The Hour

By Renewal Ministries

Pope St. John Paul II famously declared, "The Hour of the Laity has struck!" These are unprecedented times. Every week new challenges and opportunities confront those trying to live an authentically Catholic life. The Hour examines the 'signs of the times' to draw out practical, personal, and spiritual insights to help you grow in holiness and build the Kingdom. Hosted by Pete Burak but driven by inspiring guests, listeners can expect weekly, fast moving, and Spirit-filled conversations.

  1. 1.
    29. Singing with Pope Paul VI, Hungry for Community, Catholic Way Bible Study, 1975 Prophecy, AND Everyday Words of Knowledge with Lavinia Spirito
  2. 2.
    28. The Goal of Human History, The Center of Mankind, The Joy of All Hearts, DOMINUS IESUS with Peter Herbeck
  3. 3.
    27. Fire Preaching, 3 Phases of Evangelization, and DR Apprentice with Fr. Simon Lobo
  4. 4.
    26. The Still Small Voice, Ignoring the Noise, The Language of the Heart, AND The Gaze of the Father with Fr. John Burns
  5. 5.
    25. Dead Branches, Shaking the Nations, An Unshakeable Kingdom, AND the Messy Journey to Sanctity with Mary Bielski
  6. 6.
    24. Our Top 5 Scriptures From 2020 with Fr. Jim Rolph
  7. 7.
    23. The Little Way of Evangelization PLUS Hiking Through Papua New Guinea, FOCUS Summer Projects, Engaging College Students, And His Plan Our Story with John Bishop.
  8. 8.
    22. So Long 2020...What Did We Learn? Imposed vs. Intentional Asceticism, 2021 Goals, and The Jesus/Gospel Option with Tim Glemkowski
  1. 9.
    21. A 'Rough Around the Edges' Christian PLUS Ministry to AIDS Victims, Punching Someone at Church, and the Sin of Indifference with Barbara Heil.
  2. 10.
    20. The Furnace of Transformation: An Advent Reflection with Pete Burak
  3. 11.
    19. A Biblical Famine PLUS The Pontifical Biblical Commission, A Lifestyle of Evangelization, Signs and Wonders, and A Reading Assignment with Dr. Mary Healy
  4. 12.
    18. Do You Know Jesus? PLUS Intense French Martyrs, Unleashing the Gospel, and Laughing in Class with Fr. Steve Pullis
  5. 13.
    17. Dealing with Racism, The Vocabulary of World, Politics as the New Worship Space, Forgiveness, Cosmetic Activism, with Danielle Brown PLUS A Few Post-Election Thoughts from I Peter.
  6. 14.
    16. A Church in Crisis Part 1. PLUS, Pope Francis, "Who Am I to Judge?", The Sly Undermining of Scripture, and the Project of Human Development with Ralph Martin
  7. 15.
    15. A Change of Wind Moment. Plus Working For a Diocese, Lacking Context Not Content, A Family of Families, and Parishes Post-COVID with Jonathan Lewis and Brian Miller
  8. 16.
    14. I'm Lovable If.... PLUS Personal Pursuit of Holiness, Simplicity, Hyper-perfectionism, and Isaiah 61 with Ali Hoffman
  9. 17.
    13. The Biblical Worldview is Canceled. Plus, Don't be Conformed to this Age, The Christian Meta-Narrative, The Pride of Life, and Romans 1 with Peter Herbeck
  10. 18.
    12. We Need Healthy Priests. PLUS, Awkward Priest in Public Stories, What Works with High Schoolers, 3 Things Priests Hear, and What Fr. Jim WISHED He Received at Seminary with Fr. Jim Rolph
  11. 19.
    11. Swedish Formation, We Love Scripture, An Inspiring Testimony, and Parish Evangelization with Anthony Feola. PLUS, A Breakdown of the latest Vatican Document on Parish Mergers with Tim Glemkowski.
  12. 20.
    BONUS Ep.1 "Why did you doubt?"
  13. 21.
    10. The Final Confrontation. Plus, Our Invisible Enemy, Psalm 2, The Feminist and BLM Movements, Bold Proclamation, and Some Thoughts on the Anti-Christ with Peter Herbeck
  14. 22.
    09. Being Jesus' Apprentice. Plus, Flipping Your Destiny, Daniel 7, Living the Sabbath, and Running on Treadmill That isn't Moving with Rachel Herbeck
  15. 23.
    08. Let Love Be Your Aim. Plus, Prophetic Words, Three Things Jesus Contemplated, and A Padre Pio Confession Story with Sarah Kaczmarek
  16. 24.
    07. Parishes: Lacking, Broken, or Healthy? Plus, Normalizing Mission, Meeting Jesus, and Which Soil Do You Tend? With Tim Glemkowski
  17. 25.
    06. Hope. Always. Plus, Vagabond Missions, Radical Trust, Heroic Wives, and Are You Willing to Roll Your Sleeves Up?
  18. 26.
    05. The Way of the Heart. Plus, The Desert Fathers, Mercarius, Pachomius, Solitude, Silence, and Prayer with Joey McCoy
  19. 27.
    04. We're All Zoomed Out. Plus, A Fire Mother Teresa Story, Lies Young People Battle, and Be His, Be Free, Be Love.
  20. 28.
    03. Pentecost Means Power. Plus, RIP George Floyd, Living the Beatitudes, and What's In Your Heart?
  21. 29.
    02. A Crisis of Truth Continues. Plus, Dogma Isn't a Dirty Word, Fr. Mike Scanlan, and a Surprise Announcement with Dr. Ralph Martin
  22. 30.
    01. What's the Spirit Saying to the Church? Plus, Perspectives on Death, JPII, and Prophetic Words with Peter Herbeck
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