Personal Development Mastery

By Agi Keramidas

Welcome to the Personal Development Mastery podcast! I am Agi Keramidas and my mission is to inspire you to rise up, grow, stand out, and move towards the next level of your life - towards the best version of yourself. I interview leaders, influencers, successful entrepreneurs, authors, exceptional people who can and will inspire you to improve your life. They are sharing their journey, their major a-ha moments, milestones, failures, and lessons for you to learn, grow, and get inspired to take action towards a life of fulfilment. If you want to move towards the next level of your life and become inspired to grow, then you're in the right place! Tune in every Monday and Thursday for a new episode. I hope you enjoy and find Personal Development Mastery valuable. If you do, please take a moment to SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW it on Apple podcasts. Thank you!

  1. 1.
    #125 Sarah Watts: on the connection between passion-mission-identity, insights from crewing Tony Robbins events, and becoming curious about spirituality.
  2. 2.
    #124 Laura Powers: on tapping into your intuition, the keys to manifesting your dream life, and how to access your own psychic gifts.
  3. 3.
    #123 Solo episode: I'd love to hear more from you!
  4. 4.
    #122 Corinna Phillips: on creating your own economy and the "Own your Future" challenge with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.
  5. 5.
    #121 Sophie McLean: on deconstructing the ego, a new culture for humankind, and the shift from Homo Sapiens to Homo Spiritus.
  6. 6.
    #120 Pat Quinn: on the importance of storytelling, how you can influence people with your 'ordinary' story, and a 2.5 minute model to tell any story.
  7. 7.
    #119 Joli Hamilton: on the vocabulary we use for our sexuality, the one single conversation to reignite your sex life, and jealousy vs compersion.
  8. 8.
    #118 Thais Gibson: on reprogramming the subconscious, emotional attachments, and how our early childhood experiences affect our adult romantic relationships.
  1. 9.
    #117 Jamie Keeling, part 2: on the entrepreneur revolution, serving through podcasting, and the most common mistakes business owners make.
  2. 10.
    #116 Jamie Keeling, part 1: on Stoic philosophy, our own mortality, and the strategic use of swear words.
  3. 11.
    #115 Solo episode: on limiting beliefs
  4. 12.
    #114 Solo episode: on the power of intention
  5. 13.
    #113 Gül Sönmez: on self healing, self forgiveness, and what you seek is seeking you.
  6. 14.
    #112 Nicole Laino: on manifestation, the emotions attached to our limiting beliefs, and the spiritual side of money.
  7. 15.
    #111 Solo episode: on morning routines
  8. 16.
    #110 David Wood: on being 30% more courageous, addressing the tough conversations we avoid, and achieving more by focusing on less.
  9. 17.
    #109 Dean Fox: on taking inspired action, peeling back the layers of "Think and Grow Rich", and the spiritual quest of understanding who we truly are.
  10. 18.
    #108 Paul Shepherd, part 2: on calibrating our intuition, accepting responsibility for who we are, and the magic that happens with surrendering.
  11. 19.
    #107 Paul Shepherd, part 1: on the lessons learned spending $500k on personal development programs, tuning into our body's intelligence, and the blueprint of the soul.
  12. 20.
    #106 Nick Littlehales: on sleep, the secrets of sleep, and practical sleep techniques adopted by elite athletes & coaches.
  13. 21.
    #105 Marlo Higgins: on being a maverick, the chief inspirational officer, and your intuition is your oracle.
  14. 22.
    #104 Cornell Thomas: on the power of positivity, empathy, and realising that you can live your purpose.
  15. 23.
    #103 Chris Barrow: on mastering the art of living, emotional prosperity, and practicing extreme self-care.
  16. 24.
    #102 Erica Lippy: on mastering mind + body, getting to know your authentic self, and the passion love pursuit movement.
  17. 25.
    #101 Dr Mahmood Mawjee, part 2: on abundance mindset, attachment to money, and holding ourselves to high standards.
  18. 26.
    #100 Dr Mahmood Mawjee, part 1: on living a life of no regrets, coming from a point of service, and greatest gift comes from greatest pain.
  19. 27.
    #099 Solo episode: feels like 99%
  20. 28.
    #098 Mary Kate Gulick: on acknowledging our own expertise, the scrabble philosophy, and content creation routines.
  21. 29.
    #097 Vamsi Pannala: on shiny objects, consistent focus on one thing, and virtual summits.
  22. 30.
    #096 Wayne Forrest: on stepping into our fear, struggles bring gifts, and disability brings new ability.
  23. 31.
    #095 Danielle Lindblom: on dealing with anxiety, self-acceptance, and being fully authentic.
  24. 32.
    #094 Dhru Shah: on the spark that ignites our passion, joyous exploration, and optimism vs realism.
  25. 33.
    #093 EB Sanders: on the path to a fulfilling career, leaning in to our strengths, and the power of visualisation
  26. 34.
    #092 Niiamah Ashong: on celebrating people's differences, "fitting out", and the thin line between being an outlier and an outsider.
  27. 35.
    #091 Elpida Frantzeskarou, part 2: on conscious choices, our choice of what to focus on, and finding the blessing in every adversity.
  28. 36.
    #090 Elpida Frantzeskarou, part 1: on life's extraordinary journey, becoming a Tony Robbins trainer, and our language pattern programs.
  29. 37.
    #089 Andy Ramage: on starting the year with an alcohol free adventure, the fun side of the island, and challenging the conventional thinking.
  30. 38.
    #088 Michèl Keller: on starting 2021 with wealth-health mindset, having freedom of choice, and how to thrive in this economy.
  31. 39.
    #087 A review of the podcast's first year and the most popular episodes
  32. 40.
    #086 Solo episode: about the ending of 2020
  33. 41.
    #085 Frank Saliki: on self-love, the power of acknowledging the past, and giving ourselves a break.
  34. 42.
    #084 Dr Memnia Theodorou: on sailing round the world, resilience, and changing career from dentistry to coaching.
  35. 43.
    #083 Liam Ryan: on the art of selling and negotiating, wealth mindset, and the power of visualisation.
  36. 44.
    #082 Chess Edwards, part 2: on doubting the story of self we've constructed, emotional fluency, and emotional vocabulary.
  37. 45.
    #081 Chess Edwards, part 1: on personal versus spiritual development, the inner adventure, and how meditation integrates into our waking life.
  38. 46.
    #080 Solo episode: on authentic reflections, highest values, and breaking through playing small.
  39. 47.
    #079 Chris Thrall: on commando state of mind, running 999 miles, and how to tick off everything on your bucket list.
  40. 48.
    #078 Becky Morrison: on happiness, the formula of maximum happiness, and moving through your emotional states.
  41. 49.
    #077 Tamara von Dohren, part 2: on the power of visualisation, manifestation, and what needs to burn for your growth to happen.
  42. 50.
    #076 Tamara von Dohren, part 1: on 'tall poppy' syndrome, embracing our authentic self, and the Japanese culture.

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