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This Week:  How Much To Spend On Ads In 2022 “The Nonprofit Advertising Benchmark Study” will help you decide what’s the right amount for you to spend on advertising if you want to be comparable to your peers. At the … Continue reading →

Nov 30

46 min 21 sec

This Week:  Bitcoin & The Future Of Fundraising That’s the new book by Anne Connelly and Jason Shim. They share the potential in cryptocurrency donations and explain simply, how to get started. Private keys; public keys; wallets; and exchanges. It’s … Continue reading →

Nov 12

55 min 47 sec

This Week:  Strategic Plan. Done. Now Pay For It. It’s a common challenge. The strategic plan is ambitious, but there’s not enough revenue to fund all the future excitement. Sherry Quam Taylor returns to get to the root problems that … Continue reading →

Nov 5

57 min 28 sec

This Week:  Risk Management II Gene Takagi returns to complete our coverage of the risks lurking in your employee relations; facilities; events; and vehicles. Also, what to do to keep those risks at a minimum, so incidents don’t hurt your … Continue reading →

Oct 29

56 min 3 sec

This Week:  The Time For Endowment Building Is Now That’s Deborah Kaplan Polivy’s new book. She’s with me to explain why that title is a simple truth.  There’s more at 

Oct 22

53 min 22 sec

This Week:  Engaged Boards Will Fundraise Michael Davidson, the board coach, and Brian Saber from Asking Matters, have teamed up to write the book that reveals how to get your board to fundraise: Engage them.  There’s more at 

Oct 14

1 hr 5 min

This Week:  Next Year’s Plan For Your Year-End Donors We’re in the 4th quarter and you’re expecting a lot of fundraising revenue. You want those donors with you next year and beyond. Poonam Prasad has the strategies to make that … Continue reading →

Oct 8

49 min 34 sec

This Week:  Risk Management I You want to keep your nonprofit safe. To help you, Gene Takagi starts a 2-part mini-series on risk management. We kick off with indemnification. It sounds boring. But it’s a word with great significance for … Continue reading →

Sep 29

49 min 22 sec

This Week:  “The Activist” Activates Activism Amy Sample Ward returns for a conversation about CBS’s proposed show “The Activist,” the backlash that ensued, the replacement show, competition, celebrity, and our proposal for an inclusive and appropriate media portrayal of true … Continue reading →

Sep 23

47 min 3 sec

This Week:  Your Dismantling Racism Journey Starting with your people, your culture and your leadership, how do you identify, talk about and begin to break down inequitable structures in your nonprofit? My guest is Pratichi Shah, founder & CEO at … Continue reading →

Sep 17

47 min 57 sec

This Week:  Effective Fundraising That’s Warren McFarlan’s new book. It’s written for potential board members, but it’s a valuable study for those on the ground, doing the work. There’s more at 

Sep 10

59 min 21 sec

This Week:  Turn Followers Into Donors Adora Drake has a strategy for converting your social media followers into donors. Let’s hear what it’s all about. Her digital marketing company and coaching practice is Adora Drake Marketing.  There’s more at 

Sep 4

53 min 7 sec

This Week:  Decolonizing Wealth Edgar Villanueva’s book, “Decolonizing Wealth,” takes an innovative look at the purpose of wealth. His thesis is that the solutions to the damage and trauma caused by American capitalism, including philanthropy—can be gleaned from the values … Continue reading →

Aug 28

57 min 51 sec

This Week:  How We Got Here It’s the story of the unpredictable trajectory that led to today’s U.S. nonprofit sector. How did we come to be what we are? The story is told by Dr. Robert Penna, author of the … Continue reading →

Aug 22

56 min 20 sec

This Week:  Virtual Events Evan Briggs and Gwenn Cagann share their lessons from 25 virtual galas, which include takeaways for your next hybrid event. They’re both with Wingo NYC.  Design For Non-Designers  Wrapping up our 21NTC coverage, it’s a crash … Continue reading →

Aug 13

55 min 49 sec

This Week:  Performance Improvement Do you want to get the best out of your teams? That means getting the best from each player. Heather Burright recommends 360 Degree Feedback and she takes you full circle. She’s CEO of Skill Masters … Continue reading →

Aug 7

40 min 49 sec

This Week:  The Surprising Gift Of Doubt That’s Marc Pitman’s new book. It’s stuffed with strategies to help leaders—and future leaders—lead better. Marc is founder of Concord Leadership Group.  There’s more at 

Aug 1

59 min 48 sec

This Week:  12 New Donor Qs & Train Like A Champ It’s been so long since Andy Robinson was a guest, we need to cover two topics together. First, a dozen potential questions to ask your donor who just said … Continue reading →

Jul 22

53 min 18 sec

This Week:  550th Show! It’s Nonprofit Radio’s 11th Anniversary and 550th show! To celebrate, we’ve got the whole gang together. Claire Meyerhoff, our creative producer, co-hosts. We have live music from Scott Stein, composer of our theme music, Cheap Red … Continue reading →

Jul 16

1 hr 5 min

This Week:  Your Fun Volunteer Program As our 21NTC coverage continues, Liza Dyer and Corina Sadler share their stories of transforming volunteering from in-person to off-site. Then they share their lessons. Liza is at Multnomah County Library and Corina is … Continue reading →

Jul 10

27 min 31 sec

This Week:  Your 5-Point, 1-Hour Legal Audit Gene Takagi returns! He walks you through five quick checks of your nonprofit’s documents, processes and status, to make sure you’re on the right side of the law. Gene is our legal contributor … Continue reading →

Jul 3

45 min 45 sec

This Week:  Center Equity & Tech In Your Hiring, Retention & Training  Amy Sample Ward returns for a valuable, fun conversation that starts with the #ShowTheSalary campaign and winds into technology strategies for treating your staff like adults and learners. … Continue reading →

Jun 25

51 min 50 sec

This Week:  Movement Messaging  Expanding on the partnership theme two weeks ago, consider building a movement with orgs outside your direct mission. You’ll want cohesive, effective messaging and that’s where Hannah Thomas and Morgan Fletcher can help. Hannah is with … Continue reading →

Jun 19

42 min 18 sec

This Week:  CRM Selection  As part of our continuing 21NTC coverage, Rubin Singh returns to help you focus on what matters in CRM selection. To keep you safe from a serious misstep, he also shares his thoughts on what else … Continue reading →

Jun 11

55 min 34 sec

This Week:  Nonprofit Partnerships Our 21NTC panel reminds you: You don’t have to do your work alone. You can increase your exposure by promoting the work of other orgs, and even fundraise in partnership with other nonprofits. They’re Taylor Leake … Continue reading →

Jun 5

56 min 13 sec

This Week:  BFD: Board Financials Dilemma What do you do for board members who can’t read your balance sheet? The authors of “The Board Member’s Easier Than You Think Guide To Nonprofit Finances” can answer that. Andy Robinson and Nancy … Continue reading →

May 28

46 min 17 sec

This Week:  Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking We’d rather face death or the dentist, we’d rather talk about money or sex, than have to speak to an audience, even a small one. Laurie Krauz can help you overcome your … Continue reading →

May 21

1 hr 14 min

This Week:  Your Partnerships With FGWs First Generation Wealth creators have different values and mindsets than those who inherited their wealth. And FGWs far outnumber the inheritors. Esther Choy’s research will help you understand these folks and how to build … Continue reading →

May 15

56 min 42 sec

This Week:  Online Meetings For All Cindy Leonard and John Kenyon continue our 21NTC coverage, with strategies and tips to make your virtual meetings accessible and inclusive. They’re with Cindy Leonard Consulting and he’s with John Kenyon Consulting.  Online Accessibility … Continue reading →

May 7

57 min 42 sec

This Week:  Improve Your Email Engagement Do you know that a big email list may be worse than a smaller one? Have you got ghosts or zombies in your lists? This all matters if you want your emails to land … Continue reading →

May 1

53 min 41 sec

This Week:  Prepare To Tell Future Impact Stories  My guests from 21NTC want you to invest in technology, so you have the outcome and impact data you need to tell great stories. They’re Stephanie Fast and Jeff Melando, both from … Continue reading →

Apr 23

1 hr 3 min

This Week:  Team Care Susan Comfort wants you to go beyond self care, which gets a lot of attention, to team care. Yes, take care of yourself, but then look after your team. She’s founder of Nonprofit Wellness, and part … Continue reading →

Apr 16

36 min 57 sec

This Week:  Build Lasting Supporter Relationships  Craig Grella and Wendy Levine, both from Salsa Labs, want you to build strong relationships all the time, not only when you’re fundraising. Their savvy strategies come from their own work building relationships for … Continue reading →

Apr 10

56 min 33 sec

This Week:  Gender Inclusivity 101  Our 21NTC coverage continues with a convo that started out talking about gender-inclusive data, and includes a lot of best practices around that. But it broadened into a primer on inclusivity generally. It’s 2021! It’s … Continue reading →

Apr 5

56 min 58 sec

This Week:  Cure Communications Gaffes  Our 21NTC coverage begins by explaining what to do after you put the wrong gala date in an email, or send a letter to the wrong segment. Might an intentional mistake improve open your open … Continue reading →

Mar 27

54 min 8 sec

This Week:  Build Your Best Better Board  Gene Takagi returns! He’s got strategies to help you build the diverse, effective, thoughtful, appropriately-sized, well-trained board you deserve. He’s our legal contributor and managing attorney of NEO, the Nonprofit and Exempt Organizations … Continue reading →

Mar 19

50 min 15 sec

This Week:  Relationships With Funders There’s too much transactionalism and not enough relationship building between nonprofits and their institutional funders. Are you a transactionalist? Do you want to walk toward the light of relationship fundraising with foundations and corporations? Shavonn … Continue reading →

Mar 14

41 min 43 sec

This Week:  Domestic Terrorism And Your Nonprofit  Insurrection at the US Capitol. Insurrection by redditers against hedge funds. Our nonprofit community is also at risk of domestic terrorism, regardless of mission. What are those risks and what can you do … Continue reading →

Mar 6

1 hr 15 min

This Week:  Leadership For Strategic Execution There’s lots of talk about strategic planning. Lots of time and money devoted to ambitious plans—which often sit on a shelf. It takes leadership to drive strategic execution. What does that leadership look like? … Continue reading →

Feb 28

1 hr 3 min

This Week:  Listen Closely If you want to know what folks are thinking, interested in and motivated by, you need to listen to your donors, volunteers, advocates, employees. How do you get to the answers to listen to? Emily Taylor … Continue reading →

Feb 20

49 min 18 sec

This Week:  Adversaries Into Allies  It can be advantageous to work with people and causes on the other side. Leah Garcés shares her experience and advice. She’s author of the book, “Grilled: Turning Adversaries into Allies to Change the Chicken … Continue reading →

Feb 12

56 min 39 sec

This Week:  Opera Singer to Fundraiser  Yolanda F. Johnson’s classical opera training informs her fundraising practice. She’s the founder and president of YFJ Consulting and the first African-American president of Women in Development, NY. She’s with us for the hour. … Continue reading →

Feb 7

57 min 56 sec

This Week:  Communications Trends Report Kivi Leroux Miller returns to share her 11th annual, Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, released just last week. She walks us through the impact of the pandemic, the resurgence of email, email best practices, CALM, leading … Continue reading →

Jan 30

54 min 39 sec

This Week:  Peer-To-Peer For 2021 David Hessekiel returns with a look at this year’s P2P prospects. But not before a survey of the P2P carnage that was 2020. There are distinct opportunities for 2021 and David shares the collective advice … Continue reading →

Jan 22

57 min 21 sec

This Week:  The Hot Sauce Principle With a catchy book title like that, how could I call the show anything else? The author, Brandon Smith, shares his wisdom and advice on applying hot sauce in your career and at home. … Continue reading →

Jan 15

53 min 22 sec

This Week:  PPP 2.0 Gene Takagi returns with the ins-and-outs of the second round of Paycheck Protection Program help for your nonprofit. He’s our legal contributor and managing attorney at NEO, the Nonprofit & Exempt Organizations law group.  There’s more … Continue reading →

Jan 10

38 min 24 sec

This Week:  New Year, New Charity Navigator  The rating site Charity Navigator has taken on impact reporting and vastly expanded the number of nonprofits evaluated. What does all this mean for your nonprofit? How do you get in on CN’s … Continue reading →

Jan 5

45 min 47 sec

This Week:  Zombie Loyalists  Peter Shankman is a 5x best selling author, entrepreneur and corporate keynote speaker. His book “Zombie Loyalists” focuses on customer service; creating rabid fans who do your social media, marketing and PR for you. This is … Continue reading →

Dec 2020

55 min 24 sec

This Week:  Your Annual Report As Marketing Channel You’re producing an annual report, why not make it less boring and more engaging? Why not make it digital? Josh Kligman and Jeff Rum show you how. They’re from Yearly.  Project Management … Continue reading →

Dec 2020

1 hr

This Week:  Virtual Event Engagement Virtual events are routine now and there’s good reason to believe they’ll outlive the pandemic. We’ve got you covered with pre-, intra- and post-event strategies to maximize engagement and raise more money. Our panel is … Continue reading →

Nov 2020

1 hr 5 min