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Deana Farrell

Encouragement for the time management flunkies, serial goal getters and the entrepreneurial women who have forgotten what Valued Amazing Ladies they are. This is your reminder that the world needs that God-given dream you've been harboring in your heart and how to make it a reality. (while living and dealing with your real reality)

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I can't believe it's been 5 years since I started this crazy journey!  Sure there are a lot more than 5 lessons learned, but these were those first ones that popped into my head when thinking of this topic.   Read the blog version here:  Watch on YouTube here:

Nov 20

20 min 49 sec

As goal-getters we are always looking for ways to improve our productivity right? These are things that you can get started and make progress on without overthinking them! (seriously) Read the blog version here: Check out the YouTube version here:

Nov 12

18 min 18 sec

Sure, you are aware of there's a gap between you and your goal, but then what? In this episode we are going to get down to the root of what it will take to close that gap - a faith focus. Learn what your experience, execution, imagination and innovation have to do with getting you to your goal. Read the blog version here: Prefer watching?

Sep 28

21 min 2 sec

We loooove planning!! But what does it even mean to "plan" for something?  In this episode you'll hear that definition along with an alternative way to take action toward your goals!  Watch this episode over on YouTube: Read the blog version: Grab the Free Printable mentioned: Get the "write your story" shirt here:

Sep 22

13 min 46 sec

Which way did your head just shake? Up and down or left to right? That about sums up how we can see ourselves when it comes to this word, hero. Today I want to offer a perspective that maybe you haven't ever heard of, let alone given some thought, but it may have you embracing the role a bit more comfortably. Read the blog version here: Watch the video version here:

Sep 8

15 min 27 sec

Do you find there's JOY in your planning? Odd question to ask, but most of us do not really find JOY in the planning. This episode walks you through 3 key areas when planning and they come from a well-known source. Maybe you've heard of it. Tune in to find out! Original blog post: YouTube version: More encouragement for faith, life & business over at

Jul 21

15 min 53 sec

We've all experienced mood swings. Both our own and others. But what can you do when the chains on one of your mood swings just SNAPS? In this episode we will talk about a very important perspective shift that will help you prevent future injuries. Read the blog version of this episode Watch the YouTube version For more encouragement for your faith, life and business visit

Jun 21

21 min 42 sec

Adventure sounds exciting, fun, doable...until - until it's not exactly what we had in mind. Ever have that happen to you? What does one do when choosing your own adventure doesn't exactly pan out the way you had planned? Today's episode gives you an option - see if it works! Check out the blog version here: The YouTube version here:

Jun 14

15 min 38 sec

We all have those moments, you know, the ones you just can't seem to see yourself out of? If you've ever felt this way, you know how frustrating it is to try and get yourself unstuck! In this episode we are going to talk about just what to do when this happens. After you give a listen, go here if you'd like me to personally help you get unstuck! Wanna check out the blog version? I get it, sometimes you just aren't in a place you can listen. 

Jun 9

18 min 51 sec

Who doesn’t love making serious progress when it comes to our goals? In this episode we are going to delve into the three major components you’ll need in order to see that progress.  And sooner rather than later! Let's get your MAP, shall we? Read the blog version Schedule your own FREE personalized MAP call Take the MAP Your Goals mini-course

May 31

10 min 47 sec

When it comes to our BIG dreams, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with how to make it happen. We end up making our plans to achieve our dream so big that it literally squashes the desire to pursue that dream! CrAzY, right? Today's episode you'll find 3 practical tips you can apply right away to get yourself back on track! Check out the blog version of this podcast at See what the buzz is all about with the 30-Day Prioritized Focus Success Planner  Get a handle on what's really holding your progress back (and it's not "time management") with this Free Guide

May 25

24 min 46 sec

Today's episode continues the "conversation" from Episode #52 and brings with it tons of encouragement to share your story for the benefit and sake of others. Oh, I mentioned this blog post about PEACE, if you want to check it out! Are we email friends yet? I have a FREE gift for you if you're interested in joining my email newsletter. Just go here to get all signed up and look for that fab freebie to be delivered right to your inbox! More encouragement for your faith, life & business at

May 19

12 min 8 sec

Making Excuses Sabotages Success - our success. That seems to be the MESS cycle a lot of us repeat. So how can we stop the cycle? You get R.E.A.D.Y. to bust out of status quo! You can read the blog version of this episode at

May 13

11 min 31 sec

In a shout-out to Moms and Mom figures on this upcoming Mother's Day, this one is for you. Those good and maybe not so good...MOMents! Either way, we have memories and the ability to create them. Find the original blog post here. In the meantime, I'm looking to define & refine my best MOMents right there with ya!

May 6

9 min 35 sec

If you are one who is constantly apologizing, feeling remorseful or sorry and seemingly on the defense about your faith, your life and your business - this episode may just help in shifting that perspective! Oh, and the solution is probably not what you think, but pretty inspiring. (at least I think so!) Cue the confetti!! This is the 50th episode!!! Can you believe it? I can tell you this one is a bit different than the usual, but the encouragement is the same! Visit for the latest blog posts, podcast episodes and how to stay in the loop!

Apr 30

24 min 1 sec

This episode is about finding the focus you need for the season you're not only IN, but looking ahead to the one you want to be able to effectively transition into next. While spring conjures thoughts of beginnings & newness, it also involves some necessary planning and planting in order to see it. Will you have enough seeds to grow, gather, see and maybe even give a bouquet to show for all of your hard work or are you wishing and hoping one will be handed to you? Not sure what "season" you're in right now or what you'll need to do in order to transition to the next one? No worries! I've got a great cheat sheet to help you figure it all out! Grab that cheat sheet with the 3 Steps to Prioritized Focus right here. Find more encouragement for your faith, life & business over at

Apr 22

12 min 45 sec

Sometimes seeing is believing and others it's our belief that enables us to see. In this episode I share how we can learn RAPID Focus from the two blind men that Jesus healed all those years ago. Oh, and I have a FREE printable reminder for you too! You can grab that here:

Apr 15

13 min 20 sec

Whether you were formulating, focused or finishing a goal – knowing what puts you in the flow of making progress is key. Is it your faith, love, hope or some pixie dust? Today is about finding what’s propelling or preventing your progress when it comes to that big dream and making progress. More encouragement for your faith, life and business can be found at Knowing if you are Making A Plan that will prevent or propel your next 30 days is crucial to your progress. Schedule a free MAP call today!

Apr 9

9 min 48 sec

This episode is the most recent a-ha installment to my overflowing list of biblical lessons for real life - my real life! If you've got frogs that are making you lose focus too, this episode is a must! People often question if the Bible has any relevance to our lives today. While there is a lot of things that we may not understand in the Bible, I have found more than enough encouragement, insight and solutions to keep me heading in the direction I was meant to go.  You can also read the blog version here.

Mar 25

17 min 47 sec

When it comes to making serious progress toward our biggest goals, most of us feel like we’ve lost our focus.  So how do we get it back? I’ve got 3 quick tips for finding your focus again!  Read the blog version here!

Mar 18

18 min 51 sec

Say what?  We are talking a different type of wardrobe today, but one we ALL look fabulous in! This is a short episode so go ahead and give a listen ;)  Are we email friends yet? Keep in the loop and get freebies!  Here's your first freebie: 3 Essentials Guide to Prioritized Focus

Mar 16

7 min 9 sec

When we come to the point of knowing we are on the verge of a breakdown, it’s usually an indication that we are either in need of a serious break on the verge of a breakthrough! Today's episode is how you can recognize the difference and ways to accelerate the breakthrough! And a breakthrough sounds so much more exciting than a breakdown doesn’t it? Read the blog for this episode here

Mar 8

13 min 41 sec

I thought I'd share something I've been doing for myself and with others for the last few years every FebYOUary. I hope that it helps you see ways that you can L.O.V.E you better and it's not too hard to follow - it's usually spread out over 4 weeks workshop style. (if you'd like that experience you can request to join the 30-Day Goal Getters private facebook group here.) Be's a pen & paper kind of episode!

Feb 28

23 min 32 sec

Ever catch yourself more focused on fitting in than paying attention to YOUR right fit? Well, this podcast is just the push you need to give yourself permission to ditch the  guilt of fitting in and use that energy & effort to focus on your right fit! See the blog post version of this episode at

Feb 23

15 min 43 sec

Calm down, it's all rated G, but these words can and ARE doing some serious damage to your progress! Especially because there are some beliefs stuck behind these words that mess with your mindset and your  potential for forward motion toward your goals. Let's get you some replacement words and beliefs so that you'll be making real progress, shall we? Visit if you'd like more encouragement and how to apply Prioritized Focus to your faith, life and business

Feb 16

11 min 29 sec

We are all busy, but in the midst of all that busyness how productive are we when it comes to making progress toward our biggest goals? Today I have 3 ways (areas really) in how you can increase your productivity. Oh, and I meant to go back and tell you about THIS in area #1, but was too excited to share all 3 with you that I forgot to go back! Thanks for listening and here's where you can see what else I'm working on outside the podcast over on the website

Feb 8

14 min 37 sec

We all have our ideal season in life we'd prefer to be living in right? But what do you do when you are in a season you want OUT of, like yesterday! This episode reminds us that we need all seasons in order to GROW through what we go through and there's one season that's  always right on time... You can read the blog that inspired this episode here: Oh, and here's that free gift I mentioned!

Feb 1

8 min

Sure you "need" lots of things in order to practice Prioritized Focus, but  there are two things in particular that are at the foundation. Tune in to  find out just what they are and how important they are to your progress. Oh, and here's that link I mentioned at the end of the episode for that freebie in helping you realize "time management" is not the problem - just sayin'.

Jan 25

6 min 58 sec

Maybe you don't even recognize the symptoms or worse, not even sure what this is let alone what to DO about it! Today you'll find 3 ways you can combat this dreaded "disease" and make progress towards your biggest goals and best YOU that you need to be to handle them. Want to take it a step further? Be sure and visit for the latest resources.

Jan 18

12 min 34 sec

Ever been there? In the land of analysis paralysis because of  every possible "what if" scenario. I've learned how to trade the "what ifs" for something else, something better and something  that's helped me make a whole lot of progress! 

Jan 11

8 min 42 sec

When it comes to goal getting, there's lots of things that can motivate us toward our goal, but two tend to stand out from any other. Which is driving your goal getting?

Jan 4

10 min 59 sec

When we are around those who inspire, encourage and support us,  we find ourselves motivated to achieve our goals, be our best and at the very least, show up! Do you know who keeps you sharp?

Dec 2020

9 min 19 sec

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of being ridiculed.  Especially if it’s over something I said I was going to do. Ugh! What does it take to actually finish? Let's find out...

Dec 2020

10 min 46 sec

So what do you have stored up? This episode talks about what to do about both the good and evil that we tend to stuff down deep until...

Dec 2020

12 min 18 sec

Your brain does...that is IF you tell it to! We act what we believe and fortunately,  our brain believes whatever we tell it - what are you telling yours?

Dec 2020

11 min 43 sec

Ever think that the best part of a goal is the ending? Whether in the planning phase or finishing phase, the end is where it all comes together!!

Dec 2020

9 min 58 sec

Refreshment - yes, please!! Learn the "formula" to find the refreshment you need anywhere, anytime and for any budget!

Dec 2020

13 min 26 sec

We love to seek and give advice, but when it comes to our goals how determined are we to seek guidance? Today's episode encourages you to do the latter!

Dec 2020

14 min 49 sec

We all want the profitable part...who wants poverty?? This episode talks about the "missing link" we tend to  gloss or skip over when it comes to this issue.

Dec 2020

7 min 18 sec

Unconfirmed details - ever been the subject of any of those? Today we're talking about too much talking and not the good kind. Know better, do better is the focus today! 

Dec 2020

6 min 2 sec

Flocks? Say what now? This is another topic we may gloss over because, well, it can be a bit uncomfortable. But, it doesn't have to be...

Dec 2020

12 min 11 sec

This is one of my favorite topics and one that is not often the focus of goal-getters like you. In this episode not only do I share what it means to stay sharp, but also how to keep your E.D.G.E from going dull.

Dec 2020

14 min 46 sec

What does it mean to have a good name for yourself? Is it selfish, admirable or all part of what we should strive for in our lives? Today's episode talks about those "differences".

Dec 2020

11 min 24 sec

Abundance? Yes, please!! Today we talk about what it will take  in order to make that a reality in your faith, life & business.

Dec 2020

6 min 53 sec

We're all part of a big disco ball...yeah, I said that in  this episode to try and drive a point home about the things revealed to us. Will you tune in to find out what I'm talking about?

Dec 2020

12 min 25 sec

Are you hanging out in the kiddie pool with your swimmies on because you're too afraid to go deeper? Today let's look at what it will take to get you to go deep and WHY it matters!

Dec 2020

7 min 41 sec

Do you suffer from dry bones? Huh? Tune in to find out just what the remedy is for this issue. Can you tell I'm having  fun with these titles and topics?

Dec 2020

10 min 48 sec

How are you doing as the boss of your life? In this episode we talk about the slave labor you'll end up in if you don't get yourself some  diligent hands! Tune in to find out what on  earth I'm talking about...

Dec 2020

13 min 47 sec

How do you handle mistakes, missteps & mishaps? This episode is encouragement for those who tend to  wallow instead of finding the win - in every circumstance! Hope you are gaining the inspiration to implement because of our 30-Day Prioritized Focus journey!

Dec 2020

13 min 23 sec

Now there's a word we tend to shy away from - prosper. We all want what it implies, but get a whole lot tripped up on what it really means and takes. 

Dec 2020

9 min 17 sec