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Into the Ether is a podcast focusing on all things related to Ethereum, the leading blockchain for decentralized applications. This podcast features in-depth discussions with prominent guests in the space hosted by Eric Conner as well as weekly news recaps featuring Anthony Sassano.

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    EthHub Weekly #155: EIP-1559 community call, Tether settlement, Optimistic Ethereum launches in March, dYdX layer 2 enters alpha, MEV explorer released and Vitalik’s proposal to remove gas token minting
  2. 2.
    EthHub Weekly #154: ETH price action, Scaling discussion, Coinbase trading at $100bn, Berlin hard fork, Eth2 hard fork 1 detailed, Coinbase announces ETH staking and Alchemix introduced
  3. 3.
    EthHub Weekly #152-153: ETH futures, STL Fed DeFi report, EIP-1559, Tesla buys BTC, Yearn exploited, 0x raises $15mn, Scaling Ethereum Hackathon, Synthetix raises $12mn and Matic rebrands to Polygon
  4. 4.
    EthHub Weekly #151: WSB Movement, ETH stays hot, Reddit partners with Ethereum Foundation, DevCon delayed, Hop Protocol exits stealth mode, Alpha Finance v2 and Parsec launches for DeFi pros
  5. 5.
    EthHub Weekly #150: Ethereum 2020 in review, ETH reached ATH price, Janet Yellen’s impending impact on crypto, Berlin hardfork update, State of Eth2 and CryptoPunks ignite the NFT scene
  6. 6.
    EthHub Weekly #144: Gitcoin, Eth2, US regulatory rumors, Bitwise brings crypto index fund to OTC, EIP-1559 update, Yam and UMA team up, Blackpool fund for NFT space and Ethereum will process >$1tn this year
  7. 7.
    EthHub Weekly #143: Eth2 week 1, STABLE Act debate, Visa partners with Circle and USDC, StarkWare launched StarkEx 2.0, Aave v2 live on mainnet and Vitalik Buterin’s updated Ethereum roadmap
  8. 8.
    EthHub Weekly #142: Ethereum 2.0 is live, Dai spike causes liquidations on Compound, treasury management, Gnosis DAO launches, mergers, ETH bull market signs and Prysmatic Labs guide on slashing prevention
  1. 9.
    Ethereum 2.0 Genesis Livestream Event
  2. 10.
    EthHub Weekly #141: Ethereum 2.0 Genesis set for 12/1, Yam announces Umbrella Protocol, Andre Cronje introduces Deriswap, Connext Network details Vector and Jeff Coleman’s thread on eth2
  3. 11.
    EthHub Weekly #140: Infura and Geth issues, Binance begins to block US users, eth2 deposit discussion, Balancer raises more money, + Hegic, and MakerDAO hits 1bn Dai minted
  4. 12.
    EthHub Weekly #139: Eth2 is ready to go, U.S. officials seize $1bn in BTC, NIFTEX raises $500k for fractional NFTs, Offchain Labs demos Uniswap on L2, Dharma brings instant bank to Uniswap trades and EIP-1559 updates from Tim Beiko
  5. 13.
    EthHub Weekly #138: ETHOnline wrap up, CBDC news from RBA, ECB and US Fed, New dev portal, Keep3r Network beta is live, OpenZeppelin Defender and Trent Van Epps Ethereum roadmap graphic
  6. 14.
    EthHub Weekly #137: EIP-1559 grant funding, update on Virgil Griffith, PayPal adds crypto support, Polymarket raises $4mn, Immutable X now live for NFTs, PoolTogether launches v3 and has Ethereum built its own jurisdiction?
  7. 15.
    EthHub Weekly #136: CFTC Chairman bullish on Ethereum, eth2 deposit contract is close, CirclesUBI launches, BarnBridges attempts to tokenize risk in DeFi, Layer 2 bonanza and a discussion on Ethereum Enhancers
  8. 16.
    EthHub Weekly #135: eth2 Zinken is live, John McAfee arrested on tax evasion, EIP-1559 progress, MetaMask has 1mn MAUs, Curve implements zkSync and Index Coop is announced
  9. 17.
    EthHub Weekly #134: Rollup centric Ethereum, BitMEX founders charged in US, Eminence exploited by flash loan, POAP launches on xDai chain, RAC’s personal token and George Hotz helping Optimism
  10. 18.
    EthHub Weekly #133: Kucoin Hacked for $150mn, State of EIP-1559, eth2 Spardina launch, Optimism launches testnet, Blocknative's mempool explorer and exploring the Ethereum mempool
  11. 19.
    EthHub Weekly #132: Gitcoin Grants round 7 live, Kraken crypto bank in Wyoming, eth2 upgrade EIP, Uniswap launches UNI token, MyEtherWallet’s block explorer and Glassnode data on ETH moving off exchanges
  12. 20.
    EthHub Weekly #131: Gitcoin Grants round 7, Eth2 updates, DeFi Pulse index on Tokensets, new funding rounds and why a DeFi led bull market should be more sustainable
  13. 21.
    EthHub Weekly #130: SushiSwap drama, crypto market volatility, Swiss Canton of Zug to accept crypto for taxes, yETH vaults, Tether looking at zk-rollups, eth2 updates and Graph Protocol usage metrics
  14. 22.
    EthHub Weekly #129: SushiSwap, FTX Acquires Blockfolio, Aave gets a money license, delegated funding vaults, Uniswap token lists and Ethereum is a dark forest
  15. 23.
    EthHub Weekly #128: Medalla testnet saved, USDT live on OMG Network, dYdX layer 2 with StarkWare, MetaMask license change, 1inch token and yETH vault proposal on
  16. 24.
    EthHub Weekly #127: Yield farming YAM/CRV, why Eric is leaving Twitter, JPMorgan leads $50mn Consensys round, eth2 testnet hits a snag, block reward reduction debate, Aave announces v2 and why Andre Cronje builds on Ethereum
  17. 25.
    EthHub Weekly #126: Medalla eth2 testnet, ETH supply debate, PayPal crypto trading, Set Protocol v2, Personal Token Agency, updates and a Uniswap chat
  18. 26.
    The Graph: Making Ethereum Data More Accessible
  19. 27.
    EthHub Weekly #125: ETH price on fire, Medalla testnet launch, Ledger personal info leak, Reddit scaling bakeoff submissions, Aavenomics announced, Boardroom to manage governance, Coinbase launches Dai rewards and has Ethereum already won?
  20. 28.
    Axie Infinity: A New Paradigm in Gaming
  21. 29.
    EthHub Weekly #124: Crypto markets heating up, $1bn locked in Maker, OCC lets banks custody crypto, eth2 “official” testnet Madella, eth2 validator launchpad, v2 and Ethereum DEX volume on fire
  22. 30.
    MetaMask: The Gateway to Ethereum
  23. 31.
    EthHub Weekly #123: YFI farming craze, Eth2 fuzzing, mStable launch on Gnosis Protocol, Twitter account hacks, Zkopru privacy layer, Reality Cards announced, Keeper DAO v1 is live and Will Price’s data viz for COMP
  24. 32.
    Compound: How Will COMP Holders Shape the Future of Compound?
  25. 33.
    EthHub Weekly #122: Eth2 launch date drama, refresh, blacklisted USDC address, Aave announced credit delegation, KyberDAO goes live, DeversiFi’s celebrity trading, a thread on ETH’s near term future and gas prices driving L2 adoption
  26. 34.
    Opyn: Protecting Your DeFi Deposits and Hedging ETH Risk
  27. 35.
    EthHub Weekly #121: Altona Eth2 testnet, 0x Matcha launches, Omen prediction market, Graph Protocol raises $5mn, Axie Infinity Ronin sidechain, Gelato IFTTT for Ethereum and DeFi liquidity vortex
  28. 36.
    ETHGlobal HackMoney Finalists Walkthrough
  29. 37.
    EthHub Weekly #120: EIP-1559 community fund, PlusToken ETH on the move, Eth2 updates, Balancer BAL token goes live, ArchiveNode launches, risk appetite spectrum for DeFi and 5 contrarian takes by @DegenSpartan
  30. 38.
    Balancer: A Protocol for Programmable Liquidity
  31. 39.
    EthHub Weekly #119: Yield farming, DeFi valuations on the rise, ETH’s value prop, EPNS introduced, ConsenSys staking as a service, Reddit’s scaling Ethereum challenge and Matter Labs zk-sync
  32. 40.
    DeversiFi: Bringing Ethereum to Serious Traders
  33. 41.
    EthHub Weekly #118: Gitcoin Grants matching live, PryLabs Onyx eth2 testnet, StarkWare introduces Volition, Coinbase explores new assets, DeFi tokens are hot and a great analysis of EIP-1559
  34. 42.
    Loopring: Scaling Trading and Payments on Ethereum with zkRollups
  35. 43.
    EthHub Weekly #117: Coinbase blockchain analysis software, DeversiFi launches using StarkDex for scale, Loopring Pay is live, Turbo Geth launch imminent and fees on Ethereum flipping Bitcoin
  36. 44.
    EthHub Weekly #116 (ft. @ChazSchmidt): StarkWare Reddit demo, mStable live on mainnet, Balancer liquidity mining, Devcon6 in Colombia, OMG Network v1 and signs we're headed for an ETH bull market
  37. 45.
    dYdX: Taking a Decentralized Exchange Mainstream
  38. 46.
    EthHub Weekly #115 (ft. @iamDCinvestor): Gitcoin KERNEL, moon mission fund, BlockFi data breach, Argent v1, v0.12 eth2 spec, Witti multi-client testnet, Uniswap v2 and a talk about high gas prices
  39. 47.
    Tornado Cash: Ensuring Privacy on Ethereum
  40. 48.
    EthHub Weekly #114 (ft. Trent Van Epps): HackMoney, Reddit community points, ErisX ETH futures, Visa patent mentions Ethereum, Schlesi testnet update, DAppNode eth2 dashboard, eth2 price feeds, $TAPE launches on Zora and tBTC halts launch
  41. 49.
    RAC: Can Ethereum Help Reshape the Music Industry?
  42. 50.
    EthHub Weekly #113 (ft. Hudson Jameson) : Ethereal recap, Immutable X exchange, Synthetix Layer 2 exchange demo, POAP’s next steps, Ethereum’s lead over other SC platforms and the growing staking community

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