to outline how DLT needs to evolve in order to scale up to eventually supporting a fully tokenized financial market architecture.

Mar 27

1 hr 9 min

Billionaire financier Robert Friedland returns as Michelle Dennedy joins the Smarter Markets hosting team. Robert and Erik discuss what it will take to Green the Global Economy in Part 2 of this extensive 2-part interview.

Mar 20

52 min 57 sec

Billionaire financier Robert Friedland returns as Michelle Dennedy joins the Smarter Markets hosting team. Robert and Erik discuss what it will take to Green the Global Economy in Part 1 of this extensive 2-part interview.

Mar 13

53 min 24 sec

AirCarbon Exchange co-founder and COO Bill Pazos joins us this week to discuss the history, present challenges, and future of the carbon credit trading industry.

Mar 6

54 min 59 sec

Goldman Sachs’ global head of sustainable investing practices John Goldstein is this week’s feature interview guest. We discuss how to engage in ESG investing to make a difference by engaging directly with the industries that need reform, rather than avoiding them. John calls this Impact Investing, and we discuss this practice in detail in this episode.

Feb 27

1 hr 5 min

SAP’s chief innovation officer and outspoken green energy proponent Tom Raftery is this week’s feature interview guest. We discuss the coming green energy revolution and what it will mean for markets and the economy as a whole.

Feb 20

1 hr 11 min

In the first of a 4-part mini-series on Environmental, Socially Responsible, and Governance-focused investing, Smarter Markets presents Peter Fusaro, veteran sustainability investor and organizer of the Wall Street Green Investing Conference. We discuss everything relating to ESG investing.

Feb 13

52 min 18 sec

Epsilon Theory founder Dr. Ben Hunt joins Smarter Markets to weigh in on how social media is being used to engineer the narratives which shape both financial markets and society more broadly. We discuss the influence of social media then go on to discuss how financial markets no longer serve society in the way they were intended, and what needs to be done to fix them.

Feb 6

1 hr

Former senior Twitter executive and current head of Media, Sport & Entertainment for the World Economic Forum Kirstine Stewart weighs in on the growing influence of social media on financial markets and society as a whole, including whether and how social media should be governed to control abuse of its power of influence.

Jan 30

59 min 40 sec

Commodity legend Mark Fisher shares some choice stories, including how the Hudson River can be used as a risk management tool to cure over-trading, then goes on to reflect on how the design of commodities futures markets could be improved.

Jan 23

53 min 15 sec

NEO Stock exchange founder Jos Schmitt explains why most existing stock exchanges give an unfair trading advantage to some customers over others, and explains why he launched a new exchange specifically designed to level the playing field for all investors.

Jan 16

1 hr

Former U.S. Ambassador to Singapore Frank Lavin weighs in on Singapore’s suitability as the emergent Asian Financial Capital City and Singaporean regulators’ willingness to consider new and innovative approaches to designing smarter financial markets.

Jan 9

47 min 47 sec

Logica Funds’ Mike Green explains why he and most of the smartest people in finance are in the business of exploiting and profiting from deficiencies of current markets, rather than fixing them. Mike explains why incentives don’t favor fixing what’s broken, and what we need to do to change the system and enable migration to a new generation of Smarter Markets.  

Jan 2

1 hr 7 min

Charlie McGarraugh is Chief Strategy Officer for, the largest self-custodied crypto wallet provider globally.  Previously he was a Goldman Sachs Partner and former head of metals trading, so his native language is finance. In this interview, Charlie explains Tokenization in terms that Finance professionals can relate to, then goes on to explain what this change will mean both to financial markets and to the people who work in them.

Dec 2020

57 min 16 sec

Abaxx co-founder Thom McMahon weighs in on the company’s activities to actually design and build the fully tokenized commodity trading system envisioned by Robert Friedland, Maryam Ayati and Jeffrey Currie in our first three episodes. Thom also explains why a physical delivery LNG contract is essential to the green energy revolution, and how Abaxx Exchange is designing that contract right now to establish Singapore as the global benchmark market for LNG price discovery.

Dec 2020

1 hr 16 min

Goldman Sachs commodities chief Jeff Currie weighs in on the next commodity cycle, the return of inflation, and why it’s essential for the marketplace to figure out how to put a price on carbon in order to enable the realization of ESG objectives. Jeff goes on to describe tokenization of commodity futures warehouse receipts as the best use case he’s heard for distributed ledger (a/k/a/ “Blockchain Technology”).

Dec 2020

1 hr 2 min

Energy industry veteran and NEO co-founder and CEO Maryam Ayati reacts to Robert Friedland's vision of grading and trading commodities based on ESG aspects of how they're produced, and expands on Robert's ideas to explain how the entire commodity supply chain could be tokenized using distributed ledger technology, and how commodities could literally be traced to their source using new "watermark" technology that applies molecular-level digital fingerprints to almost any  commodity.

Dec 2020

1 hr 2 min

Billionaire Canadian financier Robert Friedland headlines the inaugural episode, and shares a vision of commodities being graded based on how responsibly they were produced with regard to ESG priorities, thus allowing free market price discovery to determine a market premium to reward responsible producers of metals and other commodities which have historically had an adverse environmental impact.. Robert goes on to share his vision for how a distributed ledger (blockchain) could be used to hold commodity producers to account and assure buyers of commodities that they've received the full and true details of how those commodities were produced.

Nov 2020

1 hr 13 min

In this new podcast series, I'll be talking to leaders in both business and in finance. We'll discuss the shortcomings of financial markets as they're currently designed and talk about what could be done to make markets smarter than they are today.

Nov 2020

8 min 49 sec