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Lack of a female perspective in the top tier of business and technology has never felt as pressing as it does today.

The future of humanity is being shaped by a handful of giant tech corporations, all of them founded and run by men - in The West and in The East alike.

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Catherine D’ignazio is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Data + Feminism Lab at the MIT. She is also an artist and software developer who focuses on feminism and data literacy.  Catherine has also co-authored a super interesting and eye-opening book, Data Feminism, about what I call the female data gap.   I found our conversation super inspiring, touching upon subjects of culture, history and religion, digging deep into the roots of gender data and its biases, inaccuracies, and even its non-existence.

Oct 22

1 hr 4 min

Naomi McDougall Jones is a successful actress, producer, and storyteller and an advocate for bringing parity to the film industry.    Naomi explains the challenges of gaining success in the film industry as a woman, and shares some valuable tips on how to navigate the system to make it to the top.   I come from the film and TV industry myself, and I can vouch for so many of the points that Naomi raised in this eye-opening conversation.

Oct 8

51 min 19 sec

Stephanie Shirley CH also known as Steve is an information technology pioneer, a legendary businesswoman and philanthropist, and the author of a fantastic memoir, “Let It Go.”    I had the privilege of co-hosting today’s episode with another legendary woman and FemPeak’s Sherpani, Sue Nelson, who has also been a guest on my podcast previously.    In this episode, we discuss three unique and equally important perspectives from a multigenerational view of technology, women’s stance in the workplace across history and how to run a successful business in today’s day and age.

Oct 1

53 min 27 sec

Today’s episode is a little different from my previous episodes, in that this was a conversation I had a short while back as a podcast guest.    Lisa Forte has had a fantastic cybersecurity career, from working in the British Intelligence and Police forces to building a non-profit and now she is a partner at the Red-Goat cybersecurity consulting firm. She is a truly inspiring woman, with a dynamic character and contagious positive energy.     I thought our interview was so much fun, and it could inspire many other women no matter their professional field, so I asked Lisa if I could share this interview on my podcast too.

Sep 8

42 min 2 sec

Shireen Smith is a lawyer specialised in the legal aspects of brands having graduated from London University’s QMW with a masters’ degree in intellectual property. After working in various roles including at Reuters as an in-house lawyer for 5 years, she founded her own specialist IP law firm Azrights in 2005 which protects IP rights. Her other business, Brand Tuned provides brand consultancy services. A good starting point to get insights into how to develop a brand on solid foundations is to take the which helps you find out whether you are the first choice brand in your market and how to improve your brand. She hosts her own podcast Brand Tuned which provides useful insights into all things brand-related including the IP dimension of brands. Shireen has written 3 books, her latest being Brand Tuned, the new rules of branding, strategy and intellectual property which is available to pre-order on Amazon prior to its release on 28 September 2021.   Shireen shares with us some valuable tips on branding, trademark protection and how to develop brand equity. Shireen was also our trademark and IP lawyer and consultant when I first started the company and she has written a great book called “Brand Tuned” that I think every entrepreneur should read.

Aug 11

45 min 14 sec

Neale Godfrey is a best-selling author of 27 books on money, life skills, and value issues, including “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, “ and she is a leading expert on family finances.    Neale and Somi discuss the reasons why historically women have been less financially empowered, the ways that power imbalance shines through today both in the business world and in relationships, and how to change that.

Aug 6

1 hr 2 min

Elle Russ is a best selling author, film and TV writer, public speaker and seasoned coach.    Elle is a great example of someone who has taken her health into her own hands after she struggled to get an accurate diagnosis and solution to her thyroid. She has had a very impressive trajectory, from a career in tech to gaining success in the media and her unique approach to health and wellbeing. 

Jul 30

1 hr 13 min

Robert Baker is CEO of Potentia Talent Consulting Limited and an active investor in women-led companies, and an active advocate of equality in the workplace.    Robert and Somi raise the issue of gender imbalance in the world of business and express their views and experiences in areas, where the uneven playing field was shining through, and propose a call to action for a change in the ways these everyday instances are dealt with in order to work towards a future with an even playing field for all.

Jul 21

42 min 13 sec

Valerie Alexander is an author, speaker, screenwriter, director and CEO of Speak Happiness.  Valerie takes us on a journey of knowledge and deep understanding of why gender inequalities in the workplace still exist, and how the forces of change emerging with future generations are slowly beginning to shift the paradigms towards a world with greater equality and happiness.

Jul 16

48 min 32 sec

Dr Warren Farrell is a political scientist, activist and author, writing extensively on the subject of men’s and women’s issues.     Warren and Somi discuss the differences of perspective between men and women, pressing upon the importance of being able to see the line, which separates differences from just common misconceptions, and how such awareness can help us resolve the ongoing power struggle and hence move towards a fairer future.

Jun 18

52 min 46 sec

Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett is a Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Professor of Psychology at Northeastern University, and the author of “How Emotions Are Made” and “Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain.”    Dr Lisa shares with us the scientific approach on how emotions are made, and the Affective Science of human brain, giving us a new perspective on the many common inequalities between, as well as within the different genders, races/ ethnicities, and classes both in the professional world as well as in life itself.

Jun 4

1 hr 11 min

Sue is a woman who just does it all, she is a Business Woman, Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, Investor, Artist and Writer, and that is just to name a few.    Sue shares her incredible story on how she fulfilled her career dreams after the age of 50, and gives valuable advice and insights about how to build a successful business. Her effort is an inspiration to everybody.

May 27

54 min 20 sec

Caroline Dowd- Higgins is the Vice President of Career Coaching and Employer Connections for the Ivy Tech Community College system, the author of the book “This Is Not The Career I Ordered,” and the “Your Working Life” podcast show host.    Caroline and Somi discuss the relevance and importance of transferable skills, the role of science and technology in changing the long acquired gender norms, and how achievability is measured in the world of success for both women and men. 

May 12

56 min 4 sec

Diana Walsh Pasulka is a professor of Religious Studies at the UNCW and the author of, “American Cosmic,” and “Heaven Can Wait.” Her work focuses on Religion and Technology.   Somi and Diana discuss the lack of a female presence in the top tier of religion and philosophy, their love of Nietzsche and the future of technology, religion and philosophy.

Apr 30

1 hr 37 min

Sara Seager is a Professor of Planetary Science, Physics, Aerospace and Engineering at the MIT, known for her work on the search for extrasolar planets.   Sara is FemPeak’s first Sherpani for our Confidence vertical where she will help women gain confidence to reach new heights in their life and career. It was an absolute pleasure and honour to sit down with Sara, and talk about her inspirational journey.

Apr 23

44 min 7 sec

Pamela McCorduck is an author of books about the history and philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, the future of engineering and the role of women in technology.    She is the author of the groundbreaking, Machines Who Think, 1979, which was one of the fundamental materials for all pioneering AI engineers of the last half century. Pamela’s most recent books, This Could Be Important: My Life and Times with Artificial Intelligentsia follows a more personal story of one AI spectator, from her early enthusiasms to more nuanced observations of the field.

Apr 16

44 min 30 sec

Hélène is the Founder and CEO of WILD.AI and Millennials Partners, and a Virgin Startup Mentor. Hélène and Somi discuss women in sports, mathematics and technology, the “pink and blue” gender myth, and why we should celebrate female biology. Hélène is inspirational, and super fun to listen to.

Apr 9

41 min 42 sec

Rick Rowan is the CEO and Founder of NuroKor Bioelectronics, a medical company that specializes in non-implantable electroceuticals, and bioelectrical medicine. Following his appearance at the December Conference for Women in Business & Technology by FemPeak, Somi sits down with Rick, who explains the power of bioelectronic technology on a deeper level, addressing the ways how wearable technology can make a revolutionary impact on female- specific health issues.

Apr 2

23 min 5 sec

Yonah is a Tech Explorer, Tech Startup Founder & Creator.  Following their appearance at the December Conference for Women in Business & Technology by FemPeak, Somi sits down with Yonah exploring the unconventional yet ambitious ways that could not only make closing the data gap possible, but also create a world with zero exclusion. 

Mar 26

59 min 17 sec

Doctor Mitzi Krockover is the Principal & Senior Consultant at SSB Solutions and a FemTech Angel Investor. Following her appearance on the December Conference for Women in Business & Technology by FemPeak, Somi sat down with Mitzi to dive deeper into the still widely overlooked, yet vital subject of the complex female health issues, how FemTech is making millions of women’s lives easier, and the potential gaps that new businesses and startups should look out for.

Mar 19

1 hr 15 min

Toju is Google’s Product Lead for EMEA and a Machine Learning Fairness Program Manager working closely with women.  Following her appearance at the first Conference for Women in Business & Technology by FemPeak, Somi sat down with Toju to discuss matters of race and diversity in the business and technology landscape, closing the gender gap, and feeding our algorithms with non biased data.

Mar 12

29 min 23 sec

Christophe Georges is the President and CEO of Bentley Motors in the Americas.  Somi and Christophe explore a widely held but less openly discussed belief that women are not as good at coding, engineering, or more technical jobs and that they are naturally more drawn to tasks that require human interaction such as in human resources or marketing. Is this true or is it cultural and societal conditioning?

Mar 5

47 min 15 sec

Maryon Stewart, is a leading figure in all things related to women’s health and especially around the experience of menopause. Maryon Stewart is a renowned healthcare expert and author of 28 self-help books.  She is often referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement, has had her own TV show and contributed to many other TV shows and series and has written regularly for magazines and newspapers including the Daily Mail . Over the last 28 years, through her legendary career, she has helped thousands of women overcome PMS and menopause, including stress and anxiety, with a well-researched approach, without using drugs or hormones.

Feb 26

48 min 47 sec

Cobey Flynn is the Global Vice President of United Mint Campus, and mentors innovators at multinational corporations and startups.  Cobey argues that women in business do more with less. While this makes women resourceful, it’s time to give women the opportunities that will enable them to operate at a much higher scale.

Feb 18

1 hr 15 min

Rita is CEO/Founder of Uma and an award-winning gender, diversity, inclusion and career strategist, speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 companies.  Rita and Somi tackle hard questions regarding diversity and inclusion and how to navigate this sensitive topic in the modern workplace.

Feb 10

44 min 23 sec

Justine Southall is ex-Managing Director of Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Justine and Somi start from a discussion of high-heels to the different social and cultural norms and structures that impact women’s ability to reach the top tier of socioeconomic status. Most importantly they brainstorm how to change this narrative.

Feb 5

50 min 48 sec

Film Industry Veteran and Founder of Evenfield Entertainment, a company that finances and produces films by women with an ambition to balance popular culture. As late as 2020 only 15% of films were written or directed by women and Kerry talks about what this means for our society and for women’s economic and cultural status.

Jan 29

30 min 33 sec

Professor Alessandra Cassar directs the master’s program in International and Development Economics at the University of San Francisco.  She uses both field and laboratory experiments to study individuals' behaviour. She explores women’s competitiveness in the socioeconomic realm and argues that female biology means that women compete differently and play an entirely different game than men and that we should change the system, not the woman.

Jan 22

1 hr 10 min

Sara Milne Rowe is a Leadership Performance Coach and the author of The SHED Method.   In today's podcast, Somi and Sara discuss how to harness the power of purpose energy and develop deliberate habits in preparation for the moments that matter and what female leaders need most to succeed in their career.

Jan 20

50 min 52 sec

Laura Burkemper is a Adjunct Professor, Saint Louis University, CEO of Cartel Strategies. She teaches a course on “New Venture Feasibility” which is ranked 10th out of 2,600+ entrepreneurship programs.  Somi and Laura discuss the factors affecting women’s climb to the top tier of business, underlining the importance of financial literacy and how it can boost women’s financial freedom and create a desire to generate wealth.

Jan 18

40 min 25 sec

Our guest on today’s episode is Dr. Leah Austin is a GP and Nutritional Therapist who specialises in Chronic, Hormone, Gut, and Nutrigenomics health.   As Somi’s doctor, Leah keeps her feet on the ground as Somi tries to push the boundaries of biohacking female biology starting with herself. In this episode, Leah warns that living in the fast lane will take a toll on your body but if that’s what you really want to do there are ways to support your body along the way.

Jan 11

42 min 52 sec

Joshua Meredith is the Director of Career Advising and Technology at Yeshiva University, teaches Ethics at Yeshiva, Georgetown University, and Muhlenberg College, and is the Chair of Hoya Hacks, the Georgetown University Hackathon.    Somi and Joshua discuss some of the ethical aspects of the lack of female presence and perspective in the top tier of business and technology and how to overcome this.

Jan 11

1 hr 2 min

Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the founder of a Biotech company that’s in search of a potential vaccine for breast cancer.  In today’s podcast, Sophie shares her story of becoming a plastic surgeon, and the challenges and opportunities facing women.

Jan 11

45 min 56 sec