Chad Richards

A limited series exploration of the Golden Age of Hoosierwood, an exciting yet short-lived era when the Indianapolis film scene was making national noise. Each of the 8 episodes features an interview with someone who made an impact on the scene—serving as an oral history to complement host Chad Richards' book "Hoosierwood: Micro Memoirs" now available at www.hoosierwoodbook.com. Questions or comments? Email chad.d.richards@gmail.com.

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Host Chad Richards talks with Paul Pogue, former film reporter for NUVO and INtake Weekly, about his thoughts on the Indianapolis film scene, the buzz it generated, and why the media hype surrounding it cooled. Read Paul's 2004 review of Chad's film "Coming To My Senses": https://www.thefilmcommune.com/hyperpaced-thrills

Aug 31

13 min 54 sec

Host Chad Richards talks with John Karamanski, the Indianapolis entrepreneur who approached The Film Commune about producing "Indie Scene TV"—an original series about the Indy arts scene that aired on WRTV-6 in 2002. John's website: https://outerspaceindy.com

Aug 31

15 min 26 sec

Host Chad Richards talks with Ron Keedy, owner of Key Cinemas, about his thoughts on the locally-produced films he saw screened during his weekly Filmmakers Showcase events, the challenges of operating an arthouse theater in Indianapolis, and winning a NUVO Cultural Vision Award.  More on Ron: https://nuvo.newsnirvana.com/culturalvisionawards/key-cinemas-ron-keedy/article_45d5e2a2-6318-11e7-8d4a-bb5c42cc432c.html

Aug 31

17 min 3 sec

Host Chad Richards talks with pianist Becky Archibald, composer of the original score for his film “Coming To My Senses,” about her process for scoring the film. They also discuss festivals the film played in, and remember former Indiana Film Commission director Jane Rulon. Becky's website: https://beckyarchibald.com

Aug 31

12 min 55 sec

Host Chad Richards talks with author Carolyn Steele Agosta about her short story “Coming To My Senses” that he adapted for the screen as a short film by the same name in 2004. Carolyn shares her inspiration for the story, as well as her thoughts on Chad's adaptation. Carolyn's website: https://www.carolynsteeleagosta.com

Aug 31

12 min 59 sec

Host Chad Richards talks with filmmaker Ryan Penington—one of his former comrades in The Film Commune—about the "digilog days" of the early aughts, internet trolls, and off-screen drama in the Indianapolis film scene. Ryan on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1732992

Aug 31

17 min 8 sec

Host Chad Richards talks with actress Cassandra Schomer, the lead in his 2004 short film "Coming To My Senses," about what life in the Indianapolis film scene was like from an actor's perspective—including some of her favorite (and least favorite) roles. Cassandra on IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1465950

Aug 31

14 min 34 sec

Host Chad Richards talks with actor-turned-professor Grant Williams about early video projects they made together in Indianapolis before The Film Commune was formed—as well as Chad's never-released short film "Immaculate" that Grant starred in. Learn more about The Film Commune: www.thefilmcommune.com

Aug 31

15 min 57 sec