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This is the podcast of the preaching and teaching ministry of 2ND Baptist Church Conway.

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Dec 5

37 min 30 sec

Nov 28

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Nov 21

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Nov 7

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Aug 29

32 min 51 sec

The Great Commandment is the "how" the Church does what it was designed to do.

Aug 22

34 min 38 sec

The wise person realizes God offers wisdom to the imperfect.

Aug 15

40 min 10 sec

The wise person heeds the warning gained from past mistakes and godly counselors.

Aug 8

38 min 2 sec

The wise person stewards time, realizing God controls all things.

Aug 1

38 min 41 sec

The wise person seeks to find meaning in life from God.

Jul 25

43 min 26 sec

God honors those who humbly profess dependence on Him.

Jul 18

54 min 56 sec

God's wisdom and power are unfathomable.

Jul 11

55 min 17 sec

God is just in His treatment of all people.

Jul 4

30 min 1 sec

God's wisdom is found in fearing and obeying Him.

Jun 27

35 min 31 sec

Believers can trust God to be faithful to them.

Jun 20

33 min 58 sec

Believers find hope for life only in God.

Jun 13

27 min 17 sec

Intro to the book of Job.

Jun 6

43 min 18 sec

Jesus commissioned His followers to proclaim the gospel.

May 30

32 min 40 sec

Jesus reveals His identity to those seeking Him.

May 23

34 min 20 sec

May 16

31 min 46 sec

Denying Jesus leads to sorrow and guilt.

May 9

39 min 31 sec

Jesus modeled the necessity of prayer, no matter what has happened or is about to happen.

May 2

34 min 57 sec

While many simply go through the motions of a seemingly spiritual life, true believers must stand and commit themselves to following the Lord.

Apr 25

32 min 53 sec

God offers salvation through faith in Jesus alone. As recipients of that amazing gift, we should want to share it with everyone.

Apr 18

42 min 49 sec

The rich, young ruler did all of the right things, while Zacchaeus did all of the wrong things. But it was Zacchaeus' child-like faith, not his promised reparations, that saved him.

Apr 11

39 min 20 sec

Like the people involved in the story of the day of Jesus' resurrection, we can be perplexed, afraid, or amazed at what comes next.

Apr 4

28 min 7 sec

As believers, all that we have should be leveraged towards the completion of the King's mission.

Mar 28

36 min 15 sec

We must see ourselves as we really are in order to see Jesus for Who He really is.

Mar 21

34 min 59 sec

God is a God of forgiveness and mercy. In the story of the Prodigal Son, we see a picture of our own sin and repentance, and the sacrificial love shown by the Father.

Mar 14

34 min 36 sec

Our relationship with Christ is more than a matter of knowing. Real Christianity is manifested in our actions.

Mar 7

37 min 7 sec

Each of us must answer who we think Jesus is. Our actions are largely influenced by how we feel. How you feel about Jesus will determine how you act.

Feb 28

58 min 47 sec

Like the woman who anointed Jesus' feet, when we put Jesus at the center of everything, we have peace.

Feb 21

40 min 42 sec

Feb 14

29 min 35 sec

Are we willing to do whatever it takes to introduce people to Jesus? He and He alone has the power to forgive sinners.

Feb 7

29 min 25 sec

Much like the disciples in their day, Jesus is calling each of us to follow Him. We must first and foremost be good followers in order to be good leaders.

Jan 31

46 min 35 sec

Jesus participated in the life and traditions of His hometown. While what He taught this day in the synagogue was surprising to those in attendance, it was consistent with what God's plan is about. God accepts the unacceptable. His grace is...

Jan 24

42 min 19 sec

Love can be defined as an intentional sacrifice for the good of others. God’s example of to whom we should show love goes against what we naturally want to do. Jesus compels us to behave like children of the most high God by being gracious to the...

Jan 17

43 min 15 sec

In preparing the way for Jesus, John the Baptist told the people that judgement was coming. He told those who were trusting in their works, their power, or their position to save them that they were in danger of God's wrath. Only God can save you...

Jan 10

58 min 12 sec

In the midst of chaos and confusion, Jesus is revealing who He is and what He is about. Jesus is about redemption, freedom, and life.

Jan 3

23 min 55 sec

Simeon saw his salvation with his own eyes. He saw the prophesied promise fulfilled on a national and a personal level. He saw salvation extended to all who would believe it and receive it. We can see those things through the eyes of faith today.

Dec 2020

24 min 32 sec