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The Faerytale Apothecary

By The Faerytale Apothecary

Increasingly our world demands more and more of us, not just our time but our essence, the core of who we are. What if there was another way to be? What if there was a remedy, a tincture of stories that could encourage us to take just a moment back, to close our eyes and remember when we sensed what was around us with awe and wonder, when we could smell and taste the magicks in the air. And what if in this stoppedness, this holding, we were also able to hear the whisperings, the longings of our hearts? What then? The Faerytale Apothecary is a place of Soul-Speaking, of stories as our teachers, healers, confidantes, that hold the lost parts of us & remind us of marvellousness. Honest, true, sincere even if sometimes it is a little rough around the edges, unrehearsed, unplanned, always joyous in it's spontaneity. If you have enjoyed the stories and would like to buy me a cup of tea, please hit the Benefaction button at the bottom of the website, or if you would like to subscribe to hear more original tales sent straight to your inbox, or donate to a story in aid of a good course you can find them shyly waiting in the pages too - and thank you, it really is appreciated.

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