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Naji Gehchan

Hear from leaders across the world on their journeys spreading love in their organizations bringing genuine care for people to thrive resulting in a positive impact for the company’s stakeholders and healthcare globally. https://spreadloveio.com/

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Daena Giardella’s background is quite unique, shifting from performing art to an executive coaching career. She makes an analogy between art and leadership…Because both careers are all about making connections with people and telling the stories that are needed to be told. Daena gives us her perspective on fostering a safe culture while still being in the…More

Nov 23

41 min 18 sec

From impact as a front-line emergency physician to Chief Impact Officer, Dr. Adam Brown could not stay siloed in a single service line. He always believed in visionary leadership, powered by the trust component to be seen as the trusted voice. Dr. Brown takes us back to the early days of the pandemic talking about…More

Nov 18

44 min 46 sec

In every possible way, we are all made up of stories that we accept and acknowledge. These stories shape how we see and define ourselves. Growing up in an immigrant family of 8 adopted children, Gayle Grader was perceived as an outsider. This experience was foundational to who she is today and what she wants…More

Nov 11

35 min 31 sec

Reflecting on a personal unfortunate experience, led her to understand the missing piece of the puzzle she was always trying to figure out. Jill Donahue understood early on that articulating the “Why” will only connect you more to the difference you want to make in the world and eventually impact patient outcomes. Jill is an…More

Nov 4

23 min

It is our responsibility as leaders to build fearless organizations. Organizations with low interpersonal fear for our people to be willing to speak-up their ideas, their beliefs, their thoughts, their experiments, their doubts, and team-up with one another for the greater good: it is not about me but about us. I had the immense pleasure…More

Oct 28

23 min 39 sec

“Integrity is the highest value that I have” Panos Alexakos summarizes in these words the purest version of leadership. You are not meant to be perfect, do not be afraid to talk about where you come from, your journey…and always make sure to check on the fire within you. Panos experience and reflections on his journey are so…More

Oct 21

44 min 8 sec

Chatting with a leader whose passion and purpose is to develop innovative principled leaders has a special taste! This is what Johanna Hising DiFabio, Assistant Dean Sloan Fellows MBA and Executive MBA at MIT thrive for! Johanna’s inspiring personal story moving from her home country Sweden, to growing up in different European countries, then coming…More

Oct 14

33 min 33 sec

In this special episode, you’ll hear from a serial entrepreneur who successfully sold one of his companies to Apple and is now dedicating his life to helping people achieve their own goals of imagination by “removing the dragons to human subjective progress”. He is now co-founder and “dreamer” of Love & Magic Company working with…More

Oct 8

37 min 56 sec

From growing up in South Africa, in the apartheid era, to his early years in medical school, before moving to Canada and then the US, Barry Stein’s story and vision of the world is so humbling. Aware of the privilege he had in South Africa, Barry understood early on that you must develop a capacity…More

Sep 30

39 min 39 sec

In today’s episode, we get to sit with Julie Rachline, CEO at LallianSe. We will deep dive into Julie’s experience as an entrepreneur living by a very genuine motto: Be an opportunity for others! Taking us through her personal journey, and learnings on choosing people over projects, simply because good people lead to great projects and generate…More

Sep 16

23 min 2 sec

“Be brave, and show your voice to the world.” “All children are born artists” but how to remain artists as we grow up?  Do not put a ceiling on what you think, just like kids, do not be frightened to be wrong. Pause and focus on your inner WHY, What aspires you? What kind of footprint do you want to…More

Sep 9

5 min 15 sec

What can we take from being an art performer to becoming an exceptional leader? A silver line connects both: you have to shift your perspective and be genuinely interested in your audience, your people, allowing them to better connect with you. We all have a story, and we all have far more in common than what differentiates us.…More

Sep 3

36 min 24 sec

When asked about leadership, you certainly don’t expect to hear about basements and balconies… Our guest Lien Li is definitely not an architect but a dedicated Dr. with inspiring vulnerabilities, and powerful stories. Lien has a very interesting perspective on leadership and building performing teams: It’s all about leading from the basement! All the stories that came out of the…More

Aug 27

38 min 27 sec

What are the reasons and the differentiator that makes your organization a place you want to spend 8-10 hours a day working for? How to become an employer of choice? What is at the heart of your organization? Theresa Hummel-Krallinger an Emmy Award-winning comedian, senior training professional and performance consultant will tell us more about how to approach everything in the workplace…More

Aug 18

32 min 52 sec

Get ready to have your mind challenged with what social impact really means! In this episode, we will dive into Angel Perez’ passion that became his company’s purpose to build a better world. The “promised land is not about the output but the impact”! With the U.N. climate change report this week, this episode couldn’t…More

Aug 12

35 min 56 sec

From her experience as a journalist at CNBC in Korea to her move to the USA and now co-founding a biotech startup transforming research… Rhie-young Lim shares her story, and learnings inspired by her Asian culture, talking about grit and execution but most importantly about universal language, building a startup and performing teams working for…More

Aug 5

33 min 20 sec

Episode 17 is here, and we are joined by Sebastian Sorsaburu, Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Specialty Care Head at AbbVie. Sebastien has an interesting take on leadership, team building, and self-awareness. This episode is all about how to stay true to yourself and lead by example to get to a point where the “total…More

Jul 29

37 min 26 sec

In this episode, you will hear from Rob Brown, CEO of a biotech, talking about the core element of any business: The TEAM. He takes us down memory lane, from his different positions as an executive in marketing, sales, and HR, from pharma to biotech… A common thread on this journey seems to be relevant to any sector or…More

Jul 22

39 min 19 sec

 An athlete and champion who took a pain-point for cyclists, and his co-founder Dr. Allen Lim created a company now employing more than 100 employees. From accountability and grit to being real, empathetic, and radically candid, hear from a successful entrepreneur solving sports nutrition problems.. “Say what you mean with the other person’s best interest…More

Jul 15

32 min 17 sec

This episode is like no other. You will be hearing from Brie Doyle on how to take care of yourself as a leader – a key subject, yet rarely seriously considered by many of us. Great advice, tips, daily practices, and habits to build that will determine who you are! That is the first episode…More

Jul 13

28 min

In this episode, you will hear from an international leader, walking us through her personal journey, starting with her upbringing in Australia in a very cosmopolitan environment, talking about all the diversity and richness you get from growing and thriving in such atmosphere to her experience in healthcare leading marketing teams in pharma across the world to bring science into something…More

Jul 8

31 min 55 sec

His passion is his purpose and goes beyond the duty. Patrick is a leader in Humanitarian, risking his life and leading his teams in the most challenging but most in-need communities in the world. He shares his experiences from Irak to African countries, leading with his heart and striving daily to make health a simple…More

Jul 1

35 min 20 sec

Hear about a passionate leader in healthcare, from her childhood inspired by 3 powerful women in her family to now giving back every day what others gave her to help diverse talents in her organizations, and also impact socially youth in the Brazilian favelas. Listen to what Karla thinks about innovation and why inclusion means…More

Jun 24

30 min 1 sec

I am joined by Stefan Bauer, a transformational leader who will share his deepest beliefs about creating a caring and loving environment to foster the leadership of the 21st century and answer the dilemmas our world is facing. This episode is like no other, going from spirituality to concrete business concepts and results, we are…More

Jun 17

33 min 35 sec

#Botox_Your_Brain #Make_It_Happen #Agility_Is_An_Attitude, Geraldine lives by those hashtags! A business transformer, digital enthusiast, artist, executive, leader, citizen of the world so many powerful words can help us draw an image of who she is. Through her diverse, impressive life and career in different types of organizations including healthcare, one common thread defined her learning: “it’s…More

Jun 11

31 min 6 sec

In this episode, you’ll be getting a booster shot by hearing from an amazing leader who believes that leadership is a privilege. Harout will give you his recipes of success building highly engaged and performing teams. You’ll be positively surprised to hear the first ingredient! “Even if we are standing, the world is turning and…More

Jun 3

38 min 29 sec

A physician saving every single day lives through the mobile Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation program he created, a heart, lung machine. Jason built the most competitive network without competition… Because “sometimes you just have to change the game”! Since Jason led this change with his strong passion, creativity and courage, he believes his teams are continuously…More

May 27

35 min 13 sec

So many times we hear about selfless leaders… Until you hear and meet Daphne, you obviously didn’t really see what selfless leadership is. Her mission in leadership is “fighting for the underdog”. Daphne is an impressive humble leader we can all learn from. “It can never be about oneself, but the opposite.” MEET OUR GUEST…More

May 20

43 min 4 sec

Physician, Harvard Medical, MIT, Serial Entrepreneur, Textile Business Owner in Egypt, Start-ups, Stem cells, what else? Hear from a talented innovator, multi-disciplinary mind, and business savvy physician living his life with the same thread since his childhood: being human. From his early childhood in his father’s textile manufacturing site to now leading startups and his…More

May 13

31 min 24 sec

The metaphor of the year? Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Women and Leadership should be synonyms. Digital is a chance. Spread Love in Organizations should be integrated at work to show what is best in human being… Those are only parts of an incredible, genuine, and surprising discussion with Bogdana Coudsy! Hear from the…More

May 6

42 min 31 sec

Have you ever walked one million steps in 35 days; carrying your life in a bag-pack, walk and reflect? Going through this experience, “you just be”. From the impostor’s syndrome to the Camino de Santiago in Spain, walking us through how he combined the red energy and drive with even more crucial leadership skills: empathy,…More

Apr 29

46 min 14 sec

A Thought Leader, Clinician, Chair and most importantly a genuine, humble, inspiring leader driving efficiency and clinical care redesign by leading her teams with empathy, care, and love. From leadership roles at Harvard Medical School to President of Pratt dermatology associates and Chair of Dermatology at Tufts University School of Medicine, Dr. Clarissa Yang has…More

Apr 21

32 min 8 sec

If you want to hear from a leader who knew every person’s birthday in his 100+ team, a manager whose passion is to find and develop the next generation of leaders who will change the world, tune in and hear from John Bamforth! An inspiring story with strong advice for all of us leading our…More

Apr 14

35 min 45 sec