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Chris Hoffman

Chris Hoffman is the owner and founder of The Hoffman Financial Group in Atlanta, Georgia. He focuses on wealth management and retirement strategies. “Money Unleashed” is dedicated to empowering the investor and retirement saver with the information they need to expect more from their financial advisor.

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Inflation, taxes, interest rates, another Covid variant. The market is seeing a lot of headwinds. What should you be talking to your advisor about?

Dec 3

9 min 9 sec

Chris talked with the award-winning opera tenor about his upcoming US tour, his latest album and the effect of the pandemic on his music.

Nov 25

4 min 37 sec

The 401(k) was supposed to help replace the disappearing pension. Will it do the job for you?

Nov 19

6 min 35 sec

Why this could be the best time to talk to your advisor about retiring early.

Nov 5

6 min 3 sec

The Atlanta Braves are back in the World Series. And earlier this year, Chris Hoffman sat down for an interview with the former Braves' outfielder, who was also a member of the last Braves team to appear in the "Fall Classic."

Oct 29

3 min 52 sec

As a kid, you would gather your Halloween candy and separate it out…the good from the bad. Should you be doing the same with your 401(k)?

Oct 22

7 min 27 sec

When asked, “what is your biggest fear about retirement?”, the #1 answer has been the same for many years. But this year, it’s different.

Oct 15

5 min 47 sec

With interest rates set to rise, even some of the Wall Street elite are bailing on bonds. Should you?

Oct 1

7 min 39 sec

Schwab asked people if they could see a financial advisor, in what areas would you want help. These are the top four.

Sep 24

6 min 41 sec

The financial headlines can get you rattled. Chris outlines 4 different kinds of people that come in for his help, and the one thing they all have in common.

Sep 17

9 min 34 sec

For over a year, Chris has been saying that bonds have no place in your portfolio. This week an industry giant joins him.

Sep 10

4 min 56 sec

There is a point where investors get to in a falling market where they panic and sell everything. How do you determine your "freak-out" factor, and how do you avoid reaching it?

Sep 3

6 min 8 sec

Most people agree that creating income is a vital part of retirement planning. What are you doing to keep the paychecks coming?

Aug 27

6 min 36 sec

Mom always said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Is your Index Fund doing the same thing?

Aug 20

9 min 6 sec

Chris is seeing a lot of new clients come in that are worried. If this market turns, what will happen to their retirement accounts?

Aug 13

8 min

At a recent charity event, Chris chatted with the former Heisman Trophy winner and Pro Bowl running back, who is now also a financial advisor.

Aug 6

5 min 5 sec

A woman writes in with almost a million dollars saved with no debts...but she’s worried about retirement. Why?

Jul 30

7 min 3 sec

Taxes may go up in the future. Paying taxes now on your 401(k) at a lower rate may be something to look at, but are you a good candidate?

Jul 23

6 min 57 sec

Do any of the recent financial headlines concern you? Chris points out 3 from this week that should be on your radar.

Jul 15

10 min 29 sec

We are halfway through 2021. Are you on track to meet your financial goals?

Jul 9

6 min 33 sec

At a recent charity golf tournament, Chris Hoffman chatted with NFL Hall of Famer and 2-time Super Bowl Champion, Lawrence Taylor.

Jul 5

8 min 29 sec

After a 12-year run up, are you getting complacent, believing the market can only go up? If the market shows it's "other side”, will you be ready?

Jun 24

8 min 29 sec

There is more to a retirement plan than just an investment plan. What are you missing?

Jun 18

5 min 39 sec

There’s new phenomenon of stocks that shoot up out of nowhere for no apparent reason. Is there a new strategy here to take advantage of?

Jun 11

9 min 36 sec

If you are close to, or in retirement, the stock market may make you nervous. Is it a necessary evil?

Jun 4

7 min 13 sec

You’ve saved, now how much can you take per year? 4%? 5%? 10%? Chris looks at the formulas.

May 28

3 min 31 sec

Do you need a financial advisor? Can you go it alone? This study talks to people who use, and don’t use, an advisor.

May 14

5 min 55 sec

If Cash, Bonds and Target Date Funds are your idea of protecting your money...there is a better way.

May 7

6 min 43 sec

Does your new account balance have you in a place to stay on the same course or should it trigger a different reaction?

Apr 30

10 min 52 sec

Tax deferred money has it’s upside, but it could also blow up into huge tax bills in retirement...unless you plan now.

Apr 23

6 min 18 sec

More money has gone into stocks in the last 5 months than the previous 12 years. Should this signal something to a retirement saver?

Apr 19

6 min 30 sec

When you seek out a financial advisor, what are you looking for? MarketWatch has an opinion. Does Chris agree?

Apr 12

7 min 35 sec

The survey was done with people who had $25 million or more. What did they value in financial advice? You might be surprised.

Apr 5

5 min 58 sec

Pension managers need to make money last for 50 to 100 years. Can we learn something from their style of money management?

Mar 29

5 min 54 sec

What is your version of safety in a financial storm? An umbrella? A house? Or an ark?

Mar 22

7 min 46 sec

The headline read, “Most financial plans will fail miserably over the next decade.” Is that true and, if so, why?

Mar 8

5 min 58 sec

There’s a saying on Wall Street, “Bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.” How do you maneuver through the next pull back?

Feb 22

8 min 16 sec

Is it possible to be so conservative with your money that you can’t achieve your goals? Is there a happy medium between risky and protection?

Feb 15

7 min 6 sec

There are all sorts of retirement formulas out there: The 4% Rule, you’ll need 75% of your working paycheck, etc. Chris says, you’ll know it’s right when we replace 100% of your paycheck.

Feb 8

8 min 24 sec

Running out of money has always been the big worry of retirement savers. According to a new survey, it’s now changed.

Feb 1

10 min 8 sec

If you could walk away from work, knowing your paycheck would continue, how would you feel?

Jan 25

6 min 12 sec

If your retirement confidence is based on how well the Dow is doing, you may be in danger.

Jan 18

8 min 43 sec

Barron’s Magazine had a roundtable discussion about common missteps that retirement savers make. Chris weighs in on each one.

Jan 11

13 min

We have a email from a couple that has saved in 5 different places, but they are still uneasy about retirement. Why?

Dec 2020

9 min 34 sec

You’ve saved. How do you compare to the average boomer? More importantly, how much do you plan to spend per year?

Dec 2020

6 min 32 sec

Is your retirement "check engine" light on? Maybe it’s time for a check up.

Nov 2020

7 min 39 sec

What should the outcome be of your meeting with a financial advisor? If it doesn’t focus on income and how you get paid in retirement, you may be in the wrong place.

Nov 2020

12 min 49 sec

The stock market has these crazy swings up and down. When we have an upswing, what is your strategy?

Nov 2020

9 min 19 sec

You know you need to talk to a financial advisor, but what happens at that first meeting and what should you expect? Chris breaks down the process at the Hoffman Financial Group.

Nov 2020

9 min 36 sec

Diversification is a term financial advisors use to find the balance between growth and protection. Is your stock and bond portfolio achieving it?

Nov 2020

10 min 42 sec