Rob Konrad: Conversations

By Rob Konrad

Engaging and captivating conversations with extraordinary people from all over the world. People that couldn’t be more diverse from each other – but have in common that they make an incredible impact on this world, in their own unique way. Whether it’s people that shape the future of our planet through science, thinking, and taking action; whether it’s people that inspire others by overcoming their very own hurdles, traumas and demons; or whether it’s people that inspire others to do good for themselves and others:In each of my conversations, I try to uncover as much of their story in order to see things through their eyes. I delve into stories that can inspire, touch, but also provoke you. I ask the questions you wish you could ask, and with time, attention and candor try to learn all about their motivation and what got them to where they are today – their successes, but also setbacks and challenges, to get the full story.Each conversation is full of lessons to be learned, from all over the world; a source of inspiration, motivation, innovation, courage and change.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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